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All Saints Row DLC has recently been re-added to the xbox marketplace.
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The Funky Fresh Pack is a downloadable content pack for Saints Row.

Pack contains 69 new wear options for your character; including clothing, bling, tattoos and hair.
— Official Description[1][2]


The Funky Fresh Pack was released on 2006-08-09, 3 weeks before the release of Saints Row on 2006-08-29. It costs 100 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and is 14.31 MB.

In September 2012, this and all other Saints Row DLC were removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace, and were all added back on July 29, 2015.



Available at Do it Up and Shear Intensity. These do not give Respect.

Type Name Notes
Hair Full Spikes
Sideburns Sharp Edge Mutton
Eyebrows Angled pointy eyebrows
Mustache The Ladies Man
Mustache The Curly Gent
Beard Split Goatee


Available at On Thin Ice.

Type Name Respect
Medallion Saint's Row Medallion 15-25
Ring Skull Ring 15-25


Available in all Clothing Stores.

Type Name Respect Notes
Hat Samurai Helmet 45-50
Eyewear Leather Eye Patch 20
Undershirt Fake Tuxedo Shirt 0
Overshirt Short Sleeve Tropical Shirt 0
Coat Spiked Leather Jacket 45
Wrist SR Wrist Band 19 Left or Right
Underwear Tiger Stripes 40 Tiger Print Boxers
Underwear Leopard Skin 40 Leopard Print Boxers
Pants Leather Chaps 45-50
Shoes Crazy Bunny Slippers 20


Available at Rusty's Needle.

Name Locations Respect
Ankh 1 left or right forearm 13
Ankh 2 left or right forearm 13
Ankh 3 right or right forearm 13
Biohazard 1 left or right shoulder 13
Biohazard 2 left or right shoulder 13
Biohazard 3 left or right shoulder 13
Panther 1 back 30
Panther 2 back 30
Panther 3 back 30
Rattlesnake 1 chest 30
Rattlesnake 2 chest 30
Spider 1 left or right leg 13
Spider 2 left or right leg 13


  • The pack is stated to add 69 new wear options for Playa, but this number is misleading as there are only 31 discrete items, which have multiple colours and wear styles to bring it up to "69"


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