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I just saw the trailer for SR4 and I felt like crying.

I was what-- 11 when I played SR1, I loved it so much. A few years later SR2 came out and I loved it even more, Shaundi, Pierce, Gat, Carlos, Linn, and Aisha will always have a prominent place in my Heart.

But, I just saw this piece of shit they're calling a sequel. SRTT was tolderble and had its serious and fun moments (rarely), but it sucked overall.

Now, after seeing the 'Teaser' I fell like getting the first flight out to wherever Violation are set up and punching the manager in the face. What happened to proper Gangs? What happened to an actual Good, Fun, and Serious Storyline?

What happened to that game up in the link?

Well, I personally won't be buying SR4. I guess this is my departure from the franchise, wish I could of stuck around, but I'm into Games that aren't over the top and stupid.

SaintOfAwesomeness, 2013-03-15T20:16:26Z

You are right. SR:TT was not the best but SR:IV looks shit!
Stewrob11, 2013-03-15T20:22:41Z
But i do like the idea of the protagonist becoming president of the usa but the alien thing is just a load of shit!
Stewrob11, 2013-03-15T20:26:53Z
the president thing is cool but the alien stuff is too dumb 
Japeezy121, 2013-03-15T20:42:00Z
Still no Dex or Troy? C'mon guys.
CallumFreeman, 2013-03-15T21:12:47Z
I had an idea planned out in my head of Ultor turning on the Saints and tehy'd have t ostart over, returning to Stilwater as well. There would be two new gangs, along with the Luchedores (I thought the 'Save Shaundi' ending was cannon.)
Anyways, you'd find that Dex had become in-charge of Ultor and he wanted to destroy the Saints once and for all...
But no, Violation thought they'd please the fans by replacing Dex with Aliens. -_-
SaintOfAwesomeness, 2013-03-15T21:54:45Z
Saints Row is not dead.
Most trailers are shit. I'm going to reserve my opinion until there is actual gameplay footage.
452, 2013-03-15T21:55:17Z (last edited: 452, 2013-03-15T21:55:35Z)
452, ya better make a reference to puzzles when/if you're reviewing SR4!
The Supreme Diamond-Hooded Eagle, 2013-03-17T08:15:03Z
I'll definitely be counting the apples.
452, 2013-03-20T01:19:14Z
They must have chanted "There is no over the top" when created the game. Saints Row 2 gained so many fans. Saints row the third cost them so many fans. Saint's row four is telling the "Original" Fans to run away and never look back.
The Ultor Corporation, 2013-03-15T22:21:51Z
I'm sure the Game would be alright in some aspect-- but Trailers are basically the first impressions for me, and I ain't getting a good vibe from it.
The Trailer in 3 words for me is...
Aliens. Penis. Powers.
SaintOfAwesomeness, 2013-03-15T23:00:43Z
I absolutely agree with this. Saints Row 2 is the game that got me hooked on the series and it's the game I play daily. I bought and beat Hitman 4... went back to play SR2. Ditto with Dishonored, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and so many other games and I can tell you right now that SR2 is the one I go back to time and time again because no matter how many times I beat the game and finish at 100% I can go back and play it again and it never gets old for me. Can't say the same about The Third which is boring after a while.
Zadidoll, 2013-03-20T01:10:24Z
I have a friend who has only played SR:TT and he is like totally addicted.  But I always felt Saints Row 2 was the best because it was more realistic.  I tell once he plays Saints Row 2 he won't want to go back to SR:TT.
SR:TT was too over the top for me, even the first two missions are crazy.  One guy hanging from a vault shooting a ton of swat members with one gun and jumping out a plane then jumping back in through the window.  SR4 looks even more unbelievable with aliens and superpowers.
PurpleRollerz, 2013-03-21T05:20:37Z
Plus, the fact that you are the president of USA now!, 2013-03-21T09:10:18Z
At it's best, this would be a rental. I want a continuation to the Saints Row 2 story. What happened to Dex? 
Also, from what I see, this is complete bullshit. The hell were they thinking?
The Supreme Diamond-Hooded Eagle, 2013-03-16T16:49:39Z
I'll borrow it from my Friend who I introduced to SR, he only played the Third and he really wants to get SR4. I'll play it to see what it is like, but, I just know  I'll be dissapointed.
SaintOfAwesomeness, 2013-03-16T19:31:02Z
Make him play the second one! He has too! I did it with a friend, we had REAL fun playing the second one. 
The Supreme Diamond-Hooded Eagle, 2013-03-17T08:13:51Z
He played a bit of it, but he didn't get into it. Maybe I'll give my disc to him again and he can try it out again, maybe he'll see why alot of Fans are dissapointed with the way the series is going.
SaintOfAwesomeness, 2013-03-17T12:26:04Z
To me the best Saints Row game was SR2 which is the one I play constantly. I'll be at E3 in June to see the game first hand - IF they're at E3 that is.
I wish SR4 would have touched on what happened to Dex, Ben King and those who survived SR2 since those storylines were never full resolved. We know Ben King wrote a book but what happened to him since. We know Dex took off so he wouldn't be killed but considering he was a millionaire himself he had the money and the brains to come back later for vengeance.
Personally, as much as I liked SR3 it never felt like Saints Row between killing off Johnny, Shaundi becoming a bitter person and not even set in Stilwater that SR4 better go back to what made Saints Row popular in the first place. Since the Enter the Dominatrix was supposed to be about virtual reality and it's now merged into SR4 hopefully it will explain why so much of it has become camp and it'll turn out that SR3 was the result of virtual reality created by The Protagonist's enemies.
Zadidoll, 2013-03-20T01:07:38Z
I am okay with going goofy, but I want the Three Act structure with the three gangs back. I want the three storlines coming together at the end, SRTT had all the gangs together and it felt mor elinear and forced, I enjoyed SRTT but I felt that more from SR2 should have been in it, and why Kill Johnny Gat at the start of the game?
Matt Seay, 2013-03-20T01:34:07Z
I'm gonna be honest. Saints Row 3 failed completely on the entire "revenge Johnny Gat" thingie. After half of the game I forgot about him. Shaundi felt like a complete bitch now with no personality except "Revenge revenge revenge!" Hell, my character felt like...too carefree, I prefer the Saints Row 2 version of him.
The only character I liked in the Third was Pierce, he barely changed.
Saints Hoodie, 2013-03-21T09:12:15Z
Agreed., 2013-03-21T09:12:45Z
So true. I feel so let down it almost hurts., 2013-03-23T12:06:55Z
I agree with you 100% of what you said. I liked one and two but three didnt feel like it belonged. if it were up to me i would of made three in stilwater not a new city, and i would never of killed gat. I liked how the two were in the same city and i woulda made three in a more larger stilwater maybe tripling the size of sr2. 2 had comedy in it because they didnt try, but 3 seemed liked they tried too hard. But seeing the trailer to number 4 it seemed like they totally fucked the series. NO GANGS, NO CITY TO TAKE OVER, ALIENS, YOUR FUCKIN PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.s. I was honestly hoping for SR4 to be about 3 more gangs that were friends of the syndicate and the saints got to go to a new city and kill them all. And the series with that. R.I.P saints row youll be missed, 2013-04-01T04:30:12Z
I want to walk up to the manager of Volition and punch him in the throat for killing the series...., 2013-07-19T00:24:01Z
That kind of comment really isn't appropriate here,
I suggest you contacted Volition directly.
Here's their mailing address:
Volition, Inc. 1 Main Street #300 Champaign, IL 61820, USA
Or you can call them, on 1-217-355-0320
452, 2013-07-19T00:31:14Z (last edited: 452, 2013-07-19T00:32:59Z)
Sorry for late reply but this game sucked. Volition are lazy, hope they go bankrupt for this. Luckily I didn't pay for it.
CallumFreeman, 2014-03-03T16:58:41Z
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