Grand Finale Part Three

Punch the Shark


Johnny Gat, Ben King, Matt Miller, Asha Odekar, Shaundi, Pierce


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Grand Finale Part Three is the penultimate mission in Saints Row IV.


The Punch the Shark quest is split into four different missions.

The first three Missions have a choice between 3 pairs of Homies: Johnny Gat and Ben King, Pierce and Shaundi, Matt and Asha - any of those may be homies during this Mission, but each pair can only be used once for the entire Quest.

The third mission of the quest takes part on Zinyak's ship as Playa boards with his final set of two homies. Playa fights through waves of Zin until they reach a locked door. One homies volunteers to hack into it so Playa must defend them with their other homie against oncoming Murderbots and Zin. Once they are done Playa orders them to get back to the ship while they go into the armoury and find power armour which gives them their powers back.

The end of this mission part involves Playa flying through a large vent. Playa must avoid lasers and debris, where a blast shield blocks the path for Playa and the Saints Spaceship from passing. The Protagonst has to destroy blast shield locks and continue navigating the vent to reach the throne room.


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  • This quest is made up for 4 missions, which are visible in the quest log. After each mission, it is possible to save and resume from that mission. During Grand Finale Part Three Grand Finale Part Four it is possible to exit the mission and resume it from the Quests menu. After completing side-quest missions, or saving and reloading, the current Grand Finale mission is auto-started.
  • Between Shaundi, Matt Miller and Johnny Gat, Johnny is the only one who fails to hack into the Armoury computer, and decides to shoot the system to get it open, but he does not actually shoot the computer and the doors open as if they were hacked.
  • This is one of the few missions where C.I.D bots and Super-Powered Zin are used in the real world.
  • When Playa enters the room with "The Iron Saint" power armor and equips it, the sequence is a reference to how Isaac Clarke equips his armor in Dead Space.
  • The line Male Voice 1, 2, and Nolan North says after putting on the suit, is similar to Master Chief's line "Finishing this fight" in the ending of Halo 2.[reference?]
  • The song "The Touch" by Stan Bush plays when Playa gains the power armor and the conversation between Playa and Zinyak during the freefall segment, are both a direct reference to the 1986 Transformers movie between Megatron and Optimus Prime.


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Kinzie: "To get to Zinyak's throne room you'll need a space suit and some weapons for destroying the ship's outer defenses. The schematics show an armory not too far in. I'd head there and see what you can find."
Female 1: "You heard the lady. Let's move."
Female 2: "Okay, everybody, forward!"
Female 3: "Y'all heard the lady. Let's go."
Male 1: "You heard the lady. Let's move."
Male 2: "All right, people, let's go!"
Male 3: "Yep. Let's go, people. No time to waste."
Nolan North: "You heard the lady. Let's move."
— Mission Start
Kinzie: "You're coming up on the defense grid. Touch those beams and you'll be fried."
Female 1: "Fucking death lasers..."
Female 2: "*sigh* Of course there are death lasers..."
Female 3: "Great, lasers."
Male 1: "Whoa whoa whoa! Nobody said anything about death lasers..."
Male 2: "What the fuck? Death lasers?!"
Male 3: "Look at this. Zinyak got himself some death lasers."
Nolan North: "Nobody said anything about death lasers..."
— Arriving At Defense Grid
Female 1: "Time for this to end."
Female 2: "It's been fun. But it's time for this to end."
Female 3: "Time to bring Zinyak to his knees."
Male 1: "Time to finish this fight..."
Male 2: "Let's finish this..."
Male 3: "The reign of the Zin Empire ends here."
Nolan North: "Time to finish this fight..."
— Begin Fall
Kinzie: "We're almost to you."
Female 1: "Kinzie, they're closing off the way through."
Female 2: "Merde. They're closing us off!"
Female 3: "They're closing the doors, hon."
Male 1: "Might wanna hold that thought, the way through is closing off."
Male 2: "Hold off. The way through is closing."
Male 3: "Hold off on that. They're closing up shop."
Nolan North: "Might wanna hold that thought, the way through is closing off."
Kinzie: "Damn, they activated the blast shield. You'll have to land and find a way to override it."
Playa: "With what?"
Kinzie: "You have power armor, so it's gotta have some weapons and powers built in. Use them."
Female 1: "Hold on. Super powers? Here? It's like the simulation was just training me for this moment..."
Female 2: "At least all that simulation training wasn't for nothing."
Female 3: "Well I'll be... Now I have super powers everywhere!"
Male 1: "Super powers in the real world? I should've let you build me power armor years ago."
Male 2: "Good thing I spent so much time training with super powers in the simulation..."
Male 3: "Powers? Here in the real world? This suit really IS awesome!"
Nolan North: "Super powers in the real world? I should've let you build me power armor years ago."
— Blast Shield Closing
Female 1: "I think it worked."
Female 2: "Mission accomplished?"
Female 3: "That do it then?"
Male 1: "Wow, looks like that did it."
Male 2: "All right. Think that did it."
Male 3: "Did that work?"
Nolan North: "Wow, looks like that did it."
Kinzie: "Yep. You should be clear to get to the throne room now. We'll keep following and meet you there."
— Blast Shield Down
Ben King: "They're comin' from the left, playa!"
Asha: "Contact on the left!"
Pierce: "Boss, from on our left!"
— Coming From Left
Ben King: "Over on the right!"
Asha: "Zin on the right!"
Pierce: "Watch the right!"
— Coming From Right
Female 1: "Kinzie, are you attacking this ship?"
Female 2: "Kinzie, are you attacking us?"
Female 3: "Are you shooting at this ship, Kinzie?"
Male 1: "Kinzie, are you guys shooting at this ship?"
Male 2: "What the hell? You shooting at us, Kinzie?"
Male 3: "You attacking this ship, Kinzie?"
Nolan North: "Kinzie, are you guys shooting at this ship?"
Kinzie: "No, why?"
Ben King: "With all these explosions, either it's under attack or it's coming apart."
Pierce: "It's like someone's setting off fireworks in here."
Matt Miller: "Things are exploding all around us."
Kinzie: "There's a lot of power being rerouted to fixing what we did to the simulation. Guessing it's causing surges throughout the ship."
Female 1: "So we're not in immediate danger of exploding?"
Female 2: "So no blowing up then?"
Female 3: "So I shouldn't expect a fiery death anytime soon?"
Male 1: "So we're not blowing up?"
Male 2: "So this ship isn't gonna blow up then?"
Male 3: "So no immediate danger of fiery death?"
Nolan North: "So we're not blowing up?"
Kinzie: "Well I can't guarantee that, but most likely you're fine."
Ben King: "It's very reassuring..."
Shaundi: "I feel better already..."
Matt Miller: "Oh, brilliant..."
— Comment Explosions
Female 1: "Well, looks like the Zin don't appreciate that very much."
Female 2: "Haha! You do not like that, do you?"
Female 3: "I don't think they like this very much."
Male 1: "I think this is pissing them off..."
Male 2: "This is certainly getting a reaction."
Male 3: "Don't like that, do ya? Yeah!"
Nolan North: "I think this is pissing them off..."
— Conduit Enemies
Female 1: "Zinyak's ship doesn't look so good."
Female 2: "Zinyak's ship does not look so fresh and new."
Female 3: "We sure did do a number on Zinyak's ship."
Male 1: "Think Zinyak's ship's seen better days..."
Male 2: "Aw, Zinyak, looks like somebody fucked up your ship."
Male 3: "Somebody fuck up your ship, Zinyak? Heh."
Nolan North: "Think Zinyak's ship's seen better days..."
— Dive Through Debris
Johnny Gat: "Fuck this, I'm shooting it."
Shaundi: "There, got it!"
Matt Miller: "Doors open and here's some bonus explosions."
Ben King: "That's one way to do it."
Pierce: "Never doubted you for a second, Shaundi!"
Asha: "Cheers, Matt!"
Female 1: "Okay, I'm going in. Cover me then get back to the ship."
Female 2: "Cover me while I go in. Then get your asses back to the ship."
Female 3: "Keep 'em off me while I load up. Then get your behinds back to that ship!"
Male 1: "All right, cover me while I grab what I can. Then I want you both back on the ship."
Male 2: "Once I load up, you two get back to the ship!"
Male 3: "I'm gonna get me some guns. Then you two head back to the ship."
Nolan North: "All right, cover me while I grab what I can. Then I want you both back on the ship."
Johnny Gat: "Don't worry about us, just get going."
Shaundi: "A 'thank you' would've been nice..."
Matt Miller: "You mean I don't even get a peek inside? Damn..."
— Door Open
Ben King: "What's going to happen when we find Zinyak?"
Pierce: "What's the plan when we find Zinyak?"
Asha: "What happens when we get to Zinyak?"
Female 1: "Kill the fucker."
Female 2: "We kill him."
Female 3: "What else? We kill him."
Male 1: "We kill the bastard."
Male 2: "We kill that motherfucker."
Male 3: "Heh. We kill the arsehole."
Nolan North: "We kill the bastard."
Ben King: "I hoped you'd have more of a plan than that."
Pierce: "I was kinda hoping for more of a plan."
Asha: "Is there any more to that plan?"
Female 1: "You strategize. I'm going for revenge."
Female 2: "Plan? Heh. I prefer to improvise."
Female 3: "Darlin', you're overthinking it."
Male 1: "It's the only plan I need."
Male 2: "Killing is its own plan."
Male 3: "Really don't think we need much else."
Nolan North: "Nope. It's the only plan I need."
— Guarding Armory Door

Ben King: "Any progress, Gat?"
Johnny Gat: "If by "progress" you mean "this thing is pissing me off", then yeah, lots."
— Hacking Door - King and Gat

Asha: "Miller, how close are we?"
Matt Miller: "Not quite a walk in the park, but I'm getting there."
— Hacking Door - Asha and Matt

Pierce: "How's it going back there, Shaundi?"
Shaundi: "Oh, you know, hacking alien technology while being shot at... How do you think it's going?"
— Hacking Door Pierce and Shaundi

Kinzie: "Okay, now all you need to do is make it through the ship's infrastructure, take out all its defenses, and thereby clear a path for us to get to Zinyak."
Female 1: "Is that all? Easy enough. You pick the others up?"
Female 2: "Leave it me. Have you gathered the others?"
Female 3: "Don't sweat it now. Do you have the others?"
Male 1: "Oh, is that all? Easy enough. You pick the others up?"
Male 2: "No problem. You got the crew?"
Male 3: "Easy-peasy. You grab the others, love?"
Nolan North: "Is that all? Easy enough. You pick the others up?"
Kinzie: "Yep, everyone's on board. We'll be right behind you as you clear a path."
— Jump Out Airlock
Female 1: "There a switch somewhere?"
Female 2: "Further instruction would be appreciated, Kinzie."
Female 3: "And I do that how?"
Male 1: "I'm not seeing a control panel anywhere."
Male 2: "I don't see a control panel."
Male 3: "And how exactly do I do that?"
Nolan North: "I'm not seeing a control panel anywhere."
Kinzie: "Try to find the power conduits and use your suit to overload them."
— Land on Platform
Ben King: "So what're we hoping to find here?"
Shaundi: "If Kinzie doesn't know what's in the armory, what are we looking for?"
Asha: "How much are we taking from the armory once we find it?"
Female 1: "Whatever will get us to Zinyak."
Female 2: "Whatever will get the job done."
Female 3: "We need to find something that'll get us to Zinyak."
Male 1: "Anything that'll get us to Zinyak."
Male 2: "Just look for something that'll help us."
Male 3: "Some kinda device that'll get us to Zinyak."
Nolan North: "Anything that'll get us to Zinyak."
Johnny Gat: "Or that'll help blow shit up."
Pierce: "So something big and has a lot of flashy buttons?"
Matt Miller: "So whatever they labeled "Key to Zinyak's lair"?"
Female 1: "Sure, that'd do it."
Female 2: "That goes without saying."
Female 3: "Sweetie, if you see that, you'll have to beat me to it."
Male 1: "Yeah, that would probably do the trick."
Male 2: "Shit, if you find that, take it."
Male 3: "Heh. Sure."
Nolan North: "Yeah, that would probably do the trick."
Johnny Gat: "Sounds good to me."
Pierce: "I mean, there could be a button for self destruct, or one that activates a Zin-killing virus, or even..."
Matt Miller: "I doubt it'll be that simple."
Ben King: "But do we know what that's gonna be?"
Shaundi: "Pierce, it's not going to have flashy buttons on it."
Asha: "Matt, you're not helping."
Female 1: "Wouldn't turn down a robot."
Female 2: "A robot would be useful."
Female 3: "Sure could use a robot."
Male 1: "I'm hoping it'll be a robot."
Male 2: "I wouldn't mind a robot."
Male 3: "What're the odds on a robot?"
Nolan North: "I'm hoping it'll be a robot."
Kinzie: "A robot wouldn't help you in space. What you'd need is--"
Female 1: "A rocket-tank?"
Female 2: "A satellite with giant laser beams?"
Female 3: "Good old-fashioned hospitality?"
Male 1: "Let me guess, power armor."
Male 2: "Power armor. Yes, I know."
Male 3: "A time machine and a quart of whiskey?"
Nolan North: "Let me guess. Power armor?"
Kinzie: "Actually I was going to say a space suit and a REALLY big gun."
— On Way To Armory
Female 1: "Kinzie, the door's locked."
Female 2: "The door is locked. Any assistance, Kinzie?"
Female 3: "Well, shoot. The door's locked."
Male 1: "Small problem, Kinzie; it's locked."
Male 2: "Door's locked, Kinzie!"
Male 3: "Ah, locked. Can you open this door, Kinzie?"
Nolan North: "Small problem, Kinzie. It's locked."
Kinzie: "Dammit, this door override is on a closed system. You're on your own for this one."
Johnny Gat: "Shit, let me try."
Shaundi: "Boss, think you and Pierce can cover me?"
Matt Miller: "Good thing I'm here then. Asha, keep me covered."
Female 1: "Sounds good. We'll keep back the Zin."
Female 2: "Okay. We will cover you."
Female 3: "You do that. We'll tackle our Zin problem."
Male 1: "All right, we'll keep the Zin off you. Just get that door open."
Male 2: "Do it. We got your back."
Male 3: "Right. We'll keep the Zin off ya."
Nolan North: "All right, we'll keep the Zin off you. Just get that door open."
— Reach Armory Door
Female 1: "Kinzie. Can you get me into Zinyak's throne room?"
Female 2: "All right. How do I get into Zinyak's throne room?"
Female 3: "How do I go about getting into Zinyak's throne room?"
Male 1: "Kinzie, how do I get into Zinyak's throne room?"
Male 2: "Can you get me into Zinyak's throne room, Kinzie?"
Male 3: "So who I do get into the throne room, Kinzie?"
Nolan North: "Kinzie, how do I get into Zinyak's throne room?"
Kinzie: "Honestly, I can't find a way to open it up."
Female 1: "Fine. I'll find a way."
Female 2: "No worries. I will find a way."
Female 3: "Well then. I'll come up with something."
Male 1: "Then don't worry about it, Kinzie. I got another plan."
Male 2: "No problem. I got this."
Male 3: "No worries, Kinzie. I got this."
Nolan North: "Then don't worry about it, Kinzie. I have another plan."
— Reaching End
Kinzie: "You should be coming up on the armory now."
Female 1: "We got a door ahead."
Female 2: "Ah! There's the door."
Female 3: "We have a door ahead."
Male 1: "We see the door."
Male 2: "All right, I see the door."
Male 3: "There's the door."
Nolan North: "We see the door."
— See Armory Door
Female 1: "Well, well, well..."
Female 2: "Quelle surprise!"
Female 3: "Damn, will you look at that..."
Male 1: "Kinzie... haha... you'll never believe this..."
Male 2: "Holy shit..."
Male 3: "Aw, fuck me..."
Nolan North: "Kinzie, you'll never believe this..."
Kinzie: "It's a robot, isn't it..."
Female 1: "No, Kinzie. It's power armor."
Female 2: "It is power armor..."
Female 3: "It's power armor..."
Male 1: "No, Kinzie, it's power armor. Ha!"
Male 2: "It's power armor..."
Male 3: "Got myself some power armor."
Nolan North: "Kinzie, it's power armor."
Kinzie: "No. Way."
Female 1: "Fuck yes."
Female 2: "Now this will do just fine."
Female 3: "This does wonders for my figure!"
Male 1: "Now this is what I'm talkin' about."
Male 2: "Aw hell yeah. This is what I'm talkin' about."
Male 3: "Reckon this'll do just fine."
Nolan North: "Now this is what I'm talkin' about."
— See Power Armor

Zinyak: "You can come for me, but you don't stand a chance."
Playa: "One shall stand, one shall fall."
Zinyak: "Why throw away your life so recklessly, Saint?"
Playa: "That's a question you should ask yourself, Zinyak."
— Zinyak Taunt

Female 1: "I hope you're ready, Zinyak."
Female 2: "Oh-ho, Zinyak. I hope you're ready for me."
Female 3: "Save a seat, Zinyak. I'm on my way."
Male 1: "Here I come, Zinyak!"
Male 2: "Hey, Zinyak! I'm coming for ya!"
Male 3: "Say your prayers, Zinyak."
Nolan North: "Here I come, Zinyak!"
— Mission End


  • Playa and team 3 about to attack the Armory
  • Playa fighting of Zin on the way to the Armory
  • The Armory door
  • Playa and Homie (Asha, Pierce, or Benjamin) defending the Homie hacking (Matt, Shaundi or Johnny)
  • Playa defending the Homie hacking (Matt, Shaundi or Johnny)
  • The Armory
  • Playa, now wearing Power Armor
  • Playa about to dive out the airlock
  • Playa diving down through Zinyak's Ship
  • Playa has to disable the Power Conduits for them and the Saints to get through
  • Playa using the Power Armor to eliminate the Zin defending the Power Conduits
  • The Power Conduits
  • Playa dodging debris from Zinyak's damaged ship

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