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Gang Operation, AKA Flashpoint, is a Diversion in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


The goal of this diversion is to clear a small area by killing the enemies surrounding it. Sometimes the enemies will not appear until The Protagonist gets close enough. There are 32 Gang Operations in total in each game.

Gang Operations are not counted towards 100% Completion, but are required as part of City Takeover, and award immediate Cash and XP, in addition to City Income.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Each Gang Operation is populated by the Gang of that territory. Some areas may contain a collectible or a structural item relating to the gang, i.e. Deckers may be found near a radio tower.

30 Gang Operations are available from the beginning of the game, and can be completed during We're Going to Need Guns. They formally introduced during Takeover the City, which includes two Gang Operations which are only available during that mission.

Gang Operations are disabled during some missions.[1]

Saints Row IVEdit

SRIV map start flashpoint
Saints Row IV - Flashpoint description

Flashpoint description

All Flashpoints are manned populated by standard Zin soldiers. Some Flashpoints include mandatory Warden battles, such as Burns Hill (north), Brickston (north-east), Yearwood (north), The Grove (east) and Henry Steel Mills (south-west).

The first Flashpoint is introduced in the mission "The Fundamentals".

Enemies FoundEdit

Two different types enemies can be found at the Gang Operations

Generic enemies - are the regular enemies often using Shotguns or Rifles.

Rocket enemies - will be on high points in the area wielding Annihilators, these enemies can be a danger to aerial attacks.


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Gang Operation colour-coded map

Gang Operations in Saints Row: The Third


  • If the player moves too far away from the gang operation, but they are still visible, the "Target" over the Gang Operation members' head will disappear, when they are killed, they will just keep respawning - as the game is trying to "reset" the Gang Operation. This will continue until the Gang Operation is out of visual range so the area can fully reset.
  • If the players gets too close to a Gang Operation while not trying to eliminate it, he will automatically get 1 unit of gang Notoriety.
  • The safest and most effective way to eliminate a Gang Operation is to use any of the 4 tanks, or any of the well armed helicopters, or VTOLs.
  • The logo of this activity is the same as Fight Club in Saints Row 2 with a pink background.
  • On Xbox 360, completing all the Gang Operations will grant a Saints logo shirt.
  • Gang Operations are referred to within the game data files as "Flashpoints". This name can be seen in-game during the mission "Takeover the City". After arriving at a Gang Operation and leaving, on-screen text will say "You are leaving the Flashpoint".
  • In Saints Row IV, throwing an enemy out of Flashpoint bounds kills them instantly.


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  • Morningstar Gang Operation in Saints Row: The Third
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  • Gang Operation with different UI in Saints Row - The Third Open World Gameplay trailer
  • Flashpoint in Saints Row IV
  • The Protagonist surrounded by Zin
  • Flashpoint deleted in Saints Row IV


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