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"Got Dust, Will Travel" is the first mission of the Sons of Samedi story arc in Saints Row 2.

University drug deal goes bad
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


Shaundi informs The Protagonist on Loa Dust, a new drug that the Sons of Samedi have been producing very cheaply and pushing around the Stilwater University campus. The Protagonist heads there to kill some dealers and steal their Loa Dust in the hopes that the 3rd Street Saints can make it, sell it for cheaper, and steal the Sons of Samedi's market.[1]

The Protagonist successfully manages to steal three samples of Loa Dust, as well as chasing down and killing Mark Gabby, a highly successful dealer who brought in a lot of money for the Sons of Samedi.

Inside a Sons of Samedi Hounfor, The General and Mr. Sunshine talk with Veteran Child about the lack of income that day. Veteran Child informs The General that he could not get in touch with a few of his dealers, but assures them both that it's no problem and that he has a hold of the situation.[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

Campus officials are still trying to sort out exactly what took place today after a deadly shootout near the student union. It is presumed that members of the Sons of Samedi were on campus pushing their designer drug "Loa Dust" before being assaulted by the Third Street Saints. However, officials say no Loa Dust has been found, leading many to believe the Saints procured it for themselves before vanishing.


Got Dust, Will Travel - Stashes Collected
Drive to the University

First head to the University.

Kill the dealers

Head to the marked observatory and parking lot and kill the group of dealers at each location.

Get a sample of what they're selling
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Pick up the Loa Dust

The last dealer drops some Loa Dust which must be picked up before going to the next location.

Grab the next package from the dealers hanging out in the parking lot
Grab the next package from the dealers hanging out near the observatory

Head to the other location

Pick up the Loa Dust

The last dealer drops some Loa Dust which must be picked up before going to the next location.

Find Mr. Gabby

After picking up two stashes, Shaundi calls on the Cellphone and advises The Protagonist about Mark Gabby.

Kill Mr. Gabby

After the call ends, it may take a few seconds for the Map to find him and draw up a GPS route towards him. Either shoot his vehicle (a Wellington) until it explodes or pull up in front of the vehicle and kill the driver, forcing the other occupants of the vehicle out.

Pick up the Loa Dust

If the vehicle is destroyed, the Loa Dust often drops underneath the wreckage of the vehicle, so either use explosives or ram the vehicle out of the way to pick the final stash up.

If Gabby is not killed, he arrives to a location south of University Loft and get out of his vehicle along with other 2 Samedi members and can be killed on foot or run over.

Meet Shaundi

Once Gabby is dead, simply drive to the marked location to finish the mission.


  • Frat Row neighborhood unlocked


Newspaper ss01 Got Dust, Will Travel

The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard

  • This is the only mission in which the character Mark Gabby appears. Gabby is the only named minor character that only appears in one mission in Saints Row 2 and also the only member of The Sons of Samedi whose real name is given.
  • There is sometimes a delay after the objective changes to "Find Mr. Gabby" for the Map to update the GPS route towards him.
  • Should Gabby's Wellington explode and his stash of Loa Dust end up beneath the flaming wreckage of his vehicle, the best strategy is to use another vehicle and ram it into the Wellington, thereby moving it away from the stash so one can get out and pick it up.
  • Halberd and Capshaw are always parked on the parking lot dealers' location.
  • Mark Gabby spawns after the mission is started and can be killed before picking up 2 Loa Dust samples. If this happens after second sample is picked up, the mission becomes impossible to complete.
    • If Gabby's Wellington is destroyed before picking up second Loa Dust sample, Gabby and 2 other Samedi members spawn on foot, making the mission easier.
  • Papa Shango is a WWF character.


"Pipes Are For Suckers" cutsceneEdit

Shaundi: "Hey, I got you a present..."
The Protagonist: "A light bulb, just what I always wanted..."
Shaundi: "Come on, you think I'd just give you a light bulb?"
The Protagonist: "A face shredder, just what I always wanted..."
Shaundi: "Smoke this."
The Protagonist: "Ever hear of a pipe?"
Shaundi: "Pipes cost that can be used for drugs or shoes."
The Protagonist: "It's good...what is it?"
The Protagonist (Male 2): "What is it?"
Shaundi: "It's the Sons of Samedi's number one product, they call it Loa Dust."
The Protagonist: "But you smoke it."
Shaundi: "They suck at marketing, what can I say? The point is that this shit is all over campus...I mean, frat's are buyin' it by the pound. If we get enough of the stuff we might find out how to make it ourselves."
The Protagonist: "And then we sell it for cheaper and steal their market."
Shaundi: "Exactly."
The Protagonist: "How much stuff we talkin'?"
Shaundi: "I dunno, 3 pounds? Two for science, one for the weekend?"
The Protagonist: "I can live with that."
— "Pipes Are For Suckers" cutscene


Shaundi: "Listen, when you get to SU be careful when you're taking on the Sons of Samedi."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "I'm not scared of gang bangers."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "I think I can handle some bangers slingin' to Skeeter fans."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "A gang with a french sounding name, that is scary."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Seein' as I don't like getting shot, of course I'm gonna be careful."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "They have guns, so I don't think you gotta worry about me being careful."
Shaundi: "They're not just gang bangers, these guys are outta their damn mind. For God's sake they're named after the vodoun lord of the dead."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "What the fuck's a vodoun?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Shaundi, I don' know how to break this to you...but you're in a gang called the Saints. Names don't mean shit."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "They can believe whatever they want, a bullet's still gonna kill 'em."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "You never struck me as bein' the superstitious type."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Don't tell me you belive that shit?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "I ain't scared of getting shot? That's somethin' worth being scared of."
Shaundi: "Just be careful, ok?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Listen, I'm at the Univesity, I'll call you after I kill some people."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "I didn't know you cared Shaundi. Don't worry, I'll be fine."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Don't worry Shaundi, I'll be fine."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Don't worry Shaundi, I don't like getting killed, I'll be careful."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Girl you gotta relax...I'll call you soon."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Trust me Shaundi, these guys aren't gonna know what hit 'em."
— On the phone while on the way there
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Your boogie men are all taken care of Shaundi."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Hey Shaundi, I got the dust."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "I got the stuff you wanted Shaundi."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Getting the dust wasn't a problem."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "What I tell you Shaundi, it's all taken care of."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "I got the dust like you wanted."
Shaundi: "You got great timing, I just got a tip that Mark Gabby is slinging near by. The guy brings in a lot of money for the Samedi...taking him out should hurt him pretty bad."
— On the phone, after killing the dealers
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Hey Shaundi, Gabby went down like a bitch."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Gabby's taken care of."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Thanks for the tip Shaundi, Gabby's been taken care of."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "The bastard tried to run, but I took care of him."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "He didn't go quietly, but Gabby's dead."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Thanks for the tip Shaundi, Gabby's good and dead."
Shaundi: "Good times. Now get me the dust, and I can start working on our little science project."
— On the phone, after killing Gabby

"General's Orders" cutsceneEdit

The General: "Gentlemen, how was business today?"
Veteran Child: "Here's today's take..."
The General: "There are many singles where 50's[sic] should be..."
Veteran Child: "Yeah, about that...I couldn't get a hold of some of my guys..."
The General: "These men steal from The General?"
Veteran Child: "No, I'm not sayin' they're stealin'..."
Veteran Child: "Yo, Papa Shango, I'm talkin' to The General."
Veteran Child: "Man, fuck off."
Mr. Sunshine: "On the streets you may be a popular DJ, Veteran Child...but when you're in this car you'd do well to remember your place."
Veteran Child: "My place?"
The General: "My friends, please, be civil. Veteran Child...look into the matter of the missing money...if one of your bag boys is indeed alive, take one of his hands...I doubt he will be late again. If he is not alive, I think we have a greater problem."
Veteran Child: "You want me to cut off some dude's hand?"
The General: "If he stole from me, he needs to learn."
Veteran Child: "Yeah, that makes, um...sense."
Mr. Sunshine: "Is there a problem?"
Veteran Child: "No! I mean, it's no problem, I got this..."
— "General's Orders" cutscene


  • The Protagonist and Shaundi
  • Shaundi smoking Loa Dust
  • The Protagonist smoking Loa Dust
  • Shaundi and The Protagonist
  • The General
  • The General
  • Veteran Child
  • The General and Mr. Sunshine
  • Veteran Child
  • The General and Mr. Sunshine
  • The General
  • The General
  • The General's Hounfor
  • Got Dust, Will Travel - Stashes Collected
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission


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  2. Cutscene: General's Orders
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