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Punch the Shark


Johnny Gat, Ben King, Matt Miller, Asha Odekar, Shaundi, Pierce


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Grand Finale is the preantepenultimate mission in Saints Row IV.


The Punch the Shark quest is split into four different missions, the first is named "Grand Finale".

The first three Missions have a choice between 3 pairs of Homies: Johnny Gat and Ben King, Pierce and Shaundi, Matt and Asha - any of those may be homies during this Mission, but each pair can only be used once for the entire Quest.


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The mission starts off with Playa talking to Kinzie. She tells them to pick a pair who will go with them on the first part of the mission. This part of the mission involves defending the Key from Zin forces With an Alien RPG while the player's Homies drive the vehicle. The player is required to take out roadblocks and shoot tanks and UFOs that attack the vehicle. Once the player arrives at the Syndicate Tower they must defend CID while he opens the door then use telekinesis to move the key.



  • This quest is made up for 4 missions, which are visible in the quest log. When starting this mission, there is a prompt to save the game before commencing which states "you won't be able to return until it is fully completed". This is untrue, as it is possible to exit Grand Finale Part Three and Grand Finale Part Four and resume them directly, as well as saving and reloading them. After completing side-quest missions, or saving and reloading, the current Grand Finale mission is auto-started.
  • The line at the beginning of the mission where Playa gives their speech to the crew members it ends with the line from "Reclamation" and "Three Kings", and "Return to Steelport" with the familiar "It's our time now. Let's get this shit started".
  • The mission has several similarities to the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2.
    • Both missions include picking out a team, and bringing along different people to perform specific tasks.
    • Playa's inspirational speech at the beginning of the mission is a lot like Commander Shepard's to their crew in the suicide mission.
  • The quest name "Punch the Shark" alludes to the trope of "Jumping the shark", in which a desperate gimmick is used to keep the attention of the viewer/player. It also refers to the concept that it is possible to survive a shark attack by punching it in the nose, a last-chance move which is the difference between life and death.


Pre Mission Phonecall[]

Female 1: "Kinzie, are we--"
Female 2: "So Kinzie is--"
Female 3: "How's the key--"
Male 1: "Kinzie, is..."
Male 2: "Hey, Kinzie--"
Male 3: "How we sittin', Kinzie?"
Nolan North: "Kinzie, is--"
Kinzie: "Uploading the final code now... There, the Key's all ready."
Female 1: "Tell everybody it's time."
Female 2: "Tres bon. Shall we do this?"
Female 3: "Sounds like it's time to have us some fun."
Male 1: "Good, then inform the crew and let's do this."
Male 2: "All right. Tell everyone to get ready."
Male 3: "Get everyone on deck then. We're doing this."
Nolan North: "Good, then inform the crew and let's do this."
Kinzie: "So you know, you'll only be able to take a couple people with you for each task. I need the rest back on the ship to help keep the Zin off our backs."
Female 1: "No problem. Two is all I need."
Female 2: "Of course."
Female 3: "You got it, hon."
Male 1: "Fine with me."
Male 2: "Get everyone together. I'll be right there."
Male 3: "Right."
Nolan North: "Fine with me."
— Pre Mission Phonecall


Playa: "I know over the years you've heard this speech a bunch of times..."
Ben King: "Heard it? Bitch, I wrote it."
Playa: "But we need to remember why we do what we do. And today the stakes are even higher."
Playa: "Earth is gone. It's not coming back and nothing we do today is going to change that."
Playa: "But one thing we can do is get revenge."
Playa: "And you better believe we're showing this motherfucker humanity isn't dead because we're still alive."
Playa: "This isn't about hope, or faith, or even about winning."
Playa: "Kinzie's right, those things died on Earth."
Playa: "This is about will."
Playa: "This is about saying I don't give a shit how many times you knock me down, if I'm still breathing I'm standing right back up, and ya know what?"
Playa: "You can hit as hard as you want 'cause when I hit back I'm gonna lay your ass out, bitch!"
Playa: "It's our time now, let's get this shit started."


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Kinzie: "Here's the deal: you're gonna need three teams to help you defeat Zinyak. The first team will help you get the Key into the mainframe. The second will help you overload the simulation. The final team will get you into the Zin mothership so you can get to Zinyak."
Female 1: "Three-stage attack. I like it."
Female 2: "Zinyak won't know what hit him."
Female 3: "Sweetie, seems you have this whole thing figured out."
Male 1: "Fair enough."
Male 2: "All right, sounds good."
Male 3: "Solid thought there, Kinzie."
Nolan North: "Fair enough."
Kinzie: "All right, figure out who you want to help with the Key and we can get you all loaded into the simulation."
— Team Choice Start
Johnny Gat: "King and I are down for whatever you need. Shit, it'll be just like old times."
Ben King: "And don't worry, playa. Gat and I've had our differences in the past, but it's just that, the past."
— Homie Choice - Gat and King
Matt Miller: "Asha and I are a seamless team, anticipating each other's actions. We'll get the job done proper."
Asha: "I think you're selling it a bit much, Matt."
— Homie Choice - Matt and Asha
Pierce: "Come on, boss, you gotta pick us. Shaundi and I won't let you down, you know that."
Shaundi: "You know just because we aren't needed now that doesn't mean we won't get to help out later."
— Homie Choice - Pierce and Shaundi
Female 1: "You two are with me. Time to bring the Zin empire to its knees."
Female 2: "Come, mes amis. Time to start some trouble."
Female 3: "I hope y'all are ready. It's time to get this show on the road."
Male 1: "All right, you guys are with me for this part. See you both inside."
Male 2: "You two ready? Time to do this."
Male 3: "I want you two with me. Meet me inside."
Nolan North: "All right, you guys are with me for this part. See you both inside."
— Makes Choice
Ben King: "We're ready to go."
Pierce: "So we doin' this?"
Asha: "Just say the word."
— 2nd Team Talk
Kinzie: "Head back inside the simulation and the Key will be waiting for you."
Female 1: "Good job, Kinzie. I can't wait to see the look on Zinyak's face."
Female 2: "You have my thanks, Kinzie. Now let's show Zinyak who he's messing with."
Female 3: "Thank you, hon. Time to show Zinyak some real manners."
Male 1: "Thanks, Kinzie. Zinyak won't know what's hit him."
Male 2: "Thanks, Kinzie. Time to show that Zinyak motherfucker who's boss."
Male 3: "Right then. Let's take the stick to his Zinyak character, yeah?"
Nolan North: "Thanks, Kinzie. Zinyak won't know what's hit him."
— Initial Choice End
According to Kinzie's intel the Key needs to be taken to the old Syndicate Tower. The entrance to the System is in the loading dock. We will be driving the truck while you keep the Zin off us. After entering, CID will be in charge of driving the Key into the main computer hub, which will cause the Simulation to begin destabilizing. Good luck.
— Mission Brief from Shaundi, King or Asha

Kinzie: "The Key's loaded up. Climb on and make sure it doesn't get destroyed."
Female 1: "Escort job, yeah? No problem."
Female 2: "You worry too much, Kinzie. It's just an escort job."
Female 3: "No worries, hon. It's just a simple escort."
Male 1: "Standard escort, I got it."
Male 2: "Relax, Kinzie. I've done this before."
Male 3: "Babysit the key. Got it."
Nolan North: "Standard escort, I got it."
Kinzie: "Only if this fails, we could all die."
Female 1: "This isn't gonna fail, Kinzie. We've got this."
Female 2: "Oh, Kinzie, I'll make you an optimist yet."
Female 3: "You sure know how to pee in the punchbowl, Kinzie."
Male 1: "Geez, you're a real downer sometimes."
Male 2: "Loosen up, Kinzie. I got this."
Male 3: "Not gonna happen, love. But thanks for the concern."
Nolan North: "You're a real downer sometimes."
Kinzie: "I'm serious. If we screw this up, we won't get another shot at bringing down the simulation, we won't create an opening onto the Zin mothership, and we won't be able to locate and go after Zinyak himself."
Female 1: "I understand, Kinzie. Look, everything's going to be fine."
Female 2: "Everything will be fine, Kinzie. Don't worry."
Female 3: "Kinzie, sweetie, you're too tense. This is gonna be fine."
Male 1: "All right, I understand. Don't worry, this is going to work, Kinzie."
Male 2: "I got this, Kinzie. You focus on the rest of the plan."
Male 3: "Got it, Kinzie. Everything's gonna be aces."
Nolan North: "All right, I understand. Don't worry, this is going to work, Kinzie."
Kinzie: "As long as the Key doesn't get destroyed, like I said."
Female 1: "I'm not going to let your key get hurt, Kinzie. Promise."
Female 2: "Your key is safe with me. I promise."
Female 3: "I promise. Your key will be just fine."
Male 1: "It won't get destroyed, I promise."
Male 2: "For fucks sake, Kinzie. I said I got this."
Male 3: "Hey. As long as I'm fine, your key will be too."
Nolan North: "It won't get destroyed, I promise."
— Mission Start
Ben King: "How you holding up back there?"
Pierce: "Hey, you hanging in there, boss?"
Asha: "What's the situation back there?"
Female 1: "Well, I kinda wish the driver was SOBER."
Female 2: "Were the roads always this bumpy?"
Female 3: "Going a little fast, aintcha?"
Male 1: "Ride's a little bumpy."
Male 2: "Ride could be smoother."
Male 3: "It'd be better if you were actually driving."
Nolan North: "Ride's a little bumpy."
Johnny Gat: "Oh sure, let's slow down and let the Zin catch up to us just so the ride's more comfortable and safe."
Shaundi: "Okay, you come up here and drive and I'll go out there and fend off hordes of Zin."
Matt Miller: "I'm sorry, but we didn't have time to pad the truck for safety."
Female 1: "Just focus on the road!"
Female 2: "It was an honest question!"
Female 3: "Sugar, we need less sass and more focus, okay?"
Male 1: "I wasn't criticizing, just saying."
Male 2: "I was just saying!"
Male 3: "Just put the pint down and drive!"
Nolan North: "I wasn't criticizing, just saying."
— 1st Drive Convo
Matt Miller: "You know, if we had attached thrusters to the Key we could've flown it right to the system entrance."
Kinzie: "Interesting point. But how would we boost the altitude from the gravity inhibitors?"
Matt Miller: "Well, if we gotten our hands on a Zin power generator we could've used it to--"
Asha: "Do you have any idea what these two are saying?"
Female 1: "All I heard was "blah blah Key blah blah power generator.""
Female 2: "I just pretend my English is not so good."
Female 3: "Darlin', I don't understand most of what those two talk about."
Male 1: "Not a clue. That's why I usually ask for a translation."
Male 2: "Not usually, no."
Male 3: "Oh yeah, always. Naw, I'm joking. No idea."
Nolan North: "Not a clue. That's why I usually ask for a translation."
Matt Miller: "Oh, sorry, what we were getting at was--"
Asha: "I don't think that was a reqest for one, Matt."
— 2nd Drive Convo with Asha and Matt
Johnny Gat: "You need any help back there?"
Ben King: "It isn't exciting enough for you up here with me?"
Johnny Gat: "The boss is getting to blow shit up while my biggest problem is avoiding bad roadwork."
Female 1: "Yeah, well, better to dodge potholes than deal with Kinzie if we break the key."
Female 2: "Au contraire, this bad roadwork is nothing compared to what Kinzie will do if we mess up her key."
Female 3: "Your biggest problem is what Kinzie will do if her key gets broken."
Male 1: "No, you're saving us from getting killed by Kinzie for damaging this Key thing."
Male 2: "If anything happens to this key, Kinzie will have both our asses."
Male 3: "Better this road than Kinzie if we bang up her key."
Nolan North: "No, you're saving us from getting killed by Kinzie for damaging this Key thing."
Johnny Gat: "Oh come on, what would Kinzie do?"
Kinzie: "Unplug you while you sit here jacked in to the simulation for ruining our only hope of stopping Zinyak."
Johnny Gat: "You wouldn't."
Female 1: "Eh. That's not as bad as what I thought she'd do."
Female 2: "Do you really wish to test that?"
Female 3: "You don't know Kinzie very well, do you?"
Male 1: "Oh yes, she would."
Male 2: "You wanna bet?"
Male 3: "I wouldn't put it past her."
Nolan North: "Yes, she would."
— 2nd Drive Convo with Ben and Johnny
Pierce: "Why do we always have to do the driving?"
Shaundi: "I've seen you shoot. Trust me, it's better the boss is back there."
Pierce: "Now that's just..."
Female 1: "Listen, you don't quit it and I'll drive this truck myself!"
Female 2: "Quiet down, you two! Must I drive as well?"
Female 3: "If you two don't settle down, I'll kick you both out of the car!"
Male 1: "Pierce, Shaundi, don't make me come up there and give you both a timeout."
Male 2: "Do I have to do this myself?"
Male 3: "Will you quit squabbling? Look, somebody has to drive here, yeah?"
Nolan North: "Pierce, Shaundi, don't make me come up there and give you both a timeout."
Pierce: "That's what I'm sayin', you come up here and give me a chance to bring down some Zin."
Shaundi: "Way to set that one up, boss."
— 2nd Drive Convo with Shaundi and Pierce
Ben King: "They've got the highway blocked."
Shaundi: "Boss, they've blocked our route."
Asha: "The Zin have barricaded the road."
Female 1: "Then go around!"
Female 2: "Can we find another way?"
Female 3: "We should probably go around then."
Male 1: "Can't we go around for once?"
Male 2: "Go around!"
Male 3: "Can you swing this trolley another way then?"
Nolan North: "Can't we go around for once?"
— See 1st Roadblock
Female 1: "Good job. Let's keep going!"
Female 2: "Ah-ha! Nice driving!"
Female 3: "Well done! Keep moving!"
Male 1: "Nice driving."
Male 2: "Nice! Let's keep going!"
Male 3: "Nice job with the wheel."
Nolan North: "Nice driving."
Ben King: "All right, we're rolling."
Pierce: "Steppin' on it."
Matt Miller: "Cheers."
— Past 1st Roadblock
Johnny Gat: "Those assholes set up another roadblock."
Pierce: "Man, they're still putting shit in our way."
Asha: "Another barricade in our path."
Female 1: "Hold on. I'll clear it for you."
Female 2: "Well, allow me to remove it then, yeah?"
Female 3: "Gimme two shakes, hon. I'll take care of it."
Male 1: "Be ready to move after I clear it."
Male 2: "Get ready. I'm gonna clear it."
Male 3: "After I blow it up, step on the gas."
Nolan North: "Be ready to move after I clear it."
— See 2nd Roadblock
Female 1: "Should I expect anything else, Kinzie?"
Female 2: "Anything else in our way, Kinzie?"
Female 3: "Any other roadblocks else up ahead, Kinzie?"
Male 1: "Kinzie, there any other surprises?"
Male 2: "Any other surprises, Kinzie?"
Male 3: "Kinzie, there any other surprises?"
Nolan North: "Kinzie, there any other surprises?"
Kinzie: "None that I can see. Should be a clear shot from there."
Female 1: "All right, people, we need to get the key off the truck ASAP and into the System immediately."
Female 2: "Let us get this key off the truck and into the System quickly, yeah?"
Female 3: "No dilly-dallying now. We have to get this unloaded and into the System."
Male 1: "Okay people, once we get there we get this thing unloaded and into the System as fast as we can, got it?"
Male 2: "Look, folks, we need to get this off the truck and into the System fast."
Male 3: "Look, as soon as we can, we hafta get this key off and into the System. Understood?"
Nolan North: "Okay people, once we get there we get this thing unloaded and into the System as fast as we can, got it?"
Ben King: "No problem, playa."
Shaundi: "You got it, boss."
Asha: "We'll get it done."
— After 2nd Roadblock
Kinzie: "Just a little farther to the tower."
Zinyak: "Oh, I'm sorry, but this highway wasn't clear for heavy loads. Ha ha ha ha..."
Playa: "What the hell?!"
Nolan North: "What the hell?!"
Shaundi: "What the hell?!"
Ben King: "What the hell?!"
Matt Miller: "What the hell?!"
Pierce: "Yo, what the hell?!"
Johnny Gat: "What the hell?!"
Asha: "What the hell?!"
Kinzie: "What the hell?!"
— Truck De-Rezzing
Female 1: "How are we moving without a truck, Kinzie?"
Female 2: "What is the plan here, Kinzie?"
Female 3: "What do we do without a truck, hon?"
Male 1: "Kinzie, what now?"
Male 2: "Shit. What do we now?"
Male 3: "What's the plan with this key now?"
Nolan North: "Kinzie, what now?"
Kinzie: "You're going to have to use your telekinesis to get the Key there."
Johnny Gat: "Don't worry, we're with ya."
Shaundi: "Pierce, let's go."
Matt Miller: "The portal isn't far. Let's go."
— Truck De-Rezzed
You know you have super powers, right? You may wanna use them.
— Kinzie - Superpowers Nag

Kinzie: "Damn, they put up a force field."
CID: "I believe I can hack through the shield."
Female 1: "Then do it, CID. Everybody, protect the Key!"
Female 2: "We will protect you, CID!"
Female 3: "C'mon y'all, we need to protect CID and the Key!"
Male 1: "All right you heard CID, protect him and the Key."
Male 2: "You heard the robot! Don't let anything happen to them!"
Male 3: "Right. You do your thing, CID. We got you."
Nolan North: "All right you heard CID, protect him and the Key."
Johnny Gat: "King and I got this. You just get that field down, CID."
Pierce: "Don't worry, nothing's gettin' to this Key or CID, boss."
Asha: "No problem, it'll be just like that bit Matt and I did in Vatican City."
— Reach Outside Field
Female 1: "You almost done, CID?"
Female 2: "How are we on time, CID?"
Female 3: "You fixing to be done soon, CID?"
Male 1: "How much longer, CID?"
Male 2: "You close yet, CID?"
Male 3: "I hope you're almost done, CID."
Nolan North: "How much longer, CID?"
CID: "Please do not rush me unless you would like the field to overload and electrocute you all."
Ben King: "You mean "us all"."
Shaundi: "Wouldn't that be "us all"?"
Asha: "Hold on, why "you all"?"
CID: "Only all of you would end up dead if it overloaded. I already shielded my exterior from the field's frequency before I began my hack. Hence why it has taken me this long."
Johnny Gat: "Can I kill this floating piece of Zin scrap later?"
Pierce: "Way to be a team player..."
Matt Miller: "Clever, but kind of a dick thing to do, mate."
Female 1: "Not killing us all would be nice, CID."
Female 2: "Well, keep doing it as you are then."
Female 3: "Mighty kind of you, CID, but a little faster would be good."
Male 1: "CID, just get it done."
Male 2: "Just do it, CID."
Male 3: "Enough talking already! Get it done, CID."
Nolan North: "CID, just get it done."
— CID Hacking Shield
CID: "The shield is now down."
Female 1: "CID, with me. See you two on the other side."
Female 2: "Godspeed, you two. We're taking the Key!"
Female 3: "Good luck, you two. CID, come with me."
Male 1: "All right, let's move. You guys going to be all right?"
Male 2: "You guys got this? CID and I are going in."
Male 3: "Right. You're with me, robot. See you two later."
Nolan North: "All right, let's move. You guys going to be all right?"
— Force Shield Down
Johnny Gat: "Get the Key in there, boss. We'll handle these assholes."
Pierce: "Grab the Key and get going, Shaundi and I have this."
Asha: "Take the Key and go, we'll finish up here."
Kinzie: "Once you get inside I'll be cutoff from communication so listen to CID, he'll know what to do."
Female 1: "Will do. CID, let's go!"
Female 2: "Of course! CID, come with me."
Female 3: "You got it, hon. CID and I will be just fine."
Male 1: "Right, we'll see how that works out. Get in there, CID."
Male 2: "You got it, Kinzie. CID, let's move!"
Male 3: "Gotcha, love. We'll be fine."
Nolan North: "Right, we'll see how that works out. Get in there, CID."
CID: "To watch this simulation destroyed, gladly."
Ben King: "See you afterwards."
Shaundi: "Good luck, boss."
Matt Miller: "Just... come back alive."
— Head Inside
Female 1: "Not quite what I was expecting but okay."
Female 2: "Uh... huh. Not exactly what I was expecting."
Female 3: "Oh, that's...different."
Male 1: "Okay, not what I was expecting..."
Male 2: "Wait. That's a key?"
Male 3: "Funny-looking key, that."
Nolan North: "Okay, not what I was expecting..."
CID: "I will harness the system's energy to fuel the power cells on the Key."
Female 1: "All right. Do what you gotta."
Female 2: "Very well."
Female 3: "Do what you have to, CID."
Male 1: "Yeah, you do that."
Male 2: "Don't let me stop ya."
Male 3: "Whatever you say, CID."
Nolan North: "You do that."
— See Key Unfold Start
Female 1: "This an all-day thing or...?"
Female 2: "Are you done, CID?"
Female 3: "How long is this gonna take, CID?"
Male 1: "Any day now, CID. Get that thing moving."
Male 2: "Is this gonna take much longer, CID?"
Male 3: "Those power cells fueled yet, CID?"
Nolan North: "Any day now, CID. Get that thing moving."
CID: "The energy flow is being regulated. Opening breakers should increase the power."
Female 1: "Nothing is ever just simple..."
Female 2: "Merde. Why can't one thing be easy?"
Female 3: "So is there a fusebox or something around?"
Male 1: "Always a fucking catch..."
Male 2: "Of course it would."
Male 3: "What's life without some snags, yeah?"
Nolan North: "Always a fucking catch..."
— Key Not Moving
Female 1: "Destroying THREE things, huh? How DIFFERENT."
Female 2: "The power of three, huh. Zinyak must be a fan of that witch show."
Female 3: "Three things? Again? That Zinyak sure has a funny way about him."
Male 1: "What's with there always being 3 things to destroy or turn on or whatever?"
Male 2: "What is up with there always being three things?"
Male 3: "What's the deal with three? Everything always happens in three."
Nolan North: "What's with there always being 3 things to destroy or turn on or whatever?"
CID: "Three is the optimal number for powering many different systems in Zinyak's simulations."
Female 1: "Try again, CID."
Female 2: "And you think I'm gullible, why exactly?"
Female 3: "Honey, you can't con a con artist."
Male 1: "That's not really an answer."
Male 2: "Hey, that almost sounds true."
Male 3: "I'm finding that hard to believe, CID."
Nolan North: "That's not really an answer."
CID: "Then would you believe it is actually just an arbitrary number that sounded good at the time to the system creator?"
Female 1: "Why can't it ever just be two? Or one? OR NONE."
Female 2: "Much more believable."
Female 3: "See, the truth just sounds different."
Male 1: "Now that I believe."
Male 2: "Yeah, sounds about right."
Male 3: "Now that I believe."
Nolan North: "Now that I believe."
— Opening Breakers
Female 1: "Yeah, this isn't doing anything, CID."
Female 2: "This is not working."
Female 3: "Hon, this isn't working out so well."
Male 1: "CID, this isn't working."
Male 2: "This isn't doing it, CID."
Male 3: "CID, I don't think this is working."
Nolan North: "CID, this isn't working."
CID: "Then use your powers to force them open."
— Stomp Breakers
Female 1: "Did that do it?"
Female 2: "Last one, CID!"
Female 3: "How are we now?"
Male 1: "Last one open."
Male 2: "All right, that's it."
Male 3: "We good now?"
Nolan North: "Last one open."
CID: "That tickles."
Female 1: "CID, don't--you know what. I'll focus on fighting."
Female 2: "You focus on that while I keep you alive."
Female 3: "Whatever does it for ya, hon. I'll keep the bad guys off ya while you finish."
Male 1: "Ugh...Yeah... You keep doing that, I'll keep these assholes off you."
Male 2: "Oookay. I'm gonna focus on killing these guys while you do that."
Male 3: "You do that and I'll take care of these distractions."
Nolan North: "Ugh...Yeah... You keep doing that, I'll keep these assholes off you."
— Breakers Open
CID: "A suppression field has shut down the power output. The field must be removed."
Female 1: "Fuck me. I'll take it down."
Female 2: "
  • sigh* I will take care of it."
    Female 3: "
    Oh those Zin and their suppression fields."
    Male 1: "
    Fuck. I'm on it."
    Male 2: "
    Shit. On it."
    Male 3: "
    Always one more thing, isn't there?"
    Nolan North: "
    Fuck. I'm on it."
— Power Stopped
Power now restored. Continuing to channel energy.
— CID - Power Restored

The Key is damaged greatly. More power would fix this problem.
— CID - Key at 25 Percent

With more power I could repair the damage to the Key.
— CID - Key at 50 Percent

Opening more breakers would allow me to repair the Key.
— CID - Key at 70 Percent

CID: "The server is protected by a force field."
Female 1: "And you need it busted, that it?"
Female 2: "More things to destroy then?"
Female 3: "More stuff to break, is that what you're saying?"
Male 1: "Lemme guess, destroy more things to shut it down?"
Male 2: "Why is it Zin engineers are so stupid?"
Male 3: "And only I can take it down, yeah?"
Nolan North: "Lemme guess, destroy more things to shut it down?"
CID: "Correct."
Female 1: "Despite what Kinzie says, I really don't think Zinyak's all that bright."
Female 2: "These Zin are so technologically advanced yet they miss such simple things."
Female 3: "Oh, Zinyak's so cute with his toy technology."
Male 1: "This would be a lot harder if Zinyak put force fields around his power generators."
Male 2: "Wouldn't it be better for them if these shield weren't being made by three easily-destroyable objects?"
Male 3: "These Zin and their fucking shields. It's ridiculous how cocked up these things are."
Nolan North: "This would be a lot harder if Zinyak put force fields around his power generators."
CID: "I do not understand."
Female 1: "Look at these shields! Shouldn't they be connected to something that isn't so easy to break?"
Female 2: "Such as these shields. Shouldn't their generators be a little harder to destroy?"
Female 3: "If I were an alien overlord, I think I'd protect my generators with something sturdier than these generators."
Male 1: "You know, if they generated a shield around themselves."
Male 2: "We should be good, CID."
Male 3: "If I had a force field generator, I'd probably put some fucking defenses on it, yeah?"
Nolan North: "You know, if they generated a shield around themselves."
CID: "Now you are just talking crazy."
— Reach Inside Field
Female 1: "All right, that should be it."
Female 2: "And that is everything, yes?"
Female 3: "We good, CID?"
Male 1: "That should do it!"
Male 2: "Don't you mean "we will remain"?"
Male 3: "That's all of 'em, CID."
Nolan North: "That should do it!"
CID: "I am coming for you, Zinyak. Today your simulations come to an end and only I will remain."
Female 1: "Oh, this is all about you, huh?"
Female 2: "Only you, CID?"
Female 3: "Are you forgetting about me, CID?"
Male 1: "Uh, excuse me, you mean we."
Male 2: "We should probably go."
Male 3: "What do you mean only you?"
Nolan North: "Uh, excuse me, you mean we."
CID: "Do not ruin this moment for me."
— Server Field Down
Female 1: "If we're done, we should probably go, yeah?"
Female 2: "CID, it looks like we should leave now, no?"
Female 3: "This place doesn't look so good. We should go, don't you think?"
Male 1: "Uh, we should probably get out of here, right?"
Male 2: "All right. Where do we start, Kinzie?"
Male 3: "I suppose we should go now?"
Nolan North: "Uh, we should probably get out of here, right?"
CID: "That would be a good idea."
— Server Crashing


Playa giving his speech to the Saints

The 3 Teams (Shaundi and Pierce, Asha and Matt, Benjamin and Johnny)

Playa defending the Key with an Alien RPG

Playa defending the Key against a Destructor

Playa clearing a roadblock

Playa defending the Key

Playa carrying the Key to the Syndicate Tower

Playa taking the Key to the System

Cid with the constructed Key

Playa navigating the System while protecting Cid and the Key

Playa going to activate the Breakers

Cid taking the Key to it's destination

Playa going to disable the Suppression Devices that are stopping Cid

Cid placing the Key that will destabilise the Simulation

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  1. Dialogue:
    I bet Julius gave ya the whole "I don't care what flags they're flyin" speech, didn't he? I wrote that shit years ago, and the mother fucker hasn't forgot it...
    — Benjamin King during The King and I