Template:Infobox mission Grand Finale is the preantepenultimate mission in Saints Row IV.


The Grand Finale quest is split into four different missions.

The first three parts have a choice between 3 pairs of Homies. The Pairs are: Johnny Gat and Ben King, Pierce and Shaundi, Matt and Asha - any of those may be homies during this mission.


The mission starts off with the Protagonist talking to Kinzie. She tells them to pick a pair who will go with them on the first part of the mission. This part of the mission involves defending the Key from Zin forces With an Alien RPG while the player's Homies drive the vehicle. The player is required to take out roadblocks and shoot tanks and UFOs that attack the vehicle. Once the player arrives at the Syndicate Tower they must defend CID while he opens the door then use telekinesis to move the key.


  • This quest is made up for 4 missions, which are visible in the quest log. When starting this mission, there is a prompt to save the game before commencing which states "you won't be able to return until it is fully completed". This is untrue, as it is possible to exit Grand Finale Part Three and Grand Finale Part Four and resume them directly, as well as saving and reloading them. After completing side-quest missions, or saving and reloading, the current Grand Finale mission is auto-started.
  • The line at the beginning of the mission where The Protagonist gives their speech to the crew members it ends with the line from "Reclamation" and "Three Kings", and "Return to Steelport" with the familiar "It's our time now. Let's get this shit started".
  • The mission has several similarities to the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2.
    • Both missions include picking out a team, and bringing along different people to perform specific tasks.
    • The Protagonist's inspirational speech at the beginning of the mission is a lot like Commander Shepard's to their crew in the suicide mission.



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