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Posted by 452 on 2018-01-21 10:16:56

Is there any justification for including the year of release of each song?

This doesn't appear to be in line with Saints Row Wiki:Content Policies, which states that the wiki is for game-related information only.

The year of release of any song is not mentioned in any game, or even in the games' credits. Similarly, noting the album would also not be permitted.

An exception "no details not included in the game" would be classical music, due to the fact the game occasionally omits details such as the track only being part of the song.

It seems to me that this is simply something that "some other wiki" did that was copied here without critical thinking, as was the case with many things in the early days of this wiki.

Why not keep them?

  • Because the information is usually researched by one person, and never double-checked.
  • Because the information is not easily verified.
  • Because the information is occasionally wrong - I base this on the fact that I've seen corrections made.
  • Because this is the Saints Row Wiki, not the Song Release Year Wiki.

If an adequate justification for keeping the song years cannot be made, the song years will be removed on 2018-03-01. -452 10:16, January 21, 2018 (UTC)

I knew I was forgetting to do something... done. -452 15:24, May 28, 2018 (UTC)
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