Frat Row
Postcard hood frat row
Frat Row Postcard



Stilwater University


Sons of Samedi SR2

Unlocked after

Got Dust, Will Travel SR2

City Income

$500 SR2


Gas Station
Scratch That

Notable buildings

Culex Stadium


Demolition Derby SR2
Escort SR2
Racing SR2


1 CD
1 Tagging
1 Secret Area


Saints Row 2

Nearby Neighborhoods

Frat Row is a neighborhood in the Stilwater University District of Stilwater.


Frat Row is one of two neighborhoods in the Stilwater University District, along with Stilwater University itself.

It is mostly comprised of fraternities and a few stores including Scratch That and Brown Baggers. At the center is the Culex Stadium where the Demolition Derby activity takes place.

It also contains a crib which costs $15,000.


Savefile photo univ apt

The crib in Frat Row


Activities & Diversions



  • The Culex Stadium also houses the Special Derby once after completing Demolition Derby. It rewards cash and no respect or unlockables.
  • The Hitman target Clint is located in this Neighborhood.
  • The Secret Area "Robot House" is located in this Neighborhood.
  • The block to the east of Culex Stadium features a number of Frat Houses with Greek letters which spell a variety of words. Clockwise from University Loft:
    • Delta Iota Kappa - ΔΙΚ - DIK
    • Mu Upsilon Phi - ΜΥΦ - MUF
    • Omega Tau Phi - ΩΤΦ - WTF
    • Eta Omicron Epsilon - ΗΟΕ - HOE
    • zeta omega omicron - ζωο - zoo, Greek for "animal". "Robot House".
    • Tau Eta Theta - ΤΗΘ - THQ
    • Sigma Epsilon Xi - ΣΕΞ - SEX
    • Nu epsilon rho delta sigma - Νερδσ - Nerds
    • Alpha Sigma Sigma - ΑΣΣ - ASS
    • An additional frat house is located in Sommerset: Sigma Theta Delta - ΣΘΔ - STD
  • In the north of the neighborhood, there is a building with the writing on the wall which mentions "All your base are belong to us" meme:[1]
"Welcome to Stilwater University Campus Town
Home of the Skeeters
All your base are belong to us"
  • Although difficult, it is possible to walk up the cliff face of Mount Claflin which borders Frat Row.


Star saints

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  1. Image:
    Frat Row - All your base are belong to us on building

    "All your base are belong to us" written on the wall

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