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As you may have noticed, Wikia has recently tweaked the display of articles at different resolutions.

You should have received a notification about this in the bottom right corner linking to the announcement.

In 2012, Wikia had a fixed-content-width, which showed the exact same content space on all screens. Then they changed to what they referred to as "Fluid layout", which means that the content area expanded, so that wider screens showed more content on a line.

This was great, because it meant there was less empty space.

Unfortunately, some people on other wikis decided to format their content only for their own screens, and completely ignored people with smaller screens than themselves.

What this meant is that people with 1600px wide screens made tables that were perfect for themselves, and horribly cramped, or broken, for people with 1440px, 1280px, 1024px or 800px wide screens.

Because these people were ruining it for everyone else, Wikia has now changed how articles look on wider screens, to make them look closer to how they look on smaller screens.

I've always optimised the content of the Saints Row Wiki for the minimum width of 678px, so the only thing I had to update was the custom CSS, a few bugs, and unexpected side effects, such as the "New Files" module heading being overly large.

No-one should see any broken content here.

  • If you have a screen width below 1574px wide, you should see no changes.
  • If you have a screen width over 1575px wide, you are now classified as "Desktop XL", and you should see larger fonts. I'm sorry that the wiki looks different for you, and if you preferred smaller fonts and seeing more on your screen at once. I would appreciate some screenshots of how things look for you now.

If you see anything which looks odd/broken at all, please let me know. 452, 2015-05-22T03:29:22Z
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