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"Gang Bang" is a mission in Saints Row: The Third.

Jane Valderamma: "How will STAG impact our daily lives?"
Cyrus Temple: "When we win the war on urban terror, you and your families will be safe again."
Gang Bang intro
Jane Valderamma and Cyrus Temple, as STAG give a press briefing.


The Protagonist and Oleg meet in person with Viola DeWynter, who helped the Saints by giving them intel on the incoming cargo ship in the previous mission.[1] The group exchange some bitter words over Johnny Gat's fate and Viola joins the Saints; she gives little reasons for her actions, simply stating that she'll "get to watch Killbane suffer". Before any more can be said, STAG arrive, having been deployed to Steelport under Monica Hughes, and attempt to kill the three; they manage to escape into a nearby Technically Legal.

The Saints fight through the ambush and find themselves on the strip club's rooftop. Following a fierce fight, Oleg jumps aboard an F-69 VTOL in an attempt to bring it down as Viola and The Protagonist escape via an elevator after she hotwires it. The two flee to the safety of the Saints HQ.

Aboard the Thermopylae STAG aircraft carrier, Cyrus Temple, the commander of STAG, briefs various news reporters on the STAG Initiative. Claiming the full support of Mayor Reynolds, Cyrus assures everyone that they and their families will be safe again once STAG win the war on urban terror. Following a question from Jane Valderamma, Cyrus relates an anecdote regarding Jessica Parish, a character from Saints Row 2.


Viola N-Forcer
Meet Viola

Viola is in a park, near Technically Legal.

Escape the STAG ambush

Head through the corridor and into the main room, where STAG use Flashbangs before bursting through. Either kill them all or proceed to the escape point marked on the HUD. It is possible to pick up STAG's Viper Laser Rifles, although they are fairly weak.


On the rooftop, survive the assault of STAG enemies with Oleg as Viola DeWynter attempts to get the elevator working.

Kill the STAG enemies

Shoot down any STAG that disembark from the Condor VTOLs onto the rooftops.

Destroy the VTOL

An F-69 VTOL eventually shows up and must be shot down; use appropriate weapons with heavy firepower to bring it down.

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When Oleg is downed, revive him and watch as he dives onto another F-69 VTOL and sends it plummeting away. Viola announces that the elevator is fixed, so head on inside and downward.

Escape to Saints' HQ

Follow the waypoint on the HUD. There is a parked Peacemaker, but any vehicle can be used, including STAG vehicles. Once Viola is inside, drive off to the Saints HQ to end this short mission.


  • Cash awarded at the end of the mission
  • Viola DeWynter Homie unlocked


Main article: Newscasts
Gang Bang radio newscasts media 00000
Jane Valderamma: "As if Steelport was an enemy nation, military vehicles rolled into the streets while troops deployed all over the city. This invasion of armed forces, known as the STAG Initiative, vows to end the death and destruction that has plagued our streets. Upon their arrival, a raid was conducted on a popular night club, where the head of one such criminal organization was said to be hiding. Several people were shot and killed in the ensuing firefight while property damage is estimated in the hundreds... of thousands. This is Jane Valderamma with your Steelport Safety Update."


  • A Gang bang is a sexual act, which is previously mentioned by Zimos during Return to Steelport.[2]
  • During the opening cutscene to this mission, Viola DeWynter is wearing her white sunglasses, then during gameplay she is wearing her purple ones. During the cutscene on the rooftop where the group see the Thermopylae, Viola is once again wearing white sunglasses.
  • While The Protagonist, Oleg, and Viola are seeking cover in the opening cutscene, a STAG sniper explicitly shoots a civilian in the head near them.
  • Using the Sonic Boom on the door which The Protagonist comes out from on the roof opens it, but the floor is not solid, and after The Protagonist respawns in New Baranec, the mission mission fails for abandoning Homies.
  • The Condors which land on the roof can be entered by holding the enter vehicle button.
    • It is possible to use the RC Possessor on most of the Condors, but none of the F-69 VTOLs.
    • After entering a Condor, it is possible to fly to the Saints HQ and store it. After retrieving another aircraft, Oleg and Viola appear on the helipad, and it is possible to fly back to Technically Legal and leave them behind. However, the "Revive Homie" objective is not triggered without Oleg present, leaving the mission in a stalemate.
  • Jumping off the roof of Technically Legal automatically kills The Protagonist.
  • After escaping Technically Legal, The Protagonist recommends stealing the Peacemaker outside; although it makes more sense to steal a nearby N-Forcer since it has a mounted weapon.
    • The Peacemaker parked outside Technically Legal has siren turned on by default and if it is entered, the siren sound is turned on.
  • When destroying the scripted VTOLs, they immediately disappear as they are not intended to be destroyed. Additionally, the pilots are invincible to all forms of damage, even attacks that would normally instantly kill them (i.e. Human Shield executions).[3]
  • Oleg throwing a barrel off the roof and becoming injured for no reason are scripted sequences.
  • The VTOL that Oleg jumps on is impossible to destroy with bullets or rockets, but once Oleg jumps on it, it is possible to shoot rockets from above and force it to crash, but doing so kills Oleg and fails the mission.
  • When approaching the Saints HQ from the west, a Crusader tank is seen guarding the bridge, but is destroyed by Oleg with the VTOL he jumped on earlier.
  • The Thermopylae appears in Steelport after completion of this mission:
    • Despite appearing in a cutscene during this mission, it is not actually present during the mission.
    • The view of the Thermopylae during the mission is impossible, and is not where the Thermopylae is located afterwards.
  • After this mission, STAG replaces the SNG and are seen around Steelport in place of patrolling Steelport Police.
  • This mission is somewhat similar to "Picking a Fight"; both missions introduce a new faction, both missions have a gunfight in a club, and both missions (can) have an escape with a police vehicle with police barricades.
  • The Female Voice 2 pre-mission phone call originally had a final line from The Protagonist, which is included in the subtitle file as "DELETE".



The Protagonist - Male 1: "Oleg, you think I can trust Viola DeWynter?"
Oleg: "I think she and her employer held me captive while harvesting my DNA."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Guess you're holding a grudge."
Oleg: "I simply think one must question her motives."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Fair enough... Well speak of the devil... hold on a moment, Oleg."
Viola: "Looks like the information about the ship was useful."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "You want to meet, don't you..."
Viola: "That obvious?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Send me your location and I'll consider coming."
Viola: "Well then, I'll be waiting for you."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Oleg, we have a meeting to get to."
— Pre-mission phone call (Male 1)

The Protagonist - Male 2: "Something about Viola helping us with that boat's been botherin' me, Oleg."
Oleg: "Nothing good will ever come from that woman."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "You think they wanna clone me?"
Oleg: "No offense, but with my DNA, why would they need yours?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Oh I got a lot to offer. Looks like she does too... hold on, Oleg."
Viola: "I'm glad the shipment worked out for you."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "And I'd be glad if you got to the point."
Viola: "You need to trust me."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "That's a tall order."
Viola: "I'll send you my location. Bring someone if you wish, I won't be offended."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Ready to make a new friend, Oleg?"
Oleg: "I wouldn't want to miss killing her if she tries something uncivil."
— Pre-mission phone call (Male 2)

Oleg: "Good, I wanted to speak to you. I'm concerned about Viola DeWynter."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "She came through on that Morningstar shipment."
Oleg: "But that does not mean she can be trusted, yes?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "I don't know what it means... but maybe I can find out. Hold on, Oleg."
Viola: "I hope you were happy with the information I gave you."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "It worked out. Why'd you do it?"
Viola: "Because we should talk."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "We're talking now."
Viola: "In person. Meet me at the address I'm sending."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "You expect me to come alone?"
Viola: "Bring someone if you'd like."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Oleg, let's get some answers."
— Pre-mission phone call (Male 3)

Oleg: "How can I help you?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Need your opinion on Viola DeWynter."
Oleg: "My personal opinion is that she's a useless whore. Professionally, however, she could have valuable information if she can be trusted."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "That's the real question, isn't it... Well, that's good timing. Hold on, Oleg."
Viola: "I'd like to meet, if you'd be willing."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Not fucking likely."
Viola: "I helped you hurt the Morningstar, didn't that prove to you I'm a woman of my word?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "People can go a long way to be assholes."
Viola: "I'm tired of fighting against the Saints. Meet me and maybe you'll realize that."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Come on, Oleg. Time to find some answers."
— Pre-mission phone call (Female 1)

Oleg: "I heard how Ms. DeWynter helped the Saints."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Was wondering if that would bother you, Oleg."
Oleg: "If her desire to help is genuine, I have no problem with it. You helped me when you did not have to..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "We'll find out soon enough. Hold on..."
Viola: "Are you willing to meet up?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Give me a good reason and I'll consider it."
Viola: "I have something to offer the Saints which may help, if you'd give me a chance."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "And what's that?"
Viola: "Me."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Oleg, think you should come with me for this."
Oleg: "Of course."
— Pre-mission phone call (Female 2)

The Protagonist - Female 3: "Oleg, you have any thoughts about why Viola helped the Saints like that?"
Oleg: "I would have expected a trap, but it seems she was telling the truth."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Maybe... hold on, Oleg, I got a call coming through."
Viola: "I'm glad you took my suggestion about the shipment."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Mind telling me why you gave it?"
Viola: "I will if you agree to meet with me."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Yeah, that can't go wrong."
Viola: "I'm coming alone, it's not a trick."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Time to see if Viola's playing us or not."
Oleg: "If she is, she will not live long."
— Pre-mission phone call (Female 3)

Oleg: "How could you trust Viola DeWynter?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Growls"
Oleg: "She was Phillipe's protégé..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
Viola: "Are you ready to talk like an adult?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Babbles"
Viola: "I will be alone. Bring someone if it would put you at ease."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Oleg: "I will follow your lead on this, though if she tries anything it will not end well for her."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Garbled"
— Pre-mission phone call (Zombie)

Cutscene #1Edit

Viola drops some coins into a guitarist's guitar case while listening to him as Oleg and The Protagonist come up to her.
Oleg: "I didn't realize you were a patron of the arts, Viola."
Viola: "We never really had the chance to chat, what with you being a science experiment."
The Protagonist: "I wouldn't piss off the big guy."
Viola: "Look - I'm not here to fight. We need to work together."
The Protagonist: "Right. Johnny's dead because of you."
Viola: "Johnny's dead because he thought he could do everything on his own."
The Protagonist: "So what's in it for you?"
Viola: "I get to watch Killbane suffer."
The Protagonist: "Can you play nice?"
Oleg: "I am always a gentleman."
Viola: "What is that--?"
The Protagonist: "Nothing good--let's go!"
The Protagonist, Oleg and Viola run to Technically Legal, where Viola tries to open the door.
Viola: "Damn it!"
Oleg kicks the door open.
Oleg: "Ladies first."
They head inside.
Cyrus: "Kia - Status?"
Kia: "The Saints have taken cover with one of the DeWynter sisters. We're about to move in."
Cyrus: "Roger that. Contact me once you secure the area."
Kia: "Yes, Commander."
— Opening cutscene


Let's hope the front's clear.
— Viola, "Mission"

Viola: "Who were those guys?"
Oleg: "Soldiers of some sort, though I don't recognize the uniforms."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Mercs working for Killbane maybe?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "They are certainly not friendly. Could Killbane have brought in help?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "They're not exactly friendly. Killbane's guys?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Whoever they are, they want us dead. Maybe Killbane sent mercs."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Killbane hirin' mercs now?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Well whoever it is, they don't like us. Killbane hiring out his muscle?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
Viola: "He thinks his Luchadores are unstoppable. I doubt he'd ask them to sit this out."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "So someone else wants us dead... fun."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Perhaps. We can find out more after we get out of here."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "So someone else is after us.... Great."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "So we got a new problem... that's great..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Shit, that can't be good then..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "So it's someone new. Wonderful."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Growls"
— "STAG Entrance 1"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Wait, LASER GUNS?!"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "What the hell was that?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Laser guns. Really?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Seriously? LASER guns?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Hold on... LASER GUNS?!"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Laser guns?! You've got to be fucking kidding me!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
— "Call Out Laser"


The Protagonist - Female 1: "This isn't any better..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "I think we might have some trouble."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "OK, this is worse. Much worse..."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Well this got worse..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Not what I was hopin' for..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Not good."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Viola: "This place looks surrounded."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "What kind of jets are those?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Not good. There are some aircraft coming in as well."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "What is that flying in...?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "What the hell are those things flying in?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "They flyin' some sort of jet in?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "The fuck kinda plane is that?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Growls"
— "Building Surrounded"
They've cut the power to the elevator.
— Oleg, "Power Cut to"

I'll see if I can fix it.
— Viola, "Power Cut to Elevator"

They're dropping soldiers off up here.
— Oleg, "First Dropoff on Roof"

STAG: "Saints, we have you surrounded! Surrender now!"
STAG: "You're trapped, there's nowhere to run!"
STAG: "Come down from the roof and you won't be harmed!"
STAG: "You're making this harder than it needs to be!"
— "STAG Ground Bullhorn"

More troops landing on the roof.
— Oleg, "Second Dropoff on Roof"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "Hope you're having a good time over there, Viola."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Viola, how is the electrical work going?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Viola, how's it going?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Viola, how's it going over there?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "That elevator workin' yet, Viola?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "How's it going, Viola?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Growls"
Viola: "I'm trying to hot wire an elevator while I'm being shot at... how do you think it's going?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "You don't have to get pissy..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "We need it to go much faster!"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Not used to this kind of pressure?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Love the confidence there..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Well that fills me with confidence..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "You're not filling me with a lot of confidence."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Babbles"
Viola: "If you think you'd be better at it..."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Nope, gotta go kill more guys."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "How generous of you."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Yeah I'm sure you'll figure it out."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "No, no, that's all yours."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "I didn't say that, it's all yours."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "You kidding? I need someone to pin the blame on if this goes tits up."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
— "Checkin In On Viola"
Watch those snipers across the street.
— Viola

Incoming air... things!
— Viola, "First VTOL Wave"

It's getting crowded up here.
— Oleg, "Third Dropoff on Roof"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "Oleg, this tech familiar?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Any idea who we are dealing with here? Their technology is... impressive."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "What do you know about this tech?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "You ever seen this tech before?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "This tech normal for mercs?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Does this look familiar at all?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Sneers"
Oleg: "It's miltary grade, way beyond the private sector."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "So that's bad, right?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "So now we are fighting a government as well. Should we be worried?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "This is gonna be bad for us, isn't it?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "That should worry me, shouldn't it..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Yeah that's bad, right?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "We're fucked, aren't we?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Snarls"
Oleg: "A little."
— "Checkin In On Oleg"

STAG: "Get on the ground, now!"
STAG: "Give it up, you aren't escaping!"
— "STAG VTOL Bullhorn"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "Any ideas what they want, Viola?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "And they are still coming. What do they want this badly?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Viola, come on, what's going on here?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Viola, you have any idea what's going on here?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "You know this city; what's goin' on here, Viola?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Viola, what the hell is going on here?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Viola: "You tell me. They seem to be after you."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "A running theme in this city..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "At one time, so were you Viola."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "This ain't business as usual."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "In this city, who isn't..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Everyone always is..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "They should get in line."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grunts"
— "Oleg Walking to His Spot"
Oleg: "Yeaaaaargh!"
Oleg collapses
The Protagonist - Female 1: "No! Oleg!"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Oleg!"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Oleg!"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Oleg!"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Whoa, Oleg!"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Oleg!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Babbles"
The Protagonist helps Oleg up
The Protagonist - Female 1: "I'm here, easy does it."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "You will not be dying on me today, comrade."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "I gotcha."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "I got you, big guy."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "You alright, big guy?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Gotcha big guy."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Snarls"
— "Help Oleg"
Oleg: "Enough of this. You go, I'll get their attention!"
Oleg jumps on a VTOL
The Protagonist: "What the hell are you doing?!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Garbled"
Oleg: "Come out of there, little man!"
— "STAG VTOL Oleg Jumps"
Viola: "Alright, elevator's working again."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Time to leave."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Good. Time we were going, then."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Let's get the fuck outta here..."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Let's get the fuck outta here..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "I'm ready to get the hell outta here."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "I say it's time to leave!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Gargles"
— Elevator fixed
The Protagonist - Female 1: "The crib's gonna be safest."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Make for home. We can come up with a better plan there."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Our crib should be safe."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "We'll head to the crib and hope they don't follow."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Let's go. We'll be safe at our crib."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "We'll be safe if we make it to the flat."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Viola: "You sure you can get us there?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "I'm sure I can try..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "If I can find a good car, I'll lose them in the streets."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Oh, I'm sorry... what's your master plan?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Sure? No, not really."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "I'm sure we ain't got a choice."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Yeah. Like 50 percent sure. Maybe 30."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Gargles"
— "Saints HQ"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Fuck me! Into the cop car, now!"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "We cannot fight this! Get into that car, now!"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Oh shit! Get in the cop car!"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Oh shit! Get into the cop car, quick!"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Fuck me! The cop car, get in it!"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Oh bloody hell! Get in the cop car!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
— "Exiting"
Viola: "The Syndicate doesn't have the pull to organize something on this scale..."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "I don't think they're just targeting us."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "These people are killing the Syndicate and Saints alike. This does not look like just another turf war."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "They're after everyone."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Look around. I don't think these guys are being picky about which gang they're shooting at."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "You sure they're just targeting the Saints? Looks like this may be bigger than that."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "I don't think these guys are on anyone's side."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Garbled"
Viola: "Then who called them in?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Worry about that later. Right now I'm a bit busy."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Someone powerful, perhaps? I think we will know more soon."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Worry about that later."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "I'll worry about that when I'm not being shot at."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Damn good question..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Worry about that later!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Snarls"
— "Drive 1"
Shaundi: "Boss! Boss, you seeing this? I'm getting reports from the crew that these guys are all over."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "They attacking anyone other than us?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "I've met a few of them, but we haven't talked much. What are they?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "You got any clue who they are?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Looks like it's not just us they're after..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "They hittin' the Syndicate too?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Where the hell did they come from?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Sneers"
Shaundi: "Who knows, we've been busy running for cover."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "We're almost to the crib. Stay low until we get there."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Stay in touch, Shaund. These new bastards will learn not to mess with the Saints."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Thanks for the update. We'll be back soon... I hope."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Thank's, Shaundi. We'll be back soon... I hope."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Alright stay safe girl, I'll see ya soon."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Thanks for the update, Shaundi. Now it's time for the Saints to teach them a lesson..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
— "City Update Call"

Cutscene #3Edit

Cyrus: "My name is Cyrus Temple, Commander Special Tactical Anti-Gang Unit. I'm here to answer your questions about the STAG initiative."
Reporter 01: "How long will STAG be occupying Steelport?"
Cyrus: "There is no "occupation". We have the full support of Mayor Reynolds."
Reporter 02: "How will STAG impact our daily lives?"
Cyrus: "When we win the war on urban terror, you and your families will be safe again."
Reporter 03: "That's not what I-"
Cyrus: "Let me tell you about Jessica Parish, a girl from Stilwater who ran away from home to be with her tough-guy boyfriend. Jessica thought her life was pretty sweet, until a gang banger kidnapped her, threw her in the trunk of a car, and laughed as her boyfriend crushed her in a monster truck rally. If Jessica Parish was your far would you want me to go?"
Cyrus: "Thank you for your time."
— End cutscene


Check the bodies for ammunition!
— Oleg, "Call Out Ammo on"

On the roof across the way.
— Oleg, "Dropoff Across Street"

Breaking news. Junkies and hobo's alike found the saftey of their home-away-from-box shattered as a paramilitary force decended on Sunset Park. The Mayor's office has called a press conference to explain the purpose for these extreme tactics. What this means for Steelport... we just don't know. This is Jane Valderamma with a special vagrant report.
— Jane, "End Radio"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "Fuck it, we're leaving!"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "They have too many! We should go now!"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Let's get out of here!"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Fuck this, let's get out of here!"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Find another way out!"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "We're outnumbered! Time to leave!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grunts"
— "Get To"
Viola: "That lunatic has a death wish."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "True story."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "You should have more confidence in the man you wanted to clone."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "You say death wish, I say childish glee."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Eh. Oleg versus a jet? I'd bet on Oleg."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Don't know about you girl, but my money's on Oleg."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "My money's on Oleg."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
— "Oleg Flies By On VTOL"
Viola: "Road's blocked up ahead."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Jesus, they won't quit."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "A simple roadblock doesn't worry me."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Seatbelts!"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "These guys just don't give up."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Why's everyone in our damn way?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Of course it is."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grumbles"
— "Roadblocks"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Heads up! Snipers!"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "They have snipers!"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Shit, snipers!"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Shit, snipers!"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Careful, we got snipers!"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Look out, snipers!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Mumbles"
— "Rooftop 1"
More of those high-tech jets!
— Viola, "Second VTOL Wave"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "Oleg seems to have his own ride now."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Woohoo! Go get him, Oleg!"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Nice to see the big guy having fun."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "At least Oleg's having fun."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Oleg does some crazy shit."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Oleg's having fun at least..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Gargles"
— "See Oleg On"


  • Viola DeWynter gives a local busker some cash
  • Viola DeWynter meets with Oleg and The Protagonist
  • Viola DeWynter
  • Viola states that Johnny is dead
  • Kia, second-in-command of STAG
  • Commander Cyrus Temple briefs the press following the events of the mission
  • Cyrus gives a speech about Jessica
  • After gameplay starts inside Technically Legal, Viola's glasses suddenly change color from white to purple
  • Viola DeWynter using the mounted gun of the N-Forcer during the escape back to Saints HQ
  • The Thermopylae is not present during "Gang Bang"
  • The view of the Thermopylae during the cutscene is impossible
  • The view of the actual direction of Thermopylae
  • Leaving the roof causes autodeath
  • Oleg automatically becomes injured at a certain point
  • The final image used at the end of the mission
  • UI image used when saving after this mission


  1. Mission: The Ho Boat
  2. Image:
    Zimos quote about gang bang

    Zimos quote about gang bang

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