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Left to right: Sad Panda, Sexy Kitten and Angry Tiger.

The Genki Girls are characters in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


The girls are the personified human versions of the three main animals that are featured in Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax. They are also credited with creating the new activities in Genkibowl VII.

The first Genki Girl revealed was Sexy Kitten, in the trailer for Professor Genki's Hyper Ordinary Pre-Order Pack[1], giggling at the sight of the "ultra tight" stunt suit. Her appearance was minor and only serves to portray a stereotypical eccentric Japanese girl.

The rest of the Genki Girls later made their official debut in the live action Tim & Eric Professor Genki promo for Saints Row: The Third.[2] It was in this incarnation where the girls were first referred to as the "Genki Girls" and is where Sexy Kitten was given a name.

The appearance of the Genki Girls in the Tim & Eric promo are nearly identical to their artwork with only a few minor exceptions, such as their hairstyle.

The girls are also featured in Fight Club in Saints Row IV and are unlocked as Homies after getting all Silver medals in this activity.

Tim & Eric PromoEdit

The Genki Girls debuted in the live-action Tim & Eric promo. They are called upon the stage at the beginning of the show accompanied by their name, a piece of artwork of their character as well as the cartoon head of the their respective animal. The girls stand on the sidelines, next to three poles corresponding to the color of clothing they wore, for the majority of the show and occasionally either cheer or jeer at the contestants. After a commercial break the girls are called out to lead a "Tall Cat Parade" where they walk tall dogs, dressed as cats, along a catwalk across the stage. Later in the show, Sad Panda aids General Cho by wheeling his oxygen tank onto the set and then assists the other girls with dumping out buckets of rotten chicken for the final challenge. The show ends with the girls leading another Tall Cat Parade.

Genkibowl VIIEdit

The Genki Girls play an important role in the DLC Genkibowl VII as each girl was responsible for creating the new activities that appear in the game. Each girl is unlocked after completing their corresponding activity: Apocalypse Genki (Angry Tiger), Sexy Kitten Yarngasm (Sexy Kitten), and Sad Panda Skyblazing (Sad Panda). Mascot heads of each corresponding animal are also unlockable. The Genki Girls are also featured in the Genkibowl Closing Ceremony cutscene. Two of them applaud while Angry Tiger hands over a trophy.

Fight ClubEdit

The Genki Girls appear as opponents in middle to later rounds of Fight Club. All of them have Super Powers, but they each use one offensive power exclusively. Angry Tiger uses Stomp with the Rock element, Sad Panda uses Telekinesis with the Force element, and Sexy Kitten uses an energy Blast. They do not use these powers when called as Homies.

Angry TigerEdit

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  • Angry Tiger in-game
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For the vehicle, see Angry Tiger (vehicle)

Angry Tiger is the personification of the angry one-eyed tiger that appears on the "Ethical" targets that pop up in the show. It is said by Genki host Bobby that Angry Tiger has 'put her own twist' on the Professor Genki Super Ethical Reality Climax course,which is named Apocalypse Genki, and a script written by Angry Tiger is later read by Tammy Tolliver with somewhat captivating expression. She has ginger-colored hair, dark skin and is dressed in a tiger-stripe bikini, blue tube socks, a pair of neon-green tiger-striped legwarmers as well as matching paws and ears. She also has an eye patch over her left eye as well as a green tiger tail attached to her posterior. Her in-game appearance is identical to her artwork yet her hair style and skin tone in her live-action portrayal is slightly different. Unsurprisingly, Angry Tiger has an extremely aggressive personality, as in one point during the second instance of Apocalypse Genki she was reported to have stabbed a stagehand in the neck with the leg of a chair just because he accidentally spilled coffee on her. Her catchphrase is "Angry Tiger fury!"[3]

Sad PandaEdit

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For the vehicle, see Sad Panda (vehicle)

Sad Panda is the personification of the panda that appears on the "Unethical" targets, and the sad popup after being burned, electrocuted or otherwise damaged. She has pale skin, wears a black top along with white briefs, fishnet stockings, as well as a set of blue leg warmers, ears, paws, and a cotton ball tail. Her hair is blue in both incarnations. One of the commentators of Sad Panda Skyblazing suggests she is sad because her name is synonymous with "Unethical", or the fact that people wish to avoid her much in the same way as they wish to avoid hitting the panda target. Her catchphrase is "Sad Panda power!"[3]

Sad Panda is the only girl with an additional line of dialog other than her catchphrase. Upon dismissing her, she utters the phrase "Super sad!"

In Saints Row 2, there is a store in Little Shanghai named "Sad Panda", which has an animated neon sign of a crying panda. There is another Sad Panda store on the upper level of Rounds Square Shopping Center's exterior.

Sexy KittenEdit

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  • Sexy Kitten in-game
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For the vehicle, see Sexy Kitten (vehicle)

Sexy Kitten is the personification of the health target. A cartoon head of the animal version of Sexy Kitten was featured in the Tim & Eric promo while a slightly different version was used in-game. The human Sexy Kitten wears a pink bikini-top with a matching plaid skirt. She has tube socks as well as a set of pink leg warmers, paws, ears, tail, and a pair of black, thick rimmed glasses. Her hair is blonde in-game while it is blonde with pink streaks in the Tim & Eric promo. She is the namesake of the Sexy Kitten Yarngasm activity and that she participated in the creation of the Yarnie, the enormous yarn ball used in the event. Her catchphrase is "Sexy Kitten time!"[3]


  • During the second instance of Sexy Kitten Yarngasm, the commentators state[quote?] that Mayor Reynolds has displayed an interest to the girls. They also said[quote?] Professor Genki would likely not be fined for the damage caused to the city since that would hurt the Mayor's chances of getting a "private interview" with the girls.


Those Genki Girls give me a reality climax!
— Playa Male Voice 1 idle line


  • The Genki Girls in the Tim & Eric promo
  • Apocalypse Genki tiki mask
  • Angry Tiger in-game
  • Sexy Kitten in game
  • Angry Tiger
  • Sad Panda
  • Sexy Kitten
  • Unlock screen
  • Sad Panda - character model in Saints Row: The Third
  • Sad Panda - character model in Saints Row IV
  • Sexy Kitten - character model in Saints Row: The Third
  • Sexy Kitten - character model in Saints Row IV
  • Angry Tiger - character model in Saints Row: The Third
  • Angry Tiger - character model in Saints Row IV
  • Unrelated "Sad Panda" billboard in Little Shanghai in Saints Row 2

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