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GATV Pack is a DLC pack in Saints Row IV.


It's the moment every gamer has been waiting for: GAT V is here! Dress up as star-crossed lovers Gat and Aisha and strap on a heavy machine gun and a combat knife launcher for the ultimate Saints Row experience.
— DLC Description

The GATV Pack was released on September 17, 2013, and costs US$2.99 on Steam,[1] PlayStation 3[2] and Xbox 360[3], but was free on Steam on the day it was released.[4]

The GATV Pack includes costumes based on Johnny Gat and Aisha, a Knifethrower, and a Reynolds .50 HMG rifle.

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  • The title of the DLC is a play on words of GTA V, and was given for free to PC gamers as GTA V was not available on PC.
  • Aisha's costume can be customised, while Gat's outfit cannot.


Saints Row IV - GATV Pack - Unlock Screen

GATV Pack for Saints Row IV

Promo image for Saints Row IV - GATV Pack

Promo image for Saints Row IV - GATV Pack

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