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The Garage is a Crib feature in Saints Row, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.
In Saints Row IV, the Garage is independent feature.

Garage icon


Every crib in the series features a Garage icon, usually directly outside the building, although it is sometimes underground or inside part the crib building. Vehicles can be stored, retrieved and deleted via the Garage.

Car Mechanics can also be used to store and retrieve vehicles.

In addition to physical garages, there is also an unlockable Homie named Stored Vehicle Delivery in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

Saints Row[]

In Saints Row, there is only one type of garage, which is accessible at each crib, or via Rim Jobs.

Large vehicles cannot be stored in the garage, or modified at Rim Jobs.

Saints Row 2[]

In Saints Row 2, there are 4 garages for different vehicle types.

While Large vehicles can be stored in the garage, they cannot be retrieved via Rim Jobs, and can only be modified at Semi Broken, which shows the full land vehicle garage available at all cribs.

Helipad Sign

Type Locations
Land Most Cribs, Car Mechanics
Dock Saints Row Mega Condo, Suburbs Dock, University Dock
Helipad Saints Hideout, Saints Row Mega Condo, Hotel Penthouse, Penthouse Loft
Hangar Airport Hangar

Saints Row: The Third[]

Garage icons in Saints Row: The Third are located inside a physical garage attached to each crib, although standing inside the garage interior is not regarded as a crib interior for the purpose of removing Notoriety.

The Garage menu can also be accessed from inside each Crib, and land vehicle garages allow Vehicle Customization directly, saving the need to visit Rim Jobs itself.

Unlike previous games, it is not possible to delete unlocked vehicles from the Garage. Many unlockable and other vehicles cannot normally be customized, but there is a vehicle customization glitch which allows this.

Type Locations
Land Cribs, Car Mechanics
Dock Rondini's Boat Dock
Helipad Saints HQ, 3 Count Casino, Burns Hill Reactors, Safeword
Hangar Airplane Hangar

Saints Row IV[]

Physical Crib Garages do not exist in Saints Row IV. Gateways give access to the Virtual Garage menu, and when a vehicle is selected, Playa is warped inside the vehicle.

Rim Jobs can be used to retrieve vehicles, and vehicles are still automatically stored after repairing or modifying them.

After The Fundamentals, new vehicles can be added to the Virtual Garage by holding down the Scan button. The Scan icon does not indicate when the Garage is full, and still appears to work even when vehicles are not added to the Garage.

During The Fundamentals, it is possible to add a vehicle to the Garage by repairing it.

Large vehicles[]

Some vehicles are classed as "Large".

  • In Saints Row, large vehicles cannot be modified or stored in a Garage.
  • In Saints Row 2 large vehicles can be stored and are available at all Garages, but do not appear in the Garage list at Rim Jobs and can only be modified at Semi Broken.
  • In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV they can be stored and modified anywhere, but are still classed as Large.
Saints Row Saints Row 2 Saints Row: The Third
Stilwater Municipal / Steelport Municipal
Winslow Bus
Delivery Truck
DonoVan / Warrant
Longhauler / Mix Master

Garage limit[]

In Saints Row and Saints Row 2, the help menu says that "one hundred sixty" vehicles can be stored at once, but in practice it is only possible to add 64 vehicles to the garage in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV. Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV do not have a help menu.

All garages count towards the single limit, meaning that it is possible to add 64 Hurricanes, if all other garages are empty. Duplicate vehicles are still counted towards the total, meaning that storing 64 Five-Os causes the garage to be full.

Unlocked vehicles are not counted towards this total, so unlockable vehicles are added even if the garage is "full". When an unlockable vehicle is retrieved from a full garage, the "Your garage is full" message is not displayed. DLC vehicles are also not counted towards the limit.
The Gyro Daddy, Destroy and Peewee are classed as Cheats, rather than Unlockables, so are counted towards the 64 total.

The statistics screen in Saints Row 2 says there are 42 unlockable vehicles, listed as 34 separate unlockables in the "Unlockable Rewards" menu. Therefore, it is possible to have 106 vehicles (118 with DLCs) in the Saints Row 2 garage at once. The statistics screen in Saints Row and Saints Row: The Third do not display an unlockable vehicles count.


  • In Saints Row and Saints Row 2, if a retrieved vehicle is not immediately entered, a Civilian may steal it.
  • When a dirty car is added to the Garage, the dirt is automatically removed.
  • In Saints Row 2, it is possible to upgrade the "beater" variant to the "standard" variant by causing minor damage to the vehicle and driving over the pink garage storage rectangle. Undamaged rusty or "beater" cars can be stored without being automatically upgraded.[Reference needed]
  • In Saints Row, switching quickly between vehicles causes both to spawn simultaneously, as well as loose objects being duplicated.[1]
  • Vehicles turned in to Chop Shop and Vehicle Theft do not remain in the Garage.
  • Saints Row: The Third Remastered increases the Save limit, but does not increase the Garage limit.


Garage tutorial text in Saints Row

Garage tutorial text in Saints Row 2

Empty Garage in Saints Row

Saints Row Garage marker

La Fuerza and loose objects duplicated in Garage

Airport Hangar - Garage

Downtown Loft - Garage

Hotel Penthouse - Garage

Hotel Penthouse - Helipad

Penthouse Loft - Garage

Penthouse Loft - Helipad

Prison Lighthouse - Garage

Red Light Loft - Garage

Saints Hideout - Garage

Saints Hideout - Helipad

Saints Row Mega Condo - Dock

Saints Row Mega Condo - Garage

Saints Row Mega Condo - Helipad

Suburbs Dock - Garage

University Dock - Garage

University Loft - Garage

Garage in Saints Row: The Third

Garage prompt in Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row The Third - no Garage in Crib menu