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Grass Roots Pack is downloadable content for Saints Row IV.

Get your rural on, with outfits, weapons and radically rustic truck that reflect a more... unsophisticated lifestyle.
— DLC description


This pack contains "Hillbilly" weapon costumes for Heavy SMG and Pump-Action Shotgun, and a separate Plunger Gun weapon. This pack also contains Texas T vehicle, two suits: "Sexy Redneck" and "The Hillbilly" and two hats: "Country Straw Hat" and "Dirty Trucker".


  • Texas T have license plate similar to the ones used in 1950s Steelport simulation.
  • Two suits are reference to "Dukes of Hazzard".


Grass Roots Pack unlocked

Grass Roots Pack promo

The logo of the Texas T

Texas T

Texas T - front

Texas T - rear

Texas T - left

Texas T Front

Texas T Back

Saints Row IV variants - Texas T - front

Saints Row IV variants - Texas T - rear

Saints Row IV variants - Texas T - left

Texas T - front right low angle