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Hi all,

Being a great fan of both GTA and Saints Row series means that I visit both wikis on a regular basis and I intend to use this in order to propose redesigning parts of the Saints Row wiki - mainly the Vehicle list pages. I know both games are different in many ways however that doesn't mean we can't learn a thing or two from them and vice versa.

I propose redesigning the vehicle lists to a format similar to those on the GTA wiki wherein there is a table which groups the vehicles into class rather than a long list which we currently have. This will remove the information which people do not need immediately such as torque or max speed etc. and help organise the list better.

The current alphabetical is good but has too much information on it that does not need to be there. I would relocate the table to a new page (e.g. "Vehicle comparison") and put a link to it on the vehicle page so that people can still access it. However the simplified new table would be the main point of call for users to find vehicles. This could be applied to each Saints Row game to maintain a consistent professional appearance throughout the wiki.

For vehicles that are DLC only we can mark in some way - maybe put DLC in brackets or asterisk it and put DLC only at the bottom of the table.

I also suggest that the table for variations of the vehicles be removed and each variant be listed under the corresponding page of that vehicle as I feel this would be more efficient than having the table in one place.

Of course it cannot just be me who has ideas on this subject so please feel free to comment and/or respond with suggestions.



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The GTA wiki format was previously used here, and it sucked.
  • In what way is an unsortable table better than a sortable table?
  • Did the data on the GTA wiki come from the game files, or did they just make them up?
  • Any redesign proposal should state why it is superior to the current implementation.
  • Any proposal to make this wiki look more like some other wiki is never going to work without justification.
  • Any proposal to make this wiki less useful is never going to be adopted.
What you appear to be proposing is to change the dynamically sortable table into a unsortable table based on the class. The current table can be sorted however you please, including by class, so there is no reason to change it.
There is also no reason to move the vehicle stats data to a new page. The "Hitman Targets" poll proves that people want all information about a subject on a single page.
I also suggest that the table for variations of the vehicles be removed
No data shall be removed. The variant table in particular is an incredibly useful table, and removing it would make this wiki less useful.
However, There is merit in sorting the vehicle gallery by class, as it's currently rather long.
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