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Posted by 452

Wikia Staff have deleted 31 Top 10 Lists from the Saints Row Wiki without prior warning.

On Community Central, Wikia Staff claimed that they contacted wikis with more than 10 Top 10 Lists. They did not contact me, or the Saints Row Wiki, in any form. They have now locked that thread so that people who were not warned cannot complain.

Strangely, this deletion activity did not appear on Special:RecentChanges with bot edits shown - it only appeared on Special:Log. This is the kind of "under the rug" activity I have always been outspoken against. I do not know what their intention is with hiding the deletions in this way, or why they didn't leave a message on this wiki.

As users of this wiki are no doubt aware, Top 10 Lists were frequently used on the Saints Row Wiki as both policy and opinion polls.

Along with proving that the majority of people prefer Saints Row 2 compared with any other game, and dislike Saints Row The Third compared with any other game, Polls decided the outcome of a number of policy issues, including:

  • When admins should be demoted for inactivity.
  • How to deal with Minor Character articles.
  • What content should be allowed in non-article pages.
  • That the wiki should not enable achievements.
  • Whether trailers should be allowed on the wiki.
  • If anonymous users should be allowed to create pages.
  • Which capitalisation should be used for "The Protagonist".

Sometime within the next month, I will create my own javascript poll replacement.

452 17:52, February 15, 2017 (UTC)

Wikia Staff are now attempting to claim that "it appears Top Ten Lists was disabled on your wiki at the time of the feature removal".
-452 18:02, February 15, 2017 (UTC)
For the record, Wikia Staff's statement that "Top Ten Lists"[sic] were disabled is provably false.
  • Fact 1. Special:WantedPages shows that there were 31 Top 10 Lists. These were not listed on Special:WantedPages prior to Wikia killing the feature, which means it was active prior to that. When a namespace is disabled, any links to that namespace appear on Special:WantedPages, the same thing happened when I turned off Blogs - WantedPages filled up with links to blog posts. So, if it had been disabled previously, WantedPages would have listed the Top 10 Lists links previously. Unfortunately, there's no way for anyone to verify that they weren't there, unless they looked at WantedPages beforehand.
  • Fact 2. The database dump on special:statistics, and the deletion log, show that I made a comment to a Top 10 List on 2016-12-31: ":Non-article content policies/@comment-452-20161231184955" (At around the same time as this edit)
  • Fact 3. The current database dump on special:statistics shows that Top 10 Lists were still enabled on 2017-02-08.
  • Fact 4. Special:Log/wikifeatures does not show "wgShowTopListsInCreatePage" being disabled - or enabled, because it's been continuously active since July 2011, which is before wikifeatures existed.
Together, these facts show that it was enabled, and wasn't disabled.
-452 18:46, February 15, 2017 (UTC)
Wikia Staff are now claiming that there's no wikifeatures log showing it being disabled because it was disabled by a back-end variable change - and asked me if I'd ever requested for Wikia Staff to disable it.
Again: Wow.
If I'd requested for Wikia Staff to disable it, then how was it still active?!.
Thus far, they have completely ignored the rest of the evidence.
Isn't it interesting that all the publicly verifiable evidence that proves it was active isn't good enough for them, and they're relying on their own "alternative fact" regarding a back end variable to support what they're saying?
-452 18:39, February 16, 2017 (UTC)
Wikia Staff have now accepted the fact that Top 10 lists were indeed enabled here, and have admitted that the Saints Row Wiki should have been contacted regarding this before the feature was removed.
Now that this matter is settled, I have removed all dead Top 10 Lists links from various discussion pages and wall threads.
Additionally, I have created my own alternative javascript poll, which Wikia Staff have approved and is now live. Replacement and future polls will be located at Forum:Polls. -452 20:30, February 21, 2017 (UTC)
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