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Anyone and everyone can edit this wiki.

  • If you want to help, but don't know what to do, this page is for you!
  • Dive right in! If you complete an item on the list, let us know in the comments.

Every detail about the Saints Row series belongs on the wiki.

  • If you notice something missing, add it.
  • If you notice something is wrong, fix it.

This isn't a complete list of things which need to be done, but it should give you some ideas.


  • If you want to suggest other things which can be done to improve articles, leave a comment below or make a Forum post!
  • To request an image, add {{image}} to the relevant article.
  • You can also use the Talk page of each article for discussing improvements.

Specific to-do lists[]

In addition to the main to-do list and Maintenance pages, there are customised to-do lists for different subjects.

  • Check individual to-do lists for articles which need attention.
  • To-do lists can be used to coordinate with others to improve articles.
  • Anyone is welcome to contribute to any to-do list.
  • Anyone may create a post related to any to-do list.
List Scope
Mission All missions and strongholds
Activity Activities and Diversions
Weapon Weapons and objects
Character Characters, gangs and homies
Vehicle All vehicles
Customization All customisation options
UI Controls, User Interface, Cheats, Glitches
Location Districts, Neighborhoods, Buildings
Multiplayer All multiplayer gameplay
Reward Unlockables, Achievements
DLC All Downloadable Content
Audio In-game music and Radio Stations, adding audio
Quote Adding quotes and transcriptions
Image Media and screenshots, articles without images, adding unused images

Things to do[]

All Saints Row DLC has recently been re-added to the xbox marketplace.
Please take screenshots of the contents of the Funky Fresh Pack, Ho Ho Ho Pack, Industrial Map Pack, The Gankster Pack or Exclusive Unkut Pack and update the articles with more information

  • Add anything and everything about all games in the series!
  • Create redirects for all valid terms, and link to these when appropriate.
  • Add italics around titles, eg: Saints Row 2, The Matrix, etc.
  • (Image) - Replace fuzzy images with clearer images. Use {{image}} to request specific images

  • (UI) - Check that all Cheats are on every relevant page
  • (Audio) - Copy and transcribe radio commercials from each Radio Station page to each related article
  • (Location) - Add lists of all SR2 Stores and other locations to each neighborhood page
  • (Location) - Add lists of all other locations to each neighborhood page
  • (Location) - Add a map to each neighborhood and district page
  • (Quote) - Check that all text extracted from game files is added to the appropriate articles
  • (Weapon) - Add infoboxes to each weapon article
  • (Character) - Add references to all character pages, showing the mission/cutscene where each event occurred
  • (UI) - Add Glitches to relevant articles
  • (DLC) - Add full list of all DLC contents to each DLC page
  • (DLC) - Important: Saints Row DLC is now available again, anyone who can buy it should add information and images
  • (Reward) - Cross-check that all achievements are listed on relevant pages
  • (Mission) - Cross-check that all mission achievements are listed in appropriate section
  • (Reward) - Cross-check that all unlockables are listed on relevant pages
  • (Multiplayer) - More information is needed about multiplayer-specific game modes
  • (Multiplayer) - More information is needed about mission objectives in multiplayer
  • (Image) - Images of each customization options
  • (Customization) - Double-check availability of all customization options
  • (Vehicle) - Add a full description of each variant to all vehicle pages
  • (UI) - Add all Controls for all games and platforms
  • (Mission) - Add marked kills for each mission, and which marked kills require the player to do
  • (Mission) - Map marker, cutscene and starting locations
  • (UI) - Reformat the credits page into tables
  • (Vehicle) - 360 degree rotating animated gifs/ogv
  • (Mission) - Screenshots of the sky before, during and after each mission in SRIV
  • (Image) - Screenshots of the sky before, during and after each mission in SRIV
  • (Weapon) - Update all references with in-game screenshots instead of youtube links
  • (Vehicle) - Update all references with in-game screenshots instead of youtube links
  • (Character) - Update all references with in-game screenshots instead of youtube links
  • (Image) - Update all references with in-game screenshots instead of youtube links
  • (Character) - Replace low quality screenshots with higher quality screenshots from mission articles, and mark them for deletion
  • (Image) - Replace low quality screenshots in character articles with higher quality screenshots from mission articles, and mark them for deletion
  • (Weapon) - Copy all Super Power upgrades and unlockables from Super Powers to each power page
  • (Mission) - Screenshots of every custom mission fail message
  • (Image) - Screenshots of every custom mission fail message
  • (Location) - Copy the map markers from Map to each relevant page
  • (Vehicle) - Research individual vehicle components for vehicles purchased at Foreign Power in Saints Row
  • (Vehicle) - Research when the Saints upgrade gang vehicles in Saints Row
  • (Image) - Screenshots of everything

Just because it's not listed here, doesn't mean it doesn't need to be done!
Anything you want to, do it! You can improve the wiki, there's nothing to it.


This completed list is preserved here as an example of the things which you can suggest.

  • Update all uses of showhide to use mw-collapsible (complete)
  • Cleaner infoboxes and templates. (complete)
  • (Character) - Transcribe SRTT Homie conversations (complete)
  • (Audio) - Find the "Saints Row, bitches!" audio file from Saints Row 2. (Found!) (complete)
  • Update the random templates. (They never need to be updated again!) (complete)
  • (Activity) - Activity availability. (complete)
  • (UI) - Correlate notoriety levels and vehicles. (complete)
  • (Audio) - Upload Homie conversation audio (complete)
  • (Vehicle) - upload all vehicle name images (complete)
  • (Mission) - cutscene names to all mission pages (complete)
  • (Mission) - upload newspaper images (complete)
  • (Mission) - newspaper text to all mission pages (complete)
  • (Mission) - upload loading screens, add to mission pages (complete)
  • (Activity) - upload hitman and chop shop images (complete)
  • (Location) - upload images of each neighborhood (complete)
  • (Reward) - Research Soprano achievement songs and So Sick rumour (complete)
  • (Mission) - Research the availability of the revelation mission (complete)
  • (UI) - Research Stash, and money accumulation (complete)
  • (UI) - Research Style points/rank (complete)
  • (Weapon) - Research spelling and availability of all Weapons (complete)
  • (Weapon) - Add model image to all weapon pages (complete)
  • (Weapon) - Update model images with transparency (complete)
  • (Location) - Research locations of all Stores (complete)
  • (Activity) - Research locations of all Activities/diversions (complete)
  • (Reward) - Research specific requirements (number of hoods needed + more) (complete)
  • (Reward) - Research specific rewards (full list of gang cars + more) (complete)
  • (Vehicle) - Research list of "large" vehicles (complete)
  • (Vehicle) - Research list of non-modifiable vehicles (complete)
  • (Vehicle) - Research list of available car modifications (complete)
  • (UI) - Find out who "Will Smith" is (complete)
  • (Location) - Find out the name of "the asshole ultor named their building after" (complete)
  • (Character) - Merge "Characters met during activities" page (complete)
  • (UI) - Split Phone Numbers and Cheat Codes pages]] (complete)
  • (Location) - Rename "Shops" to "Stores" (complete)
  • (Location) - Add lists of all SR1 Stores to each neighborhood page (complete)
  • (Character) - Transcribe SRIV Homie conversations (complete)
  • (Vehicle) - Add updated infoboxes to all vehicle pages (complete)
  • (Image) - Screenshots of each NPC (complete)

Note: Although it is the policy of the Saints Row Wiki that comments and messages are usually not allowed to be deleted, comments left on this page must remain on-topic or they will be deleted.


Mine is more of a to-do list, than a request list.

  • Add a list of Secret Areas - done Secret Areas - 452 23:50, June 27, 2011 (UTC)
  • Add {{image}} tag to all articles without images. done 20:09, February 9, 2013 (UTC)
  • Add all unused images to vehicle pages. Done.
  • Add infobox to all vehicle pages. Done.
  • Add modification info to all vehicle pages. Done.
  • Check that all cheats are on every relevant page. (almost!)
  • Copy audio files from Phone Numbers page to each store page.
  • Add list of all stores and features to each neighborhood and district page. (working on it)
  • Add map to each neighborhood and district page.
  • Add references to all character pages, showing the mission/cutscene where each event occurred.
452 23:50, June 27, 2011 (UTC)

(Importing from old wishlist)

  • Cleaner infoboxes and templates.
  • More appropriate phrasing in articles
  • More clean images
    • Renders from users with Adobe Photoshop

Nanosoldier 08:14, November 10, 2011 (UTC)

(Importing from old wishlist)

  • Extract Nyte Blayde radio ads that play after the news broadcasts. There's enough info there to glean some back story. Nyte Blayde was a human who lost his wife Silvia to the vampire Mr. X. He is inducted into The Cyprian Order by The Cardinal, meets the Bloody Cannoness, and is later turned into a vampire. Later meets a woman named Marian. Also seems to have a sidekick or something named Stu.
Done. – Moozipan Cheese(talk page) 20:24, March 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • Full list of conversations two homies will have when together. 20:10, February 4, 2012 (UTC)

Audio files added to Homies, transcripts still need to be done. -user:452 2012-07-22 01:36:57
Transcripts were done some time ago, updated the list, but forgot to leave a comment. -user:452 2013-02-08 16:34:13

Some sort of key configurations page, listing the default key configs for each system.

Done: Controls -user:452 2012-06-05 00:40:41

  • user:452 2012-06-26 00:14:04
  • Define, Document and Illustrate every variant of every vehicle, on the vehicle pages rather than on my user page.
  • Ensure "The General" is always properly capitalised.
  • Ensure punctuation is outside of all quotes.
  • Remove unnecessary abbreviations.

Building heights.

In Saints Row The Third, all nav markers show the distance in meters (for some reason, despite feet being the common measurement in the USA.)

The Nav marker distances can be used in two ways

  • Directly measuring the height, in cases where nav markers are in front of buildings.
  • Indirectly measuring the height, using Pythagoras' Theorem and taking a measurement for the hypotenuse (from the roof) and the ground distance (from the ground)
    • This method works best by taking a second pair of measurements using a different building for verification.

  • user:452 2012-10-21 23:38:50
  • To-do: Once the new forum system is available, I'll move the to-do list there.
Oh, right, I forgot about this. -user:452 2012-12-01 15:39:08
And forgot again because I was waiting to see whether the new-old forum system would work properly.
Anyway, done.
Now that this to-do list is in the forum namespace and is not a blog post, it can be edited by anyone, if necessary.
-user:452 2013-04-04 01:59:21

Using Category:Characters, update character articles remove businesses in favour of occupations.

Done! -user:452 2013-02-06 07:06:41

Ensure all rewards listed on Category:Unlockables pages are listed on each relevant page.

Unlockables in Saints Row done. -user:452 2012-12-17 01:11:24
False. Now done. -16:32, February 8, 2013 (UTC)

Ensure the locations of each mission is linked in each article, so that information can be easily added to location articles

Very specifically: The Improvised Weapons article needs a lot of info.

  • At least one accurate location to find each prop
  • A picture of each prop showing the name on-screen
  • A picture of each prop being held

I've taken screenshots of a few random objects, I should probably just add them instead of saving them up.

old to-do list, to add to done:

  • finish adding the modification info to vehicle pages
  • upload all vehicle name images
  • cutscene names to all mission pages
  • upload newspaper images
  • newspaper text to all mission pages
  • upload loading screens, add to mission pages because there isn't *really anywhere else
  • upload hitman and chop shop images (better quality than currently here)
  • upload images of each neighborhood

Find "Tim Wasson's Tasty Wieners" sign: Mt Claflin shantblake d.png

It's opposite the Flowery Garden sign.
-user:452 2013-06-17 20:23:52

In SR1 and SR2, the passage of in-game time is linked to real time.

  • 1 real second = 1 game minute
  • 1 real hour = 2.5 game days.

So multiply the number of hours listed in the Statistics by 2.5 to find out how many days have passed in-game.

In SR3, time doesn't pass. It's always sunny in Steelport. Unless it's randomly night-time.
However, each mission sets a specific time of day, which can be used to determine the minimum amount of time which has passed during the game.

Someone needs to take note which missions take place at "night", and work out the span of time in the game.

I just remembered that I already made a list a few days ago of the time values from each mission.
I'm not sure what these values mean, since "21.0" obviously isn't "9pm", since the bank heist takes place in the day time.
  • M01 - 21.0 (day)
  • M02 - 5.0 (night)
  • M03 - 5.0 (night)
  • M05 - 5.0 (night)
  • M06 - 9.5 (day)
  • M07 - 5.0 (night)
  • M08 - 5.0 (night)
  • M09 - 21.0 (day)
  • M10 - 14.5 (day)
  • M11 - 14.5
  • M11out - 21.0
  • M12 - 14.5
  • M13 - 21.0
  • M14 - 5.0
  • M15 - 5.0
  • M16 - 2.5
  • M17 - 9.5
  • M18 - 5.0
  • M19 - 21.0
  • M20 - 21.0
  • M21 - 5.0
  • M22 - 14.5 (day)
  • M23 - 21.0 (day)
  • M24 - 14.5 (day)
  • SH01 - 5.0 (night)
  • SH02 - 5.0 (night)
  • SH03 - 5.0 (night)
  • SH04 - 5.0
I've noted down a few times where I remember when the missions took place, and they seem to pan out.
  • 5.0 - night
  • 9.5 - day - The Belgian Problem, My Name is Cyrus Temple
  • 14.5 - day - Gang Bang, Three Way
  • 21.0 - day - The Ho Boat, STAG film
Someone needs to check these missions, or whichever have the same time, and see where the sun is.
-user:452 2013-07-31 13:37:59

It shouldn't have to be said, but obviously everything about Saints Row IV needs to be added to the wiki.

  • user:452 2013-09-12 21:56:32
  • Copy SRIV cheats to every page, as with previous games.
  • Determine whether homies ever use vehicles, or if they always warp-in. (I could have sworn that I had a homie drive up once.)
  • Check whether there is ever a Bulldog with turret in any mission.

SRIV - Screenshots of the sky, in the same direction, from the same place, during/after every mission.

Some missions have custom skies. And there are definitely some changes through-out the game.

I know some of them, but definite screenshots are always the best proof.

As well as the light level, the clouds sometimes change position, so the same view is necessary to determine changes.

Over-all, I didn't really feel like it gradually got lighter, but perhaps screenshots will help show that it actually did.

Note to self: update the Index.

Change character and vehicle sections to be more like the Radio Stations section.

edit: Done!

Someone just had the audacity to tell me " from what i've seen SRIV is quite complete here".

So apparently, despite everything I've done to highlight what needs to be done - I need to do more.

Indeed. Many SRIV articles are missing even basic information.
Perhaps each article needs a custom to-do list.
-user:452 2014-12-28 16:16:23
The framework for using {{to-do}} to do that was always in place, but I recently tweaked it so it works a little better.
Example: {{to-do|scope=Mission|Update this page with objectives}}
That item will be automatically added to this page, and the Mission to-do list page, listing the text in the template as well as the name of that article.
-user:452 2015-03-30 20:08:11

Re-check that all characters have redirects for both first name and last name.

For each mission, note:

  • the map marker, cutscene and starting locations, and whether the 3 locations are related or random
  • the provided starting vehicle, checking that it is not simply a random gang customisation vehicle.
  • whether Playa remains in the vehicle afterwards, or is warped elsewhere, and whether the vehicle they were in remains where it was.

Something easy that any regular user can do, without even knowing anything about the game:

  • Go through all categories and add {{DEFAULTSORT:X in Saints Row 3}} and {{DEFAULTSORT:X in Saints Row 4}} to all SRTT and SRIV categories, so that categories will be sorted by game instead of alphabetically.

While I normally don't condone "correcting Volition's mistakes", I think the categories would look a lot better if they were in game order rather than alphabetical order.

Done. -User:TheMoonLightman 2014-08-19 03:36:11

Make a list of {{wp}} links for easy checking.

Done on 2015-03-16 (although not due to this note)

Vehicles: 360° animated gifs or ogv.

User:PrinceCreeper dropped by the chat to suggest that we put instructions for obtaining each individual variant on a single page.

There are 1489 unique variants in the series. We will not be putting instructions for obtaining 1489 separate variants on a single page.

edit: We already have all of the variants in a table on the "Vehicles in..." pages with a notes field which can be used to mark unavailable variants.

Reformat the credits pages into tables so that notes can easily be added.

edit: still on my mind.

In firefox, pressing tab after selecting a standard edit summary does not copy the text to the textarea - look into whether this has been fixed in the dev version, and see if there's anything that can be done to fix this.

Well, it acts exactly the same in the dev version. Poor firefox users. - 2015-01-28 19:54
Okay, added some more event handlers, and it now works in firefox the way it has always worked in chrome. - 452 (talk) 22:47, January 28, 2015 (UTC)

For me:

edit: Done! Twice!

Also for me: Find some way of finding all references used inside quotes, because there are still cases such as this edit which have still not been fixed. Today, that quote appeared on the front page like this:

Why full references must be used inside quotes and other templates.png

  • download the dump
  • merge all lines
  • split by quote and dialogue template
  • filter by presence of reference template
Yeah, that sounds like it should work. Will do later.
  • edit: No, that doesn't quite work.
  • edit: Oh, I know, subst all quotes into a single article. I think I've done that before.
  • edit: Done, only a couple to fix. (Infoboxes not checked)
-user:452 2015-04-26 16:39:11

Here's an easy to-do item suitable for new users: Copy the Saints Row 2 screenshots from Store Ownership to each store page.

To-do: replace all instances of "game data files" or "game files" in prose with references to the specific file.

I already did this once for references, but there are still cases where the prose mentions the "game files" generically.