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Poker and Blackjack are playable Minigames in Saints Row 2.


They are based on the real-life card games Poker and Blackjack and appear within the game as a single player electronic machine. As it is a single-player electronic game, there is no element of bluffing, or increasing bets against other players.

Gambling $500,000 on Poker and Blackjack unlocks the "I'm not addicted!" Achievement.


After choosing the amount of the bet, 5 cards are dealt. The best cards are automatically selected to keep, but these can be deselected in order to choose different cards to keep. After discarding unwanted cards, replacement cards are dealt, the winning combination is displayed, as well as the amount won.

Up to $1,000 can be bet in a single hand. Getting a Royal Flush on a $1,000 bet it is possible to win $25,000 which is the largest amount that can be won in a single bet.


The point of the game to reach 21 without going over the limit, or "Busting", before the opponent does. Pressing "Draw" draws another card. There is a "Double Down" option which doubles the winning, and a "Split" option available when two of the same card is dealt. Obtaining a "Blackjack" is an automatic win.




  • Roulette was originally planned to be included in the game.[2]
  • There are also slot machines in the game but they are unavailable to be played, including inside Poseidon's Palace and the Marshall Winslow Recreation Center underground casino.
  • When Poker, Blackjack, and slot machines are destroyed they drop coins and cash, though once destroyed the machines can no longer be played. Though the amount of money doing this is small compared to gambling winnings but there is no risk other than Notoriety.
  • Unlike Civilians, Playa cannot use slot machines and casino gambling tables when Idle. Other forms of gambling that NPCs are engaged in throwing dice and gang followers gamble when playing dominos or playing pool.
  • If an NPC is playing a Poker or Blackjack machine it is still possible to play the machine they are playing.
  • Though gambling is absent from Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, there are casinos and gambling machines in Steelport. There are slot machines at Angel's Gym, 3 Count Casino, and a Gang Operation near the Rim Jobs in Sunset Park, and like Saints Row 2 gambling machines drop cash when destroyed. There are poker machines in the Broken Shillelagh, but cannot be played or destroyed as they are part of building itself.
  • All Poker machines, Blackjack machines, and Zombie Uprising machine triggers have a tubular distortion effect in front of them. The distortion comes from whatever the first entry is in effects.xtbl, which by default is "minigun_barrel", which is the rotating barrel effect for the Mini-Gun. The effect is attached to the trigger, rather than the object itself, as removing the "zombie", "poker", or "blackjack" flags from those objects removes the effect.[imagerefs 1]


Blackjack machine

Poker machine

Gambling machines at Poseidon's Palace in Saints Row 2

Gambling machines at Poseidon's Palace in Saints Row 2

Gambling machines at Poseidon's Palace in Saints Row 2

Poker gameplay

Poker gameplay

Poker winning screen

Poker losing screen

Blackjack gameplay

Blackjack gameplay

Blackjack - Dealer Bust

Blackjack - Player Bust

Blackjack - Dealer wins

Blackjack - Player wins

Blackjack - Push

Blackjack machine with distortion


  1. Note: $500,000 must be gambled in total.
  2. File: roulette.xtbl

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