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Gangsta Brawl is a multiplayer mode in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Saints Row[]

Gangsta Brawl is a deathmatch style mode. There are multiple weapons and vehicles placed around the map.

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In-game description[]

Gangsta Brawl (GB) can be played as either a Team or Individual Game in which the goal is to kill as many of the opposing players as you can.
The GB HUD displays the current Leader's score, your score, as well as the time remaining in the match.
The Team or Player with the highest score at the end of the match is the winner.
— In-game description

Customize Settings[]

  • Time of Day: Day, Night, Dusk, Dawn (Outdoor Maps only)
  • Weather: Clear Skies, Partly Cloudy, Light Rain, Medium Rain, Heavy Rain, Overcast, Thunderstorm (Outdoor Maps only)
  • Weapons: Varies per Map (The Corner: 6; Hotwired: 11; The Ultor Dome: 8)
  • Vehicles: Varies per Map (The Corner: 0; Hotwired: 4; The Ultor Dome: 1)
  • Game Time: Off or 1-60 minutes (1 minute increments, default: 10 minutes)
  • Score Limit: Off or 5-100 points (5 point increments, default: 20 for Individual, 40 for Team)


The Corner
The Corner is a 4 way intersection. There are 4 main open buildings, one on each corner, which have multiple stories and interior rooms, with accessible rooftops with bridges to other buildings. There are multiple entrances to each building, and accessible alleys behind the buildings.
Hotwired is a parking garage only, with a small fenced area around the outside, with locked gates. It is not possible to get over the fence.
There are vehicles on each level of the parking garage.
The Ultor Dome
Takes place within the Ultor Dome. Unlike during Demolition Derby, it is possible to access the seating area.
There are multiple raised sections, with three raised bridges across them and many large pipes scattered around the arena. There are multiple Quotas available to drive.
Industrial (DLC)
Available in the Industrial Map Pack. This fast paced level takes place in an abandoned factory.

Saints Row 2[]

Gangsta Brawl and Team Gangsta Brawl can all be played as Ranked Matches or Player Matches.

Gangsta Brawl is a twelve-player competitive deathmatch mode in which the goal is to kill as many of the opposing players as you can. It can be played in a free-for-all or team-based mode. The Player or Team with the highest score at the end of the match is the winner.

Gangsta Brawl is an every-man-for-himself mode; anybody you see is an enemy. Victory is awarded to the player who succeeds in earning twenty-five kills or whoever the highest-scoring player is after the five-minute time limit expires.

Team Gangsta Brawl is a team-based variant of Gangsta Brawl. Due to players quitting, the teams are not always going to be even. There are two teams; the one you're in is always the Blue Team and the opponents are part of the Red Team. Victory is awarded to the team who succeed in earning fifty kills or to the higher-scoring team after the ten-minute time limit expires.

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The host can change the following elements of Gangsta Brawl and Team Gangsta Brawl matches:

  • Variant
  • Map
  • Time Limit
  • Score Limit
  • Friendly Fire
  • Weather
  • Time of Day
  • Unlimited Sprint
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Weapons


The Hangar
This map is based on the indoor aircraft hangar in Wardill Airport. There is a plane in the middle of the map with a tangle of crates and shelves around it. Off one corner of the room runs a large hallway which leads into a small room which spawns a special weapon, sometimes an RPG launcher. Pipe bombs and an RPG launcher spawn on each wing of the aircraft. A walkway runs over the top of the plane and eventually leads into a computer room which spawns a McManus. There are a few barrels which are explodable scattered around the map. There are plenty of nooks and crannies in this map so hiding can be somewhat easy.
Little Shanghai
This map is based on a small part of the Little Shanghai neighborhood. This map is open for Gangsta Brawls, and also Strong Arm Matches. The map is triangular, with open roads running down the middle of each side. The middle of the map is a series of narrow walkways. The east-west road running along the top of the map is secluded from the rest of the map, accessible through two gateways leading from the other sides of the map. The eastern diagonal road has a large seating area at the northern end of it (which leads into the topmost road) - shotguns and SMGs will spawn here. The western diagonal road has a small pagoda to the north of it, spawning a sniper rifle, a closed-off alleyway halfway down and to the east which will spawn a rocket launcher and a large seating area at the southern end of it. Generally, the western diagonal road is where many of the players will head for, largely due to the rocket spawning there. In the middle of these two roads is a series of tall buildings with narrow alleyways in between them; these alleyways will spawn an assortment of weapons in them. Scattered around the map are some usable vehicles; some people may attempt to "spider bike" with the Kaneda to escape an attack. This map is very open and it is necessary that are well-acquainted with the AK in order to win matches here.
The Pyramid
This map is based on the main room in Ultor's underground military base, the Pyramid. There are four levels in this map; the first, second and top floors are completely open meaning that there is no roof until the top of the top floor. The bottom floor, however, is sealed off from the rest.
  • Bottom floor: A sort of basement area. The middle of the floor is a small room with only one exit which spawns an RPG launcher and there is a large, open hallway surrounding it. There are many explodable barrels around this hallway which makes it perfect for luring enemies in to traps.
  • First Floor: This is where most players will usually spawn when the match starts. It is a large room with many pillars and a number of spawn points for shotguns and AKs. Dead in the middle of the first floor is a spawning point for a special weapon, which ALWAYS begins as an RPG launcher. There is always a massive race for this weapon because it can give a team an advantage early on. Around the outsides of the first floor are two staircases leading up to the second floor and a staircase leading down to the bottom floor.
  • Second Floor: Around three sides of the second floor is a wraparound hallway, which overlooks the first floor. There are a number of weapon spawns here, as well as plenty of crates for hiding in. In the middle of the second floor is a walkway which wraps around a sort of caged area. One side is not caged and you can jump down to the first floor here. A special weapon spawns in the opening, which can sometimes be an RPG launcher. This middle section has three walkways leading back to the hallway. If the outer part of the second floor looks like this: *|_|* then the blank space is the caged areas, the lines are the outer hallways and the stars are the staircases leading up to the top floor.
  • Top Floor: Just a simple, three-way wraparound walkway directly on top of the second floor's walkway. A sniper rifle or mini-gun can spawn here. The top floor, and the staircase leading up to it are great places to snipe from.
Rounds Square Mall
This Map is based on The Middle Section of Ultor's Round's Square Mall, and is filled with Cars, as Players will use them to run people over. There are Stairs placed all over the map, which act like Ramps, giving Players the ability to Launch themselves off. There are many floors, Players will usually go for the Special weapons more often then Cars. Be careful though, as this is a Rocket Whoring Map, as it has more Rockets then any other Map.
  • Bottom Floor: This is where everybody Spawns at the start.This is just a standard long hallway with Stairs on both sides of the room, leading up to the Upper Floors. Most Players speed up onto the stairs while driving, and launch themselves onto the Top Floor, as the Stairs are shaped like Ramps. Be Careful though. Don't go too fast off the Stairs, or you may crash into the roof, and fall straight down onto the Third Floor, becoming Prey to Rocket users. Two Cars are displayed on each side of the room, which Players mostly drive once they Spawn. There is a section in the middle which allows players to take a shortcut to the other side of the Room. There is also an Atlasbreaker in the middle, good for Defense against Rockets, as it only takes 4 hits to Destroy it, but it is not recomended for stopping Cars or people, as it can easily tip over and get stuck. Also in the middle is a Mini-Gun, sitting next to the Atlasbreaker.
  • Second Floor: This is Where Players mostly Spawn after they have been killed. There are also Stairs on both sides of the Room, but only one set for each side, which makes it diffucult to drive onto. Many players drive onto the Stairs when others try to run up, so be careful. Players also use this chance to get to the Upper floor quicker, where the Special weapons are. There is a side of the Room identical to the First Floor's, and another side identical to the Third Floor's. There are many Rifles spread around this floor, and many people abuse the power.. There is also another section in the Middle, with a Mini-Gun and a Rocket, but the Atlasbreaker is replaced with a Phoenix, or, no car at all. There is a Kaneda near the Middle Section, and Players use this to make a quick getaway, but don't get too upset. They may crash or fall off due to them rushing to survive. Also on this floor, are many places to fall back onto the First floor, so watch yourself.
  • Third Floor: This is where the Action will happen. The Floor doesn't go straight across like the other Floors, but have small, narrow walkways on the Sides, also giving expert Players to shoot people on lower Floors. Many players launch themselves onto one side of the room, where a Rocket will spawn in one section, and an McManus in the other. The only thing is, the rockets will continue to spawn instead of the Rocket, Mini-Gun , and McManus routine, so watch out for rocket whores. a Tombstone and a Rifle can also spawn here. Despite the fact that Rockets spawn non-stop, most Players stay on the floor below this one. There are Two holes in the Back of the room, where Players can easily fall in, and get killed by players on lower Floors. The Other side of the Room is not the same, unlike other Floors, but spawn only a rifle, Tombstone , and an smg. Many Players use this Side to get to the Superiore 's and Phoenix 's, as they only spawn on this side of the Room. There are section in the Middle of this side as well, but not like the others. Instead, the middle section begins in one side of the room, andd goes straight across. The Sections don't meet, but lead players to special weapons. The Small, Plain Side leads players to a play area, with a Dog House. and Picket Fences, but spawn Pipe Bombs, Rifles, and smg's. The Big, Giant Side leads to a hallway with a Rocket at the end, but this spot spawns different weapons overtime.
  • Top Floor: Not Many players come onto the top floor, but it is only accessable through the smaller side of the room on the Lower Floor. two McManus 's spawn here, and this floor is great for sniping. There is also a back section which spawns a Rocket as well.
Shanytown is based on the Old Stilwater neighborhood. The map is very closed-off and full of clutter, making it a difficult map to master. The southern part of the map has a small room which spawns shotguns and AKs, a bonfire and a narrow hallway adjacent to the room's wall. A narrow hallway leads to the main part of the map, right outside the nightclub. There is a fenced-off area in the western part of the main area, and a room on the eastern side with a small ammo-ridden nook spawning a rocket launcher. The narrow hallway between the two areas has a staircase which leads up to the catacombs. The catacombs are perfect for killing players because they might not be fully aware where you are, and it is difficult to shoot up at you. The catacombs are a series of pillars and planks which go right over the main part of the map, spawning many weapons including rockets. There is another staircase leading from the main part of the map up to the catacombs as well. The nightclub has two entrances; one from the main part of the map and one from the catacombs. The bottom floor of the nightclub will spawn a shotgun and SMGs, the top section will spawn some different weapons including a Mini-gun.
Stilwater Science
Easily the most popular and most lag-prone map of the game, Stilwater Science is based on the main part of the science museum which is visited in a Ronin stronghold mission. Like the Pyramid, the Science Museum has four levels.
  • Bottom Floor: The bottom floor is not commonly ventured into by players. Special weapons can spawn here. The grand staircase leads up to the first floor.
  • First Floor: The first floor is dangerous to be on; it is a three-way wraparound walkway which has the second floor overlooking it. When you spawn here, it is best to grab the weapons here and head up to the second floor because the second floor is where the action takes place.
  • Second Floor: The second floor is where the action takes place. It is a four-sided wraparound walkway with plenty of things to hide behind. There are six shotguns spawning on this level alone, which is way the shotgun is the most commonly used weapon in the map. On the northern end of the second floor there is a glass wall which leads into a cafeteria area. On either sides of this area are two winding staircases which lead up to the top floor. If you are in pursuit of an enemy and are running up the stairs, try throwing a pipe bomb directly in front of you and running past it. You'll see what happens.
  • Top Floor: A big attic sort of room with a large monument in the middle. Rockets can spawn here.
This map is included as part of the Ultor Exposed DLC pack.
This map is included as part of the Ultor Exposed DLC pack.
Lost Island
This map is included as part of the Corporate Warfare DLC pack.
Brotherhood HQ
This map is included as part of the Corporate Warfare DLC pack.


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