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Do you find this wiki useful? It didn't get that way by accident.
This wiki is made by fans, for fans. We need your help to make it even better.

This wiki is the most in-depth guide to the Saints Row series, but there's still a lot left to do.
Our goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, and we always need more contributors.
It is impossible to "finish" a wiki, the best we can do is do what we know needs to be done.


Do you play Multiplayer in any game?

Our Multiplayer articles sorely need improvement. See Category:To-do/Multiplayer for some of the things which need to be done.

Our articles on DLC for Saints Row also need more information. See Category:To-do/DLC for some of the things which need to be done.


We could always use more screenshots.

  • See Category:Image requests for a list of articles which are tagged requesting specific images.
  • Take a detailed screenshot of your favourite vehicle.
  • Remember to give your image upload a descriptive filename, that way if it is removed from an article in future, we know where it belongs.
  • Always upload the highest quality image possible. Uploaded images are automatically resized when used in articles.

You can view all uploaded images with Special:NewFiles and Special:ListFiles
You can specifically view images which aren't used in articles with Special:UnusedFiles.
Many of the images belong in multiple article, but the important thing is that they get added to at least one relevant article.

If you see a low quality image, feel free to take our own screenshot and replace it.

  • When viewing an image directly, use the "upload a new version" link to replace the image.
    • Only use this method for closely matching images.
  • If the image you're replacing has a different filetype, it cannot be replaced directly, so mark the old image with {{delete}} so an admin can delete it.
    • In the delete template, please link to the new image so the replacement can be verified
User:Erewon started editing here just last week, and already he has uploaded over 700 excellent images of a variety of subjects.
Erewon is the most active new user I have ever seen - myself included!


The details on this wiki are more accurate than any game guides you can buy in stores.
While there are some things on this wiki which are inaccurate, the difference between this wiki and a purchased game guide is that that a book will always continue to be wrong, and you cannot call "bullshit" on them.

If you see something you think is incorrect, tell us!

  • Use the talk page attached to each article to start a discussion
  • Mark the incorrect statement with a {{ref?}} tag asking for verification
  • If you're sure it's wrong, remove it. (Remember to use an edit summary to explain why you're removing it, or it may be mistaken for vandalism)
User:TalkNShoot recently noticed that although the promo images for When Good Heists Go Bad clearly show a STAG Tornado, it is actually a Morningstar Tornado in that mission.


Do you have an idea or a question? Tell us!

  • The only "stupid question" is the one you didn't ask. If asking a question makes you smarter, how can the question be stupid?
  • Even bad ideas may inspire others to come up with better ones. Just because you don't think your idea will work doesn't mean it's worthless. Most of the best ideas on this wiki came about as idle chatter: "Wouldn't it be great if we could do this? Wait a minute, we can!"
User:Moozipan "I'm going to upgrade every mission article even if it kills me" Cheese mentioned that he wished that a table heading in a particularly long table could float down the page as you scrolled, so it was easier to read the table. I initially didn't think it could be done, but a few months later, he mentioned it again and I realised there was a way to do it after-all. Now, the table on Controls can scroll with the table-header visible at all times.


My goal is to eliminate all potential. The wiki had a lot of potential when I first joined, and since then that potential has decreased steadily.

  • The word "potential" is defined as "Existing in possibility". It doesn't mean something is good, it means something has a long way to go before it's good.

Decreasing potential means turning a good idea into a good implementation.

Many users who visit this wiki come here looking at our most complete pages, so they don't see much that they can do to help.

  • Fact: There are hundreds of pages which need improvement.

A lot of attention is given to unlockables and vehicle pages, so if you've found them useful, why not help out by writing more about a neighborhood or a building?

The Saints Row Wiki:To-do list is dedicated to potential, and contains a list of things which will eventually be done, and will be done faster with your help.

  • If you see something that has potential, tell us about it on the To-do list.
  • Even if something is obvious to you, it should be added to the list if it isn't already there.
  • Want to help but don't know what to do? Start small, every little bit helps.
User:RussianEngineer has suggested that we "advertise" the wiki somehow to get more editors.
While straight-out spamming is a bad, mentioning the wiki appropriately is good.
  • If someone asks a question which is answered on this wiki, let them know.
  • If someone posts something that isn't mentioned on the wiki, suggest to them that they should add it to the wiki.
  • If you've learned something on this wiki, share it with other people who play the game.


  • You are freely allowed to copy/paste anything on this website, but you must link back to here.
  • If you copy/paste and do not say where it came from, it is a copyright violation.


We need more admins, but first, we need more regular users.

In essence:

  • Anyone undoing vandalism will be given rollback rights to allow them to undo vandalism faster.
  • Anyone who needs access to admin tools will be given access to admin tools.
  • Anyone who makes the jobs of existing admins easier gets access to admin tools.
452, that's me, never wanted to be an admin. As soon as someone comes along who is better at doing admin specific tasks, I can focus on adding content instead of being a janitor.


Remember to vote in our Polls


You may not have noticed, but a new background image has been added to all articles, and it would be great to get some feedback on it.

  • Too dark and it make things hard to read?
  • Too light and you can't even see it?
  • Too horizontal - should it be rotated to match how it is in-game?
  • Too static - the in game image is animated, after all.
    • I don't really think we need an animated background, but it's a valid comment, if that's what you think.

In case you missed it, I've recently posted an objective review of the Saints Row series.

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Incidentally, the reason I don't do update posts any more is because of two main reasons:
  • Everything in this post is still relevant, and I would only be repeating myself.
  • Lack of replies.
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