Gateway functions in Saints Row IV

Gateway functions

A Gateway provides access to Crib features in Saints Row IV.


A Gateway is a glowing blue doorway. The first Gateway is unlocked after completing "The Real World".

They can be used to access The Ship, as well as the Wardrobe, Garage, Weapons Cache and Gang Customization.

Like Cribs, Gateways function as spawn points in Virtual Steelport. When loading a saved game, The Protagonist spawns at the closest Gateway to where the game was saved. When entering The Simulation from The Ship, it is possible to choose which Gateway to use.


There are 10 Gateways in total. 5 are unlocked through the storyline and other 5 are unlocked by completing Side Quests.

Title Neighborhood Location Unlocked
West Stanfield Brickston Behind church "The Real World" Mission
East Stanfield Ashwood West of the Ashwood Tower "White Rabbit" Side Quest
West Carver Island Yearwood On the roof of the building north of Rim Jobs "De Plane Boss" Mission
East Carver Island Bridgeport North of the Bridgeport Hotspot "Gateway" Side Quest
Arapice Island Arapice Island West of Prof. Genki's Mind Over Murder and Speed Rift "A Game of Clones" Mission
South Downtown Sunset Park On the island in the park "Power Up CID" Mission
Central Downtown Loren Square In the sex shops alleyway "White Light/White Heat" Side Quest
North Downtown Henry Steel Mills South of UFO Mayhem "A Whiter Shade of Pale" Side Quest
South New Colvin Espina On the roof, north of destroyed Zimos' Pad "Matt's Back" Mission
East New Colvin Camano Place In the middle of the road, south of Friendly Fire "White Wedding" Side Quest


  • Gateways resemble both the Monolith from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, as well the holographic doorway in the series Quantum Leap.
    • Kinzie's "White Room" Side Quests which unlock Gateways may also be a reference to the white Imaging Chamber room from Quantum Leap.
  • Using a Gateway to exit and re-enter The Simulation reduces to the time it takes to travel to the other side of the city.


  • The Gateway as seen in the Saints Row IV livestream
  • "Gateway" Side Quest menu
  • Carver Island Gateway unlock screen
  • Stanfield Gateway unlock screen
  • South Downtown Gateway unlock screen
  • New Colvin Gateway unlock screen
  • Map of Gateways
  • Gateway blue effect
  • Gateway red effect
  • Gateway under Sunset Park


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