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This page has the same information as Forum:SRTT subtitles, but restructured into blocks for easy copy/pasting.

The blocks are presented here in alphabetical order, but should be arranged into chronological order when added to articles.


{{dialogue|"M01 Annoyed At Birk SWAT Fight"
|Shaundi|I'm gonna kill Birk if I see him again...
|The Protagonist|I thought you two really had something there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Shaundi|Oh don't even go there.
|The Protagonist|Hey, I'm just sayin'...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M01 Attack Chopper"
|Shaundi|Really, a fucking attack chopper?
|The Protagonist|Seriously, who are these guys?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Gat|A bunch of assholes.

{{dialogue|"M01 Berating Josh"
|Shaundi|Oh Jesus...
|The Protagonist|Get up Birk, let's keep moving.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M01 Bullhorn Attack Heli Hover"
|Interrogation|Troy can't bail you out of this one!
|Interrogation|This publicity stunt is over. We have to take you in.

{{quote|Where do you expect to hide that vault?|Interrogation, "M01 Bullhorn Attack Heli Strafe"}}

{{quote|You've gone too far this time!|Interrogation, "M01 Bullhorn Cables"}}

{{dialogue|"M01 Bullhorn Heli Drop"
|Interrogation|Make this easy on the squad for once.
|Interrogation|Step away from the vault!

{{quote|Put... the vault... down!|Interrogation, "M01 Bullhorn Heli Drop After"}}

{{dialogue|"M01 Bullhorn Sniper Heli"
|Interrogation|Please autograph and then put down your gun!
|Interrogation|Turn yourself in, my son wants to meet Shaundi!

{{quote|They've busted out the riot shields.|Shaundi, "M01 Calling Out Riot"}}

{{dialogue|"M01 Celebrity Autographs"
|Interrogation|Oh my God, you're the Saints! You HAVE to sign this for me!
|The Protagonist|Anything for a fan.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Josh|Hey, Josh Birk. Don't be starstruck, I'm very approachable. Want me to sign your breasts?
|Interrogation|Uh, no, that's alright.
|Josh|Yeah, well, you know, buy Nyte Blayde on DVD.

{{quote|Here's our ride.|Shaundi, "M01 Chopper"}}

{{dialogue|"M01 cutscene In"
|Josh|Japanese commercials. Easiest money you'll ever make.
|Gat|Grand larceny's right up there. You ready for this?
|Josh|No worries--I do my own stunts.
|Shaundi|You're just a ride-a-long, man--
|Shaundi|So don't get all Hong Kong-style in there.
|Josh|I am a Method actor. If I'm gonna play a Saint with any degree of emotional truth, I gotta make it real.
|The Protagonist|Trust me, Birk. It'll be real.
|Josh|You're robbing a bank dressed like yourselves?
|Gat|Hell yeah. Who doesn't wanna be Johnny Gat?
|Josh|Ultra-post-modernism. I love it.
|The Protagonist|Alright people--
|Josh|Sorry, jumped his line. Can we go again?
|The Protagonist|You all know the drill.
|Josh|Get in line, bitch!
|Shaundi|Hey--don't be a dick.
|Josh|You call yourselves gang bangers? You're a bunch of pussies! We should be all up in their shit, like--
|The Protagonist|Well, that's different.
|Gat|You got a plan, or we just shooting all these motherfuckers?
|The Protagonist|That is my plan.
|Gat|Works for me.
|Shaundi|I'm cool with the Saints movie, but do we really gotta drag this asshole actor around?
|Player|Cut Josh some slack, he's just researching his part.
|Shaundi|I hope he signed a waiver.
|Shaundi|Say "sleaze"!

{{dialogue|"M01 cutscene Zscene01"
|Josh|I...I can't breathe.
|Gat|No way we're cracking this thing. Ready for Plan B?
|The Protagonist|Josh, get over here...
|Josh|Got the tools right here, homes.
|Josh|So what's Plan B, we drill it?
|Gat|Fuck no. We blow it.
|Josh|Not cool man!
|The Protagonist|Time to get to work.

{{dialogue|"M01 cutscene Zscene02"
|Josh|Hey guys, you can call off the helicopter, I found the way to open the vault!
|Shaundi|Josh...are you trying to get us all jail time?
|Josh|What? I don't wanna be some dude's bitch!
|Shaundi|Do I have to go after him?
|Gat|Forget about it, he'll be fine.
|Shaundi|Let's get the chopper and lift this baby outta here.

{{quote|Go! Go! Go!|The Protagonist, "M01 cutscene Zscene03"}}

{{quote|Well...shit.|The Protagonist, "M01 cutscene Zscene04"}}

{{dialogue|"M01 Find Vault"
|Shaundi|I can't believe you launched that guy into a statue!
|Gat|I can't believe you're still thinking about it.
|Shaundi|Do you want to know who these people are?
|The Protagonist|Listen, all that matters is the vault. Let's find that and get the hell outta here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{quote|Flashbang!|Shaundi, "M01 Flashbang"}}

{{dialogue|"M01 Head Above Vault"
|The Protagonist|We'll need to set these above the vault.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M01 Helicopter Drag Vault"
|The Protagonist|Get us higher!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Interrogation|I'm trying not to get shot here!

{{quote|I'm losing it!|Interrogation, "M01 Helicopter Going Down"}}

{{dialogue|"M01 Helicopter Hooked On"
|The Protagonist|You two go out the back.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Shaundi|And you?
|The Protagonist|I'm staying with the vault.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Shaundi|We'll see you when we touch down.
|The Protagonist|Alright, let's go!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{quote|Shit!|Interrogation, "M01 Helicopter Jerks Back"}}

{{dialogue|"M01 Helicopter Near Collision"
|The Protagonist|Dammit, watch where you're flying!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M01 Helicopter Not Leaving"
|The Protagonist|Why the hell are we still here?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Interrogation|The controls aren't responding!
|The Protagonist|Then get it fixed. I'll hold off the cops.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Interrogation|You can't kill them all.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I never seem to...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I never seem to...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I never seem to...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I don't appreciate that kind of negativity...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I never seem to...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I never seem to...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M01 Helicopter Rising"
|The Protagonist|Hold her steady!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Interrogation|Where'd all this security come from?
|The Protagonist|Stay calm and stick to the plan.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M01 Helicopter Vault Tipped"
|Interrogation|Hold on down there.
|The Protagonist|No shit, you think?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{quote|Shoot the helicopter! Use whatever you've got!|Shaundi, "M01"}}

{{dialogue|"M01 Interrogate Guard"
|Gat|Where's the vault!
|Interrogation|Go to hell.
|Gat|You wanna play, motherfucker?
|Josh|OH MY GOD!
|Shaundi|You couldn't wait to kill him until we found out who these guys are?
|The Protagonist|Alright people, let's find that vault.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M01 Josh Banter"
|Josh|We need to talk.
|Shaundi|We really don't.
|Josh|It's just... if I die here, I don't want things to go unsaid.
|Shaundi|I should be so lucky...

{{quote|That's right, you fuckers! We're comin' for you!|Josh, "M01 Josh Grandstanding"}}

{{dialogue|"M01 Mission Start"
|Josh|We're gonna die!
|Gat|What happened to, "I do my own stunts"?
|Josh|Hey, do these look like squibs to you?

{{dialogue|"M01 More Guys Coming"
|Josh|Hey... I think we've got company...
|Shaundi|Looks like they're comin' in from the lobby.

{{dialogue|"M01 Morningstar Convo"
|Josh|Is this what it's normally like?
|Gat|Normally the tellers don't use fucking shotguns.
|Shaundi|Yeah, normally banks don't look like a palace either. You see those statues before you blew 'em up?
|Gat|Will you forget the horses, these guards are packing military grade hardware...
|The Protagonist|Who the hell are we robbing?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M01 Same Attack Chopper"
|The Protagonist|Thought I shot that thing down.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|The Protagonist - Female 1|How much armor's on that chopper?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How much armor's on that chopper?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How much armor's on that chopper?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How much armor's on that damn thing?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |How much armor's on that chopper?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How much armor's on that chopper?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M01 Set Explosives"
|The Protagonist|Cover me!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Gat|Here they come!

{{dialogue|"M01 Shot Down Attack"
|The Protagonist|That's right, don't fuck with... oh no, no, no!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M01 Swat Almost There"
|Shaundi|How long until the chopper gets here?
|The Protagonist|I dunno, probably like two waves of SWAT guys?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Shaundi|Sounds about right.

{{quote|The chopper should be here soon, we just gotta hold out a little longer.|Gat, "M01 Wait for"}}

{{quote|Watch it! Opposite side!|Shaundi, "M01 Warning Other"}}


{{dialogue|"M02 Air Fight"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The hell you doing here?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You're getting under my skin.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What the hell?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |The fuck did you come from?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Who the fuck...?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Where the hell--!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let go!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Give up, you idiot!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Get off me!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Get off me!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let go!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Piss off!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M02 Cargo Doors"
|Gat|I'm opening the cargo bay doors, find some chutes and jump out the back, it should be clear.
|Shaundi|Johnny and I have different definitions on "clear"...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You can tell him that later. Right now, we have to go.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|20 to 2? Seems the odds are in our favor.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Kill now, argue later...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We can bitch about word choice later, let's get outta here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Cut our pilot some slack.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Less talky, more shooty.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M02 cutscene In"
|The Protagonist|The fuck is this, we paid up this month.
|Cop|Someone paid more.
|Gat|What happened?
|Shaundi|We got arrested.
|Gat|No, to us. Birk's right--we traded our dicks in for pussies. Seriously... Movie deals? Commercials? The Saints name used to mean more than body spray and some ass-tasting energy drink.
|The Protagonist|Our brand's worth a shitload of money..
|Gat|Is that what it's all about?
|Viola|It is always about the money, Mr. Gat.
|Viola|Which is precisely why our employer wishes to speak with you.
|Kiki|If you will indulge us...?
|Phillipe|Take them off.
|The Protagonist|You have any idea who you're fucking with here?
|Phillipe|Of course.
|Phillipe|A remarkable likeness. These visions are Viola and Kiki. And I am Phillipe Loren, chairman of a multi-national organization called the Syndicate.
|Shaundi|Never heard of it.
|Phillipe|Evidently not, or you wouldn't have robbed our bank. Perhaps you wonder why you're still breathing at this point.
|Gat|Actually, I wonder why my foot's not up your ass at this point.
|Phillipe|Like it or not, Mr. Gat, our organization is expanding into Stilwater. I am offering you the chance to leverage your assets against your lives. Ladies?
|Viola|You may continue to operate the Saints/Ultor media group as you see fit, in exchange for 66 percent of your monthly gross revenue.
|Kiki|That is before taxes, of course.
|The Protagonist|Listen, you French fuck--
|Phillipe|Please. I am Belgian!
|Gat|So make yourself a fuckin' waffle. We're done here.
|Phillipe|And I had so hoped to come to a rational business arrangement.
|Pilot|What the hell's goi-
|Gat|Boss--you gotta bail!
|The Protagonist|Not without you.
|Gat|There's like, half a dozen guys? I can take 'em.
|Shaundi|What about the plane?
|Gat|I'll fly it back to Stilwater.
|Shaundi|Johnny, you can't even drive stick--how you gonna fly a plane?
|Gat|Details, details--just cover the boss! Go--I got this!

{{dialogue|"M02 cutscene Out"
|Phillipe|Gentlemen, negotiations were... less than successful.
|Phillipe|...Viola and Kiki will spread the word: Steelport belongs to the Syndicate, and the Saints are not welcome.
|Phillipe|Mr. Killbane, gather your Luchadores and bring me their leader's head. Mr. Miller, hack into the Saints' accounts, and leave them nothing.

{{dialogue|"M02 cutscene Zscene01"
|Shaundi|Johnny, we're about to jump!
|Gat|Right on, I'll see you in Stil-

{{dialogue|"M02 Fall"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'll catch ya, Shaundi!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No fear Shaundi! I am coming for you!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This could be going better...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hang on Shaundi, I'm comin!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm comin' for ya, Shaundi!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hold on, Shaundi!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M02 Falling"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Are you serious?!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oh good, I get to kill more of them.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's wrong with you people!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Really?!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oh shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |For fuck's sake!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Were there other planes dumping cargo? Jesus!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where did this COME from?!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How was that plane carrying all that shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How much shit was in that plane?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |These assholes pack enough shit in that plane?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How much shit was in that plane?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M02 Flew Through The"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That coulda gone better.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Well... that could have gone worse.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Well, that kinda worked...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well, 2 out of 4 ain't bad...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So that just happened....
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That could have gone worse.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|Oh God, we're going to die.|Shaundi, "M02 Gat Find"}}

{{quote|I hope you guys are moving fast, this door isn't gonna hold much longer...|Gat, "M02 Gat"}}

{{dialogue|"M02 Get Moving"
|Shaundi|Get moving!
|Shaundi|What're you waiting for? Let's go.
|Shaundi|We're leaving, remember?
|Shaundi|You're the one who said to move, so move!

{{dialogue|"M02 Goon Banter"
|Morningstar WM 01|Get 'em!
|Morningstar WM 01|Kill them!
|Morningstar WM 01|You feelin' lucky today, you scumbag Saint?
|Morningstar WM 01|Die you Saints piece of shit!
|Morningstar WM 01|You don't know who you're messing with, Saints!

{{dialogue|"M02 Johnny Message 1"
|Gat|Attention passengers this is your new captain speaking... our updated flight plan has us landing in Stilwater.
|Phillipe|{{*}}Speaks French*
|Gat|I'd like to remind all passengers to remain seated and enjoy the flight.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And now Gat has a mic. Nice.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I think we're in for some turbulence.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|See, Johnny's already making friends...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Great, who gave Gat a mic?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |See, Johnny's enjoyin' himself.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |See, he's fine.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M02 Johnny Message 2"
|Gat|Alright motherfuckers
|Gat|Oh yeah? You and how many of your-oh. That many...
|Interrogation|The door is op-!
|Phillipe|KILL HIM!
|Gat|You're gonna need more help than that Frenchy
|Phillipe|I am Belgian!
|Gat|Same thing.
|Phillipe|I'm going to cut that disrespectful tongue from your mouth...

{{dialogue|"M02 Mission start"
|Shaundi|We can't leave Johnny!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Gat's fine. We have other problems.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Gat will manage. We have our own problems, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|He's a big boy...he'll figure out what to do.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Gat can take care of himself, we gotta deal with these guys...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't worry about Gat, girl. Worry about these assholes.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Gat's handled worse!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M02 Plane"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I think... yeah, I'm pretty sure that plane is gonna hit us. Just stay calm and don't freak out.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Don't freak out, Shaundi. They are going to ram us with the airplane, that's all.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Uh... hey Shaundi... don't freak out or anything, but we're about to be run over by a plane...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That plane it's...ok, don't freak out or anything, but I think that plane is gonna try to ram us...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |OK, it's nothin' to freak out over, but that plane looks like it's gonna try to ram us.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I think that plane is heading straight for us. So... uh... don't freak out.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah, I shoot through the windshield, dive into the plane, and kill that asshole Phillipe.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Of course! I will shoot out the windows, drop into the plane, kill Phillipe, and jump out again. Simple.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Sure...I shoot out the window, land in the plane, kill Phillipe, and then I bounce.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah: I shoot out the window, land in the plane, kill Phillipe, then jump out the back again...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If I shoot out the window I can land inside it, cap Phillipe, then jump out the back.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |If I time it right, I can shoot out the window, land in the plane, kill Phillippe, and fly out the back.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Shaundi|You mean, "we" right?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Promise you won't hold this against me later, sweetie.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Do not worry! I will be seeing you shortly.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Nope.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Look, just remember how happy you were when I caught you...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'll be back in a minute.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Back in a pinch, love.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{quote|Whaddya mean don't freak out, do you have a plan?|Shaundi, "M02"}}

{{dialogue|"M02 Pull Chute 1"
|Shaundi|Johnny... He's... they...
|The Protagonist|I know.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Shaundi|They're gonna pay for what they did.
|The Protagonist|You're goddamn right they are...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Shaundi|I'm not gonna lie, for a minute I didn't think you'd make it in time.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|See, nothing to worry about. I got yo... um, what's that?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|My plans are always working! Now we are... Wait, what is that?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Come on, who's your girl Shaun...what the hell is that?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Are you kidding me? I'd never let my girl fa... Wait, what is that...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Girl, you gotta have a little more faith in... wait, what's that thing...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That makes two of us. You think I--what the hell is that?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Shaundi|What is what?

{{dialogue|"M02 Pull Chute"
|The Protagonist|I got you Shaundi!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm here!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You see? I return!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Got ya!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Got ya!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Got ya, girl!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Miss me?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M02 Pull Chute 2"
|Shaundi|You're a fucking asshole...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|True!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|But I wasn't wrong!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yes...but I'm YOUR asshole.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |OK, I deserve that...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I have my moments...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Right. Well. Can't disagree there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{quote|Wait, wh- ASSHOLE!|Shaundi, "M02 Shaundi Pushed"}}

{{dialogue|"M02 Shoot Plane"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shoot out a window and jump back inside... Not my best plan...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This sounded better in my head...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This should be easy...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shoot the window and land in the plane...the fuck was I thinking...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shoot out the window, the fuck was I thinking...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Steady... steady now...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M02 Speaker Message 1"
|Gat|I can see some of our passengers are getting restless. Here's some relaxing music for your enjoyment.

{{dialogue|"M02 Turbulence"
|Gat|My apologies, your captain is having troubles finding the clutch...
|Shaundi|Oh my god...we're gonna die.

{{dialogue|"M02 Window"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Not good, not good!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not good! Not good!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Or not!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Bad plan, bad plan...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shit, shit, SHIT!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bad plan! Bad plan!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}


{{dialogue|"M03 Arrive at Studio"
|Shaundi|I see my ex's place. Take it down over there.
|Pierce|There's gonna be enough room for this shit, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh, totally...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Do you not trust us?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Looks like we're gonna find out...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Maybe?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We'll find out.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |...yyyes?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M03 Arrive Combat"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's like they don't want to invite us in.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They don't seem very welcoming, do they?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Guess they're not letting us in.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Guess they're not letting us in.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I don't think they want us here!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't think they're gonna let us in.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Shaundi|Shooting them probably doesn't help change their mind.

{{dialogue|"M03 Arrive Warehouse"
|Shaundi|Alright, the guns should all be in that warehouse.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Perfect... what's the plan to move it all?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We could have a problem moving everything.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Wait. So how do we get them out of there?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Great... how're we moving everything?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shit, that should be enough... but how we gettin' it out of here?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How the fuck are we gonna get them out?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Shaundi|Maybe you should have thought about that before attacking an armory.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ok, fair, but it's a real good question.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It was your idea, remember? There must be something we can use.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah, yeah... seriously how are we gonna do this with just the two of us?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, yeah... seriously how are we gonna do it?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fine, you're right. But seriously, how we moving it all?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I like to live in the moment.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Shaundi|Don't worry, Pierce has that covered.

{{quote|Loren's gonna pay for this.|Shaundi, "M03 Body of Gat Message"}}

{{quote|The body of Mr. Gat will be a message for all who oppose The Syndicate. There is no mercy...only death. Don't mourn your friend. You'll be joining him soon.|Phillipe, "M03 Body of Gat"}}

{{dialogue|"M03 Bomb"
|Shaundi|Geez... look at the size of that thing. Bet that's a helluva way to end a gun fight.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's take it with and find out...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good thinking, Shaundi. We will take it with us.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|It will be mine...oh will be mine.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Good idea. We'll take it with and find out.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No doubt... Hope Pierce has room for this thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You're right. Let's take it with.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Shaundi|Yeah, right... Wait. You're serious, aren't you.

{{dialogue|"M03 Calling Out Places 1"
|Shaundi|Wow, that still exists?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Huh?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You know this place?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What are you looking at?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You used to hang there?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What still exists?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Shaundi|That's where I used to score weed.

{{dialogue|"M03 Calling Out Places"
|Shaundi|Spent most of the time over there, baked outta my mind.
|Shaundi|Oh, fuck that place.
|Shaundi|That's where I had my first... um, on second thought, that one's kinda personal.

{{dialogue|"M03 Calvary"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This isn't going quite as planned.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If this keeps up much longer, I think we will be in trouble!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This was probably a bad idea...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This really seemed like a better idea earlier on!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Maybe I should of listened to you, girl...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This isn't going as well as I'd hoped.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Shaundi|You think? Pierce, where are you?
|Pierce|You know me...

{{dialogue|"M03 Chopper Combat"
|Shaundi|Be easier if these things weren't moving so fast.
|Shaundi|Fuck, keep it steady up there!
|Shaundi|Pierce, just keep going. We're clearing them out.

{{dialogue|"M03 cutscene Out"
|Shaundi|So what's next?
|The Protagonist|What's next is you go back to Stilwater.
|Shaundi|What? No - this is my fight, too.
|Pierce|Girl, you don't get messy. Let us take care of business.
|Shaundi|Fuck you, I'm doing this for Johnny.
|The Protagonist|Alright. Well...if we're gonna bring in the boys, we're gonna need a new place.
|Shaundi|You're worried about real-estate? We have guns, let's use 'em.
|The Protagonist|Relax, Shaundi--we got it all covered.

{{quote|...I love to make an entrance.|Pierce, "M03 cutscene Zscene01"}}

{{dialogue|"M03 Defend Area"
|Shaundi|Here's the weapons cache. And these look like UAV drone controls over here.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Did you really say "Look like UAV drone controls"?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You recognize UAV drone controls? You have been sleeping with special forces, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|UAV drone controls? Are you listening to yourself, Shaundi?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Look like UAV drone controls? Who the fuck says that?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |How the fuck you know what the hell those things are?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Looks like UAV drones? Who talks like that?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Shaundi|Ok, is this really the time?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hey, you're the one who said it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shaundi, have you been holding out on me?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm just sayin' that was eerily specific.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm just sayin'...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey, I was just askin'.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm just saying.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M03 Drone Operator 1"
|Interrogation|Did you just launch?!
|Interrogation|That wasn't me! I swear!

{{dialogue|"M03 Drone Operator 2"
|Interrogation|Stop firing!
|Interrogation|I'm not!

{{dialogue|"M03 Drone Operator"
|Interrogation|Oh god, there's another one!
|Interrogation|We gotta shut this thing down!

{{dialogue|"M03 Fun With"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Damn, this this IS fun!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Heads up!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shaundi, you're missing out.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|They ain't stopping me now.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This one's for you.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You aren't getting near that bomb.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Bombs awaaaaaay!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Hey, you, I got you something!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I love setting off fireworks!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I love this!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I want this in my next car.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shaundi you should try... you probably have tried this.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Aaaaaaaand boom.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Got something for you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I have got to get me one of these...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi, you gotta give this a try.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's right, catch.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This is too cool...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Just try running.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Thank -- you -- Shaundi!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's right!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Think you can catch this?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You ain't getting past me now!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You gotta try this Pierce!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Catch this you prick.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I could do this for hours!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I need one of these.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Now I know how God feels...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Release the kraken!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Special delivery!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M03 Get In Chopper"
|Pierce|We're all set. Get in the chopper!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Whatever you say.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I thought you would never finish!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|On our way.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |On our way.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's go, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Be right there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M03 GPS Tutorial for FF"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I feel naked without a gun.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am naked without my weapons. Where can we find guns?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where's the closest gun store?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So, about getting a gun...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What about a getting a gun?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I have no bloody idea where we are.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Shaundi|Why don't you just look up Friendly Fire on your phone?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Come again?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Friendly Fire does not deliver. That isn't helpful, Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What, and call 'em?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Eh?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Shaundi|It has GPS, right? Check your map.

{{dialogue|"M03 Mission Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's grab a ride and figure out where we are.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We need a new plan. First... Where are we, Shaundi?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where are we Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We'll need a car... Shaundi, you got any idea where we are?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shaundi...where the fuck are we?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shaundi, you got any clue where we're at?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Shaundi|Steelport... it's kinda like Bangkok's abusive father.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So you've been here before?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Sounds nice. Have you been here before?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|When's the last time you were here?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Been here before?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You used to live here or somethin'?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How do you know this place?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Shaundi|Spring break...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This where "Feel Boss" comes from? What the hell is it?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So how many guys... never mind. What is this "Feel Boss" thing?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You know what's up with the whole "Feel Boss" thing?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Great. What the fuck does "Feel Boss" mean?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What was up with the "Feel Boss" sign?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Great. And what in the bloody hell is a "Feel Boss"?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Shaundi|You don't wanna know.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fine, be like that... So where we going?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That bad? You can still get around the city, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You think you can show me around?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ok whatever, you know where we're going?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Whatever, you know the city well?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |{{*}}sigh* Do you at least know where we can find some guns?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Shaundi|Look, I was really high the last time I was here. Just drive, it'll come back to me.

{{dialogue|"M03 Nice Hit"
|Shaundi|Good shooting, boss.

{{quote|Here's the cash I have on me.|Shaundi, "M03 Out of"}}

{{dialogue|"M03 Protect Bomb"
|Pierce|Dammit, these guys are a pain in my ass.
|Shaundi|We can't let them blow up the bomb... or Pierce, that'd be bad.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Way to prioritize...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No one will blowing up my pier... My bomb.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm on it...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm on it...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm handlin' that shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Thank you Captain Obvious.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{quote|Keep these guys off the stash while we get it loaded up.|Pierce, "M03 Protect"}}

{{dialogue|"M03 Radio Chatter"
|Pierce|I'm still getting hit here.
|Pierce|Don't think these dials are supposed to be spinning like this.
|Pierce|What's takin' so long to get those things down?
|Pierce|Whatchu guys waiting for?!

{{quote|You think?!|Shaundi, "M03 Reactor"}}

{{dialogue|"M03 Satellite Start"
|Pierce|Why aren't we getting the hell outta here?
|Shaundi|The boss won't leave without the bomb!
|Pierce|You gotta be kidding me!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce, trust me on this.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You should trust me, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Stay focused Pierce!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Less bitching, more shooting!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Someday you'll all thank me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Less talk, more murder!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Shaundi|If we're stayin', maybe it's time to try those UAV drones.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You said it again...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am going to find your phone number on the controls, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3| you're just saying that to piss me off.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Again with the "UAV drones"...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Seriously, how do you fucking know what that is?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Again with the "UAV drones"?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Shaundi|Just shut up and use the damn things!

{{dialogue|"M03 Stash Combat 1"
|Shaundi|You think we got enough guns?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Do I really need to answer that?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Perhaps for now. We'll see.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Please. You know what my answer to that is going to be.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No such thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Would I ever say yes to that?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That was a rhetorical question I hope.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Shaundi|So once we're loaded up we're going after Loren, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh yeah, don't worry.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|In good time, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hell yeah.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't worry, I got a plan...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Damn right, girl.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |All in due time.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M03 Stash Combat 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce, you ready yet?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Talk to me, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You ready yet Pierce?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How's it coming, Pierce?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Pierce, we ready to go?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Ready, Pierce?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Pierce|Almost packed up.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Make it quick.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Keep me informed.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Thank God.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |The sooner the better.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Faster would be nice.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't keep me waiting.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M03 Stop Shooting My"
|Pierce|If we get shot down, kiss your rescue goodbye!
|Pierce|Watch what you're shooting! Those helis are ours!
|Pierce|You trying to shoot our guys down?

{{dialogue|"M03 To Armory"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|How far's the Armory?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where do I find the Armory?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where's this Armory?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Where's this Armory?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We close to the Armory?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We getting glose?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Shaundi|Not far. It's on the GPS.

{{dialogue|"M03 To Gun Store 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Call Pierce and fill him in.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You have been in contact with Pierce?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We should let Pierce know what's up...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We should let Pierce know what's up...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Call Pierce and let him know what happened.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shit I just realized we forgot about Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Shaundi|Also a shitty idea...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Way to channel Pierce. It's very natural sounding.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Alright, you win. I will storm the Armory. You may seek shelter with Josh Birk.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You could always get into the "Feel Boss" business...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Woah, Pierce, where'd you come from, I thought I was talking to Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ohhh... Did our little reality star forget where she came from?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well he won't listen to me. You on the other hand, could... persuade him.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Shaundi|Not cool.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You been hanging out a lot? Going on some dates? Picking out place settings...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Unfortunately, with myself likely dead and no where else for you to turn you will probably succumb to his charms, and in a few days...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm just throwing out options here...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |'Cause I mean- Pierce, well that guy bitches about everything and -
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I can't rob an armory, I have an immunity challenge to run.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Course you might have to "seal the deal" so to speak... But what's a little indecent proposal between friends?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Shaundi|Alright, alright we'll pick a fight with the military...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's my girl...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Well, if you insist.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Atta girl...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Good times...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's my girl...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Alright, just remember this was YOUR idea.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Shaundi|I texted him. He's bringing the crew.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Any ideas how we can wrangle up a couple hundred guns?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Then we will be needing a lot more guns. Any suggestions?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We're pretty tapped for cash. Any ideas how we can score guns for the boys?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Looks like we'll need more guns, any ideas?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Whole crew? Any idea how we'll load 'em out?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Then we'll need more guns. Any suggestions?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Shaundi|Yeah, we raid the Guard Armory...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's why I count on you, hon.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Of course! Revolutions always strike first at the armories!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Alright, sounds good to me...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |They have one of those here? Right on...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's what I love about you, girl!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's not a bad idea.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Shaundi|You can't be serious.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|They have more than enough to go around. What's to worry about?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why not? They have guns, we need guns. What could possibly go wrong?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's wrong with robbing a military complex?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We need guns, they have guns... I don't see the problem.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Goddamn right I'm serious, what's the problem?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We need weapons. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Shaundi|Getting shot comes to mind.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Bullets? Whatever, I dove through a moving plane...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That's exciting, no? Makes you feel full of life, like attacking a tiger with a knife...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Alright, lets's go with plan B: you raise money turning tricks...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Blah blah bullets blah blah, I just flew through a fucking plane.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Did you not see me fly through a damn plane?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well we don't have the cash to buy 'em. Unless you wanted to go ask Josh Birk for a loan...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M03 To Gun Store 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Coming here for Spring Break means you gotta know someone here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Do you know anyone who might be living here?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Know any guys who live around here?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Anyone from the Spring Break days still live around here?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Got anyone you can trust around here?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Know any chaps around here?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Shaundi|Yeah, I keep up with one of my ex's.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|His place big at all?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Think his place might have room for the crew?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You think he'd let us crash there?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |His place big enough for the crew?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So he have crash space big enough for the crew?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How's his flat?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Shaundi|Already offered it to Pierce and the boys.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You kinda dodged that question...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I do not think you answered my question...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Man, you're really on top of this...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That doesn't really answer the question.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That wasn't an answer...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You didn't answer my question.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Shaundi|I know.


{{dialogue|"M04 Brute Combat"
|Pierce|This guy means business.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|He just tossed a fucking car!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The strength of him! It is incredible!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You just putting that together?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You think? He flipped a fucking car!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No doubt!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |REALLY? What tipped you off?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Pierce|He on steroids or something?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That "or something" sounds right.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No steroid can do that to a man.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I don't care what he's on...we gotta deal with him quick...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'd go with "or something".
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |He's flippin' cars, whatchu think?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Something sounds about right.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M04 Drive to PS"
|Pierce|How long were you rolling with Gat, anyway?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Since I joined the Saints. Been a while now.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|From the beginning. He was there when I joined.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|A while. He was around when I first joined the Saints.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Long time. He was there when I first joined the Saints.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Since Julius was running shit, back when I first joined up.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Long. Met him when I first became a Saint.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Pierce|Shit, what was he like back then?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pretty much the same. He just had a shittier haircut.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|There was no one like Johnny. And then Aisha died. After that he was.... different.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fucking. Crazy. And we all loved him for it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |He mellowed with age...until Aisha died, then he was fucking pissed.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Badass. He took a shotgun to the knee and kept walking...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Measured. Controlled... That all changed when Aisha died.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M04 Drive to RJ"
|Pierce|Shaundi's taking this thing with Gat pretty hard.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm not exactly happy, either.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No one is happy about it, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You think it's easy for me?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We all are.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You think I ain't?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Everyone is.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Pierce|I know, but you're always pissed off, our girl's not as crazy as you.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|She'll be fine. I have faith in her.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|She is very angry. You will have to help me watch her.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who said I'm always pissed off?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on her...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Once we get Loren, she'll calm down.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'll keep an eye on her.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M04 Escape"
|Pierce|Time to tip on outta here...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Good plan.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Let's Move!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Let's move!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No doubt.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm with ya on that.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No time like the present!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M04 Exit Planet Saints"
|Pierce|Time to go... what the fuck is that thing!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Something angry... VERY angry!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I think we are about to find out.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I got no fucking clue...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Something very pissed off.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Nothing good...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Something very big and very angry...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M04 Go to Planet Saints"
|Pierce|Car's got some more style, now it's our turn. Head to Planet Saints.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Narcissistic much?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Planet Saint? I do not need to dress like a Saint. I am a Saint.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I don't know about you...but I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I dunno man, that's like wearing the band's t-shirt to the concert.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why, so we can buy matching suits...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Doesn't feel like we're going a bit overboard?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Pierce|Nothing wrong with wanting to look good.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I don't need any help there.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You say I am not always looking good?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What are you getting at Pierce...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I always look good.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright alright, lets go...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I always do.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{quote|This car could use a little tuning. Let's find a Rim Jobs and get it cleaned up.|Pierce, "M04 Mission Start Pierce Car"}}

{{quote|Let's find a Rim Jobs. If we're gonna jack a car, we should at least change the paint or somethin'.|Pierce, "M04 Mission Start Stolen Car"}}

{{dialogue|"M04 Notoriety Tutorial"
|Pierce|We have to lose some of this heat. Head to the crib.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That really the best place?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We're going to ground like rabbits chased by a fox?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You sure that's where we wanna go?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You think the crew can help?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You wanna bring this down on the crew?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You sure?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Pierce|It's our turf. They ain't gonna cross us there.

{{quote|Dammit, we just fixed that thing up...|Pierce, "M04 Pierce Car"}}

{{dialogue|"M04 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist|How's the crew settling in?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|Man, we gotta get a new place. That studio shit ain't workin' at all.
|The Protagonist|Spent too much time in posh hotels?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|I can't help it the rest of the world treats the Saints right.
|The Protagonist|Doesn't mean we should get soft.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Phone Call|I hear ya... Listen, how about you and me roll around the city and see what Steelport has to offer?
|The Protagonist|You convinced me, meet me at the park, I'll pick you up.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|DELETE

{{dialogue|"M04 Sing A Long Intro"
|Pierce|We need some drivin' music...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|As long as it's good.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Make sure it is something good, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why don't you find something for us to listen to?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |See if you can find something good.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Turn that shit up...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Please don't sing...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M04 What Was That Guy"
|Pierce|That big fucker wasn't normal.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|A little bit of an understatement.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|There is no doubt about that.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No doubt...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You think?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Really?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Pierce|I've seen some scary motherfuckers, but the way he was shrugging off bullets...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well, he's dead. At least, I hope...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It is curious. No matter. He will not trouble us again.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|He's dead. Move on.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, something wasn't right. At least he's dead.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Just glad we dropped his ass.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We'll figure it out later. Important thing is he's dead.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Pierce|I hear that.


|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh grenades, what problems can't you solve?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A grenade or two should do it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Nothing some explosives can't handle...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Nothing some explosives can't handle...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fun with grenades...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Nothing some explosives can't handle.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Pierce|Alright, you're clear.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Everyone out of my way!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|More of these assholes? I don't have time for this!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Dammit, I don't have time for these assholes...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Dammit, I don't have time for these assholes...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Outta my damn way!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I don't have time for these bastards...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M05 Clean Out Penthouse"
|Shaundi|What's the plan here?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We mop up the rest of these assholes.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Sweep the penthouse. Throw these assholes out with the trash.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We kill a whole lotta people!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Clean the rest of these bastards out of our new place.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We kill all the bitches in our new place!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Clean rubbish out of our new flat!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Shaundi|Easy enough.

{{quote|What the hell's going on over there?|Interrogation, "M05 Come Get"}}

{{dialogue|"M05 Comment on Stored"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce should go through this shit later.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This looks like a warehouse. They will want this stuff back...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Look at all this shit. No way they're givin' this up without a fight.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Doubt they're lettin' all this go without a fight.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This is some serious loot. Bastards won't go quietly.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M05 cutscene In"
|Pierce|Whatchu thinkin?
|The Protagonist|Some asshole is in my pool.
|Shaundi|The crew's ready downstairs--say the word and we crash the party.
|The Protagonist|Let's do it.

{{dialogue|"M05 cutscene Out"
|Matt|The Saints aren't going to back down...
|Killbane|Matty, there's nothing to worry about.
|Phillipe|My thoughts exactly, Mr. Killbane.
|Phillipe|The Saints are no more than a white noise of empty threats.
|Matt|With respect, sir...
|Matt|I'd say "empty" is no longer applicable.

{{dialogue|"M05 Early Helicopter Chase"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|How's the cleanup going?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shaundi, are you finished with the cleanup?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shaundi, you have the place cleaned up yet?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi, you have the place cleaned up yet?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hope everything looks spotless when I get back, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You got this place cleaned out yet, love?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Shaundi|What do I look like, the damn maid?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You'd look cute in the outfit...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You can if you like. I can get you a little frilly apron on my way back.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I know you're pissed off at life right now, but do you have to take everything so literal?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So that's a no then...?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I wish, that'd be sexy as hell...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |A simple fucking 'no' would have sufficed.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Shaundi|We're sitting on a bomb here, and you're making jokes?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce would agree with me...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You don't want the apron?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|See, there you go again...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Someone needs a nap...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright, alright, I'm sorry.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Down kitty...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M05 Elevator"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Party crashin' time.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The party is not the same without you Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You ready Shaundi?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ready to crash a party?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Party time, girl.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Ready for the grand entrance?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Shaundi|We're comin' up. Keep the door clear.

{{dialogue|"M05 Finding Explosives"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Gimme an update, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How is the housekeeping, Shaundi?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Talk to me Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How's it going, Shaundi?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Talk to me, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shaundi, how's it coming?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Shaundi|Good news: we've cleared them out. Bad news: the boys are saying this place is rigged to blow.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Isn't that fun...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I knew this was going too well.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Figures. We're about due for another explosion.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, I'd say that's bad.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bloody hell...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M05 Helicopter Chase"
|Shaundi|Looks like these things are on a coded timer, and the clock's ticking! You got him yet?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Once I catch him, you'll get your codes.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Just keep sweeping. I will get the codes.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Relax. I'll get the code.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Just finish cleaning up, I'll get the codes.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |He hasn't landed yet. Don't worry, he's gotta have the codes.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Just worry about yourself. I'll get the codes.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Shaundi|Nope, no codes. Just four wires. Red, green, blue, and black.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well that's original...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Wires. Right. Do not be breaking one on accident.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't get caught up in the details, the point is I'll find out how to disarm the bomb...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, I'll get back to you then.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's hope he ain't color blind then.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm gonna need to get back to you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M05 Helicopter Escape"
|Shaundi|Where's that guy in the helicopter going?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'll ask him how to disarm that thing.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If they are rescuing him, he must be important. He will know how to disarm the explosives.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not sure...but he might know how to disarm this place.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Bet he knows how to disarm this place.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |He probably set the damn bomb.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He'll know how to disarm this place.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Shaundi|Then try not to kill him.

{{quote|Boss, guys are getting dropped off outside!|Shaundi, "M05 Helicopters Dropping Off"}}

{{dialogue|"M05 Interrogation Roof"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The freight elevator, give me the code.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You want to live. I want the freight elevator open. Now talk.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's the code to the freight elevator?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What's the code to the freight elevator?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm bettin' you know the code to the elevator.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Gimme the code to the lift!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Interrogation|Go to hell!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That really how you wanna play it?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You will be there long before me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I love it when they play hard to get...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh I love it when people say that...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Really wanna play it like that?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You really wanna play that game, sweetheart?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Interrogation|Fine, code's 3-1-3-1, just watch the jacket...

{{quote|Any day now, the crew's waiting.|Pierce, "M05 Jump"}}

{{dialogue|"M05 Landed"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Touchdown. Shaundi, I'll get the elevator code and let you up soon.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Be ready, Shaundi. I will have the elevator codes soon.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shaundi, I'm in. I'll call you when I get the elevator code.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi, I'm in. Soon as I find someone with the elevator code I'll unlock it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Once I get the codes, I'll let you know.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shaundi, I'm in. Soon as I find a bloke with the lift code I'll unlock it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Shaundi|Just give the word, boss.

{{dialogue|"M05 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|Phone Call|Glad you called. Think I found us a new place...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce, you were supposed to be looking for Loren, not going house hunting.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce, you were supposed to be looking for Loren, not going house hunting.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Pierce, you were supposed to be looking for Loren, not going house hunting.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, you were supposed to be looking for Loren, not going house hunting.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Pierce, you were supposed to be looking for Loren, not house hunting.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Pierce, you were supposed to be looking for Loren, not going house hunting.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|See, that's the beauty of this place -- it's owned by the Morningstar.
|The Protagonist|Alright, I'm listening...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|The Morningstar have a penthouse downtown where they're throwing some big party for their global contacts...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And their real estate agent will be there?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And their real estate agent will be there?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|And their real estate agent will be there?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |And their real estate agent will be there, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |And their real estate agent's gonna be there?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |And their real estate agent will be there?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|Real funny... I was going to say we crash the party, kill the Morningstar, and keep the place for the Saints.
|The Protagonist|I'm game. What's the plan.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|The Saints will be downstairs until you can unlock the elevator for them to come up.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wait, if I can't go up then how will I... oh, right, penthouse...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Wait, if I can't go up then how will I... oh, right, penthouse...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Wait, if I can't go up then how will I... oh, right, penthouse...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Wait, if I can't go up then how will I... oh, right, penthouses...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Wait, if I can't go up then how will I... oh, right, the penthouse...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Wait, if I can't go up then how will I... oh, right, penthouse...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|That's right. Meet me at the airport.

{{dialogue|"M05 React to"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wow, the crew's gonna love this place.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce did good. This place is perfect for the crew.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Damn, Pierce picked a nice place for the crew.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This beats the hell out of a studio apartment.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Now this is more my speed.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M05 Tell Shaundi Color"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Red, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You're safe. Cut the red wire.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shaundi, cut the red one.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi, cut the red one.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It's the red one.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Cut the red one, Shaundi!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Shaundi|Damn, I lost the bet...

{{dialogue|"M05 Warehouse Interrogation"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Which wire stops the bomb?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How do I defuse the bomb!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Tell me how to stop the bomb or I'll put a bullet in your fucking head!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How do I defuse the bomb!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Tell me which wire defuses the bomb!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How do I defuse the bomb!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Interrogation|The red wire! Cut the red wire!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Thank you...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That was not so bad, now was it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Thanks...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Good boy.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Thanks.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Smart boy.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M05 Why Am I"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Why do I agree to this shit...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Too late to make new plans now.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I really gotta stop doing this shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |At least I ain't scared of heights...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I gotta start thinking through these plans.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}


{{dialogue|"M06 Ball"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Come on, Frenchie! Let's dance!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You will not escape me now!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Going down...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm comin' for ya, Frenchie!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No more runnin', Loren!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Familiar with Agincourt you prick?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Come on!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I do not have time for this!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh come on...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Are you fucking kidding me?!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What the fuck, man?!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fucking piece of...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M06 Bomb Arrive"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Did that thing get bigger?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It's beautiful. It is even bigger than I am remembering.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Biggest package I've ever seen...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Damn, bigger when it's close up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The bigger the better.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bigger than I though it'd be.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Pierce|That's what Shaundi said...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I will hurt you... Now let me get this thing set so we can head up.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Enough, Pierce. Once I have set this timer, we will be going.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What are you, twelve? Shut up, we need to find Loren.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't even... Let me set this and we can go find Loren.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Really, Pierce? Anyway, let's set this thing and then find Loren.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't. Let's set this and track down Loren.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{quote|Here's our delivery now.|Pierce, "M06 Bomb"}}

{{dialogue|"M06 Bomb Set 1"
|Pierce|The bomb's set and the clock's ticking...
|Shaundi|Why didn't we wait to do that until after we kill Loren?
|Pierce|That's... a really good question, we should move.

{{dialogue|"M06 Break Cables"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Get this thing loose!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Break this thing loose! I have to reach the bottom before him!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Break the!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Knock this thing loose! I'm gonna crush that sonofabitch...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Break those cables, I'm crushin' that piece of shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Cut this loose! We're going to smash that smug fucker!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Oleg|Leave it to me...
|Pierce|I've got this one!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Time's wasting! This is our only shot!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Faster! He will be getting away!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Do not let him get away!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hurry it up, he's getting away!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Get it done!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He's getting away! Now!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M06 Brute on"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Get off!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I will not be stopped!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who said you could get on my ball?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Get off my damn ball!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Find your own ride down!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Get your own ball!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M06 Choice"
|Shaundi|Time to blow this place to hell...
|Oleg|I hate this place more than anyone but it would be folly to destroy Phillipe's research without seeing what we can harvest from it.
|Shaundi|We came here to send a message, didn't we?
|Oleg|Why not keep the building for yourself?
|Pierce|Your choice here, boss.

{{dialogue|"M06 Clone Room 2"
|Shaundi|What the fuck is this room?
|Shaundi|Are those people in there?
|Pierce|Looks like all those big guys we keep seeing. Clones?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We probably should have seen that coming!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Clones, of course. That is how I would do it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We shoulda saw that coming!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Makes sense to me.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Think you might be right.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That would make sense.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah, you're right. It's fucking crazy.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If... I... were an evil crime lord that is...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Come on, like you never noticed they looked the same!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |OK, maybe "makes sense" was too strong...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Unless you have a better explaination, I'm just sayin' it makes sense.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Not 'make sense' in a... ah fuck it, nevermind.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M06 Clone Room 3"
|Pierce|What should we call these guys?
|Shaundi|Who cares? They're blowing up with the rest of this place.
|Pierce|How about Bricks? They hit like their made of the stuff.
|Shaundi|Bricks? Really?
|Pierce|Alright, what would you call 'em?
|Pierce|You ain't gettin' how this works, are you...

{{quote|I knew this wouldn't be easy, but Jesus...|Pierce, "M06 Clone Room"}}

{{dialogue|"M06 Clone Room Enter"
|Shaundi|So where'd the hell we stop?
|Pierce|Doubt it's anywhere good.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|There has to be another way up.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It doesn't matter. Phillipe is not here, so we will not stay long.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No big deal. We'll find another way up...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Look for another way up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Has to be another way up.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Find another way up.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M06 cutscene In"
|Pierce|Little big for you.
|Shaundi|Give me the god damn gun, Pierce.
|The Protagonist|Let's give that motherfucker what's comin' to him.

{{dialogue|"M06 cutscene Mid"
|The Protagonist|What the hell is all this?
|Oleg|Phillipe likes his things custom-made--and for his brutes, I am the master pattern, you see.
|Pierce|Why you still strung up if they already cloned your ass?
|Oleg|The copies are flawed. They have my brawn but not my brain. I can help you.
|Pierce|The last time a big naked dude said he could help me, it did not end well.
|Shaundi|What could he do anyway? Those wires and shit are probably keeping him alive.
|Oleg|Trust me--I'm still strong enough to kill Phillipe.
|Pierce|You want some clothes, man?
|Oleg|No time.
|Pierce|Man, like I said, the last time a big naked dude ...

{{quote|It's time we went back home and buried Johnny.|The Protagonist, "M06 cutscene Out01"}}

{{dialogue|"M06 cutscene Out02"
|The Protagonist|We're gonna have to do something about the pink.
|Oleg|You'd prefer a more manly shade, like purple?

{{dialogue|"M06 cutscene Zscene01"
|Oleg|Loren's office is this way!
|The Protagonist|Damn it!
|Oleg|That's an express elevator to the basement...there's no way to catch him.
|The Protagonist|Fuck. That.

{{dialogue|"M06 Driving 1"
|Pierce|How hard you think finding Phillipe will be?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|He'll be on the top floor. I think it's in the criminal mastermind rulebook or something.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|He is a rich, sadistic, egomaniacal crime lord... Top floor.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shouldn't be that hard, he's probably on the top floor.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Come on, he's a criminal mastermind...he's gotta be on the top floor, it's like a rule.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Everyone knows: the head bad guy is on the top floor. I thought you watched movies, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Mastermind of a shadowy criminal organization? Gotta be the top floor.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Pierce|You think he's gonna be that cliche?
|Shaundi|Doesn't matter...we're killing everyone in there...

{{dialogue|"M06 Driving 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The crew's holding back, right? I don't want the giant bomb near a firefight.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Is the bomb ready to be delivered?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|The guys know where they're going, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You sure the crew has the right address for our delivery?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Crew's right behind us with the package, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |The crew got the address... right?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Pierce|It's all taken care of. Soon as we make sure the loading dock is clear, they'll drive it in.

{{dialogue|"M06 Driving 3"
|Pierce|How many times you gonna check that gun?
|Shaundi|How long is it going to take us to get there?
|Pierce|I was just asking...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'll put you both in a timeout...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Save it for Loren, comrades.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Knock it off you two, we're almost there...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Save it for Loren's goons.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Keep it up and you're both walkin' there.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Save it for Loren and his goons.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M06 Elevator Stop"
|Shaundi|What'd you do?
|Pierce|It wasn't me. It just stopped.
|Phillipe|Did you really expect to waltz right up to my office when I control the building?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|God I hate him...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Uh... yes...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Well that's great...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I hate that asshole.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bollocks.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{quote|Done!|Oleg, "M06 Finished Breaking"}}

{{dialogue|"M06 Get in Elevator"
|Shaundi|Elevator's at the back of the dock.
|Pierce|Don't worry, the boys'll hold things down here.

{{quote|Saints are in the loading dock. Don't let them enter the building.|Phillipe, "M06 Guards to Loading"}}

{{dialogue|"M06 Loading Dock"
|Pierce|They ain't fucking around here.
|Shaundi|Shit, they have snipers in here.
|Pierce|That big guy really doesn't want us to get inside.

{{dialogue|"M06 Loading Dock 3"
|Pierce|You think all packages are this hard to drop off here?
|Shaundi|Ha ha. Can you just shoot them?

{{dialogue|"M06 Mission Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shaundi, you gonna be ok coming along?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If you are going to have second thoughts, Shaundi, you need to be having them now.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shaundi, if you're coming in with us-
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Are you sure you wanna do this, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You know Pierce and I can handle this, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You sure about this, Shaundi?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Shaundi|Don't worry about me, I need this. Loren has to pay for what he did, and I wanna be there when he gets what he deserves.
|Pierce|No worries, girl; we're not stopping with Loren...we're takin' out his whole fucking Syndicate.
|Shaundi|I think we'll need to do a little more than kill one guy to do that.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You know that bomb we stole? Well, there you go.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It's all in the plan, Shaundi
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We didn't steal that bomb for nothing.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We didn't steal that bomb for nothing.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Way ahead of you, girl. We're using the bomb.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Why do you think we nicked a bomb?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{quote|This elevator will take us to the offices.|Oleg, "M06"}}

{{dialogue|"M06 Oleg"
|Oleg|Follow me to Phillipe's office.
|Pierce|Seriously man, if you want I can find you, like... a curtain or something.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then we'll be all good. Glad to have you in the Saints.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I can accept that. Welcome to the Saints, Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No worries Oleg, as long as he doesn't want me dead I can respect a man's privacy...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Works for me. Welcome to the Saints.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You'll fit right in with the Saints, Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Works for me. Welcome aboard!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Oleg|The human body is nothing to be ashamed of, unless you have... insecurities.
|Pierce|I'm good...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Got a name, honey?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What are you called, comrade?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not that I'm ungrateful for the help, but I sometimes like to know a guy's name before I see him naked.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hey man, you got a name?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What do we call you?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |And you would be...?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Oleg|My name is Oleg Kirrlov...
|Shaundi|So... what did you do before you were a glorified pin cushion?
|Oleg|I think it best for our friendship I never elaborate. Just know that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. As long as you oppose the Syndicate you have nothing to fear from me.

{{dialogue|"M06 Phillipe"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Really could have used an '80s action hero joke.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Well, Johnny, it looks like he made himself a crepe instead.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Dammit. I shoulda thought of a Belgian Pancake joke...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Whoops.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |There's a great St. Crispin's Day joke in here somewhere...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M06 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist|Pierce, we've waited long enough. Now we go for Loren.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|Won't be easy. That whole tower's gotta be crawling with Morningstar.
|The Protagonist|Since when have we done things the easy way?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|True. So what's the plan?
|The Protagonist|Kill everyone we see and find Loren?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|Makes sense.
|The Protagonist|Meet me at the penthouse, I'll call Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|The Protagonist|Shaundi, it's time.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|Just tell me where to be.
|The Protagonist|We're meeting at the penthouse.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Phone Call|I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch...
|The Protagonist|Don't worry, he won't get away this time.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|You bet your ass he won't.


{{dialogue|"M07 1st Wave"
|Oleg|Leave this imposter to me...
|Zimos|What, that means everyone else is on us?
|Angel|It's not fair...
|Zimos|That's what I'm sayin'. I'm down for pussy, not getting shot at.
|Angel|No, for them.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Now that's what I like to hear.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We're going to get along just fine.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I like this one.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm gonna like hanging out with you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Cocky as hell... I like that.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We're going to get on just fine.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Angel Development"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Killbane must have a lot of hate for you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Killbane must hate you a great deal.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You and Killbane don't seem to get along.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Looks like Killbane isn't your number one fan.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Killbane must be really gunning for you.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Killbane doesn't seem like your #1 fan.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Angel|I don't expect you to understand.
|Angel|It wasn't always that way.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You got a history?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You were comrades once, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How so?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What do you mean?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That so?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How so?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Angel|I trained him, taught him how to fight, how to work a crowd...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And how's that a bad thing?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What happened?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|And this is how he shows his gratitude?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Then why's he want you dead?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You helped him and now he wants you dead?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So why does he--?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Angel|I was always the favorite, he could never get over. It drove him mad.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So he tried to kill you? What a douche.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|He wanted to kill you for having more fans?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So he tried to kill you?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |He wants to kill you because you were more popular than him?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So he tried to kill you?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He wanted you dead because he didn't get voted Prom King?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Angel|No, he wanted to humiliate me first. That's why he took off my mask.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You don't look so bad without it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You couldn't get a new one?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Mask?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Mask? So?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm not sure that I follow...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Brute Grapple"
|Oleg|You are no child of mine... just an abomination.

{{dialogue|"M07 Brute Mini gun"
|Zimos|You gonna pick up that big fuckin' gun, or what?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah yeah, I'll get to it!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'll be there, have patience!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|A little patience goes a long way.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Little busy here, I'm getting to it!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |When I get to it!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Give me a bloody second!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Brutes Dead"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Killbane won't stop coming after you, Angel. How'd you like to do something about that?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You cannot hold Killbane off forever, Angel. Join with us, and we will end him for good.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You just gonna sit around waiting for Killbane to finish the job, Angel?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Angel... you gonna keep sitting around waiting for Killbane to take you out or you gonna do something about it?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Here's the thing, Angel. Either you can stay here and wait to die, or come with us and do something about it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Angel... you just gonna sit around waiting for Killbane to take you out?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Angel|What do you have in mind?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We take it to Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Go on the offensive. Make Killbane fight our way.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We take the fight to him.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We take the fight to Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Take this shit straight to Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We bring the fight to Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Angel|You'll never survive.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Eh, if you wanna bitch out that's on you. But I thought you actually had some balls...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are wrong. I will introduce Killbane to his grave. But if you'd rather sit this one out...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Maybe. But at least I'll go down swinging, which is more than I can say for you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Cut the fatalistic bullshit. You wanna help? Help. You don't? Get the fuck out of my way.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Look, this is happening with or without you. Thought maybe you just wanted to be part of it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Funny thing about me: I'm remarkably hard to kill. Now you gonna help or not?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Angel|Alright...I'll train you.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Right on.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good. I'll be be in touch.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Good. I'll be around.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Right on. I'll call you when I need you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then lay low and I'll call ya soon.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Now that's what I like to hear.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Call Out Minigun Brute"
|Zimos|What the fuck is that guy carrying?!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shit, mini-gun!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That would be a mini-gun.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Mini-gun. Shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Mini-gun up top!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |A fucking mini-gun!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Mini-gun up above!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Casino Fight"
|Pierce|Holy shit. That fucker on the balcony has a mini-gun!
|Angel|Take Cover!
|Oleg|I'll take care of this.
|Angel|That brute is coming off the top!

{{dialogue|"M07 cutscene In"
|Monica|When I left Stilwater for the Senate, I vowed not to forget my hometown roots. My husband gave his life defending Stilwater from gang violence. It is my greatest privilege to honor him with this bridge.
|Killbane|Time for the high spot, boys.
|Pierce|Whoever this crew is, they float pretty damn good.
|Oleg|They're Killbane's thugs.
|The Protagonist|Kill-who?
|Oleg|He's the Syndicate's attack dog.
|Shaundi|What he did to Johnny's funeral... that's over the fucking limit.
|Oleg|He doesn't care about rules of engagement.
|The Protagonist|No rules? I can work with that.
|Oleg|You're not ready to fight the Syndicate.
|Shaundi|Watch us.
|The Protagonist|Just relax, Shaundi. Alright big man, what do you got?
|Oleg|There are others who hate the Syndicate as much as you do. I will take you to them.
|Monica|Can you believe this? On my husband's bridge! No, no, I will not calm down. I'm heading back to the Hill. Book an emergency session. Goddamn it--this is war!
|Shaundi|Who the hell are these guys?

{{dialogue|"M07 cutscene Out"
|Killbane|Well, ladies and gentleman, Phillipe is dead and we are at a crossroads. And the question is: who will lead The Syndicate to a new era.
|Matt|Viola and Kiki were Mr. Loren's right hands. Shouldn't they be the ones who-
|Killbane|I had someone else in mind.
|The Protagonist|The Syndicate has to answer for what they did... and this time, we're taking the fight to them.
|Viola|Excuse me?
|Killbane|The barbarians are at the gate--we need a general not an ambassador!
|Kiki|Calm down, Eddie...
|Killbane|What did you call me?
|The Protagonist|Since we don't know Steelport I brought in some people who do. This is Kinzie, Zimos, and Angel..
|Viola|What'd you like us to do, Killbane?
|Killbane|Something. Anything! Before I wonder why I keep you bookends around.
|The Protagonist|Talk to one of these guys, they'll have things for you to do. It's our time now--let's get this shit started.

{{dialogue|"M07 cutscene Zscene01"
|Pierce|How we gonna find Zimos? Look for the cat in here who isn't excited to be eating a ball gag?
|The Protagonist|Or just look for the guy with a rhinestone Z on his back.
|Pierce|Get the fuck outta here man -
|Pierce|Well. Shit. That's convenient.
|Goon|They went this way!
|The Protagonist|Shit...
|The Protagonist|We dont got time, Zimos!
|The Protagonist|MUSH!

{{dialogue|"M07 cutscene Zscene02"
|The Protagonist|Sorry about making you, ya know...pull us around.
|Zimos|This is a rescue, right? This ain't some elaborate set up for a gang bang?
|Pierce|Why you gotta put that image in my head, bro?
|Zimos|I'll go with rescue then. I'd shake your hand, but these floors are a little sticky if you know what I'm sayin'.
|The Protagonist|I'm good.
|The Protagonist|Find a moist towellete or somethin'. Sup?
|Kinzie|I found the guy I was talking about...

{{dialogue|"M07 cutscene Zscene03"
|Angel|You're not one Loren's brutes.
|Oleg|And you are not one of Killbane's Luchadores...
|The Protagonist|Yeah, but they are.

{{dialogue|"M07 Drive to BDSM Club"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What sort of kink they have at a place like this?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You visit clubs like this often?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You into this kinda stuff?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You ever been to one of these clubs?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So what's the etiquette for this kind of place?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You ever been to one of these clubs?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Pierce|I look like I'd go to one of those clubs?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I bet you'd be into some nasty shit if you tried it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The way you and Shaundi are always at it, I could see her--
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You do spend a lot of money on body wax...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm just sayin', powerful guy, stressful job...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You ain't seein' anybody. Figure you get your kink on the side.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You never can tell.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Pierce|Stop talking.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh my God! You totally would!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Too shy to ask? If you ever are wanting to try it, I would be happy--
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's your safeword? Shoes?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's what I thought.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |See, that wasn't a no.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So defensive... Did I hit a nerve?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Pierce|Shut up.

{{dialogue|"M07 Encounter Deckers"
|Pierce|What the hell these guys wearin'?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Looks like the Bleak Line by Christoph Valkerie...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A projection of their feelings of abandonment and their resentment of broader society.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I dunno, but it kinda turns me on...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Seriously, neo-cyber punk fashion was so 3 years ago.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Always thought neo-cyber punk was overrated.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No kidding. Don't these chavs know neo-cyber punk was so last decade?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You found the fed yet?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Just shoot them, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Nothing. Find that fed!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's focus on finding the fed.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So, found the fed yet?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What? I didn't say anything. Find that fed!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Enter BDSM"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So where do we start looking?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How are we to be finding this guy?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How we gonna find this guy?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How the hell are we supposed to find this guy...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Any ideas?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How do we even find this bloke?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Pierce|Shake people down... someone's gotta know where they're keeping our boy.

{{dialogue|"M07 Exterior Brute Dead"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Zimos, this is Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oleg! I'm glad you made it!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You made it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Nice of you to show up, Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oleg, nice timing.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Nice of you to show up.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Oleg|I'm not too late to the party, am I?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|There's plenty to go around. Let's get in there and find Angel.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It would not be the same without you, comrade. Let's go find Angel.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't worry, we left you some. Time to find Angel.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't worry, there's pleanty of people left to kill. Let's head inside and find Angel.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't worry: pleanty of Luchadores to fuck up...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Plenty to go around. Let's find Angel.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{quote|Be careful, they have flame throwers!|Angel, "M07 Flamer Brute"}}

{{dialogue|"M07 Go"
|Angel|I'm going upstairs!
|Oleg|I'm heading upstairs!
|Zimos|I'll check out upstairs!

{{dialogue|"M07 Head to Pony Barn"
|Pierce|If I never see this place again, it'll be too soon.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm going to have to bathe in hand sanitizer...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I will want the hand sanitizer after this.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I need hand sanitizer.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Remind me to get some hand sanitizer after this.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Got any of that sanitizer stuff? I don't wanna know what's on me...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't suppose you'd have any hand sanitizer?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Pierce|Don't worry, we'll get a box of that shit.

{{dialogue|"M07 Interrogate"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Zimos, where is he?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where is Zimos?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where's Zimos!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Where's Zimos!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Take me to Zimos!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I need to find Zimos!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Interrogation|If I say anything the DeWynter sisters will cut me off!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Funny, I was thinking of cutting something off too...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am here. They are not. If anyone will be doing the cutting...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'd worry about ME cutting something off.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |If you don't say anything something else is getting cut off...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Funny, I was thinkin' of cutting something off too...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Start talking or other things are gonna get cut off.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Interrogation|He's in the pony barn! Alright?

{{dialogue|"M07 Interrogate Floor2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Either take me to Zimos, or I'm gonna beat your sorry ass...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Tell me where to find Zimos, or I will beat the shit out of you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Tell me where Zimos is or I'm gonna pound your face in--
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Tell me where Zimos is or I'm gonna beat you stupid...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm looking for Zimos. Start talkin' or I start leavin' marks...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Tell me where Zimos is or I'll beat the fuck out of you!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Interrogation|OH YES!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Seriously? Ew...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Don't fuck around with me old m--wait, what?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Mierda...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You gotta be kidding me...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What the fuck, man...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |...unexpected...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Interrogation|The manager's upstairs, he'd know! Just hit me! I've been bad!

{{dialogue|"M07 Interrogate Upstairs 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The manager, where is he?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are the manager, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You the manager?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You the manager?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Tell me where the manager is.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Are you the manager?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Interrogation|I don't know anything, I'm just here for a bachelor party!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Dammit...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Bah.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What is wrong with you people...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ugh...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well fuck...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |For fuck's sake...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Kinzie"
|Kinzie|His name's Angel De LaMuerte, he was Killbane's tag team partner until he went crazy.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Who went crazy? Angel, or Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So Angel is crazy? Or did you mean Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Until which one went crazy?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Until Angel went crazy, or Killbane went crazy?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Who went crazy? Angel, or Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Till who went crazy? Angel or Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|I should probably look into that. The point is: Angel hates Killbane more than you do... he should be willing to help.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Got a location?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good work Kinzie. Where is he?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where's he at?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Where do I find him?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So let's pick him up. Where's he at?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Where is he?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|That's the tricky part... the Luchadores are attacking him at the gym right now, you should probably hurry before he gets killed.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And that didn't come first why?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why are you not telling me that first?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Chica, that's the type of shit that needs to come first!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Why didn't you start with that?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |And you're just bringing that up now?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't you think you should have led with that?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|You ask too many questions. I'd hurry up, you're on the clock.

{{dialogue|"M07 Kinzie Call to Say Thanks"
|Kinzie|Forgot to say thanks for freeing me.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You can thank me by finding a third person to help.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Can you find others who oppose the Syndicate?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You want to thank me, then help me take down the Syndicate. Know anyone else besides this Zimos that we could use?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You and this Zimos guy makes two. Usually I get three people to help me...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No problem. Though without a third person this won't feel right...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You and this Zimos chap make two... I'm used to rolling with three.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Kinzie|I think I know someone who'd help but I gotta find him first. I'll call you when I have a location.

{{dialogue|"M07 Kinzie Development"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What's your deal, honey?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How can you best help the Saints, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So what makes you so special?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So what's your story?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So how come you got kicked from the feds?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So what's your story, love?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Kinzie|I know everything.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah, sure...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Everthing covers a lot of territory.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Whatchu mean 'everything'?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ok...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Sure you do...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That so?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Kinzie|You were recruited by Julius Little after being caught in the crossfire between the Vice Kings and Los Carnales. The fight started because a Vice King named LeVar didn't like "bitches disrespecting him". You didn't talk much then, but knew a lot about shoes.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wow. That's pretty good.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Impressive. That was not in my biography.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Well played...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're good.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You weren't kidding.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Impressive.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|I know. Anyway, the FBI cyber crime division assigned me to the Deckers case. Once I got too close Matt Miller came for me.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So Miller's a top-notch hitman?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I do not know this man. He's Phillipe's henchman?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What is he... bounty hunter?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |He a hitman?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So they put a hit on you?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hitman?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kinzie|Worse. He's the world's most dangerous hacker. He discredited me, got me fired, then had me abducted.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't worry, that's not gonna happen again.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are a Saint now. Family. And family takes care of each other. We will deal with this hacker.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We'll take care of him for you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Stick with the Saints and we'll make sure he gets what's coming to him.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't worry about that shit now. Stick with the Saints and we'll help you out.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Stick with the Saints, and you won't have to worry about him anymore.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Mission"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's what I'm talkin' about...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That is a good start.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We're done here.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's what I'm talkin' about...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shit, that was easy...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That'll do.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Mission Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So you know who we're after?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where are we starting?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who's at the top of the list?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright who's first...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You know who we're getting?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Who's up first?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Pierce|I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.
|Shaundi|I'm not jealous.
|Pierce|Who said jealous? That's all on you, girl.
|Shaundi|Oh my god.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah, yeah, great sexual tension. What got her kicked out?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Enough with the flapping of gums. If the feds are not wanting her, why are we?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not now! What else do we need to know?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Flirt later, why was Kinzie booted?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Can we get back to the whole fed thing?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Either get a room or tell me about Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Pierce|Oleg didn't give me all the details, but he made it sound like Kinzie was about to out the Syndicate so the Deckers set her up for a fall.
|Shaundi|I hope she's worth the hassle.
|Pierce|Only one way to find out... we gotta get on that barge.
|Pierce|We're picking up a girl named Kinzie Kensington... the Deckers are holdin' her on a barge on the river.
|Shaundi|What's her deal?
|Pierce|Oleg said she was with the FBI...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Are you shitting me?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oleg better be having his loyalties straight...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You're joking.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |The fuck you say?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I better have heard that wrong.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That some kind of joke?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Pierce|Don't stress, she was kicked out.
|Shaundi|So we're getting a shitty fed?
|Pierce|Don't start hating because we're getting a new girl.
|Shaundi|Are you serious?

{{dialogue|"M07 Nag"
|Kinzie|What are you doing?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What do you need, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Talking to you...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie? Why are you calling me?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What you told me to: getting Angel.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie? Why did you ring?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kinzie|Why are you wasting time? Angel's inside.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|How do you know we're not?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I know he is, we--wait, how do you know where we are?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I know he's--wait how do you know where we are?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I know he's... how do you know I'm outside?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well yeah, but... wait, you know I'm outside?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I know tha--wait... how'd you locate me?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kinzie|I'm following the GPS on your phone.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wait, what?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How thoughtful of you. Why?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How the...?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're what?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's a little creepy...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You're what?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kinzie|Don't worry about it, just go inside.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ok, but don't do that again.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Let me do my job.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Dammit Kinzie, I use this phone in the bathroom.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I will, just... stop doing that.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah... I'll do that...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yeah yeah. Just... stop following me. Sort of.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Need"
|Angel|There's too many of them!
|Oleg|I need support!
|Zimos|Little help'd be nice!

{{dialogue|"M07 Notice Brute"
|Zimos|Uh... what the hell is that thing?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Didn't know about Loren's brutes?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Loren was into cloning. You knew this, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You haven't seen Loren's science experiments?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What, you've never seen Loren's science project?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Never seen a clone before?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You haven't seen Loren's science projects before?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Zimos|No, that's new.

{{dialogue|"M07 Pony Cart Chase 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Come on boy, faster!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Smack his ass, Pierce. Make him go faster.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Can't he go faster?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Can't this guy go any faster?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Step on the gas, man.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Can't this guy go faster?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Pierce|Don't think it works that way...

{{dialogue|"M07 Rescue Zimos"
|Zimos|Thanks, playa, I appreciate you bustin' me out.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You're welcome, and let's forget it ever happened...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We shall never speak of this again.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't mention it. Like ever. I'm serious.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't mention it... like, ever.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I appreciate us never talkin' about it again.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Never. Speak of this. Again.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Take Zimos to Casino"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Time to mount a rescue, Z.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Come on, Z. We have to mount a rescue.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Come on, Zimos. We're going to mount a rescue.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Come on, Z. We've got a rescue to mount.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Time to mount a rescue, Zimos.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |C'mon Zimos. Time to mount a rescue.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Zimos|Don't say "mount".
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So no "saddle up" comments, either?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We have to ride to the rescue.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Saddle up?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I take it "saddle up" is out too?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |How about "you ready to ride"?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Saddle up, partner?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Zimos|If you didn't just bust me out, I'd be walkin' the other way.

{{dialogue|"M07 Untie Kinzie"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm guessin' you're Kinzie Kensington?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie Kensington, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Kinzie, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie Kensington?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Lemme guess; Kinzie Kensington?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie Kensington?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|The DeWynters are the twin sisters that run prostitution in Steelport. Zimos was their competition, so the sisters locked him up.
|Kinzie|And Safeword is just a BDSM club that caters to various acts of perversion. The name comes from wh-
|Shaundi|We got it.
|Kinzie|Mine's "Tea Cup".
|Shaundi|I'll get her outta here. Have fun at the gimp show.
|Shaundi|You don't seem that excited about being rescued.
|Kinzie|I'm waiting to see if you were sent to kill me.
|Pierce|Girl's pragmatic... I like her.
|Kinzie|So whaddya want with me? You don't look like feds.
|Pierce|We heard that you know people who hate the Syndicate as much as we do.
|Kinzie|Well, the DeWynters are keeping Zimos at Safeword.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Translation please.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Ack. A girly drink for girly men.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|'re gonna need to be a little more speci--
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Uh huh...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |...right. Um, wha--
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M07 Zimos Bitch"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Z, you doin' alright?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How are you enjoying your new freedom, Zimos?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You ok, Z?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How you holding up Z?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You holding up ok, Zimos?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You alright, Zimos?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Zimos|I wish you let me go home and change, brother, what I got on ain't exactly comfortable...
|Oleg|You are weak, old man.
|Zimos|Listen big boy, I don't see you running around with a horsetail up your ass...
|Oleg|I was poked and proded for years by Loren's scientists, so spare me about your "discomfort".
|Zimos|Yeah, you win.


{{dialogue|"M08 Chaos in the Beginning"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ready to fix this mess?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It's too crowded for this!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Need to thin this crowd!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We need to thin this party out a bit.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Take out the party crashers.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We need to break up the crowd.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Pierce|Workin' on it.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You couldn't have just done the cheese and wine thing?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Couldn't you just invite a few friends?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Just had to have strippers, didn't you?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Couldn't you have invited less people...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Next time start small, Z.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Why didn't you have a small, intimate gathering?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Zimos|Wouldn't be much of a party then, would it?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It'd be a lot safer though.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You think this party is going well?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You really want to make that argument right now?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No, just easier when they all start pullin' guns and shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, but a hell of a lot easier to clean up after.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |But the tips would have been better.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{quote|Mind clearin' the roofs while you're up there?|Pierce, "M08 Clear Roofs"}}

{{dialogue|"M08 Combat At Bar"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce, you ordered the wrong hos here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where did you find these girls?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where'd the girls come from?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, where'd you get these hos?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Where'd these girls come from, Pierce?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Pierce, where'd these girls come from?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Pierce|Don't look at me, this is all from Z's black book.
|Zimos|What can I say, the bitches love me.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Here's a tip; this ain't love.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Really, Z? They have a funny way of showing it!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah, sure seems like it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |They got a funny way of showin' it...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This is how you define love?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm really feelin' that love right now.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M08 Combat Basement"
|Zimos|Looks like these cats came prepared.
|Pierce|You kinda stand out, Z.
|Zimos|Yeah, but they can see us, too.
|Pierce|With what you're wearin', Z, that ain't surprising.

{{dialogue|"M08 Combat in Beginning"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Is half the city here?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It just had to be a big party.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You HAD to throw a party...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Next time I'M throwin' the party.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Just HAD to have a bloody party.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm not cleaning this up, later.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A bottle of vodka and a few friends just aren't enough for you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You two are cleaning this shit up, you know that right?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Man, we just had this place lookin' nice.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm not cleaning this up! You got that?!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shaundi's gonna be telling us "I told you so".
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You two are cleaning up until Shaundi and I are both happy.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I shoulda listened to Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You all are dealin' with Shaundi after this.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I was supposed to have a quiet night in...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This better not have been a cash up front thing.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Any more surprises? Luchedores juggling chainsaws, perhaps?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Tell me you didn't pay 'em first, Pierce, please!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Next time you should tip better.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Pierce, are you tipping them?!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M08 cutscene In"
|Shaundi|Johnny's dead, and you're throwing a fucking party?!
|Pierce|Well, you say it like that, sure it sounds bad.
|Zimos|I was saddled up in a human pony show, but you see me crying about it, little girl?
|Shaundi|I swear to God I will shove that thing down your throat-hole.
|Pierce|Shaundi, we can't mourn Gat forever. Eventually, you gotta get back on the horse. No offense, brother.
|The Protagonist|He's right.
|Pierce|Damn, girl--life is for the living and shit, know what I'm sayin'?
|Pierce|OH SHIT! These ho's ain't ho's!
|Pierce|Wassup girl?

{{dialogue|"M08 cutscene Out"
|Viola|They came highly recommended.
|Matt|Ladies, it was a pretty shit plan.
|Kiki|Tell me something, Matt. Did you have a plan? How about you, Eddie?
|Kiki|There's a reason Phillipe left the thinking to us. We're done here.
|Matt|Christ, Killbane--!
|Killbane|Relax. We only need one of 'em.
|Killbane|Viola, your sun is setting, but it's not too late. There's still time to grab Apollo's chariot and drive that fucker back across the sky. You feel me?
|Viola|Yes, Killbane.
|Killbane|Apology accepted. I'll comp you a VIP pass to Murderbrawl, that'll cheer you up.

{{dialogue|"M08 Find Pierce"
|Pierce|A little help up here!
|Zimos|He still upstairs?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hang on, Pierce!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Be right there!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hang on, Pierce!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We're coming!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I told him to be careful.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Coming through!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M08 Get to Helipad"
|Pierce|What now?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm bringing them down.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We go outside and shoot them down.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We get up there.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We get out there.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Get out there and deal with it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We get the fuck out of here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{quote|You'll get a better shot from the roof.|Pierce, "M08 Get to"}}

{{dialogue|"M08 Giving Rocket Launcher"
|Zimos|You're gonna need somethin' big to bring down those helis. Take this...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Next time you have one of these, give it to me sooner.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why did you bring rocket launchers to a... no, pretend I didn't ask.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You had this the ENTIRE TIME?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You had that shit the whole time and you're giving it to me now?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Where the fuck did this come from...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Where the bloody hell was this earlier?!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M08 Hanging Up On"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Right. Gotta go.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Fuck. Me. Oleg, I'm going to have to call you back.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Great talking with you gotta go!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh. We'll talk later.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Uh, yeah, I'll get back to you.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Right. We'll talk later.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M08 Head to Power"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Took care of the snipers.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That finishes the snipers.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Area's clear!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Snipers are down.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Snipers are all done.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We're clear.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Zimos|Let's get some power up in here. I'm tired of trippin' over bodies.
|Pierce|That shit's downstairs. After you.

{{dialogue|"M08 Helicopter"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Can't you call back later, Oleg?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This had better be important, Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oleg?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oleg can it wait?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You got shitty timing, Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |A little busy, Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Oleg|You have to cancel the party, it's a trap...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I picked up on that.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I had picked up on that, yes.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah, kinda guessed from the gun weilding strippers.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I noticed.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You don't say...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Oleg|So it's over? I should have known a few helicopters wouldn't stop you.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|There weren't any helicop...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Helicopters? What are you...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Of course n--wait, what?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Helicopters? What are you...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Who said anything about helicopters?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Helicopters? What the---
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M08 Helicopters Attacking Crib"
|Zimos|Shit, these bitches got bombs out there?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Helicopters.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No, just helicopters.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Helicopters this time.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Choppers.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Nope, helis.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Helicopters.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Pierce|Yeah, 'cause that makes it better...

{{dialogue|"M08 Mission Start"
|Zimos|What's happening?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Seriously, fuck this party!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You should explain that to me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Worst party ever!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Your party sucks...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey the party went to shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This party is bollocks!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Pierce|Hey, can we worry about the crazy bitches with guns?

{{dialogue|"M08 No Power"
|Zimos|What happened to the power?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I thought this was your party.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are the one running this party, no?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This look like MY place?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |It's your party, you tell me.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You were tryin' to set the mood?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I was gonna ask you the same thing!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Zimos|This ain't on me, baby. I like lookin' at the goods when I have company, you know what I'm sayin'?
|Pierce|They must've cut it.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's just great...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|At this rate I will be having the electrician on my payroll.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fabulous.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This just gets better and better...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We gotta get that shit fixed then.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Never a dull moment...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{quote|We'll get your back while you take out those snipers.|Pierce, "M08 On Way to"}}

{{dialogue|"M08 Pierce Down"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|There he is!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce is hurt! Over here!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We got you, Pierce!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Over there. I see Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |There! Pierce, we comin'!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I see him! Over there!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M08 Pierce"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Check behind the bar!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Behind the bar! Pierce is down!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Behind the bar!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shit, behind the bar. Pierce!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |See if he's behind the bar!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Pierce! Shit! Behind the bar!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M08 Pierce Out of Ammo"
|Pierce|I'm out. Think I left some clips by the bar upstairs.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Make it quick!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Just be careful.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hurry!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't take too long!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Watch your ass up there.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hurry.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{quote|Thanks, boss.|Pierce, "M08 Pierce Thanks"}}

{{dialogue|"M08 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|Phone Call|Did you approve this? Did you?
|The Protagonist|Slow down there girl, approve what?
|Phone Call|Johnny's funeral gets attacked, and Pierce invites a bunch of hos over...
|The Protagonist|Wait...hos?
|Phone Call|Don't even fucking start.
|The Protagonist|Alright, let me talk to him.
|Phone Call|Fine, I'm heading to the crib too.
|The Protagonist|I meant... just me.

{{dialogue|"M08 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|The Protagonist|Hey girl, what're you up to?
|Phone Call|On my way to kill Pierce.
|The Protagonist|What'd he do?
|Phone Call|He's throwing a fucking party. Can you believe that shit?
|The Protagonist|Sadly, yes. Have you asked him why?
|Phone Call|He probably wants to get some tits shoved in his face.
|The Protagonist|I'm sure he has a better reason, how about...
|Phone Call|Fuck his reason, it's not right. Not after Johnny's funeral.
|The Protagonist|Alright, alright, let me talk to him. Promise you won't do anything until I get to the crib?
|Phone Call|Fine, whatever...

{{dialogue|"M08 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Hey Shaundi, I was...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hey Shaundi, I was...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hey Shaundi, I was...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|Are you fucking kidding me?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Whoa, what'd I do?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Whoa, what did I do?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Whoa, what did I do?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|A party. We're throwing a fucking party? Now?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Party? I didn't... shit, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Party? I didn't... shit, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Party? I didn't... shit, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|Oh I'm gonna kill him.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Hold on, Shaundi. You're not killing Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hold on, Shaundi. You're not killing Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hold on, Shaundi. You're not killing Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|You're taking his side?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm not doing anything, not until I talk to him. Alright?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm not doing anything, not until I talk to him. Alright?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm not doing anything, not until I talk to him. Alright?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|Fine, I'll see you at the penthouse.

{{dialogue|"M08 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|What the fuck are we doing throwing a party?
|The Protagonist|Hello, how're you? I'm fine, Shaundi, what's up? Oh, you know the same shit as always...
|Phone Call|Oh ha ha, very funny.
|The Protagonist|Why don't you start with telling me what party you're talking about.
|Phone Call|You know, the one going on back at the crib.
|The Protagonist|Hey, don't look at me, I had nothing to do with any party.
|Phone Call|You're telling me it was all Pierce?
|The Protagonist|Head back to the flat. We'll figure out what's going on.
|Phone Call|And kill Pierce.
|The Protagonist|Don't get ahead of yourself.

{{dialogue|"M08 Second Combat Basement"
|Zimos|You sayin' you don't like the threads?
|Pierce|You wear a big rhinestone 'Z'. I'm just sayin' it stands out.

{{quote|Here, this shotty has a light on it.|Pierce, "M08 Shotgun with Flashlight"}}

{{dialogue|"M08 Sniper Hos"
|Pierce|I can't believe this shit...
|Zimos|I know. Ain't no point the girl bein' so far away like that. Can't see the goods.
|Pierce|Not quite what I meant.
|Zimos|I'm just sayin'.

{{dialogue|"M08 Snipers"
|Zimos|Looks like there's a light show outside...
|Pierce|Snipers. Better grab a rifle and get up top.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|On it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I will handle it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|On it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |On it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This just gets better...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Got it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M08 Successful"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|All in the breath control.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Check one off...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Nightie night.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Score.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|See ya, honey.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah, sorry...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A touch off center...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Got her.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|She is down.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|She was no amateur.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That was a clean shot.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Buh-bye.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Damn I'm good.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hello...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Sorry sweetie...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Two points.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're done.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Bye bye...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Count it!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oooo.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Perfect shot.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |See ya!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Sorry honey...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Another one down!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |G'night sweetheart.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Got one.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Gotcha!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I got her!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Sorry, love.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M08 Take Down Helicopters"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Got something for you assholes.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Now to bring them all down.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time for a little skeet shooting...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Time to take these assholes down.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Got somethin' for you!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Time to play...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}


{{dialogue|"M09 Arrive Boat"
|Zimos|Once you find the girls, send 'em to me. I'll keep 'em safe.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's hope they see it that way.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Perhaps you will pat them down, check for weapons, no?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I can't believe I have to listen to this...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm sure you will.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Remember you're here to work.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oh, I have no doubts.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Banter on Boat"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kinda feeling set up here...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I think we have been set up. We walked right into an ambush!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Guess they knew we were coming...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Feels like these guys knew we were coming...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Thought it would just be the crew on here.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |They knew we were coming!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Zimos|Morningstar always protect their shipment. It ain't nothin' new.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Isn't this a lot of guards, though?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Like this? There is a small army on this boat!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah, but don't you think this is a little extreme?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |With this many guards?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, but for a few girls like this?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |With a goddamn army?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Zimos|Like I always say, pussy's big business in this town.

{{dialogue|"M09 Boat Ride 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So these girls gonna try to kill us too?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Perhaps these girls will not shoot us.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Maybe these strippers won't shoot me.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Maybe these girls won't try to kill us.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey, these girls gonna try and kill us too?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |These girls gonna try to kill us too?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Zimos|See, you had to bring that up again.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Being shot by hos sticks with ya.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am not likely to forget it any time soon.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Someone had to.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Crazy bitches with guns are memorable...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |After the last time, you really surprised?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I've got PTSD, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Boat Ride 2"
|Zimos|You taking your time gettin' there?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You want to get off and swim?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Are you wanting to drive?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Alright Zimos, why don't you take over.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You want to drive this thing?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey man you can get off right here.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Care to drive instead?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Zimos|Hey, just checkin', baby.

{{dialogue|"M09 Brute Crate"
|Zimos|I don't like what I'm hearin' from that crate.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's your imagination.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No matter. I can handle it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who would?!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How bad could it be...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It's your imagination, Z.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It can't be that bad...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Choice Crib"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You're with us for a reason, Zimos. Get to pimpin' those girls.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We will be seeing if you are as good as you claim to be. The girls are yours. Make me proud.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why have a famous Steelport pimp if we aren't using him. Make us some money, Z.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Why have a famous Steelport pimp if we aren't using him. The girls are all yours, Z. Put 'em to good use.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If you're half as good as you say, I'm bettin' you'll make me more with the girls Take 'em, Z.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You talk a good game. Now back it up. Don't make me regret this.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Choice Morningstar"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Deal's too good. I gotta take it, Zimos.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We need the cash now. I am sorry Zimos, you will have to be building a stable some other way.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm sure there will be other pussy to sell. We're making the deal.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We could use the cash, sorry Z... we're making the deal.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The money's too good right now, Z. Sorry man.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We need the liquidity... Sorry, Z, we're moving forward with the deal.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Choice Suggestion"
|Zimos|I can't do my thing if I got no pussy to sell. The money won't come quick, but you bet it'll come.
|Matt|You have something that belongs to me....
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That so? Who the hell is this?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How did you get this number? Who are you?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who the hell are you?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Who is this...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Who the hell are you...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Who is this?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Matt|Someone who's willing to bargin. Bring the girls back to the Morningstar and I'll pay you top dollar a head.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let me consider it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If the the money is good, then perhaps I could consider it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Is that it? Or is there a catch?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'll think about it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Gonna have to think about it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What's the catch?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Matt|That's all I'm asking.
|Zimos|What was that about?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Morningstar offering to buy the girls back.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It seems the Morningstar are willing to pay to be getting the girls back.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|The Morningstar wants to pay for the girls.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |The Morningstar want to buy their girls back.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The Morningstar wanna buy the girls back.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |The Morningstar wants to re-purchase our little tarts.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Clear of Danger"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well, that was exciting.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The fun is over, Pierce. We are clear.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Alright, Pierce, we're clear.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, Pierce, we're clear.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Lookin' clear, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Deep breath, Pierce. We're clear.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Pierce|Let's load these hos up then and get the hell outta here.

{{quote|I ain't getting too close until it's clear down there.|Pierce, "M09 Clear to"}}

{{dialogue|"M09 Combat"
|Zimos|You think they ain't happy with us?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Maybe a little bit.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They're probably jealous.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Too bad if they aren't.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |They'll get over it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, but fuck 'em.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I really couldn't care.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 cutscene In"
|Zimos|Lotta pussy on that thing.
|The Protagonist|And once it's ours the Morningstar's sex operation is done.
|Zimos|How you gonna move all the bitches?
|The Protagonist|Just let me worry about that. Now let's go, I wanna meet my new employees.

{{dialogue|"M09 cutscene Out"
|Killbane|What the hell were you thinking, Matty?
|Matt|It just seemed like a waste to lose all those girls.
|Killbane|I am the general, I'm the czar, I'm the Walking Apocalypse, and I make the decisions--not you!
|Matt|My bad, mate. So what happens now?
|Killbane|We buckle down. We focus. We don't do a run in, we hit 'em with a Montreal screw-job.
|Killbane|Yeah...that's it... Now listen up...
|Monica|My Esteemed Colleagues. The time is now...we have deployed STAG to Steelport.

{{dialogue|"M09 Enemies on Sides"
|Zimos|They're comin' for the boat.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh great...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I can hear them.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah, I know.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I hear 'em.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Think they're pissed...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I hear them!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Zimos|Think I saw some big firepower layin' on those platforms on the sides.

{{dialogue|"M09 Find Dead Hookers"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's like my freshman dorm.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It's like my freshman dorm.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|It's like my freshman dorm.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This is like my freshman dorm...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It's like my freshman dorm.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well, this is a nice surprise.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Nice stock they have.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They have a lot of ammunition here...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not helpful.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Wow.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Anyone in here?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Sure could use this.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|The Protagonist - Female 1|At least I won't run out.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good. This will help.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yep, no girls...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |They certainly stock up...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Not helpful...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No such thing as too many bullets.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Find Gag"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's a little disturbing...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I should send this to Pierce with a 'From your secret admirer' card.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What the hell are these for?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What the hell are these for?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The hell they transporting?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What the hell...?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What is wrong with these guys?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What sort of kinky shit...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|These guys are fucked up...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |These guys are fucked up...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Really...?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Quite the kinky fellows, aren't they?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Not what I'm looking for...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Perhaps we are doing these hos a favor.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|More crazy shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |More crazy shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ah, fuck it...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oh, I don't even want to know.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Find Minigun"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well hello beautiful...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Ah... This will be very useful.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hell yeah!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Merry Christmas to me...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ooo, this is what I'm talkin' about!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It's just so beautiful...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 First Tank Attack"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Turn, Pierce, turn!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce, turn hard to left!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Pierce, hang a left!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, hang a left!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Below you, Pierce!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |To the left Pierce, to the left!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Pierce|Are those APCs?!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Give me a sec to clear them out.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Soon they are being scrap metal.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't worry, I'll get 'em off you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't worry, I'll get 'em off ya.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, I'll take care of it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'll take care of 'em!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{quote|I saw Morningstar settin' up on rooftops on my way here. Let's hope that ain't about us.|Pierce, "M09 Flying"}}

{{dialogue|"M09 Follow Zimos"
|Zimos|Come on baby, follow the Z.
|Zimos|I'll keep you safe, sugar.
|Zimos|Damn, ain't you a fine little thing...
|Zimos|Gather round, bitches.

{{dialogue|"M09 Gat"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We have to get past that guy...?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We have to be getting past another big guy!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That asshole up there's blocking the way...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That asshole up there's blocking the way...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That fucker's blocking the way!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He's blocking the way!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Get in Crate"
|Zimos|We better load these bitches up before your boy gets here.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Everyone in the crate. Move it!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Listen up, ladies! To get off this ship, you must be getting in that box!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Get your asses in the crate, ladies.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You want out of here, you get in the crate.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You heard the man, into the crate!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Everyone in the crates!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Go To Zimos"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Find the guy with the "Z".
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Stay near him, he'll keep you safe!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Stick with the rhinestone "Z" guy!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Stay by the guy with the big "Z".
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright, get over by the pimp.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Stay close to the bloke with the large "Z"!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Go to him and stay close.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Stick close to the big "Z" man!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Move, already! And stay with him!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Get moving and stay with him.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Everyone out and with Zimos.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Go with the old man.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You'll be safe with that pimp.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Stay back! Stand near the big "Z"!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Stick with us, you'll be safe!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Stick with us, you'll be safe!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Go by him and keep your heads down.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Stick close and you'll be fine.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Move it over there, honey.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Go there!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Go over there.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Go over there.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Stick with Z, you can't miss him!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You're fine, love. We're the good guys.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{quote|Here's the heli, time to go.|Zimos, "M09 Helicopter at"}}

{{dialogue|"M09 Helicopters 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Some choppers right on you, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce, they are sending choppers at you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|They're on you, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, you got choppers on you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Incoming choppers.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Pierce, watch your six!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Pierce|Well get them the hell off me.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Workin' on it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|As you command, oh fearless leader.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You don't think I'm trying?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hang in there.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hold your shit, I'm on it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hold tight.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|I'm still taking fire here.|Pierce, "M09 Helicopters 2"}}

{{dialogue|"M09 Helis Dropping Off Guys 1"
|Zimos|Looks like these bitches got through!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh fun... on my way!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Wonderful. I'll take care of them.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Great... I'm comin'!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Great... I'm comin'!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ah shit... I'm comin'!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fantastic... I'm coming.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Helis Dropping Off Guys"
|Zimos|More company gettin' dropped off!
|Zimos|They keep coming!

{{dialogue|"M09 Hold Off"
|Pierce|I'm almost there. Hold them off while I'm coming in.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No problem.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We will handle it, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We're on it, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We're on it, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright, we'll get it clear, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |On it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Many"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|These crates never end!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They are bringing in a lot of boxes.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Damn, there's still more crates?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Jesus, how many crates did they bring in?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |They really need this many crates?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How many bloody crates are there?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Melee"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|They're boxing these guys?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|These guys are being shipped now?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shit! How'd he get in a box?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shit! Who the fuck put him in a box?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |WHAT THE FUCK!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Are you kidding me?!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Pierce Hangs Back"
|Pierce|Shit's too hot up in there. Clear it out, I'll hang back a bit.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Why do I have to clean these bastards up?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You just want me to be shot at instead of you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I see how it is... make me go first.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Always sendin' me in first...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why don't you ever go in first?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How come I always do the heavy lifting.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Pierce|Your fault for bein' boss I guess.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Next time I'm carrying the hos...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Then maybe I should let you be boss for awhile.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who made these rules up?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, that means I should be the one in back.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Next time I'm sendin' somebody else...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We should trade jobs.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Pilot Combat 1"
|Interrogation|Why're they aiming at us?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Cause I'm shootin' at 'em...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They probably want our autographs. Keep flying.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Did you really expect them to stop? Just keep flying.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Probably because they want us dead, just keep flying.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Because we aimin' at them.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Because we're not dead. Keep it steady.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Pilot Combat 2"
|Interrogation|We're under too much fire.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You better keep us up.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I know. It's starting to annoy me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Just don't crash, alright?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Just keep us in the air.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't you crash this shit on me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bit of an understatement, no?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Tell me you have a way to hurt the morningstar...
|Phone Call|No, not really.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Alright, start thinking while I... wait, another call's coming in.
|Phone Call|The Saints have an opportunity to take the Morningstar's shipment of FOB girls. No offense.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shipment? Who is this and what're you talking about?
|Phone Call|Viola DeWynter, I've sent you the ship information, do whatever you want.
|Phone Call|You back? Alright, I got this shit. We could...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Forget it, Zimos. There's a new plan.

{{dialogue|"M09 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey Z, I'm thinkin' the Morningstar need to feel the pressure.
|Phone Call|I dig. Let's meet up and do a little hunting around town.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Cool. How about we... hold up, man. Got a call comin' in.
|Phone Call|Is this the man who runs the Saints?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, girl. But you'll have to go through our PR department...
|Phone Call|I'm not calling for a story. I'm calling regarding a shipment of girls the Morningstar are bringing into Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hold up, who is this?
|Phone Call|Viola DeWynter. I run Morningstar.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then why the fuck would you be telling me this?
|Phone Call|Because the Syndicate needs to burn.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No shit?
|Phone Call|I've sent you the information on the boat. Do whatever you want with it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Zimos, think I have a better idea. Get Pierce and wait for me.
|Phone Call|Good, 'cause I didn't really have a plan.

{{dialogue|"M09 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|Phone Call|If you're calling about the Morningstar...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I am.
|Phone Call|Listen, I ain't found a good target yet.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Well how about you stop fucking with a vagina and get to work?
|Phone Call|That's no-
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hold that thought, got another call.
|Phone Call|You should check the containers on the cargo ship that's soon to enter Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who is this, and why would I want to do that?
|Phone Call|We've met. My name's Viola DeWynter.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|And the second part?
|Phone Call|The Morningstar have a shipment of girls in one of those containers.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why tell us?
|Phone Call|I'm through playing the Syndicate's game.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Zimos, don't worry, I know where we're going.

{{dialogue|"M09 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|The Protagonist|Hey Zimos, what do you got for me?
|Phone Call|The Morningstar are still a pain in my ass. Why don't we just drop every one we see?
|The Protagonist|Not much of a plan, but it could work.
|Phone Call|Shit, didn't think you'd go for it.
|The Protagonist|Rather they didn't get comfortable. I mean... wait, shit, one second Z.
|Phone Call|Listen carefully. There's a boat pulling in soon with a cargo container full of girls; the Morningstar's new merchandise. I send you the details, you hit the boat.
|The Protagonist|Sweetie, I don't know who the hell this is, but...
|Phone Call|Viola DeWynter.
|The Protagonist|Really? Well, as much as I value career advice from the slut that killed my friend...
|Phone Call|The intel's good. Do whatever you want with it.
|The Protagonist|Zimos, things have changed. Let's hope that's a good thing.
|Phone Call|Hey, I'm with you either way.

{{dialogue|"M09 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Zimos, I need you to tell me how to hit the Morningstar.
|Phone Call|I can probably come up with somethin'. When do you want this by?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Right now.
|Phone Call|Shit, you don't make it easy.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Never said I would.
|Phone Call|Alright, come get me and we'll...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hold on a sec, Z. Someone's calling.
|Phone Call|I don't have much time so listen carefully. There's a container of girls being brought into Steelport by ship to replace the ones Morningstar lost raiding the Saints. I've sent you which ship they're on.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Who is this?
|Phone Call|Do what you want with them, I don't care.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm not doing shit until you tell me who you are.
|Phone Call|... Viola DeWynter, head of the Morningstar.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Zimos, change of plan. Get Pierce, we got a boat to catch.
|Phone Call|Whatever you say.

{{dialogue|"M09 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|You checkin' up on me?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We need to keep presure on the Morningstar, Zimos.
|Phone Call|Then let's hit them directly. I know a few places we could start.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Alright, I'll head to you... wait, hold on a moment, Z.
|Phone Call|If you want to hurt the Morningstar, they have a shipment of girls coming in soon. I've sent you the boat information. If you...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hold on, who is this?
|Phone Call|Viola DeWynter.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You were with Loren on the plane. Don't you run Morningstar now?
|Phone Call|I did...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Did?
|Phone Call|I don't have much time. Take the information or leave it, but I'm trying to help you.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |And I should jump because you say so?
|Phone Call|You should jump because it helps the Saints.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Zimos, get Pierce. Change of plans.

{{dialogue|"M09 Pre Z" (Zombie)
|Phone Call|Don't you kill me or nothin', but I ain't found a target yet.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|I'm still gettin' in touch with the city. I been out of the game for a while...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|I'll wait.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|My name is Viola DeWynter, we met on a flight to Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|The Morningstar are shipping in women from overseas. You get to the docks in time you might be able to intercept it. Your call.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|And why're we trusting her?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles

{{dialogue|"M09 Protect Pierce"
|Pierce|I'm feelin' the hits here.
|Pierce|Little more cover'd be nice.
|Pierce|Come on, protect my ass.
|Pierce|You're still helpin' me, right?

{{dialogue|"M09 Roof 1"
|Pierce|Shit, are those rockets? Get them off me!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I got this, keep moving.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No worries. I'm on it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Keep it together, will you?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Just keep going, I'll take care of 'em.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey I got your back, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Relax...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Roof 2"
|Pierce|Another group down there.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|On it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not for much longer.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah yeah, I know.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I see 'em.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |On it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I see them.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Roof 3"
|Pierce|Jesus, they're all over the damn roofs.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Focus on flying, will ya?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Relax Pierce. You are not going down today.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I've got it, alright?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm on it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey just keep flyin' and don't worry about it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Got 'em.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M09 Second Tank Attack"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Another APC!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|There are more APCs!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|More APCs!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |More APCs!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yo, more APCs!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |More APCs!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Pierce|Well fuck 'em up already!

{{dialogue|"M09 Tell Pilot to Follow"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Keep tight on Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You must keep in range of Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Keep us close to Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Keep us close to Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Stay on Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Keep it close to Pierce
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Interrogation|You got it.

{{dialogue|"M09 Zimos Taking Care of"
|Zimos|Baby, this here will all be over soon.
|Zimos|Don't worry, ladies, Zimos will take good care of you.
|Zimos|Everything's cool, I prom... damn that's a fine ass.
|Zimos|It's alright if you need to hold each other.
|Zimos|Ladies, ladies... don't worry, I'll protect you.
|Zimos|So which one of you needs a lap to cry in?
|Zimos|Y'all can stay at my place for a while.
|Zimos|You free later for a little quality time with the Z?


{{dialogue|"M10 Building Surrounded"
|Suko|This place looks surrounded.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What kind of jets are those?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not good. There are some aircraft coming in as well.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What is that flying in...?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What the hell are those things flying in?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |They flyin' some sort of jet in?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |The fuck kinda plane is that?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{quote|Check the bodies for ammunition!|Oleg, "M10 Call Out Ammo on"}}

{{dialogue|"M10 Call Out Laser"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wait, LASER GUNS?!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What the hell was that?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Laser guns. Really?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Seriously? LASER guns?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hold on... LASER GUNS?!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Laser guns?! You've got to be fucking kidding me!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M10 Checkin In On Oleg"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oleg, this tech familiar?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Any idea who we are dealing with here? Their technology is... impressive.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What do you know about this tech?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You ever seen this tech before?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This tech normal for mercs?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Does this look familiar at all?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Oleg|It's miltary grade, way beyond the private sector.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So that's bad, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So now we are fighting a government as well. Should we be worried?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This is gonna be bad for us, isn't it?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That should worry me, shouldn't it...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah that's bad, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We're fucked, aren't we?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Oleg|A little.

{{dialogue|"M10 Checkin In On Viola"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hope you're having a good time over there, Viola.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Viola, how is the electrical work going?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Viola, how's it going?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Viola, how's it going over there?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That elevator workin' yet, Viola?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How's it going, Viola?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Suko|I'm trying to hot wire an elevator while I'm being shot at... how do you think it's going?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You don't have to get pissy...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We need it to go much faster!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not used to this kind of pressure?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Love the confidence there...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well that fills me with confidence...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You're not filling me with a lot of confidence.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Suko|If you think you'd be better at it...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Nope, gotta go kill more guys.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How generous of you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah I'm sure you'll figure it out.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No, no, that's all yours.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I didn't say that, it's all yours.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You kidding? I need someone to pin the blame on if this goes tits up.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M10 City Update Call"
|Shaundi|Boss! Boss, you seeing this? I'm getting reports from the crew that these guys are all over.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|They attacking anyone other than us?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I've met a few of them, but we haven't talked much. What are they?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You got any clue who they are?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Looks like it's not just us they're after...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |They hittin' the Syndicate too?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Where the hell did they come from?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Shaundi|Who knows, we've been busy running for cover.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We're almost to the crib. Stay low until we get there.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Stay in touch, Shaund. These new bastards will learn not to mess with the Saints.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Thanks for the update. We'll be back soon... I hope.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Thank's, Shaundi. We'll be back soon... I hope.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright stay safe girl, I'll see ya soon.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Thanks for the update, Shaundi. Now it's time for the Saints to teach them a lesson...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M10 cutscene In"
|Oleg|I didn't realize you were a patron of the arts, Viola.
|Viola|We never really had the chance to chat, what with you being a science experiment.
|The Protagonist|I wouldn't piss off the big guy.
|Viola|Look - I'm not here to fight. We need to work together.
|The Protagonist|Right. Johnny's dead because of you.
|Viola|Johnny's dead because he thought he could do everything on his own.
|The Protagonist|So what's in it for you?
|Viola|I get to watch Killbane suffer.
|The Protagonist|Can you play nice?
|Oleg|I am always a gentleman.
|Viola|What is that--?
|The Protagonist|Nothing good--let's go!
|Viola|Damn it!
|Oleg|Ladies first.
|Cyrus|Kia - Status?
|Kia|The Saints have taken cover with one of the DeWynter sisters. We're about to move in.
|Cyrus|Roger that. Contact me once you secure the area.
|Kia|Yes, Commander.

{{dialogue|"M10 cutscene Out"
|Cyrus|My name is Cyrus Temple, Commander Special Tactical Anti-Gang Unit. I'm here to answer your questions about the STAG initiative.
|Reporter 01|How long will STAG be occupying Steelport?
|Cyrus|There is no "occupation". We have the full support of Mayor Reynolds.
|Reporter 02|How will STAG impact our daily lives?
|Cyrus|When we win the war on urban terror, you and your families will be safe again.
|Reporter 03|That's not what I-
|Cyrus|Let me tell you about Jessica Parish, a girl from Stilwater who ran away from home to be with her tough-guy boyfriend. Jessica thought her life was pretty sweet, until a gang banger kidnapped her, threw her in the trunk of a car, and laughed as her boyfriend crushed her in a monster truck rally. If Jessica Parish was your far would you want me to go?
|Cyrus|Thank you for your time.

{{dialogue|"M10 Drive 1"
|Suko|The Syndicate doesn't have the pull to organize something on this scale...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I don't think they're just targeting us.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|These people are killing the Syndicate and Saints alike. This does not look like just another turf war.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|They're after everyone.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Look around. I don't think these guys are being picky about which gang they're shooting at.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You sure they're just targeting the Saints? Looks like this may be bigger than that.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I don't think these guys are on anyone's side.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Suko|Then who called them in?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Worry about that later. Right now I'm a bit busy.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Someone powerful, perhaps? I think we will know more soon.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Worry about that later.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'll worry about that when I'm not being shot at.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Damn good question...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Worry about that later!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{quote|On the roof across the way.|Oleg, "M10 Dropoff Across Street"}}

{{quote|Alright, elevator's working again.|Suko, "M10 Elevator"}}

{{quote|Breaking news. Junkies and hobo's alike found the saftey of their home-away-from-box shattered as a paramilitary force decended on Sunset Park. The Mayor's office has called a press conference to explain the purpose for these extreme tactics. What this means for Steelport... we just don't know. This is Jane Valderamma with a special vagrant report.|Anna, "M10 End Radio"}}

{{dialogue|"M10 Exiting"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fuck me! Into the cop car, now!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We cannot fight this! Get into that car, now!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh shit! Get in the cop car!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh shit! Get into the cop car, quick!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck me! The cop car, get in it!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oh bloody hell! Get in the cop car!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|They're dropping soldiers off up here.|Oleg, "M10 First Dropoff on Roof"}}

{{quote|Incoming air... things!|Suko, "M10 First VTOL Wave"}}

{{dialogue|"M10 Get To"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fuck it, we're leaving!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They have too many! We should go now!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Let's get out of here!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fuck this, let's get out of here!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Find another way out!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We're outnumbered! Time to leave!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M10 Help Oleg"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm here, easy does it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You will not be dying on me today, comrade.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I gotcha.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I got you, big guy.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You alright, big guy?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Gotcha big guy.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

|The Protagonist - Female 1|Time to leave.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good. Time we were going, then.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Let's get the fuck outta here...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's get the fuck outta here...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm ready to get the hell outta here.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I say it's time to leave!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{quote|Let's hope the front's clear.|Suko, "M10 Mission"}}

{{dialogue|"M10 Oleg"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No! Oleg!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oleg!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oleg!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oleg!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Whoa, Oleg!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oleg!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Oleg|Enough of this. You go, I'll get their attention!
|Oleg|Come out of there, little man!

{{dialogue|"M10 Oleg Flies By On VTOL"
|Suko|That lunatic has a death wish.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|True story.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You should have more confidence in the man you wanted to clone.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You say death wish, I say childish glee.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Eh. Oleg versus a jet? I'd bet on Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't know about you girl, but my money's on Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |My money's on Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M10 Oleg Walking to His Spot"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Any ideas what they want, Viola?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And they are still coming. What do they want this badly?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Viola, come on, what's going on here?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Viola, you have any idea what's going on here?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You know this city; what's goin' on here, Viola?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Viola, what the hell is going on here?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Suko|You tell me. They seem to be after you.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|A running theme in this city...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|At one time, so were you Viola.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This ain't business as usual.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |In this city, who isn't...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Everyone always is...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |They should get in line.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{quote|I'll see if I can fix it.|Suko, "M10 Power Cut to Elevator"}}

{{quote|They've cut the power to the elevator.|Oleg, "M10 Power Cut to"}}

{{dialogue|"M10 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|Phone Call|I heard how Ms. DeWynter helped the Saints.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Was wondering if that would bother you, Oleg.
|Phone Call|If her desire to help is genuine, I have no problem with it. You helped me when you did not have to...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We'll find out soon enough. Hold on...
|Phone Call|Are you willing to meet up?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Give me a good reason and I'll consider it.
|Phone Call|I have something to offer the Saints which may help, if you'd give me a chance.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And what's that?
|Phone Call|Me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oleg, think you should come with me for this.
|Phone Call|Of course.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|DELETE

{{dialogue|"M10 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Something about Viola helping us with that boat's been botherin' me, Oleg.
|Phone Call|Nothing good will ever come from that woman.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You think they wanna clone me?
|Phone Call|No offense, but with my DNA, why would they need yours?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oh I got a lot to offer. Looks like she does too... hold on, Oleg.
|Phone Call|I'm glad the shipment worked out for you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |And I'd be glad if you got to the point.
|Phone Call|You need to trust me.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's a tall order.
|Phone Call|I'll send you my location. Bring someone if you wish, I won't be offended.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ready to make a new friend, Oleg?
|Phone Call|I wouldn't want to miss killing her if she tries something uncivil.

{{dialogue|"M10 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oleg, you have any thoughts about why Viola helped the Saints like that?
|Phone Call|I would have expected a trap, but it seems she was telling the truth.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Maybe... hold on, Oleg, I got a call coming through.
|Phone Call|I'm glad you took my suggestion about the shipment.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Mind telling me why you gave it?
|Phone Call|I will if you agree to meet with me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah, that can't go wrong.
|Phone Call|I'm coming alone, it's not a trick.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time to see if Viola's playing us or not.
|Phone Call|If she is, she will not live long.

{{dialogue|"M10 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|Phone Call|How can I help you?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Need your opinion on Viola DeWynter.
|Phone Call|My personal opinion is that she's a useless whore. Professionally, however, she could have valuable information if she can be trusted.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's the real question, isn't it... Well, that's good timing. Hold on, Oleg.
|Phone Call|I'd like to meet, if you'd be willing.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Not fucking likely.
|Phone Call|I helped you hurt the Morningstar, didn't that prove to you I'm a woman of my word?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|People can go a long way to be assholes.
|Phone Call|I'm tired of fighting against the Saints. Meet me and maybe you'll realize that.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Come on, Oleg. Time to find some answers.

{{dialogue|"M10 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oleg, you think I can trust Viola DeWynter?
|Phone Call|I think she and her employer held me captive while harvesting my DNA.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Guess you're holding a grudge.
|Phone Call|I simply think one must question her motives.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fair enough... Well speak of the devil... hold on a moment, Oleg.
|Phone Call|Looks like the information about the ship was useful.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You want to meet, don't you...
|Phone Call|That obvious?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Send me your location and I'll consider coming.
|Phone Call|Well then, I'll be waiting for you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oleg, we have a meeting to get to.

{{dialogue|"M10 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|Good, I wanted to speak to you. I'm concerned about Viola DeWynter.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |She came through on that Morningstar shipment.
|Phone Call|But that does not mean she can be trusted, yes?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I don't know what it means... but maybe I can find out. Hold on, Oleg.
|Phone Call|I hope you were happy with the information I gave you.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It worked out. Why'd you do it?
|Phone Call|Because we should talk.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We're talking now.
|Phone Call|In person. Meet me at the address I'm sending.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You expect me to come alone?
|Phone Call|Bring someone if you'd like.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oleg, let's get some answers.

{{dialogue|"M10 Pre Z" (Zombie)
|Phone Call|How could you trust Viola DeWynter?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|She was Phillipe's protégé...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|Are you ready to talk like an adult?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|I will be alone. Bring someone if it would put you at ease.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|I will follow your lead on this, though if she tries anything it will not end well for her.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled

{{dialogue|"M10 Roadblocks"
|Suko|Road's blocked up ahead.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Jesus, they won't quit.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A simple roadblock doesn't worry me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Seatbelts!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |These guys just don't give up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why's everyone in our damn way?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Of course it is.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M10 Rooftop 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Heads up! Snipers!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They have snipers!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shit, snipers!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shit, snipers!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Careful, we got snipers!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Look out, snipers!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M10 Rooftop"
|Suko|Watch those snipers across the street.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This isn't any better...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I think we might have some trouble.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|OK, this is worse. Much worse...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well this got worse...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Not what I was hopin' for...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Not good.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M10 Saints HQ"
|Suko|You sure you can get us there?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm sure I can try...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If I can find a good car, I'll lose them in the streets.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh, I'm sorry... what's your master plan?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Sure? No, not really.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm sure we ain't got a choice.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yeah. Like 50 percent sure. Maybe 30.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M10 Saints"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The crib's gonna be safest.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Make for home. We can come up with a better plan there.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Our crib should be safe.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We'll head to the crib and hope they don't follow.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's go. We'll be safe at our crib.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We'll be safe if we make it to the flat.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{quote|More troops landing on the roof.|Oleg, "M10 Second Dropoff on Roof"}}

{{quote|More of those high-tech jets!|Suko, "M10 Second VTOL Wave"}}

{{dialogue|"M10 See Oleg On"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oleg seems to have his own ride now.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Woohoo! Go get him, Oleg!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Nice to see the big guy having fun.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |At least Oleg's having fun.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oleg does some crazy shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oleg's having fun at least...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M10 STAG Entrance 1"
|Suko|Who were those guys?
|Oleg|Soldiers of some sort, though I don't recognize the uniforms.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Mercs working for Killbane maybe?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They are certainly not friendly. Could Killbane have brought in help?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|They're not exactly friendly. Killbane's guys?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Whoever they are, they want us dead. Maybe Killbane sent mercs.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Killbane hirin' mercs now?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well whoever it is, they don't like us. Killbane hiring out his muscle?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Suko|He thinks his Luchadores are unstoppable. I doubt he'd ask them to sit this out.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So someone else wants us dead... fun.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Perhaps. We can find out more after we get out of here.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So someone else is after us.... Great.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So we got a new problem... that's great...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shit, that can't be good then...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So it's someone new. Wonderful.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M10 STAG Ground Bullhorn"
|Interrogation|Saints, we have you surrounded! Surrender now!
|Interrogation|You're trapped, there's nowhere to run!
|Interrogation|Come down from the roof and you won't be harmed!
|Interrogation|You're making this harder than it needs to be!

{{dialogue|"M10 STAG VTOL Bullhorn"
|Interrogation|Get on the ground, now!
|Interrogation|Give it up, you aren't escaping!

{{dialogue|"M10 STAG VTOL Oleg Jumps"
|The Protagonist|What the hell are you doing?!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{quote|It's getting crowded up here.|Oleg, "M10 Third Dropoff on Roof"}}


{{dialogue|"M11 Air Reinforcement Call"
|Interrogation|Air convoy delta-delta-one entering Steelport airspace.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Have to run, Oleg. You got the cleanup?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oleg, are you good now?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oleg? Still breathing?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oleg, you alright down there?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You OK big man?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Everything alright, Oleg?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Oleg|Yes. Thank you for the help.

{{dialogue|"M11 Arrive at Park"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'll take it from here, Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That's the park... now to clear it out a bit.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm here. Let's see if I can clear the way.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm here, I'll clear you a path...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm here...time to clean things up a little.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Arriving at First"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What's the best thing these guys have...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|There must be something I can use in here.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Let's see what toys these guys have.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's see what toys these guys have.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Time to pick a fight...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |There must be something good here...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Call in Plane"
|Cyrus|Get our AWACS in the air with full escort.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|More planes, huh? Guessing that isn't a good thing...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Bringing in reinforcements already? We will see about that.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|More troops? Aw shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |They're flyin' in more troops? Oh fuck that, better hurry this shit up...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |AWACS? I don't know what the fuck that means, but it sounds bad...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Full escort? Uh-oh...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Convoy Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Think I might have pissed them off. You're probably good to move, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You can be leaving any time, Pierce. I have STAG occupied.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Pierce, you ready to do this?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, get things moving. I've got their attention.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Time to move Pierce, I'm picking a fight...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You can head out, Pierce. I've got STAG occupied.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Pierce|We're rolling out in a convoy now. I'll let you know how the streets are looking.

{{dialogue|"M11 cutscene In"
|The Protagonist|Pack it up, we gotta move.
|Pierce|I got 20k on this game!
|The Protagonist|Now it's a draw.
|Pierce|This isn't over. What's up?
|The Protagonist|It's not safe here. You guys clear this place out. I'll buy you some time.

{{dialogue|"M11 cutscene Out"
|Josh|I'm Joshua Birk. On TV I play Nyte Blayde, an exceptionally good looking but misunderstood vampire who risks life and limb every week to keep the world safe.
|Josh|The men and women of STAG put their lives on the line every day to protect your city against gang violence. Want to be a real world hero? Talk to your STAG recruiter today. I know I have.
|Josh|I know I have.
|Kia|Nyte Blayde's the face of STAG? Why don't you just put someone in a fucking deer suit?
|Monica|Hearts and minds will win the war, my dear.
|Cyrus|Shock and awe wins wars, Senator. Authorize the Daedalus and this will all be over.
|Monica|Absolutely not.
|Cyrus|That kid's gonna get himself killed.
|Monica|Well you ensure Josh Birk's safety or I'll find someone who can. Understand?
|Cyrus|Yes, Ma'am.

{{dialogue|"M11 Cyrus Generic Orders"
|Cyrus|I want all units checking in with command.
|Cyrus|Squad leaders, what's your status?
|Cyrus|Why is that Saint still in the air?
|Cyrus|Detain anyone seen aiding the Saints.

{{quote|Be on the lookout for any Saint movement on the ground.|Cyrus, "M11 Cyrus Lookout For"}}

{{quote|All units in the Park, divert attention to finding that convoy.|Cyrus, "M11 Cyrus Park Is"}}

{{quote|Reports coming in of Saints in trucks. Find them and destroy those vehicles.|Cyrus, "M11 Cyrus Reports of"}}

{{quote|This is Commander Temple. All units are to find the Saints and take them out.|Cyrus, "M11 Cyrus Start Ordering"}}

{{quote|All bases, prepare for incoming attacks.|Cyrus, "M11 Cyrus Warns"}}

{{dialogue|"M11 Drive 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|How's all that packing up going, Pierce?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce, how is the load up going?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Pierce, how's the pack-up going?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, how's the pack-up going?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |How's the move going?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How goes the pack-up?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Pierce|Man, that's cold.
|Pierce|Slow. We've got a lot of shit.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Only take what's important.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You have to hurry. Only take what we need.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Just take the most important stuff.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Just take what we need.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If we don't need it, leave it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well, just bring the essentials.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Pierce|Whatchu think I'm doin'?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The chessboard doesn't count...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That does not include the chessboard.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not the chessboard, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce. Leave the chess board.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I think you're wasting time on shit like your action figure collection...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Not the chess board.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{quote|Deploy armored vehicles to the park.|Kia, "M11 Fight at Park"}}

{{dialogue|"M11 Get to a"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shit, falling behind on my killing.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It is time to take the fight to STAG.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time to turn the screw...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Time to keep the pressure on...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's see if I can get their attention...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Time to hit 'em where it hurts.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Get to VTOL"
|Interrogation|We're under attack, all pilots to aircraft.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Bingo!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I like how he thinks...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Aircraft... now we're talking...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Now we're talking...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well, no turning back now...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |There we go.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Hurry and Kill Plane"
|Interrogation|Beginning download.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh that download is being cancelled...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are just wasting your time.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You'll never find my guys.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Like hell you're finding my crew...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You ain't findin' shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I don't know why they even bother...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Inside"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Cup holders AND their mobile base locations? This thing has it all!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They have homing beacons at all of the bases? That's convenient.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Jackpot... this has all the mobile base locations!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Looks like this thing has all their mobile base locations.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This thing has all of STAGs bases in the flight computer? Merry Christmas to me...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This has all their mobile base locations.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Jet Mode"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This is so fucking cool!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I can fly in hover or jet mode? This machine was built for me!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This is like straight out of the future...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hover AND a jet mode? It's like a helicopter that doesn't suck.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I should steal military hardware more often...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oh, it's like a helicopter fucked a jet.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|Deadly force on the Saints has been authorized. Bring that VTOL down.|Kia, "M11 Kia Bring Down VTOL"}}

{{quote|Focus fire on that VTOL until another target is located.|Kia, "M11 Kia Focus Fire On"}}

{{dialogue|"M11 Kia Generic Orders"
|Kia|Investigate all possible Saint vehicles.
|Kia|Update command with casualty reports.
|Kia|I want eyes on the target at all times.

{{quote|Reinforcements are rolling out.|Kia, "M11 Kia Prepare for"}}

{{quote|I want roadblocks set up.|Kia, "M11 Kia Set up"}}

{{quote|All bases on alert. Shoot down any enemy aircraft.|Kia, "M11 Kia Warns"}}

{{dialogue|"M11 Killing Escort Crafts 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|How many of your friends have I killed now?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Last chance STAG. Surrender or die.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not so threatening now, are we?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Come on, come and get me.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That the best you got?!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |C'mon, hit me!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Interrogation|Shoot that Saint out of the air already!

{{dialogue|"M11 Killing Escort Crafts 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You guys are trying, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Did you really think you could stop me?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Thought you guys could handle anything.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Thought you guys were trained for this.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I can't believe I was worried about these clowns...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Aren't you blokes supposed to have like... training?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Interrogation|Keep them off the main radar!

{{dialogue|"M11 Mission Start"
|Oleg|Pierce is loading the trucks. I will create a distraction at the park.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Dividing them up sounds good. I'll find one of the STAG bases and draw 'em away.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good. I will be hitting one of the bases. Perhaps we can spread them out.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We should split up. Make STAG spread themselves thin chasing us.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, that should spread them out. I'll start some shit at one of those STAG bases.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |OK, I'll hit up the STAG bases and do the same.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We should spread 'em thin. I'll start at one of the STAG bases.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Need New VTOL"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Guess these aren't indestructible...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This machine cannot take much more. I need a new one...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm gonna need a replacement soon...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This thing's almost done. Better get a new one.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This isn't gonna last much longer...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Time for a replacement.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Might want to switch this plane out...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This one is unstable. I must be finding a new aircraft.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Gotta find a new plane...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Gotta find a new plane...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I need a new plane...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This won't last much longer.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Oleg Help"
|Oleg|There's too many for me to handle.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Alright, rescue incoming.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am coming now, Oleg. Just hang in there.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Almost there. Hang on, Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm en route, just hang on.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hang tight Oleg, I'm comin'
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm almost there, hold on.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Oleg is Attacking"
|Interrogation|Watch it, that big guy is armed!
|Interrogation|He's with the Saints, bring him down!

{{dialogue|"M11 On Way To AWACS"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So you're already there, right Pierce?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce, you need to be hurrying now.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Pierce, you bettter be close by now...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, tell me you're getting close.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You there yet, Pierce?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Pierce, what the hell's going on?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Pierce|We're tryin' to keep a low profile here. We can't go speedin' through the streets.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|They've brought in a plane with a big fucking radar dish on it just for you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You may have to. STAG has called for an AWACS plane and reinforcements.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fuck that! There's an AWACS plane and escorts flying in to find you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well they got an AWACS plane flying in with a lot of escorts.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Cyrus made it sound like some bad shit was coming your way...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Might want to rethink that. AWACS plane flying in and they've got company.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Pierce|You serious?!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So faster would be better. Got it?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|There is a little time yet. I will try to hold them off, but hurry.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That sound like something I'd make up?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Look, just get there. I'll think of something.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah a wax plane or some shit. Just keep moving man, I got you.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Just keep going. I'll figure out something!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Pierce End"
|Pierce|Move is all done. No worries on our end.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You really know how to ruin a girl's fun.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Glad to hear it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No worries'? Really?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Damn, I was having fun...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Right on. See you soon.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Roger. Over and out.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist|With STAG in town, we need to be careful, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|Huh? Oh, yeah, totally agree.
|The Protagonist|Our place might be compromised...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|Whatever you say.
|The Protagonist|... And we should get some horses and mount a charge on STAG.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|Alright, I'll get on that.
|The Protagonist|Dammit Pierce, I'll be over in a bit.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|Sure, see you soon.

{{dialogue|"M11 Roadblock"
|Pierce|Looks like STAG left a roadblock ahead of us. Without help, we ain't getting by.
|Pierce|Another roadblock. We'll hang back while you take it out.

{{dialogue|"M11 Roadblock Thanks"
|Pierce|Alright, good to go now.
|Pierce|We're moving again.

{{dialogue|"M11 STAG Attention"
|Pierce|Almost got stopped by STAG. Hit them harder, boss.
|Pierce|STAG's still keeping the streets hot. You gotta pick it up with them.

{{dialogue|"M11 STAG Convo After Takeoff"
|Kia|Mobile base tango has been hit! I want our fighters in the air!
|Interrogation|Copy that.

{{quote|All escorting craft, we have incoming!|Interrogation, "M11 STAG Convo to Air Base"}}

{{dialogue|"M11 STAG Convo to Second Base"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wake up, STAG. You're just letting me walk all over you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Come on, STAG. No reason to make it this easy for me.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hey, STAG... you asleep down there? I thought this would be harder.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Cyrus, you gotta teach your boys not to leave the keys in the car...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hey, STAG... thought you would at least put up a little fight. Whatsamatter?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M11 VTOLs Are"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wooo! Jester's dead!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|{{*}}psh* In my country planes do 4G negative dives.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Wooo, DANGER ZOOOONE!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Woooo! Talk to me Goose!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Woohoo! I AM DANGEROUS!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Let's try spinning. That's a good trick.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}


{{dialogue|"M12 Arrive at Center"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Take us to our arch enemy, Nyte Blayde!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We are here for the Nyte Blayde shoot. Is Josh Birk here yet?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Here for the Nyte Blayde shoot. That's, uh, two y's and a d in there somewhere...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Uh, we're here for the, um, the Nyte Blayde shoot.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey, we're, uh, we're with the Nyte Blayde shoot. You know I'm an actor with no ulterior motives.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Uh, we're supposed to be here for the... uh... Nyte... Nyte Blade shoot?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Interrogation|Yeah, yeah, go in...

{{dialogue|"M12 Begin Drive to Center"
|Suko|Are we sure Birk will even be at the PR Center?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I met this clown. He's probably on set doing "lion face, lemon face" right now.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You don't know Birk. If he is not asleep, he is in front of a camera.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|The day Josh Birk doesn't want to be on camera is the day I stop waxing.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I've met this guy. He's probably practicing on camera already.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If Pierce says he's there, he's there...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He practically sleeps there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Suko|He that serious about his work?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No, he's that deluded about being Nyte Blayde. It's a sickness, believe me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Work? No. Public image? Absolutely. Plus he's filming a PSA for Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No, he's that obsessed with himself.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No, he's that in love with himself. Well, and Shaundi...the point is he'll be there
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Pierce knows I'll whoop his ass if he wasted my time. His information is good.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yes, if you replace the word "work" with "self-promotion" and the word "serious" with "unhealthily obsessed"
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M12 cutscene In"
|Viola|Oh look - Pierce can read.
|Pierce|Girl, I don't gotta explain myself to you. STAG is using Nyte Blayde as their mascot. We snatch the punk...
|The Protagonist|And we draw out STAG.
|Pierce|Set it up right, we'll get the drop on those motherfuckers.
|Kid|Um... excuse me?
|Kid|Could you sign this?
|The Protagonist|The fuck is this?
|Pierce|Dude, it's Johnny's comic...he sold his likeness to Ultor, they're making a movie outta this shit.
|The Protagonist|Remind me to call Legal Lee about this.
|The Protagonist|So how do we find Birk? The chump could be anywhere.
|Pierce|We lay the right bait, he'll come to us. That's why I need you and the new girl.
|Viola|My name's Viola.
|Pierce|Your name's the Bloody Canoness.
|Viola|You can't be serious--!
|The Protagonist|Works for me.

{{dialogue|"M12 cutscene Out"
|Cyrus|Check the bodies.
|Cyrus|Get me Monica Hughes.
|Cyrus|They have Birk.
|Cyrus|I assure you, Ma'am--we'll get him back.
|Monica|What? Well find him, goddammit!

{{dialogue|"M12 cutscene Zscene01"
|Josh|You guys wanna do some warm ups before we shoot? Hey, you look familiar...
|The Protagonist|Let's get outta here.

{{dialogue|"M12 Drive to Center"
|Suko|Is there a plan?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|As Nyte Blayde's arch enemies, we "act" out a kidnapping.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We walk in, we kidnap Birk, we walk out.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah. Find Josh and leave.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Go in, find Josh, get out.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah. Kidnap Josh.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Go inside, find Josh, leave... profit.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Suko|I doubt it'll be that simple.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well we could say we have Shaundi hostage, but that could just get weird...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Please. I am never wrong.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|OK, Debbie Downer...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We're dressed as actors... we improvise.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |He's an actor. How hard could it be?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Not with that attitude it won't be.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M12 Elevator Blocked"
|Suko|Dammit, elevator's cut off.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Find some stairs, then.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Make for the staircase. We will find another one.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Keep going 'til we find another one.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Head downstairs, we'll find another one...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We gotta find another way out!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Go downstairs. Find another one.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|The shoot's up on seven. Nyte Blayde is already practicing.|Interrogation, "M12"}}

{{dialogue|"M12 Enter Lobby"
|Suko|Looks like they're all over the entrance.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then we keep heading down.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We'll find another way down.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Let's see if there's another way down here.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's see if there's another way down here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |New plan, follow me!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |There might be another way down here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M12 Escape to HQ"
|Suko|What now?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We get back to the crib and dump him with Pierce and Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I will drive back to the crib. You will make sure Birk stays quiet.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We get him back to the crib.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Keep him quiet while we get back to the crib.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright, let's let him sleep until we get to the penthouse...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Make sure he's quiet until we reach the flat.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Suko|And if he wakes up?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|With an outfit like that, use your imagination, honey.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Then you can practice a scene together.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That's your problem, Bloody Cannoness.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're the Bloody Cannoness, you'll think of something.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You're dressed like a leather clan nun, give him some discipline...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You're the Bloody Cannoness... Improvise.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Suko|I'm killing Pierce.

{{dialogue|"M12 Escape to HQ Nightblade"
|Josh|Great work guys, that was classic Boal.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You know this is a straight up kidnapping, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pay attention Birk. You are being kidnapped.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh for christ's sake. We kidnapped you, Birk.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah about that... we're just kidnapping you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If "Boal" means kidnap and randsom, then sure.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yeah... Right... Look, we kidnapped you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Josh|Wait, what? Why?
|Suko|Really? Do we need to spell it out?
|Josh|You'll never get away with this... STAG, my agent, the Nyte Blaydettes... they'll all come looking for me.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Nyte Blaydettes? Oh you don't wanna make Shaundi jealous, do you?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How unfortunate. Shaundi will be crushed to hear it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Too bad. Shaundi was looking forward to saying hi.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's too bad, Shaundi was really lookin' forward to seeing you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Man, Shaundi'll be bummed that she missed ya...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Too bad... Shaundi will be so very disappointed.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Josh|Shaundi's here? I'll play your game.

{{quote|This looks like the right place.|Suko, "M12 Found"}}

{{dialogue|"M12 Get in"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Buckle that asshole in.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Stuff Birk in the car. Time to go.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Put Birk in the car and let's move!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Get Birk in the car and let's go.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Get him in here...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Put Birk in the car and let's go.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M12 grabbed josh"
|Suko|Very subtle.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Next time you punch him. It's very soothing.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Don't worry. It will be your turn to punch him next.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I got a little excited.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I know I just... really wanted to punch him.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It was worth it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm going on instinct. ACTING!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M12 Hide"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Keep your gun hidden... somewhere.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Actors are not armed. Hide your guns.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We don't want these guys seeing any weapons...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, we're here...lose the guns.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We can't be seen packin' while we're inside.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We're here. Lose the weapons.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M12 Josh Stunned"
|Josh|Wha... what's goin' on...
|Josh|Don't... rip the outfit...
|Josh|Are, are we rolling...
|Josh|I... I think I fell...
|Josh|Stop... stop the Cardinal...
|Josh|Cannoness... is that you...
|Josh|You'll never... stop me...
|Josh|Cyprian... Order...
|Josh|That wasn't... in the script...
|Josh|Are we... improvising...

{{dialogue|"M12 Lobby Combat"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Are all these guards just for Birk? Can you say "overkill"?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They act like they are guarding someone important!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|They really went overboard with the security. It's just one guy.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You'd think they were guarding someone important.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Damn, they really don't wanna lose this guy, huh?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You'd think they were guarding something vital...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Suko|I'm not surprised. Publicity is the key to taking a city.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Some guns and a few high explosives tend to get the job done too.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Publicity is expensive. Guns are effective enough.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I know a thing or two about that.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'll stick with guns.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You know what also takes a city? Gratuitous violence.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Guns also work.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Suko|Yeah, a coma and 3 friends really worked out for you...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Way to kill the mood...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Point taken.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Point taken.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, you got a point.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, fuck you, keep shooting!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Touche...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M12 Mission Start"
|Suko|I feel ridiculous.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You're workin' the slutty nun angle better than I would, trust me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You have the right figure for that look.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's wrong?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Really? I think it's sexy. Slutty...but sexy.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well you make rediculous look damn good...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |But you look fantastic.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Suko|I didn't get a master's in economics to look like a slut.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What did you get a masters in economics for?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No. That's what your BFA was for.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No, that's what the implants were for.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Isn't it nice to know you can surprise yourself?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Who said slut, I didn't say slut.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Then consider yourself an outlier.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M12 Office Combat"
|Suko|Is he gonna be alright?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|He's taken thousands of hits on his show. He'll be fine.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|He'll be fine. I didn't hit him that hard.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Eh... I think so...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |He'll be fine, he just can't take a punch for shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Uh, probably...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Eh... it's hard to tell. Probably.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Suko|And if he isn't?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then I'll feel bad for like two whole minutes.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We aren't that lucky.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Then I'm gonna make a killing on those signed copies of Nyte Blayde.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Then I've done the world a favor.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No one'll notice if the guy has brain damage...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Uh... Sorry I was just picturing being awarded the key to the city.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M12 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist|Pierce, you worked out a way to hurt STAG yet?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|Yeah, Viola's on her way to meet me now..
|The Protagonist|Viola?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|We need her, uh...talents.
|The Protagonist|What are you planning...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|Just swing by, I'll fill you in.

{{dialogue|"M12 See Elevator to"
|Suko|Must be a way out in the garage.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|See, more elevators.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|More elevators, over there.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |There's more elevators.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |There's the elevator!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |There's more elevators.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M12 Too Easy"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You flash a little skin, we can probably get into anywhere in the city.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The costume's working, Viola. They are too busy drooling to be shooting us.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I can't believe that worked...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Not gonna lie, I thought this whole thing was a stunt for Pierce to see your tits, but it's actually working...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Our boy Pierce seemed to hit this plan out of the park...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This is perfect. With you here, nobody has even glanced at me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Suko|I don't care if it works or not, I'm not making going out like this a habit.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Habit... *laughs*, oh that's too precious.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Was that a nun joke?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Went right for the nun joke, didn't you?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |See? You're already making nun jokes, I knew you'd get into this.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Look at you getting into character, talking about habits and shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well I'm just supposed to ignore that? 'Habit'... 'nun'--
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Suko|I hate you.


{{quote|Cyrus, "M13 10"|10 seconds...

{{quote|30 seconds...|Cyrus, "M13 30"}}

{{quote|You have 60 seconds to decide.|Cyrus, "M13 60"}}

|Pierce|Boss, I'm on my way back. You'll love our new toy.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Molotovs and tapestries. A perfect match...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Are those banners some kind of joke? Ugh. A few Molotovs will fix them.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Molotov, meet banner. Banner, Molotov.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh these banners have to go on principal. A few Molotovs should do it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's see if those banners are flame retardant...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fuck these banners.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Oleg|Get down there before someone kills Pierce!
|Interrogation|We can't hold them back!

{{dialogue|"M13 Choice"
|Josh|No longer shall I hide from my one true love and her cause. Allow Shaundi and I to be together and I swear her enemies... will be my enemies.
|Shaundi|Oh no, no, no, fuck no. Don't even think about keeping that prick around. I willl lose my damn mind!

{{dialogue|"M13 cutscene In"
|Josh|Put the gun down. I won't run.
|Shaundi|I'm good.
|Josh|I felt that the moment we met. That connection.
|Josh|Forbidden love.
|Shaundi|Oh my God, can I just shoot this guy?
|The Protagonist|Shaundi--play nice, now.
|The Protagonist|You got the stuff, Pierce?
|Oleg|Allow me, friend.
|Pierce|You did that on purpose.
|The Protagonist|All right--let's go stag hunting.

{{dialogue|"M13 cutscene Out"
|Cyrus|Kia, do you read me?
|Kia|I see congratulations are in order, Commander.
|Cyrus|Not quite. The Saints are still at large. I'm sending some intel over...
|Cyrus|I need leverage on the Saints. Bring in the target for questioning.
|Kia|They're going to run to ground--digging them out won't be easy.
|Cyrus|If it were easy I wouldn't waste your time.
|Kia|Understood, sir--
|Kia|I'll find her.

{{dialogue|"M13 cutscene Zscene01"
|Cyrus|Surrender, kid. We got the perimeter.
|Pierce|Yeah, but we got your poster boy.
|The Protagonist|I want STAG out of my city.
|Cyrus|Not gonna happen. STAG's mission is to eradicate the gangs in Steelport. But, where to focus the firepower is my call. Release Birk, and we'll go can hammer the Syndicate for a while...give you boys a little breathing room.
|Pierce|How you wanna play it, boss?

{{dialogue|"M13 Drive to PR"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Make sure the welcome party is ready to go when I get back.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I hope they stick to the plan. Everything must be ready before I return...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Everything needs to be set up by the time I get back.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Everything better be set up when I get back.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hope they're ready for the party I'm bringing...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Make sure everything's ready to go when I get back.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M13 Driving Back to"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't lose me now, STAG.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That's right, come and capture the Saints leader. I am all alone. Don't let me escape...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's right, keep following me assholes...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's right...come to papa...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |C'mon you bloody wankers.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M13 Elevator"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Maybe he should be late next time.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am not letting anything happen to Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah... that wouldn't be good.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, I suppose that would be bad...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shit, I'm on it...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I've got it under control. I think.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{quote|Looks like they're focusing on the south side.|Suko, "M13 Focus on South"}}

{{dialogue|"M13 Get"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Move it, people!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Get out of here.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|OK, plan B... er... C
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Time to move our ass!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's go people!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Time for plan B. JUMP!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M13 Go Help"
|Suko|I've got this side, go take care of those tanks.
|Oleg|Go help Viola, I'll watch this side for trouble.

{{dialogue|"M13 Helicopters"
|Suko|I see aircraft coming in.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Way to one-up us, STAG.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They must be throwing everything at us.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Well shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Just what we need...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck me...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Nothing we can't handle.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{quote|I need some help over here!|Suko, "M13 Help Viola in"}}

{{dialogue|"M13 In Trouble"
|Pierce|A little help down here! Got a tank on me!
|Pierce|Hurry, I'm not lastin' much longer on my own out here!

{{dialogue|"M13 Laser Target"
|Pierce|It's a laser targeting system. Who wants to call down an airstrike?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ooh, ooh, I do!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce, sometimes you impress even me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I love you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, gold star for you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I take back everything I ever said about you...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I could kiss you on the mouth.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Pierce|Fuck right.

{{quote|We can't hold them back!|Suko, "M13 Losing"}}

{{dialogue|"M13 Mission Start"
|Pierce|Think you can pick a fight with STAG by yourself?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You have a booty call to get to?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Is something going on, Pierce? It is not like you to miss some action.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|By myself? What about you?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're not coming?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You don't want in on the fun?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You got better things to do?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Pierce|Going to pick up a surprise for STAG. You know how to use a Molotov?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce, it's a fuckin' bottle...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce, I was tossing Molotovs before you ever heard of the Saints.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What the hell kinda question is that?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yes Pierce. I know how to throw a fucking bottle.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I dunno man, the bottle with a rag concept is hard to wrap my mind around...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Is that a real question?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Pierce|Jesus, I was just askin'...

{{dialogue|"M13 Molotov"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Maybe I should be trying these Molotovs.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A Molotov or two will start them burning.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Better burn these down with Molotovs.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If I don't light something on fire soon, I'm gonna forget how...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Like my mum always said: Molotovs solve everything.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M13 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shaundi, I...
|Phone Call|Not Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oleg? Why're you answering our girl's phone?
|Phone Call|I think you will owe Shaundi flowers.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Flowers? What the fuck?
|Phone Call|She is having rough time watching over Mr. Birk. I'm surprised she has not killed him yet.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Put her on the phone.
|Phone Call|What the hell do you want?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hold on girl, I just wanted to make sure you're ok.
|Phone Call|I won't be ok until this little shit stops asking for my phone number. Here...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Damn, she's pissed. Thanks for the heads up, but I was calling about STAG.
|Phone Call|STAG believes the Saints are still located here, at this penthouse. They intend to attack us in order to retrieve Mr. Birk.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then I say we give them a big welcome.
|Phone Call|We were thinking the same thing.

{{dialogue|"M13 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shaundi, how's Josh?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shaundi, how's Josh?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shaundi, how's Josh?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi, how's Josh?
|Phone Call|Try again, man.
|The Protagonist|Pierce? Thought I called Shaundi?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce? Thought I called Shaundi?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Pierce? Thought I called Shaundi?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce? Thought I called Shaundi?
|Phone Call|Oh you did, she's just too busy holding herself back from killing Birk to answer... hey!
|Phone Call|Boss, you gotta get me out of here. He's proposed to me six times!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shaundi, this'll all be over soon. Trust me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shaundi, this'll all be over soon. Trust me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shaundi, this'll all be over soon. Trust me.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi, this'll all be over soon. Trust me.
|Phone Call|Then can I kill him? Please god tell me I can kill him.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We'll see. Put Pierce back on before you go.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We'll see. Put Pierce back on before you go.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We'll see. Put Pierce back on before you go.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We'll see. Put Pierce back on before you go.
|Phone Call|Yeah boss?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Heard anything on STAG?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Heard anything on STAG?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Heard anything on STAG?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Heard anything on STAG?
|Phone Call|Shit, almost forgot! They still think we're here at the old crib. Oleg and I are thinking we set the trap this time and use it to fuck STAG up.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's make it a big one, got it?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Let's make it a big one, got it?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Let's make it a big one, got it?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's make it a big one, got it?
|Phone Call|Oh I hear ya.

{{dialogue|"M13 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|Boss! Boss, you gotta help me out here.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Slow down, Shaundi. What's wrong?
|Phone Call|I swear to god I'm going to kill him.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't tell me Pierce is throwing another party with Zimos?
|Phone Call|Huh? Pierce? Why would I give a shit about Pierce, I'm talking about Birk!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oh. How's Josh doing?
|Phone Call|Josh? You on a first name basis with this asshole now?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Calm down, love. We won't need him after we take down STAG.
|Phone Call|Shit, that reminds me. Pierce told me STAG was planning on hitting the old crib. Oleg and him are here waiting for you. Something about setting a trap.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Alright, you all stay there. I'm on my way. And try not to kill Birk yet.
|Phone Call|I make no promises.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Thanks, Shaundi.

{{dialogue|"M13 Pre Z" (Zombie)
|Phone Call|I demand to know who is calling!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|Ah, you work for her. I have information that may interest you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|Listen, I'm trusting you because of your affiliation with my goddess. The information affects you all.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|The ones known as STAG were planning to raid this very penthouse. With my liberation into the arms of my...
|Phone Call|What the FUCK are you doing with my phone?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|Sorry about that, boss. I turned my back for one damn minute and he swipes my phone.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|He wasn't lying, though. STAG's on their way here and Pierce and Oleg are out picking up stuff to set an ambush.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|Alright, I'll tell them you're coming.

{{dialogue|"M13 Reaction to Air"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Where has this been all my life!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oh, now I could get used to this!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I could get used to this...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Best. Toy. Ever.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm in love.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I love technology!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M13 Reaction to Bombs"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh, that's pretty!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Impressive! Oleg, I think you have done this before.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Whoa! Where'd you learn that, Oleg?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Damn! Nice set up, Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Where the hell you come up with that?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bloody hell, Oleg!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Oleg|The Kremlin Gambit is a classic...

{{dialogue|"M13 Retreating"
|Oleg|We can't hold the line!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Get to the roof and let's get out of here!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am not finished yet. Everyone to the roof, now!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Let's move! Everyone to the roof!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fuck it. Everyone to the roof.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Saints, get to the roof!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Get to the roof!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M13 Return to Crib"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Our guests are coming. The party favors all set?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oleg, they are taking the bait. Are we ready for them?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Ready, Oleg?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oleg, they're on the way. We ready?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm comin' back, and I'm bringing ready Oleg?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Here they come, Oleg. You ready?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Oleg|Yes, be careful not to set off the bombs when you get close. I'll be monitoring STAG's approach from our security room.

{{quote|I got Birk, just jump!|Shaundi, "M13 Shaundi With"}}

{{quote|He's still firing! Jump for it!|Shaundi, "M13 Shaundi Without"}}

{{quote|Prepare to open fire on the building.|Cyrus, "M13 Shell"}}

{{dialogue|"M13 Snipers on South"
|Suko|Snipers, south side!
|Suko|More snipers to the south!

{{quote|STAG's broken in!|Oleg, "M13 STAG Inside"}}

{{quote|STAG's broken in!|Interrogation, "M13 STAG"}}

{{dialogue|"M13 Tank on North"
|Oleg|They've sent a tank to the north side!
|Oleg|More tanks coming form the north!

{{dialogue|"M13 Thanks"
|Pierce|Damn, glad you came along when you did.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Sweetie, just tell me the surprise was worth it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Bah, you were never in real danger. Did you get what you wanted?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This was worth it, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Was it worth it?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No worries. You get the toy you wanted?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Was it worth the fuss?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Pierce|Hell yeah. Let's head up and I'll show you.

{{dialogue|"M13 Use Car Bombs"
|Oleg|Don't forget to shoot the car bombs.
|Suko|You plan on using those car bombs?

{{quote|Alright, use a rocket launcher I left to set off the bombs when STAG gets close.|Oleg, "M13 Wave One"}}


{{dialogue|"M14 cutscene In"
|The Protagonist|What's up?
|Kinzie|You need to see this...
|Anna|...Fortunately this exclusive footage has come to light, and with us live the man responsible...
|Anna|...Eddie "Killbane" Pryor. Thanks for being here, Eddie.
|Killbane|My pleasure, Jane...and please, call me Killbane.
|Anna|Killbane, there are some who claim you're a criminal.
|Killbane|No, no, Jane, my dear, please. The Saints are criminals. Call me eccentric, but I'm just an entertainer slash businessman slash philanthropist slash--
|Anna|We get it.
|The Protagonist|Where are they?
|Kinzie|No idea, they're broadcasting from an undisclosed location.
|Shaundi|Well, fucking disclose it.
|Kinzie|I might be able to triangulate where they're shooting if you go to the broadcast towers and -
|The Protagonist|We're on it.

{{dialogue|"M14 cutscene Out"
|Shaundi|DAMN IT! What did you do!
|The Protagonist|What did I do, I don't fucking know!
|The Protagonist|You alright?
|Shaundi|I had him!
|The Protagonist|I know, I know. It's not your fault, something weird happened--
|The Protagonist|Shit!
|Shaundi|Learn to fucking fly!

{{dialogue|"M14 Drive 1"
|Shaundi|That asshole's gonna trash the Saints on air.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wouldn't be the first time...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I didn't think Killbane would try something this subtle.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Looks like that's already happening.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |He already is.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Gonna nothin', he's doing it now...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He already is.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M14 Drive 2"
|Shaundi|Fuck. Him.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What, you don't think Killbane is noble?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Attacking corporations, talking about the children... this guy sounds like a bad politician.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This guy's more self-absorbed than Birk.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This guys got a bigger ego than me...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't worry, he's gonna get his...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Who the fuck does this prick think he is?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M14 End Helicopter Convo"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Lemme get close enough...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am bringing you into position.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'll get you a clear view.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'll get you above him.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'll get you in position.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'll get you above him.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Shaundi|Just keep it steady so I get a shot.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No problem.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Make me proud, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Better not miss.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Make it count.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You got it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Make it count, love.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M14 Enter Office"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You see Killbane anywhere?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Find Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where's Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Where the hell is Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright, we gotta find Killbane...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Where the hell is Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Shaundi|Bet that reporter knows. Let's ask.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Seems to be a couple people in the way...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|After we are done tending to these punks.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|After we get through these guys.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We gotta get through them, first.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's say hello to our old friend Jane...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We gotta get through them, first.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M14 First Antenna"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You didn't say anything about Deckers being up here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why are the Deckers guarding a radio tower?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What are the Deckers doing here?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |There's Deckers up here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shit, the Deckers are here!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I see Deckers.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Kinzie|They probably use these antennas for the Decker usenet. Not surprising they'd leave guards.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Just give me a heads up next time, Kinzie...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You knew about them? Kinzie, you are welcome to share these bits of information with me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Wish I'd known that sooner.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Thanks for the heads up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Next time a little heads up'd be nice...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Thanks for the heads up.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|Use the transmitters I left under the seat. Place one on the radio antenna. Then head to the next tower.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|How long have you been planning for this?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You left under... Kinzie how long have you been planning this operation?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That's... convenient...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Wait, how did you have this stuff all ready to go?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't change the subject on me...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Wait, how'd you plan for all this...?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kinzie|Gotta go.

{{dialogue|"M14 First Rooftop"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Is there any place in this city Kinzie hasn't placed some device?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie is good. She must have the whole town bugged by now.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Makes you kind of wonder what else she's up to...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How many gadgets you think Kinzie's got all over this city by now?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You think Kinzie is gonna do anything with these transmitters once we're done with Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How much of this city you think she's monitoring?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Shaundi|Who cares, as long as she isn't bugging my bedroom.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I don't think she wants to hear the details of your sex life, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That does not seem likely...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|C'mon. She wouldn't do that.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |She wouldn't spy on her own people like that...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Kinzie would never spy on her own people...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's mental. She wouldn't do that.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Shaundi|You sure about that?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Though I'll bet we could make some good money off it...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good point. She might have footage of Pierce... Uh, anyway. I'll talk with her.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah. Maybe. Actually no... Fuck.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |... Remind me to have my room checked when we get back.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You're right, the bitch is crazy.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |...well now I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight, thanks.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M14 Go After Killbane"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Time to get back in the air and catch that asshole.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Back to the helicopter. We are finishing this now.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Get in the copter. It's time to find Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Back to the chopper. We're going after Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We're not letting Killbane get away, back to the roof.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Back in the bird. We're going after Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Shaundi|Let's put a bullet in that sonofabitch.

{{dialogue|"M14 Got Location"
|Kinzie|He's in an abandoned office building. Let me send you the location...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That should give us just enough time...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good work, Kinzie. Now we let him know who he is messing with.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Thanks for the tip. Now let's have a little fun.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Nice work, Kinzie. Now let's rile him up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Kinzie, hook me up with the stations phone number...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Nice work, Kinzie. Now let's get him good and riled.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Shaundi|What're you gonna do?
|Kinzie|Ok, patching your cell through.

{{dialogue|"M14 Land on Office"
|Shaundi|This looks like the place.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ok, let's quietly sneak in...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kill them, quickly and quietly.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Get 'em out. Quickly and quietly.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Clear 'em out quick and quiet.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's do this quietly...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Clear 'em out quick and quietly.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Or run in guns blazing, either works for me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Just kill them.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Relatively speaking.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well, quiet-ish...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah that sounds lame, let's just shoot these motherfuckers...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Quiet...ish?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{quote|Called in a favor to get a helicopter. Use it, I'll explain when you're airborne.|Kinzie, "M14 Mission"}}

{{dialogue|"M14 Placing First"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Cover me while I hook this thing up.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It will take just a moment to set this up.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Give me a second to place this thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Setting up the transmitter...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Give me a bit to place this thing.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M14 Placing Second"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Turning this thing on and then we can take off.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I will be done here soon.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, hooking this thing up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Getting the transmitter in place...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Alright, hooking this thing up.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M14 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How you doing with plans for the Deckers?
|Phone Call|I think we should be able to bring them down.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Alright, where should I start?
|Phone Call|I was speaking speculatively. Right now I still have to crack a few databases.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Um, then what should I be doing now?
|Phone Call|Dealing with our current problem.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The Deckers are our problem, and you just said...
|Phone Call|I'm not talking about the Deckers. There are other problems out there you know.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Well yeah, but...
|Phone Call|Here, meet me at Smiling Jack's and I'll show you.

{{dialogue|"M14 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|Phone Call|I've been tracking the Decker's movements in Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So how do we stop these cyber nerds?
|Phone Call|Goth-cyberpunks.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Excuse me?
|Phone Call|The Deckers are part of the goth-cyberpunk crowd, not the cyber nerds. Different group altogether. Like confusing a baseball player with a football player.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Uh, right... so, stopping them...
|Phone Call|... will have to wait. Get to Smiling Jack's diner and bring Shaundi. A new problem just came up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shaundi, need you to meet me at Smiling Jack's. Kinzie says something's up.
|Phone Call|I'll be waiting there for you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Just meet me there.

{{dialogue|"M14 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|Phone Call|This really isn't a good time.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Then call me back when it is.
|Phone Call|No, I mean what's going on isn't good for the Saints.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You knew that coming into this.
|Phone Call|I mean right now. What's going on RIGHT NOW. You have no idea, do you?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Aparently not.
|Phone Call|Come to Smiling Jack's diner and I'll show you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This better be worth it.

{{dialogue|"M14 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hey, how's the Decker plan coming along?
|Phone Call|You can't rush these things. Running in and shooting won't work on Matt Miller and the Deckers.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Doesn't have to be perfect, just something to get started with.
|Phone Call|Well the plan's almost complete, so I'll wait for that.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kinzie...
|Phone Call|Uh oh. That's not good.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What? What's not good?
|Phone Call|Come to Smiling Jack's.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kinzie, what's going on?
|Phone Call|I'll call Shaundi, we'll need her. See ya.

{{dialogue|"M14 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie, you found anything out about the Deckers?
|Phone Call|I know a lot about the Deckers.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well I know that, but I mean anything we can use?
|Phone Call|Tons, but you shouldn't worry about that now.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ok, then what should I...
|Phone Call|Is Shaundi with you?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No. Why do you want to know? What's going on?
|Phone Call|I'll call her then. Meet me at Smiling Jack's diner, there's something you need to see.

{{dialogue|"M14 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|Good, it's you.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |... Yes, it's me. And?
|Phone Call|Sorry, was reading. More crimes attributed to the Deckers have been popping up.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Anything we can use?
|Phone Call|Possible. I... oh, that's not good.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What? What isn't good?
|Phone Call|We'll need another person, maybe Shaundi... Meet me at Smiling Jack's diner.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie?... Shit.

{{dialogue|"M14 Pre Z" (Zombie)
|Phone Call|Where have you been?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|They've been talking about it for the last hour. It's all over the net and TV.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|You need to see this. Come to Smiling Jack's and I'll show you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|You don't say much, do you?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles

{{dialogue|"M14 Question Jane"
|Anna|It's been a while. You look good.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well I always do. Now where'd Killbane go?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I want Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where's Killbane hiding?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Where's Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Where is that sonofabitch...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Where's Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Anna|He mentioned heading north. You're not... after me about the interview, are you?

{{dialogue|"M14 Radio Interview Call In"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You know, Eddie...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Listen, Eddie...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Eddie, Eddie, Eddie...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Listen, Eddie...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm gonna break it down for you Eddie...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Listen, Eddie...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I am gonna fuckin' murder you, your family, your dog...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You can't hide your shame behind that mask forever, EDDIE. Before I'm done with you everyone will know how fucking spineless you are.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Ed. Eduardo. Buddy. The next time I see you I'm gonna cut off your ba--
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Buddy I am gonna skull fuck y-
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You can hide behind all the Luchador bitches you want, but I'm gonna find you...and when I do I'm gonna fuckin' kill yo-
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Listen lad--I call you what I want. And if you think I give one flyin fu--
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Listen up you son of a bitch...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Listen carefully stupid bag of shit...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hey, listen up you flaming sack of shit. You ha...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Listen you fat piece of shit. You ha...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Listen, motherfucker, you know that tape is bullshit...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Listen up you tubby wad of goo--
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm gonna find you and put a bullet in that inflated fucking head of yours!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Do you like pain, Walking Asspocalypse?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah. How are you gonna do these interviews with your jaw wired shut?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, I'm going to come down there and tear your goddamn throat out!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah: What are you gonna do when I tear out your fucking eyes...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yeah, I'm going to march down there and step on your bloody throat.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's a promise.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No threats. Just a promise. When I'm through with you, your lover won't be able to identify your body.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I don't do threats. I do guarantees.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No... it's a promise.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Very astute.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I don't make threats, mate. I makes promises.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M14 Reach Helicopter"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Instruction time, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinizie, what are we to do?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So what's the deal, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We're here, Kinzie. What next?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Talk to me Kinzie...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We're here, Kinzie. What next?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Kinzie|I've sent you coordinates to several radio towers. Head to the first one and let me know when you've landed.

{{dialogue|"M14 Second Antenna"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Do you make all these gadgets, Kinzie, or steal them?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where do you get your equipment, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where exactly do these transmitters come from?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So where'd you get these transmitters, anyway, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You get all these toys from your FBI days?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie, where'd you nick these transmitters?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kinzie|It's safer if you don't know
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Safer? What do you mean safer?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What is that supposed to mean?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's that supposed to mean?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What does that even mean?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What's that even mean?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Whatchu mean safer?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kinzie|Well. It probably means that its safer... if you don't know. Look they work, that's all that matters.

{{dialogue|"M14 Second Rooftop"
|Shaundi|What're we going to do about that video the press has?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Play the whole thing off as some phony publicity stunt?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We'll let our PR department earn their paychecks.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Let the PR department worry about it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Our PR department can take care of that, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ultor's gonna bury it, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Who cares? Let PR worry about that.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Shaundi|People think we blew up a landmark. I don't think it's that easy.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then what do we have a PR department for?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Then we will find someone else. Why pay a PR team if not for times like this?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Then what are they good for?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Then what the hell do we pay them for?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then what the fuck are their lawyers good for?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Then what the hell do we pay them for?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Shaundi|Covering up the small shit.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Is anything we do small? Ever?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We do small shit?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah, they need to start earning those paychecks.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Since when do we do 'small' shit?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Remind me to get Gryphon on the phone, later...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |When was the last time we did "small shit"?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{quote|Great, they're running. We must've spooked them.|Shaundi, "M14 Spooked News"}}

{{dialogue|"M14 Target Van"
|Kinzie|There, got it. Sending the coordinates of the van.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I thought you just said "van".
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What van?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Van?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Van?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Van?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kinzie|A broadcasting van. It's where the signal is being sent from.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So what, blow it to hell?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Will Killbane be inside this van?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So that means they're in there?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |They're inside it?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So they're in the van...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |They're inside it?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kinzie|No. Use the laser signal tracker to help me find their broadcast location.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I don't see that button on the dashboard...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Use the what?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hold up... a laser signal what?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |The what?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |English, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What the hell are you jabbering on about?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kinzie|The light on the helicopter. Shine it on the van.

{{dialogue|"M14 Too Close to"
|Kinzie|Back off before they run for it.
|Kinzie|Too close, they're going to see you.
|Kinzie|You trying to let them see you?

{{dialogue|"M14 Too Far Away From"
|Kinzie|Careful, don't get too far from the van.
|Kinzie|Get closer, or the signal will drop.
|Kinzie|I'm losing the signal, you're too far.


{{dialogue|"M15 Arrival"
|Pierce|Looks like the Deckers started the party.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then they can pick up the tab.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|True, but that doesn't mean they will enjoy the end of it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|And we're gonna crash it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well guess we're crashing then.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So we're fashionably late.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well guess we're crashing then.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Pierce|Kinzie'd never forgive us if they got that computer first.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't worry, it's not gonna happen.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|She's counting on us. I will not let her down.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|They're not going to.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Then make sure they don't.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You ain't lyin....
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Then make sure it don't happen.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M15 cutscene In"
|Kinzie|You can hit the light.
|The Protagonist|It's...homey.
|Pierce|I don't see a bed.
|Kinzie|Sleep is forbidden.
|The Protagonist|What the fuck did the Deckers do to the chopper?
|Kinzie|Matt must have hacked into its flight computer and fried it with an EMP.
|Pierce|You can do that?
|Kinzie|You can do a lot worse. If Matt gets the Decker Use-Net plugged into the central powergrid it' me, it's bad.
|The Protagonist|So how do we nail the Deckers?
|Kinzie|If I could worm into their mainframe I'd do all sorts of naughty things. But I don't have the gear for that.
|The Protagonist|What would you need?
|Kinzie|Something like this.
|Kinzie|That's one of the most powerful learning computers in North America... And STAG'S got one.
|Matt|Thanks for the tip Agent Kensington.
|Kinzie|Damn it...
|The Protagonist|Wait--that punk kid is Matt?
|Matt|That punk kid is the cyber god who just crashed your helicopter. Cheers!
|Kinzie|His people are probably halfway to the computer by now! GO!

{{dialogue|"M15 cutscene Out"
|The Protagonist|So you're set, right?
|Kinzie|Almost. I need a chair.
|The Protagonist|I'll give you 50 bucks, pick out a nice one.
|Kinzie|Funny. I'll explain it all once this thing's set up.

{{dialogue|"M15 Decker Roadblocks 1"
|Pierce|Shit, the Deckers are tryin' to slow us down.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Can't imagine why...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Bah. They are hardly worth noticing.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Now you figure that out?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You think?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Can't imagine why...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What gave it away?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{quote|Man, this shit just ain't fair.|Pierce, "M15 Decker Roadblocks"}}

{{dialogue|"M15 Do Not Shoot Cannon"
|Kinzie|Not the cannon, not the cannon!
|Kinzie|Do you want me to kill you both!?

{{dialogue|"M15 Drive 1"
|Pierce|So you and Shaundi were beaten by a little punk like Miller?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Crashing a helicopter isn't beating; that's cheating.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The helicopter went down, and he took the credit.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|He didn't beat us, he just crashed our helicopter.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Beaten? He crashed our fucking helicopter.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |He crashed our helicopter, he didn't kill us.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You kidding me? Our helicopter crashed.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Pierce|That sounds like you lost to me.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce, I have a gun...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|There will be a rematch. Cast your bets now.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Keep laughing.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Put me in a room with Miller and we'll see who loses.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shut up.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Go on, laugh it up...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M15 Drive 2"
|Kinzie|Aren't you there yet?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|If I didn't have to answer your call, maybe I would be.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Relax, we'll make it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Workin' on it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Calm down, we'll get there.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey man, slow up. We're almost there.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Calm down, we'll get there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kinzie|I don't want that little bastard beating me again.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Not a chance, hon.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not possible, Kinzie. This time you have the Saints behind you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|It's not gonna happen.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't worry, he won't.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Not gonna happen, girl.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't worry, he won't.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M15 Drive 3"
|Pierce|Kinzie's a little high strung, don't you think?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|As long as she stays grounded in reality we'll be fine.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Perhaps a little. She may be eccentric, but at least she is sane.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|She stares at a computer all day and never goes out in the real world. I'm surprised she's still sane.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |She barely goes out and stares at that screen most of the time. I'm surprised she's still sane.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Think we're all that's keeping her sane...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |For someone who spends most of her time glued to a moniter, I'm surprised she's still sane.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Pierce|You sure she still is?

{{dialogue|"M15 Garage Enter"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|There goes the truck and here comes the Deckers.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie, that truck is moving and we are pinned down.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hey Kinzie, just so you know... we're not alone.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie, the truck's moving out and we have company here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The truck's on it's way out the door and there's Deckers everywhere.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie, trucks on the way but we've got a little company...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kinzie|I called in reinforcements for you guys.
|Pierce|Fuck reinforcements, we got a tank.
|Kinzie|Oh no, don't you dare! I don't want that thing anywhere near my computer!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I wouldn't dream of taking the tank, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Alright Kinzie, we will do this your way.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh. Guess we can't use the tank then...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ok, ok... we won't use the tank
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You win, we won't use the tank...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't worry, love. Tank is off limits.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Do you even know me? Of course we're taking the tank!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Of course not. Come on. I'll drive.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Psh. Of course we are. Don't be ridiculous.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fuck no, we're getting our tank on.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck no...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Course not. Have you gone mental?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{quote|We better get in there before they take that thing.|Pierce, "M15 Get In"}}

{{dialogue|"M15 Get to Garage"
|Kinzie|The Deckers are loading my computer in the garage. Get. Moving.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You have some psychic bond with this computer or some shit?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How can you be sure of that?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who told you that?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How do you know that?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You got spies here or something?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How'd you know that?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Kinzie|I hacked the security feed.

{{quote|Damn, there's even more in here.|Pierce, "M15"}}

{{dialogue|"M15 Matt Player Convo"
|Matt|Having fun yet?
|The Protagonist|Oh jesus fucking christ...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Matt|You and that slag Kensington ready to beg for mercy?
|The Protagonist|Are you ready to shut the fuck up?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Matt|Look at you puffing your chest like your someone who's important. You better understand that you have no tactic I haven't planned for. You see, you'll never be as smart as me, but there's not one thing you can do that I can't.
|The Protagonist|Oh yeah? Buy a pack of cigarettes.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles

{{dialogue|"M15 Mission Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Tell me the computer's close, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where is STAG keeping this computer, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So Kinzie, where is this computer?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie, where's the computer being held?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Where's that computer, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie, where's the computer?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Kinzie|At the STAG PR Center. Hurry.

{{dialogue|"M15 More Truck Combat"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Deckers did all the heavy lifting for us. This worked out well.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie will be unhappy if the Deckers forgot to pack everything.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Lucky they packed that computer up for us.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Was awful nice of the Deckers to get this thing loaded up for us.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We should hire the Deckers to load shit up more often.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How sweet of the Deckers to get this thing loaded up for us.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Pierce|Speaking of which, how're we gonna move it after we blow out the tires?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This is a tank we're in, right...?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I was thinking we would use the tank.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Uh... tank...?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce... tank...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We use the tank.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What the fuck you mean? We're in a bloody tank...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Pierce|I suppose that'll work.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's do it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What's the worst that could happen?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I worry about you. I really do.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I worry about you sometimes...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm takin' Shaundi next time...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I worry about you sometimes, mate...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M15 PA Speakers 1"
|Matt|Don't leave any of those pathetic peons standing.
|Kinzie|Yak yak yak... get a job.
|Kinzie|Go home, Matt, and take your little Deckers with you.
|Matt|Well someone's a sore loser, Agent Kensington.
|Kinzie|You haven't won yet.
|Matt|If you're referring to your two pawns, they're too late.
|Kinzie|We'll see about that.
|Matt|What's to see, except the epic failure that is the Saints?
|Kinzie|A bit overconfident?
|Matt|I am the one who got here first. I am the one leaving with the computer. I...

{{dialogue|"M15 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|Phone Call|Was wondering when you'd call.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Am I that predictable?
|Phone Call|With the right algorithm most people are, actually.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You figure out the Deckers then?
|Phone Call|I think so. Come by my place, I'll fill you in.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why does this make me nervous...
|Phone Call|You shouldn't be. My place has a lot of character.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I bet...

{{dialogue|"M15 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|Phone Call|I'm a little busy...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |To bad, I wanna make a move against the Deckers...
|Phone Call|Whaddya think I'm working on?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I don't know what you're working on because you never tell me.
|Phone Call|Sorry.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It's ok, you'll fill me in when I come over...
|Phone Call|What?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Pierce and I headin' over.
|Phone Call|You can't come, its my inner sanctum...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, too bad.

{{dialogue|"M15 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I don't like it when helicopters crash while I'm in them, Kinzie.
|Phone Call|I don't blame you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Any luck on making sure it doesn't happen again?
|Phone Call|Come to me and we'll talk.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Meet you at the diner...
|Phone Call|Not there. My place.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Smiling Jack's not good enough for you anymore?
|Phone Call|It isn't my inner sanctum.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Do I even want to know what I'm walking into?
|Phone Call|The less questions you ask, the better.

{{dialogue|"M15 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kinzie, where're you at?
|Phone Call|Um, why do you need to know?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|After that chopper thing, I'd like to get those fucking Deckers.
|Phone Call|I've been busy.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|If it gets us to the Deckers, busy is good.
|Phone Call|It does.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Alright, then what's next?
|Phone Call|Well, next...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Anytime now.
|Phone Call|Come to my place.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What's the problem? You afraid I won't like the plan?
|Phone Call|No...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then what?
|Phone Call|I've never allowed anyone in my inner sanctum before.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Inner... sanctum...
|Phone Call|My sacred, private room.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|... Wow.

{{dialogue|"M15 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |The Deckers are a problem, Kinzie.
|Phone Call|I've been working on that.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |And? What have you come up with?
|Phone Call|Well, I guess you were bound to be here someday.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What are you talking about?
|Phone Call|Come to my place. I'll show you what we're gonna need.

{{dialogue|"M15 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|Figured you would call.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |The Deckers are a bigger problem than we thought. I need something to stop them.
|Phone Call|I've finished my analysis of the Deckers' network and infrastructure and determined the needed processing power and hardware requirements for accessing their mainframe.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Uh huh...
|Phone Call|I've worked REALLY hard and know what we need to go after the Deckers.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fine, where do you need me?
|Phone Call|Um, well, my place has all the data. I guess you can come here. I mean, it makes sense. Right?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I've seen your place before, Kinzie.
|Phone Call|Not my inner sanctum.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Right...

{{dialogue|"M15 Pre Z" (Zombie)
|Phone Call|I know about the helicopter.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|I'm close to being able to go after the Deckers directly, but I'll need your help.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Phone Call|Won't explain over the phone. Come to my place.

{{quote|She wasn't kidding about reinforcements. Looks like the crew has this shit under control.|Pierce, "M15 Reaction to Exiting"}}

{{dialogue|"M15 Shoot Tires"
|Pierce|There goes a tire.
|Pierce|Damn, nice shot.
|Pierce|Alright, one more.

{{dialogue|"M15 STAG Tech"
|Pierce|STAG sure has a lot of tech in here.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah, but I'm not seeing Kinzie's new toy.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If only we had time to look around and take some.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who cares about the rest of this shit... where's the computer?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This shit all looks the same to me, where's the computer...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, but which one's the computer?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I can't tell one thing from the other. Where's the bloody computer?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M15 Truck Chase 1"
|Kinzie|Ok, following the truck on street cams and... Oh god! What the hell are you doing?!
|Pierce|Going after the truck.
|Kinzie|I said DON'T use the tank!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I wasn't sure on your position... had to make a judgement call.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We were a little short on time, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|{{*}}fake static* What was that? I didn't get that?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Relax, we won't use the cannon.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Whoops.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What if we don't use the cannon?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Pierce|Kinzie you're breaking up...
|Kinzie|No I'm not, you're just using your mouth to pretend like you are!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|{{*}}fake static* It's a... solar flare... yeah...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie, uh, Kinzie! I am not hearing you!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|{{*}}fake static* Kin-- I can't--radio--goodbye.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What's that Kinzie...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey you... you still there, Kinzie...?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Uh, I can't... I can't hear you, Kinz!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kinzie|Ugh. Use the machine gun then, NOT the cannon.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|She may try to kill us this time.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|She seems upset, no?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We're gonna regret this, aren't we?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You think she's mad?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |A little too far?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You think she's mad?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}


{{dialogue|"M16 Ability Explanation"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh yeah! Look at me now!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Most impressive, Kinzie. I like the looks of this one.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This is amazing!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This is so COOL!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Good work Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This is absolutely mental!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|Looking at that avatar's programming you should have four main abilities. The sword can be used to slash at things close by, or it can create a giant shockwave. And as a dragon, you have medium ranged fire breath and a quick dash to evade hits.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kinzie, I could kiss you right now.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Slash, burn, flip and dash, eh? I think I can handle this...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Let's test this.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's test this.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I gotta try this out.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Let's test this.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 Actual Avatar"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Whoa! This... this is better!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This is good Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|THERE we go.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Now this I can work with.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Now we're talkin'! I can work with this.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |There. That's better.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kinzie|Good, cause Matt sniffed me out.
|Matt|This is my world to shape as I see fit, not yours.

{{dialogue|"M16 Attack Firewall"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm here... and I don't think I'm alone.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I think this must be the fire... Kinzie! What happened?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Got it, I'll start... what the hell's going on?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, at the firewall... what the hell's going on?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That must be the... what the hell!?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Alright, at the... what the hell's going on?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kinzie|They're trapping you at the firewall. Hold off whatever Miller sends and I'll get you through.

{{dialogue|"M16 Attack Security"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Give up, little boy!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How am I doing Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|He's a determined little shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Miller doesn't know when to quit.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Doesn't that kid know when he's beat?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Miller doesn't know when to quit.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{quote|Take this out and we can go for Matt himself.|Kinzie, "M16 Attack"}}

{{quote|What?! That's IMPOSSIBLE! Guards!|Matt, "M16 Bahamut"}}

|Kinzie|GOT IT!
|Kinzie|Looks like Matt doesn't want you poking around here. You'll have to work your way through his defenses. Let's take out the firewall first.

{{quote|Is this the best you can do, Agent Kensington? BEGONE!|Matt, "M16 Banish to"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 Boss Battle Begins"
|Matt|We're not in the real world now. Here, you cannot beat me.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Real world, this world; it's all the same for kicking your ass.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are going to talk me to death, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Seriously kid, do you hear yourself?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We'll see about that.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You sure about that?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We'll see about that.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{quote|Alright just... don't die until I figure out how to copy his avatar.|Kinzie, "M16 Boss"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 Charge 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Bring it!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It won't work, Matt!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ah, fuck.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oh shit!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Matt|I'll kill you one way or another!

{{dialogue|"M16 Charge 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Come on, pussy!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You like to dance, no?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not again!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Not again!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Not gonna work.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Not again!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Matt|You can't escape me forever!

{{dialogue|"M16 Charge 3"
|Matt|Stop fighting the inevitable!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That the cheesiest line you have?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Poor boy. You still think you have a chance.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hope you have your gravestone picked out.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shut up, kid!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 Cheat 1"
|Matt|In my world, the rules can change.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Something's wrong, Kinzie...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What is happening?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's he doing?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What the hell's going on?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What the fuck is going on?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What the hell's going on?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|He's altering the rules of reality there. You'll just have to deal.

{{dialogue|"M16 Cheat 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Did Pierce pull out the cord or something?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Are we having connection issues?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|The connection doesn't seem right...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Something wrong with the connection?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Something wrong with the connection?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bad connection?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kinzie|He's bombarding us with data. I'll try blocking it.

{{dialogue|"M16 Cheat 3"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That how you have to win, Miller?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Let me guess. The little boy is playing again, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fucking stop it!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Quit fucking doing that!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Come on!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Knock it off!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Matt|Give up, you're not strong enough.

{{dialogue|"M16 cutscene In"
|Pierce|You ready to fuck things up in virtual reality?
|The Protagonist|It's safer than being shot at.
|Kinzie|You can survive a gunshot. But if your mind takes too much shock in this chair, you'll go brain dead.
|The Protagonist|Great plan, Kinzie.
|Kinzie|I know. You ready?
|The Protagonist|Let's do it...

{{dialogue|"M16 cutscene Out"
|Killbane|I really wish you'd reconsider, Matty. These hands of mine were meant to rend bone, not hunt and peck on a keyboard.
|Matt|Well, if typing's the issue, I can recommend some good voice recognition software--
|Killbane|You stuck with me when I rose from Phillipe's ashes like a phoenix. You and me - we've bonded.
|Matt|That's lovely, but I feel it's time for me to move on. To be honest, I'm a little scared of...well...dying.
|Killbane|I do run a demanding workplace. Matty, I appreciate how you've shared your concerns. I mean, the way Viola and Kiki handled their...departures just made me want to kill someone, ya know?
|Matt|Absolutely. Well, I've a flight to catch, so--
|Killbane|Feel free to list me as a reference, anytime.
|Matt|Oh God!

{{dialogue|"M16 cutscene Zscene01"
|The Protagonist|Easy to laugh when you're hiding like a pussy. Come on out!
|The Protagonist|What the fuck...
|Matt|Don't you get it? I'm God here.
|The Protagonist|That's just fine. In the real world you're just a bitch with a keyboard.

{{dialogue|"M16 cutscene Zscene02"
|Matt|I can clear your name, prove that you didn't destroy that bridge.
|The Protagonist|I'm sure Kinzie can figure it out.
|Matt|I literally have the world at my fingertips.
|The Protagonist|Little vague Matt, gotta do better.
|Matt|You tell me the name of a company and it becomes the property of the Saints. You get your empire back and I get to walk away.
|The Protagonist|Kid, now we're talking...

{{dialogue|"M16 Defenses"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Right... what is that exactly?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are the boss here, Kinzie. What is the firewall?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fire-what?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Firewall? What is it and how will I find it?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Firewall? What is it and how will I find it?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Kinzie|It blocks us from accessing the Deckers' data. You'll know it when you see it.

{{quote|It looks like I underestimated you... hope you know how to read.|Matt, "M16 Destroy Outer"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 Destroy Security"
|Kinzie|He's scared... go to the Cathedral and finish him off!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And those giant tubes are just happy fun slides, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The Cathedral... the place with all the pipes? I think this looks like a trap...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You mean where those giant tubes are feeding into? The place that looks like a trap?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You mean where those giant tubes are feeding into? That can't be a trap or anything.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The Cathredral. You mean that place with the tubes that is screaming "I'm a fucking trap!"?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You mean where those giant tubes are headed? That can't be a trap or anything.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Kinzie|Must be his direct feed into the world, where all his information flows through... yeah that's definitely a trap.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Sometimes at least try lying.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Interesting. Well, it would not be polite to make him wait.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|{{*}}Sigh*
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Again with the comforting skills...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright. Let's go get him.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Again with the comforting skills...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{quote|WHY AREN'T YOU DYING!|Matt, "M16 Destroy"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 Doll Again"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh come on!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Matt is playing games again, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Kinzie...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Matt again?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kinzie|I see it, I see it...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|In your dreams, kid.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Hurry up Kinzie. I am not liking the idea of being Matt Miller's doll...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm gonna destroy that little prick.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm gonna enjoy kicking that kid's ass...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm gonna kill that little shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm gonna enjoy kicking that kid's ass...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 Error Message"
|Kinzie|Ok... don't panic... we can work this out... probably
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You ever been good at lying under pressure?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I know you can clear this. You are just trying to make worry, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Confidence isn't your strong suit, is it?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're not good at comforting people are you...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Probably? You aren't sure?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Do we need to work on your comforting skills.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans

{{quote|There's no room for you in my world. Time to die!|Matt, "M16 Final QTE"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 Firewall Destroyed"
|Matt|I'm not going to be beaten by some noob you dragged into my world, Kensington.
|Kinzie|OK, we're back in business: now take out Matt's anti-virus next.

{{dialogue|"M16 General"
|Matt|Admit failure and bow before your cyber god!
|Matt|Here you will learn your place, Saint.
|Matt|How can you ever compete in my world.
|Matt|Kensington cannot help you here. She isn't the one risking death.
|Matt|What makes you think you can defeat me?
|Matt|You cannot defeat what you do not understand.
|Matt|You're nothing more than a virus for me to kill.

{{dialogue|"M16 Graves 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This a cemetery? What's with the gravestones?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This is a strange looking place. Why all the gravestones?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|There's gravestones all over the place...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What's with all these gravestones?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What's up with these gravestones?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What's with all the gravestones?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kinzie|Gravestones? Maybe they're...
|Matt|Do you really think you're the first to try destroying me? Those are all the people who've come before you... and failed.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You are such a fucking nerd.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Interesting idea. Maybe I should set up my own graveyard...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Subtle.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |God I wanna punch him...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bollocks.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 Graves 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Can't I destroy these damn gravestones?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|More gravestones? You need the number for a good decorator.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's with the gravestones again?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Enough with the gravestones already, Miller.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You're really into the tombstones, aren't ya Miller?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Enough with the gravestones already, Miller.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Matt|Does seeing all who have fallen before you frighten you? It should.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Sure, kid. Keeping telling yourself that.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I think your gravestones are fake. You have never killed anyone, have you?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Riiiiiight.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kid, you are such a douchebag...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Kid nothin' in your little playground is frightenin' me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'll give you something to be frightened of you little prick...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 Hotdog"
|Matt|How do you expect to hurt me now!
|Matt|Hope you're not vegetarian! (laughs)
|Matt|Even Kinzie's weapons are useless in my domain!

{{quote|Your controls are backwards. Careful where you're going.|Kinzie, "M16 Inverted Cheat Kinzie"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 Inverted Cheat Matt"
|Matt|Find your way around now.
|Matt|Go left. Now right. Pathetic...

{{quote|You can't win when you don't know which way is up.|Matt, "M16 Inverted Cheat"}}

{{quote|Careful, the lag spike will bounce you around.|Kinzie, "M16 Lag Cheat Kinzie"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 Lag Cheat Matt"
|Matt|Welcome to lag hell.
|Matt|They say lag kills.

{{quote|Having trouble with your connection?|Matt, "M16 Lag Cheat"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 Matt Player Convo"
|Matt|You like the place? It's modeled after the Nyte Blayde season 3 episode "Rise of the Cyprian Order". Here is where The Cardinal lays his plan for a bett-
|The Protagonist|Wait. You modeled this shit off of Nyte Blade.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Matt|It's an alegory for man's inhumanity to man.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's a shitty vampire show.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It's a shitty vampire show.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|It's a shitty vampire show.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No, it's a shitty vampire show.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It's a shitty vampire show.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It's a shitty vampire show.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Matt|I don't expect a chuckle-fuck like you to appreciate good writing.

{{dialogue|"M16 Matt Reaction to Head Shot"
|Matt|Afraid to face me?
|Matt|Get off me and fight!
|Matt|Hiding back there like a child!

{{dialogue|"M16 Matt Reaction to Wing Rip"
|Matt|What are you doing? Get down!
|Matt|Stop that! Come down here!
|Matt|Coward! You can't win!

{{dialogue|"M16 Matt Returns"
|Matt|I don't know how you managed it, Agent Kensington, but it doesn't matter. I am God in my domain!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Here comes the brat again...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|He is back. Anything else I need to know?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This is why my kids are never playing videogames.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fuck me, he's back!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |He's back. Show time.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fuck me, he's back!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kinzie|You're on even ground now, should be a piece of cake.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Glad you think so.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie, you know I don't understand your computer talk...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Thanks for the reassurance.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's a real help, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You got that right. I owe this asshole a beating.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Easy for you to say.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 Mission Start"
|Kinzie|Alright, you should be seeing a visual representation of the Decker Use-Net now.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What's with that toilet... OH MY GOD THAT'S ME!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie... why am I a toliet?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What I see... is... a toilet?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You know what I see, Kinzie? I'm a fucking toilet, that's what.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |A toilet? Really?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What I see? Kinzie, all I see is that I'm a bloody commode!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Kinzie|Oops, sorry about that. Let me load up another...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So fucking not cool!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You have a plan, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You're worrying me, kid.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I thought you knew what you were doing.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I can't be takin' care of business if I'm made of porcelin!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I thought you knew what you were doing.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|I haven't finished your avatar yet. That one's just temporary.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Why would you even give me this?!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I could use some arms, at least...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You better hope so...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I don't have arms.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Could I at least get some arms?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I seem to have a distinct lack of arms.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kinzie|Just start moving through the data, I'll sort it out soon.

{{dialogue|"M16 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist|Pierce, you know if that chair thing is ready yet?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|I don't know, why ask me? Talk to Kinzie or Oleg.
|The Protagonist|Cause you I can understand.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|Think they said they'd be done pretty soon. We could probably head over whenever.
|The Protagonist|Alright, see you when I get there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 Reward Choice"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ok, what's with the doors?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Is this another of your games, Matt?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What are these?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What are these?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What is this?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What are these?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Matt|They're backdoors into company records. One door leads to a weapons manufacturer, giving you discounts on weapon upgrades.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Right, and this one?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Interesting. And the other one?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|And the other?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |And the other?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright. And the other?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |And the other?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Matt|An automotive parts distribution house. They'll discount work done on your cars. Pick one and I'll get you set up as a high-priority client, I swear!

{{dialogue|"M16 Second Avatar"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Great, now I'm a walking sex joke!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie, perhaps you and I should have a talk...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah. Great. This is MUCH better.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This isn't much better... You trying to tell me something, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Kinzie, I do not want to know what goes on inside that fucked up head of yours.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Have you lost your mind?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kinzie|Quit complaining, ya big baby.

{{dialogue|"M16 See Last Wall"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Coming up on the last wall.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I can see another wall now.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I see another wall!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I see one more wall ahead.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Got another of those walls ahead.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I see one more wall ahead.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kinzie|It's his Internet Security Protocols. They're blocking access into the main...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't need to know...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Then we'll have to take them down.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Blah blah blah nerd talk blah blah blah.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, whatever you say.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If you say so.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yeah, whatever you say.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{quote|Don't worry, he's not bigger... you're just smaller.|Kinzie, "M16 Shrink Cheat Kinzie"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 Shrink Cheat Matt"
|Matt|I will crush you like an ant.
|Matt|Now the world will look down on you.

{{quote|This is your true self; small and insignificant.|Matt, "M16 Shrink Cheat"}}

{{quote|Start those dodges early while you're slowed.|Kinzie, "M16 Slow Cheat Kinzie"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 Slow Cheat Matt"
|Matt|I thought you'd be faster than this.
|Matt|Running will get you nowhere.

{{quote|Look at you trying to move... amusing.|Matt, "M16 Slow Cheat"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 TA Cast Spell"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Anything else I don't know shit about?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That's good to know.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|SHUT UP, NERDS!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm punching whoever wrote this.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ok, my foot's goin' up in someone's ass.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm going to find the chav that wrote this and it won't end pretty...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 TA Draw Sword"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shitty craftsmanship.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And that is why I carry a gun.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Just another reason why guns are better.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fix the fucking flagstones here!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why am I not surprised...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's it. I quit.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 TA Go Through Hole"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then make that shit bigger.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That was pointless.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Then why even mention the hole?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Then why mention the damn hole?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That was stupid.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Then why even mention the bloody hole?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 TA Kill Unicorn"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What did the writer have against unicorns?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What? It's over already? I was having fun.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Wow... just... wow.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I kinda feel like an asshole now...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |They should put that shit on a trapper keeper.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |{{*}}maniacal laughter*
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 TA Look At Unicorn"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fuck. You.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|{{*}}Sigh*
|The Protagonist - Female 3|{{*}}Sigh*
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |{{*}}Sigh*
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck you game.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Is there a lower difficulty?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 TA Nap Fail"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I said nap...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Is it bugged?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I could've sworn I hit the button....
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I hit the goddamn button...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Is the damn thing broken?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's cheating! I hit the damned button!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wow... hilarious...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why is... ahhh... tricky...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Ugh, not again.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ohhh... fuck you..
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Really?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Absolutely mental...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 TA Open Door"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ok, fuck doors...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I was just getting started!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Stupid door...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh fuck you, door.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Already?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You stupid door...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 TA Pet Unicorn"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And my childhood has just been crushed...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Ok, unicorn, you asked for it...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why? Why mister unicorn?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Dick move, unicorn. Dick move.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |See what I get for bein' nice?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You stupid bloody creature...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 TA Run Back"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm fucking nimble, dammit!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Someone has a sick since of humor.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|COME ON!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |COME ON!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I hate this thing...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Now I'm really fucked off...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 TA Secret Door"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Big fucking surprise...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Really?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|FUCK YOU SECRET DOOR.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ughhhh...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ugh...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No, go back, go back!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 Tank"
|Kinzie|Ok, the anti-virus is almost taken care of. You'll need to destroy the last bit of code.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|A toilet, a sex doll, and now a tank...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What is... Am I in a tank?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|A tank?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie... why am I in a tank.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why am I a tank?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie... why am I in a tank.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kinzie|Just go with it.

{{dialogue|"M16 Text adventure"
|Kinzie|Oooo I love these...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm happy for you, now how do I get past?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It has been years since I did one of these! Any help, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Reading is for pussies. How do I get out?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I gotta read this shit? Come on Kinzie, how do I get out?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I ain't got time for this! How do I get through this shit?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Reading? Is this some kinda joke? Come on Kinzie, how do I get out?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|And ruin it for you? No way, you gotta figure this out on your own.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Seriously, spoilers are fine by me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If you say so...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fabulous.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Thanks Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Thanks a lot, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Thanks Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M16 Toilet Again"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You said you had this, Kinzie!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie, why am I a toilet again?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Kinzie, what did I say about the toilet?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie, why am I a toilet again?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Kinzie... we talked about this...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie, I thought we talked about this?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Kinzie|But I didn't...
|Matt|I think this is more fitting. Wouldn't you agree?
|Kinzie|Give me some time, I'll fix it.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hey, I'm still packing my cannon!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No hurry. He left me my weapon, so I'm good.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Go ahead, take as long as you want.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hey, I still have my canon...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Heh. He left me with my cannon. I'm good.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hey, I still have my canon...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{quote|Hold on, he depowered your weapon... I'm fixing it now.|Kinzie, "M16 Weak Weapon Cheat Kinzie"}}

{{dialogue|"M16 Weak Weapon Cheat Matt"
|Matt|Without power you may as well give up.
|Matt|Don't blame your weapon for your own weakness.

{{quote|You expect to defeat me with that thing?|Matt, "M16 Weak Weapon Cheat"}}


{{dialogue|"M17 Consoles"
|Pierce|Bet there's something in that control area keepin' this place runnin'. Take it out and the ship should blow.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Suddenly you know aircraft carrier mechanics?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You have worked on nuclear vessels?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You think that's gonna work?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You sure about that?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You know somethin' about ships I don't?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You sure?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Pierce|Fuck no, but I'm just working off movies here.

{{dialogue|"M17 cutscene In"
|Pierce|This is the worst idea you've ever had.
|Viola|We can't go marching onto STAG'S aircraft carrier.
|The Protagonist|Why not? I'll look just like Cyrus--all I gotta add is a fucked attitude.
|Viola|What happens once you're on board?
|The Protagonist|I walk in with my prisoners, they take me to the cell block, I grab Shaundi and we leave.
|Viola|I'm sorry -- prisoners?
|The Protagonist|Yeah, you and Pierce. I'm bringing you in.
|The Protagonist|Showtime.
|Pierce|Aw hell no!

{{dialogue|"M17 cutscene Mid"
|Pierce|Next time you get to be the fucking prisoner.
|Kia|Welcome back, sir.
|Kia|I need you to sign off on some prototypes I've been working on.
|Cyrus|Thanks for the I wanna process these two A-SAP.
|Agent|I can take these two down to detention for you, sir.
|Pierce|What the fuck!
|Agent|Don't you look at the Commander!

{{dialogue|"M17 cutscene Out"
|The Protagonist|This one's going in the book.
|Pierce|We might've overdone it.
|Viola|Now we can focus on Killbane.
|Shaundi|What about STAG?
|Pierce|We just blew up an aircraft carrier...what else could they throw at us?
|Cyrus|You knew it would come to martial law, didn't you.
|Monica|I knew the Saints. How did Mayor Reynolds react?
|Cyrus|He'll fall in line, they all will.
|Monica|Keep me updated, Commander.
|Cyrus|Of course, ma'am.
|Kia|Sir, the commandos are en route. We'll have the whole city locked down in 72 hours.
|Cyrus|Outstanding. Thank you, Kia.
|Kia|Permission to speak freely?
|Kia|It's about damn time we took off the kid gloves.
|Cyrus|Two little words, Kia. Shock and awe.

{{dialogue|"M17 cutscene Zscene01"
|Cyrus|Kia, I'm on my way back to Thermopylae to interrogate the prisoner. Make sure no one else has access to her.
|Cyrus|So that's your name.

{{dialogue|"M17 Cyrus Abandon Ship"
|Cyrus|Make sure the Saints go down with the ship!
|Cyrus|All troops, abandon ship.

{{dialogue|"M17 Do Not Attack"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't listen to her, she's the imposter!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I swear I'm the real Commander Temple!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What if you're wrong, soldier!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You're all getting court marshaled for this!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|ATTEN-SHUN!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Be holding your fire! I am the Commander!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am Commander Temple. The intruder is escaping on the deck!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This is a mutiny, no?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't do it... I'm Syler--er, Cyrus!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't shoot, I'm Commander Temple!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How do you know I'm... not me!?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You'd attack your Commander?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't shoot, I'm Commander Temple!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How do you know I'm not me!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm Cyrus, dammit!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Would you kill your Commander!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Do I look like a spy to you?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Go find the real intruder!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm not the intruder!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You know me, I'm Cyrus Temple!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't shoot, I'm Commander Temple!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm Cyrus, dammit!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm your Commander!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It's me you idiots!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M17 Drive To Helicopter 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This face look like I can pass for a self-righteous prick?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am convincing as Cyrus Temple, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Think this will work?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What do you think, I look the part?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I look convincing enough like this?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What do you think, I look the part?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Pierce|Considerin' I want to stab your ass right now, yeah, I'd say it works.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's "I'd say it works, SIR!"
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Now Pierce, being captured is no excuse for being rude.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How dare you. I am your commanding officer!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't talk to your Commander that way.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Maybe I'll just leave your ass in the brig.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Mind your manners. I am your superior officer.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Pierce|I should slap that face right off you.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's a month in the hole for you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am shocked you would say such things!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Aaaaaaten-SHUN!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Try it and I'm leaving you on that boat.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You'd threaten your commander?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You want to swim back?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Suko|This isn't giving me any confidence...

{{dialogue|"M17 Drive To Helicopter 2"
|Pierce|You sure you got his face right?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Unless the camera added 20 pounds, yeah, I'm sure.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Stay calm Pierce. There is no reason to worry.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This guy's always on camera.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You know how often this guy gets on camera?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |His face is all over the TV, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You know how often this guy gets on camera?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Pierce|I'm just sayin'...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce, this'll work. Trust me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I will not let anything happen to you, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yes, I'm sure. Relax.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yes, I'm sure. Ok?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It's perfect, trust me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm sure, alright?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Pierce|That's all I wanted.

{{dialogue|"M17 Entering Escape"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Stay in one piece, will you!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Do not think of exploding.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't you DARE blow up on me!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't you fucking explode on me too!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck it, this one.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't you even think about blowing up on me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M17 Escape"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Time to get moving!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We should be leaving now.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We gotta get outta here!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We gotta get outta here!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's not stick around!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Need to move!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Shaundi|They had troop transports in the hanger. We could snatch one of them.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's go, troops! Move it!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Is perfect. Quickly now, we are short on time.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Then let's get moving!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, then move out!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Excellent idea, Private.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You heard the lady!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M17 Fight to"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So much for ordering around trainees now...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce will be getting nervous now. I have to hurry.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Dammit, better get them out of here, quick.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Dammit, better get them out of here, quick.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We're compromised, time to move!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Dammit, better get them out of here, quick.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M17 Flash Bang Event"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I hate those things!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Keep it together, comrades!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Stay calm!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shake it off!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I hate that shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Keep moving!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M17 Flying"
|Suko|You know this is a good look for you. You should keep the face when you're done with it.
|Pierce|Are you serious?
|Suko|Cyrus is very powerful and statuesque.
|Pierce|You complained about a costume, and now you want the boss to run around with Cyrus' face?
|Suko|It was just a suggestion, don't get all bent out of shape.

{{dialogue|"M17 Handcuffs"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wrists out, handcuffs on. Quick, before we land.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Put on the handcuffs. We'll land soon.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Pierce, Viola... get those handcuffs on.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We gotta get you two cuffed, we're almost there.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Start gettin' cuffed up back there.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Get the cuffs on. We're nearly there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Pierce|This a horrible idea.
|Suko|Just do it already...
|Pierce|Look you may be cool with wearing handcuffs, but this motherfucker ain't down with that.
|Suko|What's that supposed to mean?
|Pierce|Well ya ran a prostitution ring...
|Suko|So clearly I'm into kink. You carry a gun, does that mean you like to be shot?
|Suko|So how about we stop being a judgemental man-child.

{{dialogue|"M17 Heading to Brig"
|Kia|Intruder heading to the brig.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's like my personal GPS voice.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good of you to provide directions, Kia.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I knew this was the right way...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |At least I'm moving in the right direction.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Thanks for letting me know.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |At least I'm moving in the right direction.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M17 Kia convo BF"
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What do you think of Pierce?
|Kia|Thank you sir.
|Kia|Washington? He's smart, dangerous.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You think he's cute?
|Kia|I'm sorry, what did you say?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If you were me, would you fuck him?
|Kia|I...I guess that depends on what you're into commander.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You're not into brothers?
|Kia|Well it's not- Commander can we not talk about this?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That's fine. No pressure.

{{dialogue|"M17 Kia convo BM"
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |These uniforms leave too much to the imagination...
|Kia|I have to get you to sign off on some R&D first...but after that I can obey the chain of command.
|Kia|Excuse me sir?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm just saying it's a damn shame to cover up a girl like you in body armor.
|Kia|Commander, I...I don't think this is appropriate.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What's not appropriate is what I'm thinking about doin' to you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Call me Cyrus.
|Kia|I'm sorry...that's...that's not protocol.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Do I have to issue you a direct order to see you naked?

{{dialogue|"M17 Kia convo HF"
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So you ever been to Stilwater?
|Kia|I'll take that as a compliment sir.
|Kia|Once. To see an Aisha concert when I was a kid.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Averice tour?
|Kia|No, The Other Six.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't Fuck Me Like I'm Your Wife was a classic.
|Kia|I never would have pegged you for an Aisha fan, sir.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|My friend introduced me to her.
|Kia|I've never told anyone this...but Aisha's murder is what got me into law enforcement. I wanted to get those bastards that took my idol away.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hm...we're more alike than I thought.

{{dialogue|"M17 Kia convo WF"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|How are... things?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Good.
|Kia|How was your flight in? The prisoners give you any trouble?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No, um. It was easy.
|Kia|Look sir. Things don't have to be awkward between us.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I totally agree.
|Kia|We're both adults. What happened happened, and um... speaking for myself I don't regret a thing.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I like men.

{{dialogue|"M17 Kia convo WM"
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So how is Shau- The Prisoner holding up? Has she said anything?
|Kia|Thank you...commander.
|Kia|We haven't broken her yet.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Good girl.
|Kia|I'm sorry commander?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Sorry for what?
|Kia|No, I'm not-It sounded like you said "Good Girl"
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're hearing things, soldier.
|Kia|I'm sorry sir.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No worries, we're cool.

{{dialogue|"M17 Kia convo WMA"
|The Protagonist - Male 3  | do you like Steelport?
|Kia|I understand, sir.
|Kia|It's disgusting.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I hear ya... I'm more of a Stilwater bloke m'self.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oh... I picked up that when I was stationed in Britain.
|Kia|Sir, I'm familiar with your were never stationed in the UK.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Sure I wasn't...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I probably said to much...let's not talk about this ever again.

{{quote|Grumbles|The Protagonist - Zombie  , "M17 Kia convo Z"}}
|Kia|Or not...R&D is this way...
|Kia|I'm sorry sir, I didn't catch that.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Kia|Are...are you grunting at me?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kia|Are you feeling ok Commander?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kia|Maybe we should go to sick bay...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers

{{quote|All soldiers in R&D are to shoot Commander Temple on sight. He is a Saint in disguise. I repeat, shoot Commander Temple in R&D.|Kia, "M17 Kia PA First"}}

{{dialogue|"M17 Lead the Way"
|Kia|This way, sir.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Of course it's this way.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Go ahead. I will follow.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Onward.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Lead on.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, alright.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Lead on.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{quote|We gotta go faster, we're running out of time.|Pierce, "M17 Meltdown"}}

{{dialogue|"M17 Mission Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's grab a STAG transport, soldiers.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We will need a STAG aircraft to land on the carrier.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You ready to steal a STAG transport?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We'll need one of those STAG transports to get out to that carrier.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Lets find a STAG transport to fly out there.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We'll need one of them STAG transports to get to that carrier.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Pierce|This is weirding me out.
|Suko|OK, so we get to the carrier...what then?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Prisoners are in the brig, right? So I take you both there, we find Shaundi, then I order a prisoner transfer back here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They should be leading us right to Shaundi. We grab her, and then we leave.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I take you as prisoners to the brig, we find Shaundi, then we escape. Simple.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'll take you prisoners to the brig where we find Shaundi and get the hell off the boat.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I march your asses to the brig, we grab Shaundi, we get the hell out.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I escort you two prisoners to the brig, we find Shaundi, then we escape.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Pierce|What if they just shoot us?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well that would ruin the plan, wouldn't it?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That won't happen, Pierce. Just trust me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why are you trying to jinx this?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You worry too much.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Eh...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Stop bringing logic into this.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{quote|This is Commander Temple. All personnel are to shoot any person looking like me and any Saints with me.|Cyrus, "M17 PA After Prisoner"}}

{{quote|More anti-armor on that tank! I want them dead!|Kia, "M17 PA Anti-Armor On"}}

{{dialogue|"M17 PA Attack Player Cyrus"
|Cyrus|Attention: I am not on the Thermopylae, anyone who looks like me is an imposter.
|Cyrus|Shoot Commander Temple on sight. I repeat, shoot me on sight.
|Cyrus|Authorization is granted to shoot Commander Temple on sight. Dammit, I want him dead!

{{dialogue|"M17 PA Attack Player Kia"
|Kia|Intruder in R&D, possibly moving to cell block. Resembles Commander Temple. Shoot on sight.
|Kia|Saints have infiltrated the Thermopylae disguised as Commander Temple. Shoot them on sight.
|Kia|The Commander Temple below deck is an imposter. Shoot him on sight.

{{quote|Saints have entered the tank bay. Drivers and gunners, get to your tanks!|Kia, "M17 PA Enter Tank"}}

{{quote|Boss? About time.|Pierce, "M17 Pierce"}}

{{dialogue|"M17 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist|Pierce, think we got a problem.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|How so?
|The Protagonist|Shaundi's been taken.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|Taken? Taken how?
|The Protagonist|I don't know. Was on the phone with her when I heard the struggle and someone else picked up her phone.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|You think Killbane got her?
|The Protagonist|Sounded military. Sounded like STAG.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|So what's the plan?
|The Protagonist|Head to Image As Designed, I got an idea.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|Is it any good?
|The Protagonist|Does bold count?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|With you... no.

{{dialogue|"M17 Reactor"
|Suko|We have to find a way off this thing.
|Shaundi|We could blow it up first.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You have the best plans. Know where to go then?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good thinking, Shaundi. You have a plan, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Sounds good to me. Where to?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You read my mind. Where to?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm with Shaundi on this. Where do we do that?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Great minds... Where to?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Shaundi|Reactor Control Room. Heard the guards talking about how dangerous it was.

{{dialogue|"M17 Reward Choices"
|Kia|Sir, R&D has sent a prototype for a new vehicle; a jet propelled cycle.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Just hand me a pen.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Very good, soldier.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Absolutely.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Looking forward to it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Only two?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Looking forward to it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|They can do that?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Just the thing for forest combat, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No shit?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No shit?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No way!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You shittin' me?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well, I'm sure R&D's had some failures before. This one of them?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It is well built? Not likely to blow up from hitting a tree?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Uh, I meant that thing isn't a piece of shit like the last prototype? Y'know, the neo-pr*coughs*
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I mean, it better not be shit like some of R&D's inventions.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Uh... no way they're done with that already. There must be problems.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Uh... I mean... It's not like that shit they usually give me is it?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Kia|No sir, it is top quality.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Good, good. There anything else I should know about?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good. What else have they been working on?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What else have they got?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What else have they cooked up?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well, they have anything else for me... I mean us?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What else have they cooked up?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kia|They have some improvements to our tank's weaponry. Should pack more firepower.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Be bad if that was used against us.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Interesting.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|{{*}}giggles madly* Er... I mean, excellent.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Good, good...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's... good.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Splendid...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kia|And there is also portable satchel charges for the troops. Once we get to R&D, I'll need you to sign off on two projects.

{{dialogue|"M17 Shaundi Thanks"
|Shaundi|What do you want now? I'm not saying a damn thing.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Sweetie, it's me. I'm trying to get us out of here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shaundi, it's me. We are here to rescue you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shaundi, it's me. Pierce, Viola and I came to get you out.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi, it's me. Pierce, Viola and I came to get you out.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't have to, girl, it's me. Let's go.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shaundi, it's me. Pierce, Viola and I came to get you out.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Shaundi|Thank God it's you! We gotta get you home, you look like shit.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|A broken lightbulb is an odd first gift, don't you think?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No room here for hacky sack, but if I can be finding a lightbulb...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Got any broken lightbulbs for me?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |When we first met you gave me a broken lightbulb as a present.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You used to rock the dreads in Stilwater.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You fucking kidding me?! I don't have time for this shit.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Shaundi|Thank God it's you! We gotta get you home, you look like shit.

{{quote|Can we leave yet?|Suko, "M17 Viola"}}

{{dialogue|"M17 Wrong VTOL Explosion"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This'll do... or we can try the next one.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Here! Get in... damn it!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Come on... shit, nevermind!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Here, get in... or not.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Jack this one... well shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Get in! Oh fuck me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ok, inside... well fuck me!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Another one, here... Look out!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Alright, this one... dammit!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, this one... dammit!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Here's anoth... dammit!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Alright, this one... bloody hell!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}


{{dialogue|"M18 Beginning of Tank"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm gonna regret this...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not my best plan...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh God...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh God...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oh not again...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oh shit.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Blast Container"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This thing's great.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This is a very useful device.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This thing clears a nice path.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Out of the way!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Cockpit Door"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The pilots have the door locked.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They have locked the cockpit from the inside.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|They locked the door from the inside.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Damn door's locked from the inside.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The pilots got this shit locked tight.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bloody door's locked from the inside.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Suko|You're in a supply plane for the military. There has to be something you can use.

{{dialogue|"M18 Cockpit Gone"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Not cool, plane!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That... could be a problem.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shit. That wasn't supposed to happen.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oops.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey...Viola
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bollocks
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Suko|Oh god, what did you do...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The cockpit's kinda... gone.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The cockpit is now gone. I need a new plan...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|The uh... Cockpit's gone. Plan B!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Cockpit's gone, going to plan B.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The cockpit is, uh...gone.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Cockpit's gone, going to plan B.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Suko|Gone? What do you mean gone?

{{dialogue|"M18 cutscene In"
|Viola|There's probably an easier way to do this!
|The Protagonist|No doubt!
|Trooper|I heard gunfire, this way!

{{quote|Fuck my life.|The Protagonist, "M18 cutscene Out"}}

{{dialogue|"M18 Damn"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I hate turbulence...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I can't blame the pilot this time.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Dammit, I hate walking in these planes...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Quit rockin' the plane.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Dive Through Plane Wreck"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Here goes nothing!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shame about the plane.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm going for it!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fuck it...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |WHOOOOOO!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fuck it...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Exit the Tank"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|On to plan C.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I should get out while I can.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Enough of this shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Time to get the hell out of here...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Time to bail.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Time to bail!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Falling Out is Bad"
|Suko|Almost forgot.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Is it important?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Is there something on your mind?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|...yeah?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Is it important?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yeah?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Suko|Try to actually stay IN the plane for once.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So that's a no, then.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I will remember that.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That's clever.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh ha ha...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |{{*}}sigh*
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's hilarious.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Falling Yet"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm falling through the air... again...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|At least I have a tank this time.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Here we we go again...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Why does this shit always happen to me...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck me...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How does this keep happening?!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Generic Tank"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Maybe not my best idea.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shaundi will think I made this up.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Now that's some serious firepower.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Seemed like a good idea at the time.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Maybe this wasn't the best idea...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Seemed like a good idea at the time.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I don't have insurance on this thing.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Perhaps they want their tank back.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I love it when a plan comes together.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hey, watch the paint...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why you guys gotta fuck with me?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |'Scuse me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Next time I'll take a parachute...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Steelport looks good from the air.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who needs a parachute?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Parachutes are overrated...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck parachutes...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It's not the fall I'm worried about...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I hope Viola is recording this shit.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I did not think I was that high up...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Pierce is gonna be jealous.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce'll be pissed he missed this.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Pierce ain't gonna believe this shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |And me without my camera...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|How long's it take to hit ground?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|UFO watchers will love this.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why haven't I tried this before?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You'd think this thing would fall faster.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That ground even gettin' closer?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Just a nice relaxing day...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yep... still falling...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I think people would pay to do this.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Aaaand I'm still falling...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |It never ends...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Where do they get these things?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It never ends...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I love it when plan B comes together.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce is going to be so jealous.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm like a badass action hero!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |They should use this in a movie...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I feel like I've been here before...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |The stop is what I'm worried about.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So what's the in-flight movie?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|These tanks are not very comfortable.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This is better than regular skydiving.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This thing needs a stewardess.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why's this shit always happening to me...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I could use a stewardess or three...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Gooing People"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fuuuuck!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Very impressive!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh my god... Oh. My. God.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Holy shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |OH SHIT!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |My god...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Mission Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Think maybe they know I'm here...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That could have gone better.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So much for the element of surprise.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So much for surprise.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Guess stealth's out...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So much for the element of surprise.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Suko|At least you're inside.

{{dialogue|"M18 Not Close Enough"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Am I doing something wrong here?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Surely this device has the power...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah, this should work...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Seems like this should work...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why the hell isn't this working?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Seems like this should work...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Suko|You getting close enough?

{{dialogue|"M18 Not Working on Door 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This thing won't get the job done.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This is not working.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Well, that won't open it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well, this isn't opening it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't think this'll work...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This isn't working.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Suko|There anything else to try?

{{dialogue|"M18 Not Working on Door 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I don't even know what this is.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Hmm. I need something more powerful.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not this one either.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Not this either.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This ain't gettin' it done...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Not this either.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Suko|Well, keep looking.

{{dialogue|"M18 Plane Blows Up"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Or I could be wrong...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Tanks, yes, tanks are good too.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Or maybe I'll stick to tanks...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well, there goes that...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Just my luck.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Plane Combat"
|Suko|How guarded is the cargo?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The gunfire isn't tipping you off?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I won't be getting lonely.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|It's STAG. What do you think?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well, STAG doesn't skimp on people.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oh you know, small army...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |STAG doesn't skimp on security.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Suko|Will there be any problems getting to the cockpit?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Nothing a few bullets can't handle.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A few inconveniences, perhaps. Nothing serious.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I don't know... quit asking so many questions!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Viola, little busy here...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Can I get back to you on that?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |There will be if you don't keep quiet.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie, you been keeping tabs on STAG?
|Phone Call|Among other things.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Anything we can use?
|Phone Call|There's a cargo plane flying in, escorted by some of their VTOLs.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Think you can tell Viola to get to the airport?
|Phone Call|Why? So she can blow it out of the sky for you?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No, so she can fly me up there so I can take STAG's plane in the air.
|Phone Call|I don't... oh, I hadn't considered that. Try not to die.

{{dialogue|"M18 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |How's my favorite computer...
|Phone Call|Don't finish that sentence if you want to hear the information I have.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I was gonna say "girl".
|Phone Call|Sure you were.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So what'd you find out?
|Phone Call|That a shipment of equipment for STAG is headed towards Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Good, let's take it. What pier's it arriving at?
|Phone Call|It's coming in by cargo plane, with an escort of VTOLs.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well shit. They'll have the airport locked down tight when it lands.
|Phone Call|Scrap the information then?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hell no. Just cause we can't hit it on the ground doesn't mean we can't hit it. Tell Viola to meet me at the airport.

{{dialogue|"M18 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|Phone Call|You're early.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Sorry?
|Phone Call|I was going to call you with some information on a STAG aircraft convoy heading towards Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why'd you wait?
|Phone Call|Was trying to figure out how to get the plane down without crashing it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|And you can't do that?
|Phone Call|No. I can't remotly hijack a military plane and safely land it using a laptop. Also, I can't catch a bullet with my teeth, or drink a gallon of milk in an hour.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Then I'll just have to get on the plane.
|Phone Call|I'll call Viola, you can use her plane...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Sounds good.

{{dialogue|"M18 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So what's next, Kinzie?
|Phone Call|Why do you assume I have something?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Because you're... dedicated to finding information.
|Phone Call|STAG cargo plane being escorted into Steelport airspace.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Now that's something I can work with.
|Phone Call|You're welcome...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Have Viola get her plane ready. We'll need it.

{{dialogue|"M18 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie, there been any chatter from STAG?
|Phone Call|An air convoy is flying into Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Then call Viola and tell her to meet me at the airport. I'll need her jet.

{{dialogue|"M18 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|Do you know what a flock of birds is?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |A... bunch of... birds?
|Phone Call|A convoy of planes. All accompanying a STAG cargo plane.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Next time, start with that explanation.
|Phone Call|They're scheduled to enter steelport airspace not long from now. Probably bringing in new weapons and equipment for STAG.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Doubt we could get to them before they land. We'll have to hit them on the ground.
|Phone Call|Viola said you could use the Syndicate's jet if you need to.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well that opens up a whole new set of possibilities...
|Phone Call|Want me to send their location?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Send it to Viola and tell her to get the plane ready.

{{dialogue|"M18 Pre Z" (Zombie)
|Phone Call|What do you two need?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|I thought you'd be with Viola by now. She mentioned something about a STAG air-convoy.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|Skyjack it...I thought that was obvious.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|Viola has her own jet. Would you like me to tell her to get it fueled and ready?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|Of course I'm useful.

{{dialogue|"M18 Sonic Gun"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Here we go, some high-tech weapon thing.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I have not seen technology like this before. It might work.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This might have enough power to blast through the door...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Found this strange piece of tech. Might be able to blast through the door with it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright, got some high-tech gun thing here.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Some sort of gun here... Might be able to blast open the door.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Suko|Then use it so we can land these things already.

{{dialogue|"M18 Steal Plane"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Great place for a plane!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|An airplane. That will work nicely.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Nothing wrong with a little skyjacking.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Looks like I'm stealing a plane after all.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright, I'll land in the plane...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How convenient...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 Tank Health"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Quit shooting my tank.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm, taking a lot of damage.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|The tank's not looking so hot...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Tank's taking a beating.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hope this thing holds up...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Tank's taking a beating.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hold together, baby.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They are determined to destroy this tank.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not now, dammit!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This could be going better...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Keep together, baby...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Really not good...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ok, getting worried...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I don't think this tank can take much more.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Can't SOMETHING go according to plan?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ok, now I'm a little worried.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright, little worried...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hold together, girl...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 VTOL Hit"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You were not clear for a flyby!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That was too close.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hope that doesn't happen again.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shit that was close.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |They almost fuckin' hit me!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Little too close...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I shouldn't have eaten first...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am sitting duck in here!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This is some messed up shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This is a fucked up ride.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Not a fan of this shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This is one fucked up ride.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M18 While Skydiving"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fuck right!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Nice day for it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|WOHOOOO!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |WHOOOO!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Aw yeah, you see that shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |WHOOOO!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}


{{dialogue|"M19 Arrive At Gates CTE"
|Burt|Heard from my contact in STAG. There are three containers leaking the virus into the air. They'll have to be submerged in water to be neutralized.
|Burt|Think you can handle that?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I have the perfect tool for the job, courtesy of STAG.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No problem Mr. Reynolds. STAG gave me just what I will need.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Without a doubt. STAG gave me the solution.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Mayor Reynolds, STAG gave me just the tool I need...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I picked up somethin' from STAG that can do the job.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Mayor Reynolds, STAG gave me just the tool I need...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Suko|Let's split up. I'll start clearing the way while you hit those containers.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You've never seen a zombie movie, have you...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You call me when you are in trouble, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You're gonna take the lead for once?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Great...nothing bad can happen now...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I don't know if that's such a good idea...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Isn't that violating one of the sacred rules of horror movies...?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Blasting"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Come on, go!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't disappoint Burt.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Go that way already.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Next time I send Pierce to do this.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Swim, dammit!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This'll take some skill...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Time for a bath.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You know where you're going...?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A fire truck might be nice.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A helicopter would make this easy.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I need to keep moving...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It's crude, but effective.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Just a bit farther...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The zombies could help a little...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What was STAG planning with these?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You can lead the virus to water...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |A little farther...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Can't take too much time here...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Come on, move, dammit.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Faster the better.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Get outta here!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Just have to get this thing to water...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's right, keep going.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |These things must be heavy.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Burt Reynolds'll love me for this.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't wanna take too long at this.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Gotta get these movin'.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |How much do these fuckers weigh?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Just gotta get it to water.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Little bit more now...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Move!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |These zombies ain't takin' my town.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Broken Mask"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Viola... are you... getting dizzy...?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Viola... I'm not feeling good...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Whoa... I feel kinda sick...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm... um... I'm not feeling so well...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ah... fuck... I'm not feelin' so hot...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm... um... I'm not feeling so well...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Suko|Let me check your... Shit. The hose on your mask is damaged. There's a Rim Jobs close by; maybe I can fix it there.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No argument... here...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We must... hurrying...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That would be... good...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That... sounds like a good idea... Let's hurry...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We... better be gettin'... on that...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's... good... Fix... Good...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Brute On Fire"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That could've been worse...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Anyway, he is dead now.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|At least fire still hurts.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well...that worked.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well...that worked.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That was... unexpected.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Brute On"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh come on!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Brutes are flammable?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How's he still standing?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Is he on fire?!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Is he on fire?!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Is he on fire?!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 cutscene In"
|Player|What are we waiting for?
|Viola|We're not walking in there until you promise to play nice.
|Player|Are you serious?
|Viola|Repeat after me: Don't fuck with the Mayor.
|Player|Look sweetie - I'll fuck with whoever I wanna fuck with.
|Player|I mean, who does this guy think he is?
|Reynolds|Viola - is this the kid you were talking about?
|Reynolds|Who else could keep this town running? Besides, I love my constituents.
|Player|Sir, I am a huge fan.
|Reynolds|Excuse me, hon.
|Reynolds|Viola says the Saints are the new game in town. If that's the case, I want in.
|Player|Uh, yeah, great! What do you need?
|Reynolds|I got a zombie problem that I want -
|Viola|Wait, a WHAT problem?
|Reynolds|The Protagonist - Zombies.
|Oleg|You mean metaphorically - the celebrity obsessed, media drugged masses, yes?
|Reynolds|This ain't Los Angeles.
|Player|I'll tell you about it later.
|Viola|You knew about this?
|Reynolds|So what do you say, kid?
|Player|Undead clean-up ain't exactly in our wheelhouse, but we'll give it a whirl.
|Player|Aren't you worried about pissing off STAG?
|Reynolds|You're acting like I never had to outsmart a paramilitary organization before! Call me when it's done.
|Player|Oh my God, this guy's fucking awesome!
|Viola|Stop being a fanboy.

{{dialogue|"M19 cutscene Out"
|Monica|Commander, what the hell are you doing?!
|Cyrus|There have been some... complications, Senator.
|Monica|Complications?! Don't talk to me about complications--I want results!
|Cyrus|You want results? Then authorize the use of the Daedalus!
|Monica|Even if Congress got onboard, Homeland Security would never allow it! This is out of control. I am coming to Steelport!
|Cyrus|The Protagonist - Zombies and Monica Hughes--?

{{dialogue|"M19 Drive 1"
|Suko|What's the plan here?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Gas masks go on, chemicals get neutralized, zombies get killed.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We put on the gas masks, and kill the zombies. And neutralize the chemicals, of course.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|It's not so bad. We get our gas masks on, find and neutralize the chemicals, and destroy anyone in our way.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Simple enough. Put on gas masks, find the chemicals, neutralize them, and kill anyone in our way, alive or dead.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm gonna run around wearin' a gas mask and kill some fuckin' zombies.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Use the masks to find the chemicals, and kill anyone who tries to stop us. Simple, really.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Suko|But for killing these... zombies. What's the plan for that?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shoot them until they stop moving.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shot guns are said to work. So are lawn mowers. Or frying pans. I'm not picky.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Whatevs. I'm flexible.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm not picky, as long as they stop moving.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Use bullets?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shoot 'em till they stop moving.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Finish the Job Call"
|Burt|Tell me there won't be any problems.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Another container or two and there won't.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|There will be no problems. We have just a few containers to go.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No problems here, Mr. Mayor. Almost done.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Couple more containers to go, Mayor.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Just a few to go, Mayor.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Couple more containers to go, Mayor.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Burt|Good. You get this done and you can count on the Steelport Municipality to back the Saints. SWAT teams, favors from the police chief, a little help from me personally...whatever you need, you'll get.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You're an absolute gentleman, Mayor Reynolds.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Mayor Reynolds, it will be my pleasure to report a job well done.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Help from you personally? We'll take care of it, Mayor Burt.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Mayor Reynolds, I'll let you know when it's done.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'll let you know when it's all good, sir.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Mayor Reynolds, I'll let you know when it's done.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 First Container Done"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|One...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Easy enough. Now for the next one.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That was nothing.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That was easy enough.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That was easier than I thought.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That was easy enough.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Flatbed Truck"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Get in, we're taking it with us.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How nice. We can leave in that truck.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Let's get this truck out of here.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We can drive this thing out on the truck.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We can drive this outta here on the truck.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We can drive this thing out on the truck.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Suko|Are you sure this is a good idea?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No, but that never stops me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Of course. My plans always work, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Define "good idea".
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Maybe.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Eh. Good enough.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Not in the slightest.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Found Hose in Rim Jobs"
|Suko|Got it!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fix it, fix it!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Fix it! Hurry!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Now fix it, dammit!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, get it fixed.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |About fucking time!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Alright, get it fixed.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Suko|Oh just relax...

{{dialogue|"M19 Help Me Call"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Talk to me, Viola.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Viola, you are...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Viola, how you---
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Viola, how's it...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Viola, how ya doin'...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Viola, how's it...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Suko|Help me, they're everywhere!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Why am I not surprised...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Predictable. I will be right there.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That figures. Hang on!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hold on, I'm coming.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't panic. I'm comin'!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hang in there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Hold Off Zombies Rim Jobs"
|Suko|I'll look around for that hose. You hold them off.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This should... be fun...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No problem... I will be... shooting the middle one....
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh sure... because I'm feeling like a million bucks.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh sure... piece of cake...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah... no problem...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What could possibly go wrong...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Hurry Up in Rim Jobs 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Found anything?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You have it... yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why is this taking so long?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Can we hurry this up?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Think you can... hurry up a little?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Can we hurry this up?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Suko|Still looking...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Faster is better.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Wrong answer...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Everything looks... purple...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Look faster...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm dyin' here... sorta...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Faster...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Hurry Up in Rim Jobs 2"
|Suko|This isn't right...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's a problem... I'm getting... hungry...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If I don't... Tell Pierce... his zombie...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So... hungry... for... brains?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Any day now... these bodies are looking... tasty.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Braaii- *cough* Dammit it Viola, hurry up!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Any day now... these bodies are looking... tasty.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Jump Truck"
|Suko|Wait, are you going to...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Jump? Of course.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Nothing to be worrying about. Just hold on.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeee-haw!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yep. Hold on...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hold on...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Course I am. Hang on!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Mission Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Not sure this was the best idea...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Did I really agree to fight zombies?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Was this was a mistake?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Maybe I should have thought this through.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Maybe I shoulda thought about this a little more...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This wasn't one of my better ideas...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Suko|It's too late now, you don't back out after agreeing to something with the mayor.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I could never let Burt down.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|With anyone else that would not matter, but for Burt...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You're right. Can't let Burt down.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're right... I can't let Burt down.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's right, Burt's countin' on me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I will never let Burt Reynolds down as long as I live.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls

{{dialogue|"M19 More Zombie Killing 1"
|Suko|It's unbeliveable...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Cleaning up zombies for Burt Reynolds? Yeah, I know.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What? That you are starring in your own personal horror movie?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That society is on the brink of collapse?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How fucked up this is?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Can't believe you're livin' a zombie invasion?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How frail the human life is?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Suko|No, that we never thought of manufacturing zombie gas...the Morningstar could have made a killing....

{{dialogue|"M19 More Zombie Killing 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Phillipe ever think about running for mayor?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why didn't Loren take over the Mayor's office?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So why didn't Loren try to take over Burt's position?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So why didn't Loren try to take the mayor's office?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |How come Loren never got control of the Mayor's office?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So why didn't Loren try to take the mayor's office?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Suko|Too much politics. Besides, he wasn't about to go up against Mayor Reynolds.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Makes sense...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The Mayor is really that formidable?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Only a madman would.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |First smart move he made...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Didn't think he was that smart.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No sane man would.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|Phone Call|You should head to the mayor's office.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Alright, why?
|Phone Call|Because when a man like him asks for a meeting, it's best not to keep him waiting.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|He asked for a meeting? With who?
|Phone Call|With the Saints.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And he just called you out of the blue?
|Phone Call|My sister and I worked with him several times. He knows we get results.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And what are we getting results on?
|Phone Call|I'm sure he'll tell you when we get there.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You trust him?
|Phone Call|He's a powerful man in a powerful position. And he's unhappy with STAG's presence in Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Well that last part's reason enough for me.

{{dialogue|"M19 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|Phone Call|Perfect. I've just set up a meeting for you with the mayor.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Should I care?
|Phone Call|He's one of the most influential men in Steelport. Why wouldn't you?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I don't take gettin' told what to do well. Thought you'd have figured that out by now.
|Phone Call|Having the mayor on our side would be an advantage for the Saints.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |But I won't be his bitch.
|Phone Call|You're right, you won't be. He knows how the game is played.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |As long as he does, I'm cool with meeting him.
|Phone Call|Good.

{{dialogue|"M19 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|Phone Call|Do you know who came to us for help?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No.
|Phone Call|The mayor of Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's the mayor want with the Saints?
|Phone Call|Don't know, don't's a great opportunity.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So you volunteered us?
|Phone Call|I told him we'd meet to discuss the problem.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I don't know if we have time for that. Not with STAG...
|Phone Call|He's an important man. Even the Syndicate respects him.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Alright...set it up...

{{dialogue|"M19 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Tell me everything's quiet and we have time to take a day off.
|Phone Call|Hardly. You have a meeting with the mayor coming up soon.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Mayor? When did I make that meeting?
|Phone Call|You didn't. I did.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What for?
|Phone Call|Phillipe worked with the mayor for years, I thought the Saints would like the same opportunity.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|He worth helping?
|Phone Call|He's the mayor. Believe me, he's worth it.

{{dialogue|"M19 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Viola, thanks for the...
|Phone Call|Make sure you aren't late.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Excuse me?
|Phone Call|To meet the mayor.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hold it, what's going on?
|Phone Call|The mayor needs our help.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Why would we help him? Who cares about...
|Phone Call|The mayor is one of the most powerful men in Steelport. Don't just dismiss him.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |And we should just jump when he says?
|Phone Call|If it'll get us on his good side, yes.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm trusting you on this, Viola.
|Phone Call|You should.

{{dialogue|"M19 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|Let me know when you're on your way.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |On my way? Where?
|Phone Call|For your meeting with the mayor.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |First I've heard of it.
|Phone Call|Right, I hadn't called you yet.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So what's this meeting about?
|Phone Call|I don't know, but he said there's a problem that STAG's dragging their feet on so hes looking for outside contractors...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How's he have your number?
|Phone Call|I've dealt with the man before. He's a powerful connection to have in Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |If you say so.
|Phone Call|You'll see.

{{dialogue|"M19 Pre Z" (Zombie)
|Phone Call|Are you ready to meet the mayor?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|I left the message with Kinzie. Guess you called me first.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|The mayor is asking for the Saints' help. I told him we'd meet to discuss it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|I've always had a great deal of respect for him.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|Having someone like him on our side would strengthen the Saints in this city.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|I'm sure you won't regret it.

{{dialogue|"M19 See Zombie Brute"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wrong turn!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This can't be good.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fuckin zombies.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh fuck me...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Great. A giant fuckin' zombie.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oh fuck me...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Take Sample Call"
|Oleg|I think we could utilize this virus to fight our enemies. All we need is a sample before you destroy it all.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|As a former patient zero, you're the last one I expected that from.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That would be risky, Oleg. This virus could kill more than just our enemies.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fuck no. Are you insane?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oleg, I'm not making a shitty problem worse by letting it out.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  | want me to double cross the Bandit?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Are you daft? That's going to make the problem worse.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Oleg|I'm saying the Saints could create zombies to fight with us, overwhelming our enemies with a tide of flesh.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|But you do have a point...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Interesting. Why didn't I think of that?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Tide of flesh you say...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, ok that's fucking cool.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You mean... That's like... Holy fucking shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's not a bad thought...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{quote|There's still a truck of containers left.|Suko, "M19 Third Container"}}

{{dialogue|"M19 Viola Rescued"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Never split up when zombies are involved.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Now stay close. I shouldn't have to rescue you again.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Rule #17 in a zombie apocalypse: Stay together!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |See? Splitting up -- Bad.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I knew splittin' up wasn't a good idea.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What did I tell you? Splitting up -- Bad.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Suko|Well I was going to say thanks...

{{dialogue|"M19 Zombie Killing 1"
|Suko|Can you even kill something that's dead?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Undead.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Philosophically, I will ask Oleg. In the meantime, we shall experiment.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|They're still moving. They're not dead, just... weird and stuff.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |If they're moving, they ain't dead. They're just... fucked up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Anything that's not moving is dead enough for me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Put enough bullets in anything and it'll stop moving eventually.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Suko|How scientific.

{{dialogue|"M19 Zombie Killing 3"
|Suko|Dammit, I keep getting pieces of these things on me.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm burning this outfit when I get home...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It is part of the job.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Bet I don't smell too great either.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm going to need a shower after all this.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm sure some people are into that sort of thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I need a bath.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M19 Zombie Killing 4"
|Suko|How are you so calm about this?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What, zombies? They're always the same; squishy when shot.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A zombie is a zombie. It's nothing special.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Practice?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Eh, see one zombie, you've seen 'em all....
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It's just zombies. They're all pretty much the same.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Old hat by now.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Suko|Like you've ever dealt with a zombie before.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So you haven't been talking to Kinzie? Good...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You must not be familar with voodoo.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Two actually...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Actually, I had this friend once named Lin...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well, there was Lin, back in Stilwater.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Usually they're on my side.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I didn't say anything...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It's a strange world, Viola.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I didn't say anything...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Nevermind.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Kind of a long story.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |...nothing.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}


{{quote|Anna, "M20 Breaking News Boat"|More breaking news. Blood has chummed the water of Steelport as two boats lost control within minutes of each other, resulting in the deaths of the drivers, other boaters, and party-goers on a nearby pier. Is this a boating stunt gone horribly wrong... or is Death smothing out a wrinkle in his deisgn. This is Jane Valderamma with a breaking news report.

{{quote|Breaking News. Minutes ago, Mad Mangler Merle Roberts, a Luchador slated to compete in the upcoming Murderbrawl 31, ran over several pedestrians in what witnesses say was a rage induced vehicular massacre. His body is being pulled out of the fiery wreckage as his career ended... at a dead end. This is Jane Valderamma with a breaking news report.|Anna, "M20 Breaking News Car"}}

{{quote|This just in. It was shades of the great bootlegger recall of aught 7, as yet another mechanical failure resulted in a fatal mid-air helicopter crash. Citizens of Steelport, a word of advice: pull over now. This is Jane Valderamma with a breaking news report.|Anna, "M20 Breaking News Heli"}}

{{dialogue|"M20 Controlling Helicopter"
|Angel|Convenient. There's another helicopter you can use to crash into Trashcan's.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's like someone's planning this out for me...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Very convenient.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Gotta love coincidences.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Funny how that always works out...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Would've been surprised if there wasn't...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Someone must be looking out for me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Crashing First Boat"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This is how a torpedo does it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And now for the torpedo...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time to drop the torpedo...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, torpedo time.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Time to get my torpedo on...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Torpedoes away!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kinzie|The boat has torpedoes?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Why would the boat have... wait, I'm ending this conversation here...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Who needs torpedoes? I have a boat.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't take everything so literally.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm using the boat as a torpedo, it doesn't... you know, nevermind...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Not actual torpedos, I mean... Just forget I said anything.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What? No. I meant the boat was a torpedo because we--y'know what. Forget it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 cutscene In"
|The Protagonist|Alright, I am done fucking around, I want Killbane.
|Viola|You wanna hurt Killbane, you gotta hurt his reputation.
|Shaundi|So, what, humiliate him?
|The Protagonist|Can't we just kill the bastard?
|Viola|Take Killbane's mask and all that's left is Eddie Pryor. It's worse than killing him.
|The Protagonist|This is more Angel's thing.
|Viola|Killbane would never agree to fight Angel.
|The Protagonist|He's more scared of Angel than me?
|Shaundi|No offense, but you're kinda ridiculous.
|Pierce|Relax--you gonna look hot in a Speedo.

{{dialogue|"M20 cutscene Out"
|Killbane|Ladies and gentlemen...the Stilwater Butcher has graced us with their presence.
|The Protagonist|You wanna fight the best, you fight me.
|Killbane|The best? The best is beating Sway the Spider-God in a Tijuana Scaffold Match. The best is defending the world title 13 times in one night. The best is winning a last man standing match with two broken legs...Trust me little Icarus: you're flying too close to the sun.
|The Protagonist|Oh my God, quit being a bitch and put your mask up.
|Killbane|If you wanna be broken by The Walking Apocalypse I will gladly oblige you.

{{dialogue|"M20 Explain Second Target"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Next on the list is?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Who is the next target?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who's the next to go?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Who's next?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Next on the list?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Who's next?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Angel|Christopher 'The Clubber' Johnson. He should be on his boat now.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We talking dance bars or seals here?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I think The Clubber is about to throw his last party.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Clubbing what? Actually, don't answer that.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No wonder there's no seals around here...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This guy play Cricket or something?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Surrounded by baby seals?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 First Boat Takeover"
|Interrogation|Why isn't this thing turning off?
|Interrogation|Who the hell's driving the boat?

{{quote|Let's get to the press conf... hey, what's wrong with this car?|Interrogation, "M20 First Car Controlled"}}

{{dialogue|"M20 First Car Hitting People"
|Interrogation|Oh God! I didn't do that!
|Interrogation|This damn thing's possessed!
|Interrogation|There goes my career...

{{dialogue|"M20 First Luchadore"
|Angel|That Luchador heading towards that car is Mad Mangler Merle Roberts.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Mad Mangler? That must be one pissed off Luchador.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|He will amuse himself by leaving a trail of twisted corpses as he drives.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Mad Mangler? He got anger issues or something?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Mad Mangler, huh? So running over a bunch of people is probably his hobby.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Sounds like a ruthless fucker.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Mad Mangler? Do I need to be worried he'll send me back in a box?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Angel|Actually, he's pretty laid back.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then people can blame this on Roid Rage.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good luck convincing the press of that.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Compared to Killbane or normal people?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fine, Roid Rage then. Work with me here, Angel...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Even laid back people gotta snap sometime.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Throw me a bone at least...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Uh oh, Merle's losing control...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The Mad Mangler is about to retire.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time for a big finish.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Time for an explosive finale
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Now for the big finish...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |And now the grand finale.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 First One Dead"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Roids are bad for your health, Merle.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I could do this all day.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|See what happens when you're not careful!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |He should've laid off the juice.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Roid Rage claims another victim.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Steroids are bad for you, kids.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Flight Conversation 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Why wouldn't Killbane fight you?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are certain that Killbane won't agree to fight you?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Sounds like Killbane doesn't wanna mess with you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Is Killbane really that afraid of you?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What's the story with you and Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Is Killbane really that afraid of you?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Angel|He knows I'm better than him.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So he'll fight me instead?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|But he will agree to fight me?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What about me?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |And you think he'll fight me?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So that means I gotta fight him?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |And you think he'll fight me?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Angel|If there's no more contenders he'll have to.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Or, and stay with me on this, we kill him.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good. But I still think killing him would be much simpler.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why don't we just kill him already?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Be easier just to kill him.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Here's an idea; let's just kill him.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I say we just kill him.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Angel|Easier? Yes. But nothing worth doing is easy. When you raise Killbane's mask to the screaming'll know you made the right choice.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm usually ok with just death...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am trusting you on this one.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'll never understand you two.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'll take your word for it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I dunno, death's pretty shitty too.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |If you say so.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Flight Conversation 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You boost signals on RC guns often?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie, I am really liking this device.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm kind of enjoying this RC gun...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This thing's pretty fun, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Remote control was a damn good idea, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This thing's pretty fun, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Kinzie|Got bored one night and threw it together.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Get a boyfriend... or a girlfriend.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You would be bored less often if you were getting laid.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Okay, somebody needs to get laid...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You really need to get laid.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Get out and get laid sometime, girl.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You need to get laid.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Kinzie|Electronics are good for that too.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Not the same, Kinzie. Not the same...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not good enough, I think.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Stop talking.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Wow...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I... yeah...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Didn't hear that.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Flight Conversation 3"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|They teach helicopter piloting to all Luchadores?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You pilot well, Angel. You must fly quite often.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I didn't know you could fly, Angel.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So where'd you learn to fly, Angel?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Where'd you learn to handle a chopper, Angel?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How'd you learn to fly, Angel?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Angel|I needed to find new ways to challenge and train myself.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And flying a chopper helps this how?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How does flying challenge you?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How does flying fit into wrestling?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't see how flying a chopper helps with that.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Flying a chopper helps with training?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't see how one helps with the other.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Angel|It doesn't. But I had to learn so I could practice jumping out.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|There's the Angel I know.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That makes sense.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How does... y'know what, forget it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Now that makes sense...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Makes sense...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |...right...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Found Right Boat Guy"
|Kinzie|I've tracked The Clubber's cell phone. He isn't on the water, but near it.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|There's a lot of water here, Kinzie...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Well that's like the same thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Any idea where?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Need more detail than that, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Any idea where?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Fourth Luchadore"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I told you STAG has tanks.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Excellent. Plenty of tanks to choose from.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's... a lot of tanks.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Perfect... tanks.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Good god...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Fourth One Dead"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Now to piss off the big guy...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It is time for Killbane and I to have a little chat.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We're just getting started...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Time to pick a fight...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Time to say hi to Killbane...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Time to pick a fight...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Grab Another Boat"
|Angel|You'll need another boat to crash into the party.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kind of obvious, but thanks.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm on it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|One step ahead of you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Way ahead of you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That one looks good.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Way ahead of you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Heli Takeover"
|Interrogation|What do you want from me, spirit?!
|Interrogation|Great, now my chopper is haunted, too.

{{dialogue|"M20 Last Target Entering Car"
|Angel|There! He's getting in a car.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Because that'll stop a tank...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Watch closely. El Presidente is about to be assassinated.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Easy target. We can take care of this.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't worry...he won't get far.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Like that's gonna help his ass.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He won't go far.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Mission Start"
|Angel|Kinzie left you that weapon.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wait, this?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Weapon? She didn't leave any weapon.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This thing here?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Which?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kinzie|The RC gun. You'll need it to take control of the Luchadores' vehicles.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|A rocket launcher would be more practical.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And those vehicles will cause havoc and kill their drivers.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why can't we just kill the guys?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Why not just shoot them?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Just give me a rifle and I'll shoot the bastards...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Can't we just shoot them?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Kinzie|These are supposed to look like accidents, remember?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Details... The range on this gonna work alright?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Then I will cause accidental havoc.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Can I use it from all the way up here?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Will I be able use it from this high?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright hows this thing work?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Is it gonna work from up here?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kinzie|{{*}}non commital grunt*
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Reassuring, Kinzie...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Trust me, Kinzie. No one will suspect a thing.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Whatever.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Right.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Makin' me feel better already...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Wonderful.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Not Correct Boat"
|Angel|That... was not his voice.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You said in a boat. Where is he then?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Ah, well. You are sure he is here, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Is he even here?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well shit... You sure he's here then?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I thought this was the place though?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well shit... You sure he's here then?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kinzie|Hold on, let me check...

{{dialogue|"M20 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|Phone Call|Something you need?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A way to stop Killbane. Come to the Broken Shillelagh. We can all talk there.
|Phone Call|All of us? Alright...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What, don't you like Pierce?
|Phone Call|You try being called "the new girl" all the time and see how you like it. Whatever, I'll be there soon.

{{dialogue|"M20 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Viola, I need you to meet Pierce and Shaundi at the Broken Shillelagh.
|Phone Call|Is this some sort of team building thing?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It's a "plot Killbane's murder" thing.
|Phone Call|I'll be right there.

{{dialogue|"M20 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Spread the word: we're having a war meeting at the Broken Shillelagh.
|Phone Call|What's this about?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Killbane.
|Phone Call|Be there in 5.

{{dialogue|"M20 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|Phone Call|Hello?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shaundi get a hold of you?
|Phone Call|Look, don't take it the wrong way, but I don't do sports bars.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We need to work out how we're gonna deal with Killbane, and I want you there.
|Phone Call|OK. I'll see you at the Broken Shillelagh

{{dialogue|"M20 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We're waiting too long to go after Killbane.
|Phone Call|I was thinking the same thing. Come to the Broken Shillelagh. We can all talk there.

{{dialogue|"M20 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|Hello?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Get the others and come to the Broken Shillelagh...
|Phone Call|I don't do pub food.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Too bad, I'm done fucking around.

{{dialogue|"M20 Pre Z" (Zombie)
|Phone Call|Killbane's still out there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|We all have to be on top of this together.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|Alright, I'll see you at the Broken Shillelagh

{{dialogue|"M20 Second Boat Takeover"
|Interrogation|They promised boating was safe!
|Interrogation|Great, this boat's defective! I want my money back.

{{dialogue|"M20 Second Luchadore Beach"
|Angel|There, down at that beach party.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|A stray boat and a ramp. Perfect.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It would be a shame if they got hit by a stray boat.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Dangerous spot. Stray boat could land on you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Dangerous to have a party where a stray boat might land on you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So a stray boat wouldn't be out of the question?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Dangerous to have a party where a stray boat might land on you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Kinzie|Did you say "stray boat"?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What else would you call it?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Haven't you heard? Steelport has a stray boat epidemic.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No I--shut up.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Stray, out of control, whatever...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah. Trust me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It happens more than you think.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Second One Dead"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Dangerous to party near the water like that.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Boats are such dangerous toys.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Who knew boats were that dangerous.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Boats... dangerous things.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Who knew boats were so dangerous.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Boats... dangerous things.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Angel|Not as dangerous as helicopters. Trashcan Teddy is on a sky-tour of the city.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You're kidding, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good information. You are making this easy.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Sky-tour?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How do you know all this shit?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |How'd you know that?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Sky-tour?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Angel|Know your enemy...know yourself.

{{dialogue|"M20 See Boat"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hello there, Clubber.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That must be the boat.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|There.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |There.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |There's the boat, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |There.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Angel|He looks different than I remember...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|One too many hits in the ring, maybe.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No one will recognize him soon.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Well he's like... far away...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |His mother won't even recognize him soon.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |People can change... trust me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |His mother won't even recognize him soon.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Signal"
|Kinzie|Great, there goes the signal.
|Kinzie|Signal dropped. What a surprise.
|Kinzie|Told you to keep it close.
|Kinzie|Um, where'd the signal go?

{{dialogue|"M20 STAG Tank Chatter Start"
|Interrogation|Nobody gave the order to roll out!
|Interrogation|Sir, there's nobody at the controls of that thing.
|Interrogation|Then it's gone rogue...
|Interrogation|All units, destroy that tank!

{{dialogue|"M20 STAG Tank Radio Chatter"
|Interrogation|We need more firepower on it!
|Interrogation|We stop it before we lose any more men!
|Interrogation|It has a mind of it's own!
|Interrogation|Why is it after us?!

{{dialogue|"M20 Start Running Down"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I think he might hit a few people...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Let the carnage begin.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Dance puppets! Dance!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Time to clear the sidewalks...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |People should start runnin'...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Time to clear the sidewalks...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Third Luchadore"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Whoa, Trashcan just jumped!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Was that Traschan jumping out?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Did he jump out?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Did he just jump out?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Wait, did he just bail out?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Did he just jump out?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Angel|No, that was the pilot. Trashcan must be flying now.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Damn... well don't get too close.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Don't lose him.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't lose him.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't lose him.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't let him get too far away.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't lose him.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Angel|I won't.

{{dialogue|"M20 Third One Dead"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Teddy's headed for the trash now. Next?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This has been a good day. We have more, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Anyone else still left?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's done. There any more?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |There goes Teddy...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's done. There any more?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Angel|I've saved the worst for last...El Presidente.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Why's he the worst?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good, good. What's the complication?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's so bad about him?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What's the problem?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Sounds pretty important.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Why?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Angel|He's reached out to STAG for protection...He's afraid that Kilbane will try to kill him before the match.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|He's with STAG... STAG has tanks... I don't see a problem here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If Kinzie's device can control a tank, STAG will commit a few more atrocities.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|STAG's protection is about to turn on him.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |He's half right...time to take over a tank: I think STAG's about to cause an accident.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Killbane won't get the chance.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He's half right...time to take over a tank: I think STAG's about to cause an accident.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M20 Vehicle Almost Too"
|Kinzie|Pull the vehicle back before it's out of range of your controller.
|Kinzie|That's getting too far to control.
|Kinzie|The range is limited on that remote.
|Kinzie|You'll lose control if you don't slow it down.
|Kinzie|You're gonna lose the signal.


{{dialogue|"M21 Break In To Commentary"
|Bobby|So where were we, Zach?
|Bobby|What were we talking about again?
|Zach|Don't think I'm forgetting what we were talking about, Bobby.
|Zach|I think there was a point being made.

{{dialogue|"M21 Break Out Of Commentary"
|Zach|Oh my God!
|Bobby|What a night!
|Bobby|Did you see that, Zach?
|Bobby|Holy shit!
|Zach|What was that?
|Bobby|I can't believe it!
|Zach|Hold that thought, Bobby!
|Zach|You saw it here, folks!

{{dialogue|"M21 Call Out Prop"
|Bobby|And the audience is tossing some weapons into the arena.
|Zach|How do our fans get these items in here, Bobby?
|Bobby|BYO Weapon night, is always a favorite at Murderbrawl!
|Zach|Did I just see another weapon dropped in?
|Bobby|The Butcher, getting some help from the fans...
|Zach|More love dropping in from the audience.

{{dialogue|"M21 Call Out Prop In Ring"
|Bobby|If the Butcher doesn't start using those weapons the audience may riot...
|Zach|The power of raw blunt trauma is just laying on the mat!
|Bobby|That foreign object is just begging to be used...
|Zach|That weapon can change the tide of the match...
|Bobby|Let's hope we get to see some bludgeoning...
|Zach|That's gotta hurt to get hit with!

{{dialogue|"M21 Chainsaw"
|Zach|On my goodness! Look at the blood fly!
|Bobby|That's as brutal as it can get right there, Bobby!
|Zach|That sound will stick with you.
|Bobby|It's gotta be getting slick on that floor. I gotta get my grandma to get the mop.
|Zach|I hope the audience brought some paper bags, Bobby. It is raining blood!
|Bobby|Look how far that spray went! Towel, please.

{{dialogue|"M21 Check on Angel"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You gonna make it, Angel?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Are you still able to fight, Angel?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Can you fight?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Can you fight, Angel?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You able to finish this, Angel?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You alright, Angel?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Angel|I think I broke my leg... Get in there and kick that bastard's ass... I can hold off these jobbers.

{{dialogue|"M21 cutscene In"
|Zach|Tonight's been a great night and it's not slowing up, Bobby!
|Bobby|An incredible night, Zach, and now it's time for the main event.
|Zach|There he is, Bobby - Eddie "Killbane" Pryor, The Walking Apocalypse himself. You can't help but wonder how the Stilwater Butcher can compete.
|Bobby|I'll tell you Zach - this psycho is a complete whackjob. You know, when this guy came out of the womb he literally choked out the doctor with his own umbilical cord, he's that fucking sick.
|The Protagonist|I'll be ringside, keeping Luchadores off your ass while you finish Killbane. Good luck, man.
|Zach|Well, there it is Bobby - the Saints, receiving no love here...
|Bobby|Not at all - it is raining hate down where they are. And of course it is; afterr what their capo did to Stilwater, they're lucky their fans aren't knifing them on their way to the ring!
|Zach|Angel De LaMuerte: the 2nd half of The Pale Riders; sometimes regarded as the Herald of the Walking Apocalypse; the youngest wrestler to ever win the Super K Cup is here in the Steelport Arena!
|Bobby|History is writing itself tonight, Zach! After his questionable loss to Killbane years ago, Angel dropped off the face of the Earth. If you're a fan of Murderbrawl, this is shaping up to be the best night of your life.
|Zach|I can't wait, let's do it!

{{dialogue|"M21 cutscene Out"
|Zach|You gotta love it - against all odds, the Saints are still standing!
|Bobby|What a night, Zach. What. A. Night.
|Goon|Killbane, it's just a match...
|Killbane|It's my fucking reputation!
|Killbane|This is my city! I am its Caesar!
|Killbane|...and I get to fiddle while it burns...

{{dialogue|"M21 cutscene Zscene01"
|Bobby|OH MY GOD Angel is out of the ring!
|Zach|This is punishing to watch, the Luchadores are man handling Angel.
|Bobby|He's getting kicked around like a sack full of dead puppies.
|Zach|Wait, the Butcher of Stilwater is making his way towards Angel.
|Bobby|How much can one person do to-

{{dialogue|"M21 cutscene Zscene02"
|The Protagonist|Ready for your close up?
|Killbane|Wait! I'll give you the secret of the ApocoFist, just leave me my mask!

{{dialogue|"M21 cutscene Zscene03"
|The Protagonist|Smile Killbane, we're going nationwide.
|Zach|It's shades of Angel De LaMuerte, as Killbane has been demasked!
|Bobby|We have seen the face of the Walking Apocalypse and to be honest, it's a man with a receding hair line

{{dialogue|"M21 cutscene Zscene04"
|The Protagonist|You want mercy? Tap out.
|Zach|The Walking Apocolypse has let his arms be broken without submitting, but the Stilwater Butcher has done the impossible!

{{dialogue|"M21 Defend Angel"
|Zach|A fatal flaw in the Luchadores' plan, Bobby. They didn't account for the Murderbrawl Chainsaw.
|Bobby|It was a desperate move for a desperate time, but it looks like the gamble has paid off.
|Zach|Now this is what people came here to see! The Butcher of Stilwater on an unstoppable rampage!
|Bobby|Killbane can't be happy to see this.

{{dialogue|"M21 Failed QTE"
|Bobby|Oh, that had to hurt the Stilwater Butcher!
|Bobby|A rookie mistake in the ring!
|Bobby|Ouch! I felt that one up here, Zach.
|Bobby|Killbane's all over the Stilwater Butcher!
|Bobby|Another devastating hit from Killbane!
|Bobby|That one had to break some bones.
|Bobby|How can he take this punishement?
|Bobby|A miss for the Butcher!
|Bobby|Botched spot from the Rookie...
|Bobby|How did Killbane dodge that hit?

{{dialogue|"M21 Fight Killbane"
|Zach|Well, it looks like people are going to see the fight they paid for, as the Butcher of Stilwater stands toe to toe with Killbane.
|Bobby|Now this is classic Saints tactics: use someone to weaken up the opponent then swoop on in for the kill.

{{dialogue|"M21 First Killbane Out of Ring"
|Zach|And Killbane goes sailing out of the ring!
|Bobby|But wait, he's already heading back in!
|Zach|Looks like the Stilwater Butcher isn't getting a moments rest tonight.
|Bobby|That's right, Zach. There are no free rides against the Walking Apocalypse.

{{dialogue|"M21 First Killswitch Blocked"
|Zach|He dodged it! Here comes the reversal!
|Bobby|Look at the brutality from the Butcher!

{{dialogue|"M21 Killbane Plays to Crowd"
|Zach|Oh, here we go! Killbane really has this crowd worked up!
|Zach|Now he's working the ring.
|Zach|Let's see if the Butcher gets up.
|Zach|The Saints can't be happy with that one.
|Zach|I can't imagine the pain that Saint is in.
|Zach|Oh, yeah! The crowd seems to be fueling Killbane here.

{{dialogue|"M21 Killswitch Coming"
|Bobby|And here comes the Killswitch...
|Bobby|Another Killswitch...
|Bobby|The charge again...
|Bobby|There he goes...
|Bobby|Can he land the Killswitch...
|Bobby|Killbane winds up...

{{dialogue|"M21 Main Event Fight"
|Zach|This is it, folks. Two giants in the field of destruction facing off for our entertainment. Does it get any better than this?
|Bobby|No, it doesn't. Though only one of these two has the good sense to leave the violence in the ring. Let's all remember how the Stilwater Butcher got the name. Our support goes out to the people of Stilwater for the deaths caused by the Saints.
|Zach|I think you'd have to be naive to believe a giant like Killbane hasn't thrown in a few punches outside the ropes, Bobby.
|Bobby|Not like the punches being thrown in here tonight, Zach. Both of our contenders seem to be out for blood. Killbane isn't bowing down to the Butcher anytime soon.
|Zach|But this celebrity of the streets isn't making it easy on Killbane. There seems to be something more going on than two world-renown titans wishing to settle who rules the mountaintop.
|Bobby|No matter who wins tonight, someone is going home with crushed dreams and internal bleeding. The crowd can't get enough of the carnage, and quite frankly, Zach, neither can I...

{{dialogue|"M21 Main Event Start"
|Killbane|I already beat your champion... now, kneel before The Walking Apocalypse.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm not leaving here without your fucking mask.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I could have killed you a dozen times. I let you live to humiliate you here.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Forget it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm gonna rip that mask off your fucking face.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Bro, I'm gonna fuck. You. Up.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm gonna bend that knee of yours the opposite direction.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Killbane|When I'm through with you, you'll be begging for me to kill you.

{{dialogue|"M21 Match Commentary 1"
|Zach|Alright Bobby, this is a classic match up: speed vs power, youth vs age, brains vs brawn.
|Bobby|No, an uninvolved Luchador stabbed Angel. I saw it.
|Zach|Who we saw Killbane give a bag full of money to.
|Bobby|Let's not get into an argument over who paid who to stab someone. That's ridiculous. The point is this, Bobby: The Walking Apocalypse is at the top of his game.
|Zach|You can't discount Angel De LaMuerte. He has an indominable spirit, or need I remind you of his match against Axel "The Wolf" Shepherd. Remember that one?
|Bobby|Yes, I do remember, and Shepherd did not have the speed or power that Killbane has, it's no contest and you know it.
|Zach|Wait a minute, what about his Carthaginian Chain match with Beartrap Calhoun.
|Bobby|That was a helluva match, no doubt about it, Bobby... but if Killbane lands one punch with his ApocaFist it's all over.
|Zach|I hate to admit it Bobby, but your right... the ApocaFist is a devistating weapon that could only be legal in MurderBrawl...
|Bobby|Well, you know, the fact that these two were tag team partners really adds another layer to the whole dimension. They trained together, they know what to expect. One wrong move can end the entire match, and you gotta wonder if Angel is gonna be able to keep his cool.
|Zach|You're right Bobby, the last time these two fought, Angel lost his mask to Killbane... the greatest mark of shame in the Lucha Libre world. It's been years, that had to be eating away at him.
|Bobby|And that's exactly the weakness Killbane will be able to capitalize on to win.
|Zach|Killbane was as shocked as the rest of us to see Angel back in the ring. There's no way he's operating at one-hundred percent, Bobby.
|Bobby|What, are you kidding me? Killbane beat Angel before.
|Zach|Wait a minute, Bobby. Killbane cheated before.
|Bobby|Allegedly cheated.
|Zach|He stabbed him 13 times while the ref wasn't even looking...

{{dialogue|"M21 Mission Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's get the crowd going.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Time to put on a show.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm comin', Angel.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Time to get to work...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's fuck some shit up...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Time to get to work...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Zach|Alright and here we go... And here's the Bucher of Stilwater, swaggering in...
|Bobby|Ya know it's interesting, I never would have pegged Angel De LaMuerte for a Saints supporter. It goes to show ya that anything can happen at Murderbrawl.
|Zach|...and speaking of suprises, here comes the Luchadores in force!
|Bobby|This has just turned into a lumberjack match from hell!

{{dialogue|"M21 Pick Up Dildo Bat"
|Bobby|Look at this, the Stilwater Butcher has found this evening's weapon of choice, wielding that bat with the ease of a two dollar Philipino whore.
|Zach|You said it Bobby. Hey, let's check out the action from the Leather and Lace "Dildo cam": Leather & Lace, where you can find all your BDSM needs.
|Bobby|Yessir, my wife's favorite place to shop, in fact.
|Zach|Then don't forget to take one home for her, ok?
|Bobby|She already has two.

{{dialogue|"M21 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|Phone Call|Don't worry about me, I'm ready.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Who said I was worried?
|Phone Call|Then why the call?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Just wanted to wish you luck.
|Phone Call|This won't be luck, but thanks.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Also, don't worry about the Luchadores. I'll keep them out of that ring.
|Phone Call|Who said I was worried?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Now you're just being cocky.

{{dialogue|"M21 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You're gonna fuck Killbane up tonight.
|Phone Call|He'll never expect it, either.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Neither will the crowd.
|Phone Call|You're not going to miss the pop of my career, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No worries, I'm gonna be makin' sure you don't get disturbed during your match.
|Phone Call|In a fair fight, Killbane has no chance of winning.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oh I got faith in you.
|Phone Call|Good, then let's get ready.

{{dialogue|"M21 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Anything you need before the big fight?
|Phone Call|I've been ready for years.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Head on over to the arena. I'll meet you there.
|Phone Call|Killbane will have his men interfere. I need you to be ready.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm on it.
|Phone Call|Good. One on one he has no chance to take me down again.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Let's hope you're right.

{{dialogue|"M21 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|The Protagonist - Female 1|How's my favorite wrestler?
|Phone Call|Looking forward to revenge.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's what I want to hear.
|Phone Call|You know he's gonna try to cheat, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'll make sure the fight's only between you two.
|Phone Call|I almost feel bad for him.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't bother, he isn't worth the thought.
|Phone Call|I said almost.

{{dialogue|"M21 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Angel, you ready for the match?
|Phone Call|Been waiting a long time for this.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |He won't be able to pull his same old shit when I'm watching your back.
|Phone Call|Thank you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hey man, you saved me the trouble.
|Phone Call|I hope you don't feel like the tiger training was wasted.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I think I got enough out of it...
|Phone Call|Good! When we're done with Killbane, we'll move on to bees.

{{dialogue|"M21 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|It's almost time for the show.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You gotta be excited...
|Phone Call|Believe me, I am. Thank you for this opportunity. I owe you one.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You kick Killbane's ass all over that ring and we're even.
|Phone Call|His Luchadores will still be a problem.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You let me worry about that.
|Phone Call|Alright, I better get ready.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'll see you soon.

{{dialogue|"M21 Pre Z" (Zombie)
|Phone Call|It's almost time.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|I've always been better than Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|He's always had someone to save him. Keep them away, and he'll lose.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|Then let's give the people a real show.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles

{{dialogue|"M21 Ref Distracted"
|Bobby|Looks like the Luchadores might be distracting the ref!
|Zach|Killbane's getting away with Murder here, Bobby!
|Bobby|If that ref keeps his eyes outside the ring for one more moment, I'm afraid it's all finito for Angel.
|Zach|The Luchadores are on the side of the ring again.
|Bobby|All's fair in love and Murderbrawl...
|Zach|This ref is missing easy calls here.

{{dialogue|"M21 Second Killbane Out of Ring"
|Zach|Killbane's knocked out again!
|Bobby|And here come the Luchadores in his place!
|Zach|Murderbrawl is certainly giving the finest in blood gushing, bone mashing entertainment tonight, Bobby.
|Bobby|My heart goes out for the clean up crew on this one, Zach.

{{dialogue|"M21 Second Killswitch Blocked"
|Zach|Another miss from Killbane!
|Bobby|The champion cannot be happy with that one, Zach.

{{dialogue|"M21 Taunting Angel"
|Killbane|You shouldn't have come back, Angel. Last time I was too soft on you.
|Angel|Last time you needed to cheat to win. I see nothing's changed.
|Killbane|You need the Stilwater Butcher to keep you safe, and you're judging me? I'm the star here. I'm their Greek god, high up on Olympus!
|Angel|Then it's time you fell back to earth.

{{dialogue|"M21 Taunting Player"
|Killbane|Give it up while you can still walk. You won't even realize how insignificant you are when I ground your bones to dust with the ApocaFist.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You gonna keep talking, or you gonna fight?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Your career is over, Killbane. Be maintaining your dignity and accept your failure in silence.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Keep talkin'... you're gonna have to admit defeat eventually.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's a lot of talk for someone who thinks they're going to win.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't mean to disapoint you bitch, but that ain't gonna happen...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You ever stop running that flap of yours?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Killbane|You've already lost. Listen to the crowd chant my name. I am their dreams come to life, and your nightmare made flesh!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Nightmare? You're not even in my top ten.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You still do not understand. I have no nightmares.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh my god shut up.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Then it's time they wake up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Unless you're a politician on a boat, you ain't my nightmare, asshole.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |They're in for a rude awakeneing.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M21 Third Killswitch Blocked"
|Zach|Unbelievable! Another reversal!
|Bobby|This is incredible, the Killbane just can't connect with the Killswitch.


{{dialogue|"M22 Angel Being Attacked"
|Angel|Get these soldiers off me.
|Angel|Too many; I can't kill them all.
|Angel|They're keeping us from Killbane!

{{dialogue|"M22 Angel Car Chase"
|Angel|I'll get us to the plane. Just keep them away from the car.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You got it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I can handle that.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Just gun it, okay?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't worry about me, just drive.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Nothin' I can't handle. Just keep drivin'.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't worry about me, just drive.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 Angel Encourage Plane Shot"
|Angel|Hit it again!
|Angel|That's right, don't let him take off!
|Angel|It ends here, Eddie!

{{dialogue|"M22 Angel Shoot Plane"
|Angel|That's it, that's Killbane's plane.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Here's where you die, Pryor!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm sorry Eddie. Your flight's been canceled.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Your career's about to crash!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |End of the line, Pryor!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |End of the line, Pryor!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |End of the line, Pryor!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 Angel Under Fire"
|Angel|STAG has me pinned down!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hold on, Angel.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|On the way!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Almost there!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We're coming!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hang on, Angel, we're comin'.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We're coming!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 Armory"
|Kinzie|I'm seeing a huge concentration of STAG and Luchadores at the Armory.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Sounds like a perfect spot for us.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Let's not keep them waiting.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Wonderful.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We're on it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We're on the way.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We're on it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 Armory Battle Zone"
|Pierce|Hey I was thinking: we might die here, anything you want to get off your chest?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Way to be a downer, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are worried, Pierce? You have survived worse than this.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Gimme a break.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, don't be so negative...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Come on Pierce, don't go talkin' like that!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Pierce, don't be so negative...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Oleg|He has a point: Were Kinzie here, I'd pour out my heart.
|Oleg|It's rare I find an intellectual equal.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm on a coed Curling team!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I want to make love with Pierce in front of a live studio audience!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I collect glass unicorns!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I've read Jane Eyre 13 times!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I have an irrational fear of bees!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I call chips 'fries'!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Pierce|Good to know...

{{dialogue|"M22 Armory Fight"
|Pierce|Looks like both sides were here to reload.
|Oleg|Which means more may come.
|Oleg|Why chase them, when they come to you.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Certainly saves the trouble.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I like it. We will make a stand here.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fair point. Dig in.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Looks like we're stickin' around...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I was gettin' tired of drivin' anyway.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Looks like we're stickin' around...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 Burt Collateral Damage"
|Burt|Am I going to have to do this myself?
|Burt|Keep it away from me, will ya?
|Burt|I'm not part of this fight, remember?
|Burt|Watch where you're shooting!
|Burt|What the hell are you aiming at?

{{dialogue|"M22 Burt Encouragement"
|Burt|Take care of this terrorist!
|Burt|As Mayor I order you to win this fight.
|Burt|I'd hate to be let down...
|Burt|Come on, you gonna let her beat you?
|Burt|You might be onto something here.

{{dialogue|"M22 Burt React FIAJ"
|Burt|That's foul.
|Burt|I don't want to know how that's made...
|Burt|Don't throw that on me, ya putz.
|Burt|All those guns, and you use this stuff...

{{dialogue|"M22 Choice Call"
|Angel|Killbane's planning on leaving Steelport!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Sorry, try again. The city's watching us clean up your mess in the streets here, not add to it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Look around you, Kia. Terrorism is your game, not mine.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not sure where you heard that... but the Saints aren't blowing up shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't mean to disappoint you bitch, but the Saints aren't about domestic terrorism.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't be stupid. The Saints aren't blowing up anything.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't mean to disappoint, but the Saints aren't about domestic terrorism.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kia|We'll see how many people believe that once Shaundi and Viola are found in the wreckage.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That fucking coward...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Killbane is running from a fight? You aren't serious!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|He's what?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're kidding me...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Like hell he is!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You're kidding me...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Angel|He's at the airport. There isn't much time!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Slow down...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Angel...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Alright, just relax and we can--
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Angel...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Angel...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Angel...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Angel|No! I can't let him win! WE can't let him win!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't move until I get there. I... shit...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Of course not. Wait for me to get there. I... dammit...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Will you just wait until I get there? Madre de dios...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Angel, hold on until I get there. I... dammit...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Angel, sit tight 'til I get there, man. I'm comin'... hang on...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Angel, hold on until I get there. I... dammit...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Kia|Hello, Saint...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Piss off and arrest us another day, alright?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You want me to give up and be arrested, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Just try to get those handcuffs on me, bitch.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah yeah I get it, you're gonna arrest us, big fucking deal.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You're wastin' a lot of good men tryin' to arrest me, bitch.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Is this really the time, love? You're gonna arrest us, big fucking deal.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kia|I don't want to arrest you, it won't solve anything. People need to wake up and see the threat that scum like you are to innocent people. Once you blow up the Magarac Island the whole world will see your true colors.

{{dialogue|"M22 Convincing"
|Pierce|You can't make it to both and you can't let Shaundi die. Fuck Killbane, he ain't worth losing our girls.
|Oleg|Killbane is why you're here. Don't let everything Shaundi and Viola have fought for be for nothing.

{{dialogue|"M22 cutscene Choice"
|Angel|He's at the airport - there isn't much time!
|Player|Angel -
|Angel|No! I can't let him win. WE can't let him win.
|Player|Angel, just hold on until I get there -- dammit --
|Kia|Hello, Saint.
|Player|Yeah yeah, I get it. You're going to arrest us, big fucking deal.
|Kia|I don't want to arrest you; it won't solve anything. People need to wake up and see the threat that scum like you are to innocent people.
|Kia|Once you blow up the Magarac Island, the whole world will see your true colors.
|Player|I don't mean to disappoint you bitch, but the Saints aren't about domestic terrorism.
|Kia|We'll see how many people believe that when Shaundi and Viola are found in the wreckage.

{{dialogue|"M22 cutscene In"
|The Protagonist|So what's up?
|Pierce|Heard back from Legal Lee. Studio wants you to do a screen test for Gangstas in Space.
|The Protagonist|Fuck that, we're done being corporate whores. So who's win-
|The Protagonist|What's that--?
|Pierce|God. Damn it.
|The Protagonist|The hell is going on?
|The Protagonist|We gotta get down there.

{{dialogue|"M22 cutscene OutA"
|Pierce|You kill that sonofbitch?
|The Protagonist|Yeah.
|Pierce|Was it worth it?
|Monica|You were right, Commander. Bring in the Daedelus.

{{dialogue|"M22 cutscene OutB"
|The Protagonist|Let's go home.
|Cyrus|Hold it right there!
|The Protagonist|Unless the next thing outta your hole is "thank you"--we got a serious fucking problem.
|Monica|They have a point, Commander...
|Monica|Like or not...the Saints are heroes.
|Cyrus|Are you shitting me, lady?
|Monica|You declared martial law and knocked down half the city. The Saints just saved a treasured monument. Who the fuck do you think the public will side with?
|Monica|I can answer any questions...
|Cyrus|They can give you the key to the goddamn city, but soon as you screw up, we'll be back. And next time, STAG is gonna put you down.
|The Protagonist|I love you too, Cyrus.
|Pierce|So what's the play, boss? We go back to bangin' in Stilwater?
|The Protagonist|Not yet.
|The Protagonist|Alright people, when we started tracking down this son of a bitch we said we'd follow him to the ends of the Earth...And we did.
|The Protagonist|Killbane is readying his army for an all out attack. We will stop him here. Our planet needs us...let's not let her down.
|Space Marines|Hoo-rah!

{{dialogue|"M22 cutscene Zscene01"
|Player|Oh fuck me!
|Killbane|So here we are ... Two Titans among men, worshipped by mere mortals for bringing them blood and fire! This moment was an inevitability ...
|Player|So's me killing you.
|Killbane|Ah no no ... That's not how this book is written. The Saints legacy ends here - not with a bang, but with a whimper.
|Player|Are you for real? It's over Eddie! In two weeks, no one's gonna remember your name.
|Killbane|No one will remember me? You were a fucking clown, selling energy drinks and lunch boxes. You didn't care about the crowd, just the paycheck. And I changed that.
|Killbane|Mark my words - when these hands are crushing your throat, your dying breath won't be an appeal to God or a message of love to your family. It'll be "Thank you, Killbane."
|Player|Man, I'm gonna enjoy shutting you up.

{{dialogue|"M22 Drive 1"
|Pierce|Hope the big guy'll be alright.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|He's probably enjoying himself.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm not worried about him.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's that supposed to mean?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |He's fine, nothing to worry about.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oleg's a tough guy. He'll be fine.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He's fine, nothing to worry about.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Pierce|Have you seen your driving?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shut up.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I didn't notice you jumping behind the wheel.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Everyone's a critic.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |See if I take you anywhere ever again.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shit, man, you should check out your own.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That cuts deep, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 Drive 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Surprised Shaundi isn't with us for a little payback on STAG.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Have you heard from Shaundi?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where'd Shaundi go?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Where's Shaundi and the crew?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You heard from Shuandi since this started?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Where's Shaundi and the crew?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Pierce|She took the new girl and some of the boys across town. Hitting the fights from another angle.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|A little girl time should be good for those two.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A sort of a girls fight on the town, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|She's with Viola? That should be fun.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Her and Viola, huh? That's a happy couple.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's my girls! Bet they're havin' all kinds of fun.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shaundi and Viola? We should have sold tickets.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 Drive 3"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|STAG and the Luchadores are tearing this city up.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We will not let them destroy Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|These guys were gonna destroy Steelport.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |These assholes are gonna tear Steelport apart.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |These motherfuckers are trying to trash this town.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |These pricks are gonna tear Steelport apart.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Pierce|Looks like we're doing our civic duty then.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What's that say?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Someone has to save the city.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Damn right we are.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well when you put in that way...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ya know what that means...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well when you put in that way...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Pierce|We're the fuckin' heroes.

{{dialogue|"M22 End Armory Battle"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And that's all she wrote.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That seems to be all of them.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|The Saints save the day again...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Think we're clear here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I think that's all of 'em.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Think we're clear here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 End First Battle Zone"
|Pierce|That the last of them?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|See, easy enough.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|There will be more somewhere else. We should go.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yep. Let's move.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Looks like it. Let's get moving.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's it. Time we were movin' on.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Looks like it. Let's get moving.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 End Second Battle Zone"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ready to hit the next spot?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We should find another fight.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Still more to go.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Still more to go.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We got business elsewhere.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Still more to go.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Pierce|After you.

{{dialogue|"M22 End Third Battle Zone"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You have our next location?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where is the next fight?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where's the next group?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Where's the next group?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Where's the next fight?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Where's the next group?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Pierce|Dunno, that's on Kinzie.

{{quote|'Bout time the crew showed up!|Pierce, "M22 First Battle Saints"}}

{{dialogue|"M22 First Battle Zone"
|Pierce|Jesus, would you look at all these guys?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Quit acting like you've never been in a fight before.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Unless you are low on ammo, that's not a problem.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Seriously, Pierce? You should be used to this by now.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Come on, Pierce. Nothing we haven't dealt with before.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't count 'em, Pierce. We're killin' 'em all anyway.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Day in the life, Pierce. Day in the life.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Pierce|I know, it's just... damn!
|Oleg|You going to let these little men scare you away?

{{dialogue|"M22 Gang Fight 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's get to work and drop these assholes!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kill them. All of them.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't let anybody get away!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't leave any of these assholes standing!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I ain't standin' for this. All these fuckers gotta be put down.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't leave any of these assholes standing!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Oleg|I am nothing if not thorough...

{{dialogue|"M22 Gang Fight 2"
|Pierce|Let's finish these guys quick!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|As opposed to taking our time?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why hurry? They aren't going anywhere.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's the fush?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |In a hurry, Pierce?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No hurry. We're gonna be at this all day.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |In a hurry, Pierce?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Pierce|Fun fact: I don't like being shot at.

{{dialogue|"M22 Gang Fight 3"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You'd think they'd break up the party already.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|These guys keep throwing some bad parties.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Another party already?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Didn't we just leave this party?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm gettin' real tired of these fuckin' parties!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Didn't we just leave this party?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Pierce|They throw more cause we keep crashing them.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Someday they'll learn.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Too bad we got stuck with the cleanup.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That's not too smart.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |They need to take a hint
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You'd think they'd get the hint...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Take a fucking hint, guys.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 Kia Fight"
|Kia|I'm surprised you came.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|None of my crew is getting killed.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I do not abandon my people.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I don't leave people to die.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I don't leave my crew to die.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I don't abandon my crew.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I don't leave anyone behind.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kia|Really? Lin. Carlos. Aisha. Johnny... all you do is let your friends die.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And I make bitches like you suffer.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are wrong, Kia. Your little plan has failed.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Enough talk. You want to play, bitch?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Bitch I'm gonna fuck you up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Bitch you're gonna wish you never said that...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shut your goddamned mouth.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{quote|This ends here!|Killbane, "M22 Killbane Fight 1"}}

{{dialogue|"M22 Killbane Fight"
|Killbane|This will be your final lesson...
|Killbane|You will kneel before me...

{{dialogue|"M22 Killbane Fight 4"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Dammit, why won't you die?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You lost, you fled, and now you die.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Face it, it's over!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fucking die already.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Will you just die already!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fucking die already.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Killbane|Nothing can stop the Walking Apocalypse...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shut the fuck up, Eddie.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You're a walking corpse, Eddie.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We'll see about that, Eddie.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're a dead man, Eddie.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Prove it, Eddie...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You're a dead man, Eddie.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Killbane|My -- name -- is -- KILLBANE!

{{dialogue|"M22 Kinzie"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I need you to help me locate...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie, I need you. We have to...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Kinzie, where are you? They have...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie, where are you? They have...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Kinzie, where the fuck are you? STAG has...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie, where are you? They have...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Kinzie|I know, I'm at the docks. Come here fast.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Got it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|On my way.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'll be there soon.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |On my way.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'll be there.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |On my way.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 Kinzie Monument"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Talk to me, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What are we up against?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How's it look?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How bad is it?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This ain't lookin' good, is it?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How bad is it?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|Saw on the cameras what happened. There's bombs all over that monument.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You'll have to disarm them.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How quickly can you disarm them?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|But you can deactive them, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Can you disarm them?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You gonna disarm them?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Can you disarm them?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Kinzie|I'm not a walking deus ex machina. Use this STAG sonic gun to knock the explosives into the water.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fine, what about you?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And you...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Then you---
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |And you...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |And you...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |And you...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kinzie|Will be watching from the surveillance monitors. So don't screw up or I'll see.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't worry about me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You won't be disappointed.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You have nothing to worry about.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Right...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I got too much ridin' on this to screw up.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Right...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 Mission Start"
|Kinzie|The city is falling apart. Fights everywhere.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We don't do something, they'll come after us next.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We will have to kill them, before they destroy the city.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We'll need locations.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We have to put some of these assholes down before they destroy the place.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |They ain't destroying my city. We'll kill every last one of 'em if we have to.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Need to stop them before they rip the whole place apart.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kinzie|I'll keep my ear on the police band, let you know where things are really bad,
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Good idea.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good. Thanks Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Sounds good.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Thanks Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We'll be ready.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Thanks, love.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 More Angel Car Chase 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Faster, Angel. Killbane's not getting away.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You could drive faster, Angel.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I know this thing can go faster!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Think you can step on it?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Can't this thing go any faster?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Think you can step on it?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Angel|We need to get there in one piece.

{{dialogue|"M22 More Angel Car Chase 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I don't think they're letting up.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They are not giving up easily.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |These fuckers just keep coming...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |These assholes aren't givin' up.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |These fuckers just keep coming...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{quote|We're almost to the airport. I'm coming for you, Killbane...|Angel, "M22 More Angel Car Chase 3"}}

{{dialogue|"M22 Nag About"
|Shaundi|Come on, use the grenades!
|Shaundi|That isn't working, toss those at her!
|Shaundi|The grenades, on the ground, use them!
|Shaundi|Why aren't you throwing those?

{{dialogue|"M22 Oleg Fell Behind"
|Pierce|Don't worry about Oleg, he'll catch up. He's fast for a big guy.
|Pierce|Leave Oleg, he can get there himself.

{{dialogue|"M22 Pick up Grenades"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Nobody fucks with my people.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kia will not like this.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I seriously hope so.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's see if I can get this bitch's attention.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |She won't be likin' this.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Let's see if I can get this bitch's attention.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{quote|Those grenades should buy you time!|Shaundi, "M22 Pick up"}}

{{quote|Find the body... I want to make sure he's dead.|Angel, "M22 Plane Shot Down"}}

{{dialogue|"M22 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist|Pierce, you heard anything about what happened to Killbane?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Phone Call|Nope.
|The Protagonist|We need to know where he is.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|Yep.
|The Protagonist|...You're playing chess again, aren't you?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Phone Call|Yeah.
|The Protagonist|Dammit, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|Oh hey, come to the crib. We got something important to talk about.
|The Protagonist|Ugh...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|Always nice to see the boys.|Pierce, "M22 Second Battle Saints"}}

{{dialogue|"M22 Second Battle Zone"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Still feelin' good, Oleg?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oleg, are you still good comrade?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Everything good, Oleg?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oleg, you ok over there?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You doin' ok, big man?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oleg, you ok over there?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Oleg|Never better. More than I can say for STAG.
|Pierce|You think all their troops are out right now?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hell no. STAG's gotta have a reserve.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No. STAG is military. They will have a reserve somewhere.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hell no. They must have a reserve.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Doubt it. They always have some left in reserve.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck no. They're gonna have some reserves hidden someplace.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Doubtful. They always keep reserves.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Pierce|Maybe this is the reserve.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Good joke.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That would make things too easy.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't kid yourself.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, keep dreaming that shit, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Wouldn't that be nice.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Keep dreaming.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M22 Third Battle Zone"
|Pierce|Even if there are more STAG, this has got to be hurtin' the Luchadores.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|They won't have trouble recruiting more.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They will easily refill their ranks.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Seems like they have an endless supply.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pretty sure they can find more.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Not for long. The Luchedores won't have trouble findin' recruits.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No shortage of muscled up freaks around here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Pierce|You think there's that many wrestlers?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Give most guys a chance to anonymously hurt people and they'll jump at it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|People who wish to hide their identities and cause pain? Of course.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Never a shortage of assholes.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Guys who wanna put on masks and piss people off? Yeah.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Who wouldn't wanna hide their face and act like a royal jackass?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |People who'd want to put on a mask and attack at random? Yeah, I'd say there's no shortage.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Oleg|It's like the internet.
|Pierce|You've been hangin' around Kinzie to much...


{{quote|Angel, "M23 Angel Update"|I hope you have a plan, we're losing people down here.

{{dialogue|"M23 Awesome Daedalus"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Look at this fucking thing!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Holy fucking shit...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh my god... is that thing real?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Holy fucking shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck me...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That... is the most beautiful sight I've ever laid eyes on.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kinzie|Your tax dollars at work...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well, not mine personally since I don't pay 'em, but maybe I should start!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Money well spent. I could kiss Cyrus for bringing this to me. I almost hate to destroy it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where do they build something like that?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |If I knew we bought shit like this with taxes, I'd start paying 'em...this is awesome.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Since when did taxes pay for shit this cool...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |God bless America.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Kinzie|When this is over I'll steal the blue prints from the DoD. A few years we can probably build our own.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kinzie... I love you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie, you are my favorite person. Ever.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Did I ever tell you you're my favorite?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I love you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I love you.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie... I love you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{quote|This is Temple. I need help on the deck.|Cyrus, "M23 Call"}}

{{dialogue|"M23 Call Out Weapons On"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Thanks for leaving these lying around.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They've left me plenty of weapons. How nice.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well, at least I'll have enough weapons out here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |At least they're stocked here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{quote|Clear them out so we can bring in reinforcements.|Kinzie, "M23 Clear the Deck"}}

{{dialogue|"M23 Clear the"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|First turrets, now tanks...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|There are tanks parked on the deck.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|They have a lot of tanks up here...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |They've got tanks on the deck.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Great...more tanks.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |They've got tanks on the deck.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M23 cutscene In"
|The Protagonist|We've lost a lot of friends getting to where we are, and that's never easy. But at least we know that wherever Gat is, he's got friends giving Saint Peter some hell.
|The Protagonist|To Shaundi!
|Kinzie|Oh my God.
|Kinzie|Well, if they blow up every building we're bound to be in one of them.
|The Protagonist|Fuck that. We're breaking their little toy.

{{dialogue|"M23 cutscene Out"
|The Protagonist|Kinzie, round up every Saint we can find...we're going on a field trip.
|Newscaster|While the Government has yet to comment on the attack, we have a report -
|The Protagonist|No one runs, no one gets shot, understand?!
|The Protagonist|Sorry ...
|The Protagonist|Kinzie, you in the booth?
|Kinzie|All set.
|The Protagonist|I got a message for Monica Hughes and her stooges. Dear bitch: Steelport is under new management, and we don't answer to you. This is foreign soil now. Come at my city again, and you'll go home in a fucking box. Back to you.
|Pierce|Not bad. You could be a weatherman or some shit.
|The Protagonist|I may have laid it on a little thick.
|Pierce|Well, you did just create a city-state.
|The Protagonist|Good point. That reminds me: this place is gonna need a new you feel about public office?
|Pierce|It's a horrible idea. I'm in.
|The Protagonist|Then, let's get to work.
|Jane|Even in a place that is no stranger to violence, today's assault on the city stands as the blackest time in Steelport's sordid history.

{{quote|Nice landing, Cyrus.|The Protagonist, "M23 cutscene Zscene01"}}

{{dialogue|"M23 Cyrus Finds You On"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This your idea of fair?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You want to fight me? Then we will fight.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Is this how you wanna die?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That how you wanna play it, Cyrus?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You want this? Let's do it!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You sure you want to do this, Cyrus?!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M23 Cyrus Low Health"
|Interrogation|Explosions on the deck! I repeat, explosions on the deck!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's about time.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Right on schedule.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time for some fireworks, Cyrus!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Looks like the fireworks have started.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |About time.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Looks like the fireworks have started.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kinzie|I'm detecting system failures all over that ship. Tell me you're getting out of there.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't worry, Kinzie. I'm not getting blown up on another boat...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Patience, Kinzie. I still have work to do.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Gotta take care of Temple first.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Not until the job's done.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hold that thought, Kinzie...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Not until the job's done.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M23 Cyrus Shoots You"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Who says I needed that to kill your sorry ass anyway!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Nice try, Cyrus. I'm still going to kill you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Come down here and fight, pussy!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I don't need a plane to kill you Cyrus!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You think I need that to fuck you up?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That the best you can muster, Cyrus?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M23 Cyrus Start"
|Cyrus|The people dying below is on you and your "Saints".
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Since when did we fly this in and open fire?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You fired on the city, Cyrus. I came here to stop you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Last time I checked we weren't the ones with the floating ship of death.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Like hell it is. You chose to fire on the city.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I don't see us blowing up a fucking city!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Like hell. You started this mess.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Cyrus|After what you did on Magarac Island, I didn't have a choice, did I.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What WE did? That was YOUR girl, not mine!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Your own bitch did that. Could you not tell from the stench?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That was your little protégé, Kia!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Are you kidding me? Your crazy bitch attack dog did that!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What we did? That shit was in your house, Cyrus!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You mental? That was the crazy lackey of yours!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Cyrus|You can't lie your way out of this, I'm putting you down.

{{dialogue|"M23 Cyrus Taunt"
|Cyrus|You'll never leave the Daedelus alive!
|Cyrus|I've been a soldier longer than you've been alive. You can't defeat me.
|Cyrus|Luck won't save you this time.

|The Protagonist - Female 1|Leaving now!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And with time to spare.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hoo boy. Time to leave.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Gotta go...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Time to move!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Not much time left!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{quote|I can't get into any of the systems on that airship. I'll keep trying, but no promises.|Kinzie, "M23 Kinzie Update"}}

{{dialogue|"M23 Mission Start"
|Pierce|Boss, you better find a helicopter. Taking that thing out is all on you...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You're so helpful, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You're sitting this one out?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So I'm getting no help?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm not getting any help here?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You're leavin' me alone on this?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Can't I get a hand or two?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Pierce|We got our hands full gettin' the crew to safety.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fine, I can't argue with that. I'll bring that bastard down hard.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good. Stay out from under that thing. I would hate for Cyrus to land on you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Alright. I'll get Cyrus off our backs permanently.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Right. Don't worry, Cyrus won't have that thing up there for long.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fair enough. I'll take care of Cyrus...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Great. Let's hope Cyrus won't have that thing up there very long.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M23 Not Making a Dent"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This thing's armor is too thick. Gonna need larger explosions to hurt it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm not hurting it enough, Kinzie. We need to try something else.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This thing's too armored. Going to try explosives.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie, we're not doing enough damage to this thing. We gotta go big.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Switchin' things up. I'm not causing enough damage to this thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This plan isn't working. We need to think bigger.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kinzie|Well, just be careful.

{{quote|I'm trying to get people to shelter, but it's chaos down here.|Oleg, "M23 Oleg Update"}}

{{dialogue|"M23 Plant First"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|One for Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It will take a lot more than this.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well, that's one...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |First bomb down.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M23 Plant Fourth"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And one just for me...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Nothing could survive this blast.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That should do it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |All set.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M23 Plant Second"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|One for Viola...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|At least one more.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Maybe three will be enough?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Got two set.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M23 Plant Third"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|One for my crew...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Three is good, four is better.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fuck it, one more for safety.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |One more and I'm done.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M23 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist|Pierce, how's the...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|Well hey there boss!
|The Protagonist|Started drinking early, did you?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|That's what you do at these things.
|The Protagonist|So everything's all set?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Phone Call|We're at the Broken Shillelagh right now putting on the finishing touches.
|The Protagonist|I'll head over soon then.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|See you when I see you, boss.
|The Protagonist|And try not to pass out before I get there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|Me? I'm fine. Promise.

{{dialogue|"M23 Take Out"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No more turrets, no more bombarding my crew.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Those turrets are a problem.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Stop shooting my city.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, those turrets gotta go.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Those turrets are fuckin' up the crew...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bloody turrets.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M23 Taunting Reinforcements"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hope you planned on dying here!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Steelport's had enough of this shit!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Think you assholes can stop me?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Time for STAG to burn!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Get out of my town!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It's a long way down!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are looking for me, no?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You intend to ride this all the way down?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Come and get me!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's see who saves Steelport now!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No one fucks with my city!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're all going down with the ship!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's do this!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Show me what you got!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This is where STAG ends!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You want me? Come on!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|All personnel to your escape craft.|Interrogation, "M23 Time Running Out"}}

{{dialogue|"M23 Time Running Out 2"
|Interrogation|Abandon the Daedalus. I repeat, abandon the Daedalus.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We're here 'till the end, Temple!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The Daedalus is dead, Cyrus. Now it's your turn.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time's up, Cyrus.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Come on, Temple, let's finish this!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm not leaving 'till it's finished, Temple!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Come on, Temple, let's finish this!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M23 Turrets"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That should help the boys out.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That should make things easier..
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |The less things shooting at me, the better.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That should buy them more time.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's better.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}


{{dialogue|"M24 All Terminals Down"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And three. What's next?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The last terminal is shut down.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Got the last one.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |All three terminals have been shut down.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's it, Cornell. All three terminals are gone.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |All three terminals have been shut down.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kinzie|That should leave the gate vulnerable to explosive charges.

{{dialogue|"M24 Crashed"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This must be the where our recon squadron crashed. I don't see any survivors, though.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This area is covered in wreckage. Our recon team.... Rest in peace, comrades.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|There's wreckage all over the area. Probably the recon squadron.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Think I figured out what happened to our recon squad. There's wreckage all over the area.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Our recon squad was stopped here. That's why they never made it back.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Think I figured out what happened to our recon squadron. There's wreckage all over the area.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 cutscene Out"
|The Protagonist|I came to Mars to make a living. Keep my head down. Stay out of trouble. But I found something...
|The Protagonist|But I found something... Damn it.
|The Protagonist|Line.
|The Protagonist|Sorry.
|Sci Fi Killbane|You'll get it next time.
|Asst Director|Everybody back to one!
|Director|Alright people, big smiles, it's the happy ending.
|Asst Director|Settle! We are rolling--
|Sound Guy|Speed!

{{dialogue|"M24 Enter Lair"
|Killbane|You've come this far only to fail now. Earth is doomed.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You're the doomed one, General.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I do not fail my planet.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You're the doomed one, General.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't bet on it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |General Killbane. We meet... again.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |She might be down, but she's not out.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Killbane|{{*}}laughs* Do you really think your rag-tag band of misfits could stop me?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Nobody else is dying here today... except you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|My friends will not die in vain. Your reign of terror ends!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|My friends died so that I could kill you!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I won't let my friends die in're goin' down.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |My friends ain't gonna die for nothin'! You're finished.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm still breathing. Or did you forget that?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Killbane|You can't kill me. You don't know the truth. The fact is... I am your father.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|How... how is that possible!?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What? NOOOOOOOOO!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That is impossible!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What? NOOOOOOOOO!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What? NOOOOOOOOO!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |NOOOOOOOOO! That's impossible!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 Final Battle"
|Killbane|Join me, and we'll rule Earth together...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Earth -- remains -- FREE!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|NEVER!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That will never happpen!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |NEVER!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |NEVER!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'll never betray my friends!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{quote|You can't win. This suit is impervious to everything save for convienently placed lava crystals.|Killbane, "M24 Final Battle Begins"}}

{{dialogue|"M24 First Terminal"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|First one's shut down.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|One terminal is down.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|One down.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's one.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's one.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's one.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 Gate Down"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It worked, Cornell! I'm heading up the bridge now.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The gate is down! We are storming the bridge!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Gate's demolished. I'm heading up the bridge now.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Gate's down and we're storming the bridge.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The gate is blown! We're stormin' across the bridge!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Gate's down and we're storming the bridge.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kinzie|Once inside, you're on your own. Good luck my love.

{{dialogue|"M24 Homie Dies"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'll come back for you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We... have to move on.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We can't stay here.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We... have to move on.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We... have to move on.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We... have to move on.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This... this can't be happening.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not you too!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No! Not again!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Not you too!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ah, shit. Not you too!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No! You were so young!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm sorry... for everything.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm... all alone now.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|There's no one left now...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm... all alone now.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm... all alone now.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm... all alone now.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 Killbane Battle 1"
|Killbane|How does it feel to know you will die on Mars?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I wouldn't know.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I should ask you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How does it feel to know you're dying any second?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You tell me.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I don't know, motherfucker, how does it feel?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You tell me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 Killbane Battle 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Lava... dangerous stuff.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It is getting hot in that suit, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How's that suit holding up now?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |It getting hot in that suit?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It getting hot in that suit?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hot in there?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Killbane|You think this will stop me?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You can count on it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I will take pleasure from watching you burn.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I just wanna watch you burn...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'll enjoy watching you burn.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm gonna enjoy watchin' your ass burn.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You're gonna burn, Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 Mission Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Give me some good news, Cornell.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am ready, Cornell. What are we to be facing?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How do I get in, Cornell?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Cornell, talk to me.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Cornell, what's happening here.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Cornell, talk to me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Kinzie|Looks like the gate is protected by a security network tied to three terminals. Disable each one in order and you should have no problem.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What would I do without you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Problems. Earth cannot afford any problems.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hope you're right about that.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's hope that's true.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Earth can't afford any fuck ups. I'm counting on you.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Sounds almost... too easy.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kinzie|I've sent you their locations... Commander, come back safe... I love you.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I will.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I know.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah... thanks...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I know.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I know.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't worry about me, kid.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 Movie Lines"
|Gat|Johnny Moto, reporting for duty!
|Gat|Commander, are you sure this plan is going to work?
|Gat|Me? I'm not worried. This is my last tour, after we take out General Killbane I'm moving to Fiji and sailing on my new boat...The Prosperous Future.
|Gat|Look Out!
|Gat|Go on...*cough cough* Go on without me.
|Gat|Give 'em hell Commander...
|Gat|Nothing on this Martian rock will stand in our way.
|Gat|Incoming soldiers!
|Gat|We're all counting on you.
|Gat|We knew the risks when we signed up.
|Gat|You were the best of us.
|Gat|Someone's gotta tell their family what happened here...
|Gat|After we finish off General Killbane, I'm buyin' the first round.
|Gat|I'd follow you to the ends of the galaxy, Commander.
|Gat|This has to be done... for Earth.
|Gat|We'll never get through his technology.
|Gat|Nothing's more important than stopping General Killbane.
|Gat|Aint that a bitch...

{{dialogue|"M24 Movie Lines PC"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Remember your training and we'll all make it back.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If we stick to the plan, everyone will come back home
|The Protagonist - Female 3|There's no giving up now.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |If we stick to the plan, everyone's gonna be comin' back home
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If we stick to the plan, everyone's gonna be comin' back home
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |If we stick to the plan, everyone's gonna be comin' back home
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hope the leg's feeling better, Moto.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Are you feeling OK, Moto?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We have to push forward.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You feeling OK, Moto?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You feeling OK, Moto?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You feeling OK, Moto?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Stand your ground!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Keep it together men!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Keep it together!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Keep it together men!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Keep it together men!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Keep it together men!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We're stopping General Killbane here and now!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No one dies on my watch!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Earth won't lose on my watch!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No one dies on my watch!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No one dies on my watch!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No one dies on my watch!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Save Earth!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|For Earth!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|For Earth!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |For Earth!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |For Earth!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |For Earth!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 Naked Brute Callout"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|He brought his brute commandos!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|General Killbane's special commando!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Look who General Killbane sent!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |General Killbane's special commando!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |General Killbane's special commando!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |General Killbane's special commando!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|These fear tactics won't work on me!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|These clones cannot prevent our mission!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You clones won't stand in our way!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |These clones won't stop us from our mission!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Take out these clones! Our mission can't fail!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |These clones won't stop us from our mission!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I've handled your kind before, clone!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Earth is closed to you, clone!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You'll never get to Earth!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You'll never see Earth, clone!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You ain't getting to Earth, clone!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Die, clone!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 Pierce Chatter"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Is Miranda taking it alright?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How is Miranda doing?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How's Miranda been holding up?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How's Miranda holding up?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |How's Miranda holdin' up?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How's Miranda holding up?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Pierce|It's hard what with her being 8 months pregnant and all.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And Xavier Jr. and the twins?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What about your 3 kids?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'll bet the little rugrats miss you, too.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What about your 3 kids?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What about your beautiful twin girls?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What about your 3 kids?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Pierce|They'll be happy once I'm back Earth-side.

{{quote|And I was only two days 'till retirement...|Pierce, "M24 Pierce Dies"}}

{{quote|Little help here?|Pierce, "M24 Pierce"}}

{{dialogue|"M24 Player Escaping Blast"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Here goes nothing!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The gate must come down.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Stand back and pray.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's hope this works...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This better work...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Let's pray to god this works...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 Player Planting"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Need to plant enough of these.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The more charges, the better.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Better plant more than one charge...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Better place a few.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Gotta make sure I plant enough charges.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Better place a few.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 Second Terminal"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That makes two.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The second terminal is disabled.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That's two terminals.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Second terminal is disabled.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Two terminals are down.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Second terminal is disabled.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"M24 Shaundi Chatter"
|Shaundi|You gonna tell Cornell how you feel?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's too hard, Jezebel... Too hard to forget about you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|She should be happy, Jezebel, but... I am not sure I can...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You're out of your mind, Jezebel.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You know the score, Jezebel...there's no time for love.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  | know I can never love again.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |There's no place for love in this crazy, mixed up universe we call life.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Shaundi|Life's short, Commander, you don't wanna let a girl like that go.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yes, but... I thought you were just a fling during basic training... but you've opened places in my heart I didn't know existed.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I know. She is everything I could want, but my heart cannot let go of Xavier. I am torn between them...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|The heart wants what it can't have... and fate is a cruel mistress.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ya know...I'm the one who taught you how to be a soldier...but you're the one who taught me how to live.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ya know... you're right. When this over, I'm takin' that girl away and makin' sweet love to her on every island in the ocean.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Ya know...I'm the one who taught you how to be a soldier...but you're the one who taught me how to live.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{quote|You gotta for all of us...|Shaundi, "M24 Shaundi Dies"}}

{{quote|Can I get a little help?|Shaundi, "M24 Shaundi"}}

MM AEdit

{{dialogue|"MM A 01 Pre-MM Angel"
|Phone Call|Glad you called. If you're going to be taking on the Luchadores you need to be ready.
|The Protagonist|I'm always ready for a fight.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|I'll be the judge of that.
|The Protagonist|Think I can handle myself.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Phone Call|Come to my gym and we'll see.

{{dialogue|"MM A 02 Pre-MM Angel"
|Phone Call|The pain you felt is only the beginning. You ready for the next test?
|The Protagonist|Ready is an interesting term...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|I want you to go out and experience the heat that a fight with Killbane would bring.
|The Protagonist|Can't we do this metaphorically?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|No.

{{dialogue|"MM A 03 Pre-MM Angel"
|Phone Call|Are you ready for the last test?
|The Protagonist|You have a funny definition of training, Angel.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|There's a car waiting for you. Head to it.
|The Protagonist|I've already played in traffic, remember?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Phone Call|This time, all I want you to do is drive around.
|The Protagonist|That's it? What's that going to teach me?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Phone Call|To master your fear.
|The Protagonist|Then this should be no problem.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM A 04 Pre-MM Angel"
|The Protagonist|Angel, where are you?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|I see you made it through the final test.
|The Protagonist|Answer my question.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|At the gym, training.
|The Protagonist|Don't move.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM A 05 End MMA05"
|The Protagonist|I've been driving my ass all over Steelport killing anyone who wears a mask... well, except you. The Luchadores are finished.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|Not entirely. You killed street thugs that worked for Killbane, but the spirit of Lucha Libre is untouched. No... it !
|The Protagonist|Whatever...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|Don't ruin this moment with cynicism. You brought honor back to a culture.
|The Protagonist|Hey, if this was such a big deal, you could've stepped up more...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|Without my mask I felt powerless; but you've shown me that a mask doesn't make a hero.
|The Protagonist|So what now then?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|Now... I'm ready to fight with you.
|The Protagonist|Fuck right.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM A cutscene Angel01"
|The Protagonist|Damn -- why are you living in this shit-hole?
|Angel|To remind me of what Killbane took from me. It keeps me focused.
|The Protagonist|Whatever works for you man, I'm just sayin' I like my place to have working heat.
|Angel|So, you hate discomfort. That's the sort of weakness the Luchadores will capitalize on. Unless you harden up, Killbane will crush you. But don't worry, I'll chisel you out of diamond.
|The Protagonist|How?
|Angel|By making you experience the worst pain come on, it's time for you to play in traffic.
|Player|Right on -- wait, what?

{{dialogue|"MM A cutscene Angel02"
|The Protagonist|A fucking tiger?
|Angel|If you're fighting the Luchadores you need to be ready for anything.
|The Protagonist|A FUCKING TIGER?!
|Angel|Don't lose the message in the method. You mastered your fear.
|The Protagonist|What the fuck is wrong with you?
|Angel|You're ready to face Killbane, but the Luchadores must still be dealt with. You know where to find me if you need more training.

MM KEdit

{{dialogue|"MM K 01 Pre-MM Kinzie"
|The Protagonist|Kinzie, how's...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|Good. I need help.
|The Protagonist|Everything alright?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|If it was alright, I wouldn't need help, would I? The boxes are too heavy.
|The Protagonist|Boxes? What boxes?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|I'm moving stuff into my place. There are boxes. Some are too heavy for me. I need help. Got it?
|The Protagonist|I'll be right over...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM K 02 Pre-MM Kinzie"
|Phone Call|Thank god, I need your help.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kinzie, I'm not moving any more boxes...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie, I'm not moving any more boxes...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Kinzie, I'm not moving any more boxes...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie, I'm not moving any more of your shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Kinzie, I'm not moving any more boxes...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie, I'm not moving any more boxes...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|I went out and they found me.
|The Protagonist|Who?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|The Deckers. Who else have I been hacking... wait, don't answer that.
|The Protagonist|I'll come help you get out.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Phone Call|No. Get in position and cover me instead.
|The Protagonist|Right.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM K 03 Pre-MM Kinzie"
|Phone Call|For me to get at the Deckers, you need to disrupt one of their shell companies.
|The Protagonist|Any one in particular?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|A fence company. That's "fence" like "a barrier", not "fence" like "buyer of stolen goods".
|The Protagonist|You're kidding me, right?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|The company that makes them is seriously bad news. If you'd rather a corrupt, sinister organization keep making money...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'll do it. Easier to say yes then understand the reason with you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'll do it. Easier to say yes then understand the reason.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'll do it. Easier to say yes then understand the reason with you.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'll do it. Easier to say yes then understand the reason with you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'll do it. Easier to say yes then understand the reason.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'll do it. Easier to say yes then understand the reason with you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|What was that?
|The Protagonist|Nothing.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM K 04 Pre-MM Kinzie"
|Phone Call|I can't get into every place the Deckers have their little networks. Too many secure locations.
|The Protagonist|There a way to fix that?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|Yep. I have to visit each location separately and hack into them locally.
|The Protagonist|You'll never get close enough without them spotting you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|I will if you're watching over me. Like with a helicopter. With guns.
|The Protagonist|Yeah, I bet that'll work.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|It better, I already found the helicopter.

{{dialogue|"MM K 05 Pre-MM Kinzie"
|The Protagonist|Kinzie, how's the information you got on the Deckers coming?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|It's compiling.
|The Protagonist|So what's next?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|Not talking over the phone now. Too many people could be listening.
|The Protagonist|Ok...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|Smiling Jacks. Go there.
|The Protagonist|Ok...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM K 06 End MMK06"
|Phone Call|Oh... hi.
|The Protagonist|What's wrong?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|Nothing. I ordered pancakes.
|The Protagonist|That a euphemism or something?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|Well, since we pretty much drove the Deckers out of Steelport, I thought I'd try to be... ya know... normal.
|The Protagonist|You mean, like, going more than five blocks from your place?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|Let's not get crazy.
|The Protagonist|You should try it sometime.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Phone Call|I have. It's overrated.
|The Protagonist|Well, just wanted to check in.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|Ok. Call if you need me...

{{dialogue|"MM K cutscene Kinzie01"
|The Protagonist|I thought someone who just got out of captivity would want to live it up a little more.
|Kinzie|Not really, I hate people.
|The Protagonist|Oh. So do you have anything on the Deckers?
|Kinzie|Not yet.
|The Protagonist|What have you been doing since you got out?
|Kinzie|Power leveling.
|The Protagonist|You're killing me, Kinzie.
|Kinzie|I can't help you take down the Deckers until I know where they're hiding. So, I wrote a program that tracks a user's physical location while they're logged on.
|The Protagonist|That's ... awesome?
|Kinzie|Just play the damn game and I can pinpoint where the Deckers are in real life.
|The Protagonist|Now we're talkin'.

{{dialogue|"MM K cutscene Kinzie02"
|Kinzie|You should be more careful. I saw you coming two blocks ago. Traffic cameras, they're everywhere in this town.
|The Protagonist|Good to know...
|Kinzie|I'm serious. And you should toss your fancy over-priced phone, I can find you through that, too.
|The Protagonist|Look, I feel kinda weird having a conversation like this...
|Kinzie|Totally agree. We should be using, like, that Navajo code dialect...
|The Protagonist|Come up for air? I took care of the Deckers.
|Kinzie|Sure, let down your guard and suddenly, they make it look like you're selling secrets to Mossad and moonlighting as a dominatrix.
|Kinzie|We've created a big enough disruption for you to move on Matt Miller. But if you want the Deckers gone -- like, really gone -- there's a lot of work to do.
|The Protagonist|Alright, I'll hit you up if I need any more help.
|Kinzie|Remember, throw out your phone!

MM PEdit

{{dialogue|"MM P 01 Pre-MM Pierce"
|Phone Call|Hey, I think I'm ready to make a move on The Syndicate.
|The Protagonist|What do you have in mind?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|Head to the crib. I found something you should see.
|The Protagonist|Better be worth my time.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|I think it's a safe bet it'll be worth it.

{{dialogue|"MM P 02 Pre-MM Pierce"
|Phone Call|DELETE
|The Protagonist|DELETE
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Phone Call|Ultor sent over a couple pallets of Saints merch. Maybe we should do a little advertising around town. You know, pimp the Saints in Steelport.
|The Protagonist|Don't we have a PR department for that?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Phone Call|People go crazy over actual celebrities promoting themselves.
|The Protagonist|So you're saying it has to be me...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|I'll do the selling, you just get my back. And I have the perfect places to hit...

{{dialogue|"MM P 03 Pre-MM Pierce"
|Phone Call|If we're gonna get a cash flow going, we'll need a business to funnel us money.
|The Protagonist|You wanna rob some store?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|That'll cause more problems than it's worth. I'm saying we buy one from the Morningstar.
|The Protagonist|Because they'll jump at the chance to sell to us.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Phone Call|Nope, because we already have the deed.
|The Protagonist|Come again?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|We take the deed from that lockbox and purchase the store in our name instead.
|The Protagonist|Well, if they can't argue...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM P 04 Pre-MM Pierce"
|Phone Call|You feel like blowing shit up?
|The Protagonist|Go on, I'm all ears.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Phone Call|Found the route the Morningstar uses to deliver their goods buried in the Syndicate files.
|The Protagonist|You're saying we drop a few pipe bombs under them?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|Fuck that, I'm saying we use a tank.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This may be the best idea you've ever had.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This may be the best idea you've ever had.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This may be the best idea you've ever had.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This may be the best idea you've ever had.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This may be the best idea you ever had.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This may be the best idea you've ever had.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM P 05 Pre-MM Pierce"
|Phone Call|You ready to be a star?
|The Protagonist|Thought we already were.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Phone Call|Not like this. You've been personally selected for a spot on a gameshow here in town.
|The Protagonist|Gameshow? You're not trying to auction me off on some dating thing, are you?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|Trust me, you'll love this shit. Meet me and I'll show you.
|The Protagonist|You better be right.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM P 06 Pre-MiniMission"
|The Protagonist|I'm surprised the Syndicate is still standing after all this shit we've thrown at them.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|I don't see a reason to stop.
|The Protagonist|Not saying we should.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|Alright, then see you at the Broken Shillelagh.

{{dialogue|"MM P 07 End MM07"
|The Protagonist|Looks like we've locked up Downtown pretty solid.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|Uh huh...
|The Protagonist|Would've thought you'd be happier about that.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|What? Oh, sorry. You're interruptin' my studying.
|The Protagonist|What the hell are you studying?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|Gettin' ready for Pub Trivia night.
|The Protagonist|Oh for god's sake...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|We just toppled an international crime syndicate -- haven't I earned some R&R?
|The Protagonist|Sure you have. What's the category?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|Eighties sitcoms. Shit, I got that trophy won.
|The Protagonist|Just be ready if I call you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM P cutscene Pierce01"
|Pierce|Check it out, boss...
|The Protagonist|What's up?
|Pierce|Since this used to be a Syndicate crib, thought I'd poke around and see what they left behind.
|The Protagonist|So what am I looking at?
|Pierce|Safety deposit keys. Now, don't you wanna know what it is they got all locked up...?
|The Protagonist|The Syndicate will know we have the keys -- they'll be waiting for us to make a move.
|Pierce|I guess you better watch my back.
|The Protagonist|Let's go.

{{dialogue|"MM P cutscene Pierce02"
|The Protagonist|This doesn't seem like your kinda place Pierce.
|Pierce|What's to hate? The beer is cheap.
|Pierce|-- and I'm the best looking motherfucker in here.
|The Protagonist|Look, you may think it's time to kick back but I'm done toying with these bastards, I want Loren and I want him now. Where is he?
|Pierce|No idea--
|Pierce|--but 10k says he's hiding out in that big ass skyscraper.
|The Protagonist|Loren's a tactician, he's not gonna hole up in a building that screams "I'm a criminal mastermind." I need something concrete.
|Pierce|Then hit up Powder.
|The Protagonist|I don't have time for a stripper.
|Pierce|No, Powder's a designer gun store downtown...I saw some of Loren's thugs talking to the owner, there's gotta be something there.
|The Protagonist|Let's go shopping.

MM ZEdit

{{dialogue|"MM Z 01 Pre-MM Zimos"
|Phone Call|Uh, hello?
|The Protagonist|Zimos, I was...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|Think this can wait, I'm in the middle of something?
|The Protagonist|You want me to swing by instead?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|Yeah, sure. And seriously, no hurry.
|The Protagonist|See you, Z.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|Bye... Now where was I?

{{dialogue|"MM Z 02 Pre-MM Zimos"
|Phone Call|Hey baby, maybe you can help me out.
|The Protagonist|Baby?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Phone Call|I need some help gettin' my trade going, you know? Gettin' the word out.
|The Protagonist|I'm not standing on a corner flicking cards if that's what you're thinking.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Phone Call|I got people to do that for you. Just need help deliverin' the advertisements to them.
|The Protagonist|I mean, I guess...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|Good, meet me and we can roll these out.

{{dialogue|"MM Z 03 Pre-MM Zimos"
|Phone Call|You got good timing, my girls need a driver.
|The Protagonist|What do I look like to you?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|Someone who can keep them safe while they turn tricks and make us money.
|The Protagonist|And all I got to do is drive them?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|That's right. How hard can that be?
|The Protagonist|You'd be surprised...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM Z 04 Pre-MM Zimos"
|The Protagonist|Now that you're back in business, we can focus on the Morningstar.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|You need to slow down, baby.
|The Protagonist|No time.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|Look, come to the palace of Zimos. Got somethin' here to show you.
|The Protagonist|What for?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Phone Call|I been helpin' you out, right? Humor me.
|The Protagonist|Fine...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"MM Z 05 End MMZ05"
|The Protagonist|Zimos, I gotta ask you something...why'd Kiki and Viola put you in the pony show?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|You just destroyed everything those two built in this city. Can't we just enjoy the "now" without you digging up the past?
|The Protagonist|Not if you don't want a new saddle showing up every week.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Phone Call|Alright, alright... I slept with one of them.
|The Protagonist|Which one?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|I don't know -- that was the problem.
|The Protagonist|Wow... Well anyway, thank's for the help with the Morningstar.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|You need anything else, give ol' Zimos a call...

{{dialogue|"MM Z cutscene Zimos01"
|The Protagonist|Hey Zim-
|Zimos|Shhh, don't wake the bitches.
|The Protagonist|You don't waste time.
|Zimos|If you were chewing on a ball gag with a horse tail up your ass for a few years I think you'd want to unwind.
|The Protagonist|Fair enough.
|Zimos|I'm guessin' you didn't come here for the pussy.
|The Protagonist|If the Saints are gonna stay in Steelport we need the Morningstar outta here. I already worked Downtown, but these motherfuckers are everywhere.
|Zimos|I'm here to help, baby. I know every track the Morningstar are working. We can build up our stable and hurt the DeWynter sisters at the same time.
|The Protagonist|Sounds good.

{{dialogue|"MM Z cutscene Zimos02"
|The Protagonist|That is one ugly fucking painting.
|Zimos|You fucking Phillistine! What you know about art? That's a DeWynter Sisters original! Bought that back in the day when me and the twins were all "live and let live".
|The Protagonist|Seeing we just let them know we're taking over their business, I doubt that deal's gonna hold.
|Zimos|Shit, remember the pony show? I been off their Christmas list a long time. Anyway, I didn't call you over to talk about me. You killed Phillipe Loren and showed the Morningstar that you're here to stay. Time to relax and cut loose, baby!
|The Protagonist|We'll party once the work's done. I'll call you when I make another move against the Morningstar.


{{dialogue|"S01 Almost Got It"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Sorry to interrupt your typing but...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shaundi... I don't want to rush you...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hey Shaundi, let's hurry it up.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi... I don't want to alarm you...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Girl, we need to hurry this up...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shaundi... I don't want to alarm you...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Shaundi|In a minute!

{{dialogue|"S01 Break Room"
|Pierce|Break time is over!
|Shaundi|Break time is over?
|Pierce|I didn't have this exactly planned, ok...

{{dialogue|"S01 Combat Inside"
|Pierce|How many guards they have here?
|Shaundi|Who would have thought raiding a gun warehouse would be dangerous.
|Pierce|You don't gotta be a bitch about it...

{{dialogue|"S01 Combat out Back"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This wasn't one of your best ideas, hon.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Great plan, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This wasn't one of your better ideas, Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Great plan Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Love this plan, girl...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Great plan Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Shaundi|You said two guys, not my fault.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I know what I said.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No, really. I like how this is going.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Just admit it's bad.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No, I'm serious, this is my kind of plan...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No, really, I love it!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm being serious. This is my kinda plan.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S01 Combat Upstairs"
|Pierce|Looks like they don't want us getting to that office.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's not about what they want, okay?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I did not plan to ask them for permission.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So we don't give them a choice.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We're not giving them a choice.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Like they're gonna stop us.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We're not giving them a choice.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S01 cutscene"
|The Protagonist|Lotta people with guns in there. We'll go in the back way.
|Pierce|You don't think the back's guarded?
|The Protagonist|There's like 2 punks.
|Pierce|What about the inside, motherfucker?
|Shaundi|Put in your tampons and let's do this.

{{quote|Ain't much better in here.|Pierce, "S01 Entering"}}

{{dialogue|"S01 Get"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Inside will be safer.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We should get inside.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's get inside.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Enough of this shit, let's go in.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Let's get inside.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S01 Get to Office"
|Shaundi|Whoever's in charge here probably knows where to find Loren.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then let's get to the office and find them.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They are sure to be hiding from us. Check the office.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Bet they're all hiding in the office.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's head to the office and see if they're hiding under their desk.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Must be hiding in the office then.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Let's head to the office and see if they're hiding under their desk.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S01 Hack Faster"
|Pierce|These guys are letting up.
|Shaundi|Quit distracting me...

{{quote|Got it! Let's go.|Shaundi, "S01 Hack"}}

{{dialogue|"S01 How Long to Hack"
|Pierce|How long's it gonna take you to get into that thing?
|Shaundi|Don't know. Never really done it.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Better move those fingers, Shaundi.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Just work as fast as you can.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Type faster, Shaundi!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Less talk, more typing.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Quit bothering her then, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You two want to quit with the yapping?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S01 MiniGun Brute"
|Shaundi|Oh this can't be good...

{{dialogue|"S01 Mission Start"
|Pierce|They'll never see us coming now...
|Shaundi|Oh shut up.

{{dialogue|"S01 Office"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Looks like the manager went home for the day.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The manager is gone. Too bad.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Looks like the manager's not around.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Guess the manager cleared out.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Maybe they're home sick.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Guess the manager cleared out.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Shaundi|I'll get what I can off the computer.

{{quote|Pick that shit up!|Pierce, "S01 Pick Up MiniGun"}}

{{dialogue|"S01 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Any news on Loren?
|Phone Call|Just Pierce's lead at Powder.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So you coming with?
|Phone Call|If you're taking it to Loren you bet your ass I'm coming.

{{dialogue|"S01 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Pierce give you the details on the Powder trip?
|Phone Call|You're dragging me shopping?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'll take that as a no...
|Phone Call|What's going on?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The store's a front for the Morningstar, we're hoping its got info on Loren.
|Phone Call|See ya there.

{{dialogue|"S01 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Pierce thinks he has a lead on finding Loren.
|Phone Call|I'm up for anything at this point.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We're going to Powder.
|Phone Call|The stripper?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I totally said the same thing. It's a store.
|Phone Call|And you think he's shopping there?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|It's run by the Morningstar. We may be able to find some record of where he is.
|Phone Call|Guess it's better than nothing.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Alright, see you there.

{{dialogue|"S01 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wanna go shopping?
|Phone Call|Not in the mood.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wanna go kill a bunch of goons that work for Loren?
|Phone Call|Definitely.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Phillipe owns a gunstore in town named Powder. Wanna go shopping?
|Phone Call|See you in 5.

{{dialogue|"S01 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi, give me good news.
|Phone Call|We're gonna burn powder to the ground.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That's...a little extreme.
|Phone Call|See ya there.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi wai- oh boy...

{{dialogue|"S01 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shaundi, everything set?
|Phone Call|Ready for our shopping trip.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Thought you might be.
|Phone Call|What's that supposed to mean?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Just know how bad you want Loren...
|Phone Call|Don't care how many guns they have, it'll be worth it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yeah... never thought about it like that...

{{quote|Roars|The Protagonist - Zombie  , "S01 Pre Z" (Zombie)}}
|Phone Call|Loren's still hiding like a fucking coward.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|The Morningstar's gun store? Yeah, I've heard of it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|Well someone there's gotta know where to find him, right?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|I'll be waiting there for you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars

{{quote|They have snipers in here!|Shaundi, "S01 Sniper Inside"}}

{{dialogue|"S01 Time To Go"
|Pierce|Gonna be a fight out of here...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We'll make it through.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Sounds like a good time.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Then hope you're ready for it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |When isn't it...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You expected something else?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |When isn't it...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S01 Tons Of Morningstar"
|Pierce|Seriously, this is a lot of guards...
|Shaundi|I'm beginning to agree with you.
|Pierce|Are we even making a dent?


{{dialogue|"S02 Combat 2"
|Zimos|You're handling this naked thing better than I thought you would.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Whatever's going to be perfect...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It feels so... right.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm not ashamed of what I have...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This just feels... right.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's cause I got nothin' to hide.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm naked...?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S02 Combat 3"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This is only a one time deal, sweetie.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You understand that this won't happen again, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hope you aren't expecting a repeat show.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You know you're never getting me like this again.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't expect me to be down with doin' this again. It's a one time thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You know you're never getting me like this again.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Zimos|To be honest, I didn't think it'd work the first time.

{{dialogue|"S02 Commenting on Hacking"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Okay, time to start guessing...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How hard can this be?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, guess I'll start pushing buttons...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |None of these things are labeled...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fuck it. I'll just start pushing things.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|The Protagonist - Female 1|One of these has to do something...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Perhaps that button...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |One of these has to be right...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This always looks easy in movies...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |One of these has got to be right...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S02 cutscene"
|Monica|While no group has taken credit for the attack in Stilwater, we have ignored its root cause. Our uncontrolled media and the goods sold to our children have fetishized gang culture and turned sociopathic madmen into heroes. No more!
|Monica|Those responsible for this act of terror will be found and held accountable.
|Monica|The STAG Initiative marks a milestone in taking back the streets of America!
|The Protagonist|What the hell is the "STAG Initiative"...?
|Zimos|If it's free porn for everyone - I'm down.
|The Protagonist|So what's the lead?
|Zimos|I got you hooked up, Slim.
|The Protagonist|Very discreet.
|Zimos|That's an invitation to kick the Morningstar right in their collective pussy. They're having an auction tonight--flash the card, and you're in.
|The Protagonist|So what, I pretend to be an eccentric millionaire?
|Zimos|Kind of. I'm gonna auction you off as a sex slave.
|The Protagonist|Fuck. That.
|Zimos|Oh, quit being a bitch and get in the van.

{{quote|We'll have to go down to find the security room.|Zimos, "S02 Down to"}}

{{dialogue|"S02 Drugged Out"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh my god...the floor is so wobbly!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The floors... why are they vibrating?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What is making the floor vibrate?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why's this place feel like it's movin'?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What's that noise...?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Z, this stuff is amazing...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Z, tell me you have more of this stuff...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Z, you have more of this stuff, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I approve of this, Z.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Z, you have more of this stuff, right?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's like living in a rainbow...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So THIS is what it's like to be Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So THIS is what it's like to be Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This what Shaundi used to see?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So THIS is what it's like to be Shaundi...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I've been missing out on so much...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Whoa, what was that color?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Whoa, what is that color?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Gotta keep my head on... whoa.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Whoa, what was that color?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Everyone looks so gorgeous right now!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce should be sharing this with me.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce has got to try this.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I've been missin' out.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Pierce has got to try this.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{quote|We'll have to shut down security. Should be up ahead.|Zimos, "S02 Follow"}}

{{quote|Shit, we can't leave them like this. I say we let 'em out.|Zimos, "S02 Help"}}

{{dialogue|"S02 Hos Fighting"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Morningstar doesn't stand a chance.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Impressive. These girls would have been useful against Phillipe.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Damn, wouldn't want to be Morningstar right now.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Think these girls are pissed off?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah, girl power, what's up?!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|These girls are gonna fuck. Them. Up.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |These girls are gonna fuck. Them. Up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Zimos, don't ever piss off your girls this much.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S02 Kill Brute"
|Zimos|Time to go after their head of security, only...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You sound so unsure...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm not gonna like this, am I?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Only what?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Spill it, Z.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Only what?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Zimos|Well, he's big.

{{dialogue|"S02 Mission Start"
|Zimos|Here's your guns back.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Where are we going to put these silly weapons?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The extra clips... Perhaps I could shove... Or...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Now where am I gonna put all this ammo?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Should be fun storing extra ammo.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Can't really hide it now, can I?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Where am I supposed to keep this?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Zimos|That's on you to figure out, baby. I'd rather not know.

{{dialogue|"S02 No Kill Hos"
|Zimos|What are you doing!?
|Zimos|Man, don't kill these bitches.
|Zimos|What's wrong with you, they could work for us.

{{dialogue|"S02 Player Woozy"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Everything is so beautiful...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Whoa, pretty colors... Ok, I am ready.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Everything I touch tastes fuzzy... Let's make this happen.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Whoa, pretty colors... Ok, let's do this.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't know what I took, but I like it!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I don't feel so great...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S02 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|Phone Call|Well hey baby. What can Zimos do for you?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not throw another party with Pierce for starters.
|Phone Call|Hey, don't blame the Z. Besides, I'm about to make that up to you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oh really? What'd you have in mind?
|Phone Call|A way to get a little payback on the Morningstar.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Keep talkin', I'm listening.
|Phone Call|Yeah, best I explain this one in person.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It better be good, Zimos.

{{dialogue|"S02 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|Phone Call|Man, I don't wanna hear it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What, that you fucked up?
|Phone Call|Yeah, that.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Z, you fucked up.
|Phone Call|I know, I know. But I can make it up to you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why, you got a plan to put some hurt on the Morningstar?
|Phone Call|As a matter of fact, I do.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Like what?
|Phone Call|Meet up first, it's a surprise.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I ain't gonna like this shit, am I?
|Phone Call|Who knows, you might be into it.

{{dialogue|"S02 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Calling to check in, Zimos.
|Phone Call|You afraid I'll be throwin' another party?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Something like that.
|Phone Call|That's cold.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|And wondering what's going on with the Morningstar.
|Phone Call|Swing by, I'll fill you in with what I got cookin'...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|See you in a bit.

{{dialogue|"S02 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|Phone Call|Why you callin'? Got another party in mind?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|After the last one, don't think so, Z.
|Phone Call|Don't give up on a brother over one mistake, baby.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I was wondering if you had any ideas on the Morningstar.
|Phone Call|Call me Mr. Deus Ex Machina because somethin' just fell into my lap that should fuck with their operation.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Alright, where we headed?
|Phone Call|Come to me. I'll give you the details when you get here.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Better be a good plan.

{{dialogue|"S02 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|Phone Call|Hey, I'm glad you called.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Why, so you can suggest more hookers that'll try to kill us?
|Phone Call|Don't be an asshole, that coulda happened to anybody.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |It's a common problem, I'm sure.
|Phone Call|Look, I got a plan to pay back the Morningstar...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Mind filling me in?
|Phone Call|Let's meet up, then I'll tell you the details.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Better be worth it.

{{dialogue|"S02 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Z, what were you thinking with those strippers?
|Phone Call|Man, those Morningstar bitches had me locked up for so long, how was I supposed to know?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You have to be more careful.
|Phone Call|And make 'em pay.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Got an idea for that?
|Phone Call|Oh, indeed I do.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Do tell.
|Phone Call|How 'bout meetin' up and I'll explain?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I need to bring anything?
|Phone Call|Not a goddamn thing.

{{dialogue|"S02 Pre Z" (Zombie)
|Phone Call|How can Zimos help you today?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|Don't worry, no more parties until the Morningstar aren't around to fuck them up.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|Better, got a plan all worked out.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Phone Call|Those bitches won't see this one comin'.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Phone Call|I'll go over the details when I see you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{quote|Looks like they're sending reinforcements.|Zimos, "S02 Reinforcements"}}

{{dialogue|"S02 Release Prisoners"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|On to freedom, everyone!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Come on, everyone out.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Move it!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Come on, everyone out.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's go, everyone!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Come on, everyone out.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Get some fresh air!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Time to be going.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time to leave!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Time to go.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You're free!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Time to go.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Move along! Don't waste time!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You do not want to stay here. Move.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Get out while you can!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You don't want to stay here. Move it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If you wanna go, now's your chance!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You don't want to stay here. Move it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S02 Security Override"
|Zimos|Damn things are still goin'...
|Zimos|Override these doors and let's keep movin'.
|Zimos|More to let out. Get on that.

{{quote|Find somethin' to shut off those alarms.|Zimos, "S02 Unlock"}}

{{quote|Where you headed? We gotta go down, remember?|Zimos, "S02 Wrong"}}


{{dialogue|"S03 Annoyed at Miller"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well not for long!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Just what I needed.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I hate this guy....
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Great...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Man, shut the hell up...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Great...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's Miller talking! God, he will not shut up!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Miller's on the speakers and won't shut up.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Miller's on the speakers... you know he loves to hear his own voice.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Miller's on the speakers and won't shut up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It's Miller. He's on the damn speakers and annoying as shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Miller's on the speakers and won't shut up.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kinzie|He has that bad habit.

{{dialogue|"S03 Clear Out Deckers"
|Kinzie|That's it! I'm not reading any more power to the chair.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't party yet, Kinzie! I've got to get rid of these Deckers!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Some more Deckers will need killing before we get too excited.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hold your excitement. I've gotta get rid of some Deckers.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Might want to hold off on celebrating until I clear out these Deckers.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let me clear this place out then we can take it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Might want to hold off on celebrating until I clear out these Deckers.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Kinzie|Take all the time you need... Just don't, you know, hurt the chair.

{{dialogue|"S03 Cooling Tower"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Okay, time to get that---
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Alright, let's go get...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time for us to get that---
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, let's go get...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You ready to go in and get that...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Alright, let's go get...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kinzie|Just you, and you'll have to take the quick way. The Deckers may already be destroying the chair to keep it from us.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|There's a quick way?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Quick way? You mean...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Quick way?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Quick way?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That what I think you mean?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Quick way?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Kinzie|Yeah. Jump.

{{dialogue|"S03 Cut Chair Link"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Okay, the routers are shut down...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The routers are shut down.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|The routers are down.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Router... things are shut down.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright, they're all shut down.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Router things are shut down.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kinzie|The chair's still pulling power from the system, I don't get it.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Maybe because it's still plugged in?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I still see a power cord.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Uh, maybe if you unplug it?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well it's still plugged in...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So unplug it then...?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well it's still plugged in...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kinzie|Oh. Cut that link too.

{{dialogue|"S03 cutscene"
|Kinzie|I'll explain it again, real slow:
|Kinzie|I want to broadcast your subconscious into the Decker usernet.
|Kinzie|Then you'll be able to interact with the avatars of users and corrupt the abstract representations of data that are the cornerstone of their online operation. To do that I'd need--
|Oleg|A NEMO Chair. Of course.
|The Protagonist|A what chair?
|Oleg|NEMO--Neurological Electro Magnetic Onieroscope. The KGB destroyed the only one in existence.
|Kinzie|The Deckers have one.
|Oleg|Impossible. How could they mask the signal?
|Kinzie|They're keeping it here.
|The Protagonist|OK, nerd time is over! What is this thing--and Kinzie--for fuck's sake, keep it simple!
|Kinzie|I need the chair to stop the Deckers.
|The Protagonist|Thank you.

{{dialogue|"S03 Drive Over"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So am I going to be comfy while hooked up to this thing?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This chair you are setting up for me, is it comfortable?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Is this chair comfy?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So if you're hooking me up to this thing, it's going to be comfortable, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So this thing covered in leather or some space-age material or what?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So if I'm going to be hooked up to this thing, it's going to be comfortable, right?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kinzie|How should I know? It's a chair.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah, but my ass needs some padding.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It's a reasonable question. Will it have memory foam and lumbar support?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Like does it have padding?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, but are we talking padded leather that reclines or some wicker bullshit.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |But they padded the seat with somethin', right? It ain't just fuckin' hard metal, is it?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yeah, but are we talking padded leather that reclines or some wicker bullshit.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Kinzie|That's what you're worried about? If your ass is going to be comfy?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|A girl deserves to be pampered sometimes.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|In any good plan, it is the details that are important.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I can' t concentrate if my butt falls asleep!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |These details are important.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey, I'm the one who's gotta sit in it, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't skimp on the details.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S03 Drive Over Convo 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wanna listen to some music?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How about some music?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Got any station requests?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How about some music?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Got any tunes you wanna listen to?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How about some music?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kinzie|No thanks.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No upbeat pop songs to brighten the mood?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Are you sure? I will let you pick. How about some electronica?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Klassic 102.4? Goes with the scenery.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Come on. Some techno or dubstep? That's all over the internet, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |There's gotta be some crazy internet music on one of these stations.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Come on. Some techno or dubstep? That's what the kids like, right?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Kinzie|Not interested.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You don't like happy music, do you?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Ah, you must be a classical girl. Mussorgsky, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Uh... Gen X then.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You don't like easy listening shit, do you?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You're not into classical, are you?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You don't like easy listening shit, do you?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|God no.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Classical? Hard rock?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Really? Death metal, perhaps? Goth rock? Funk?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Do you listen to anything?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Then what? 80s rock? Death metal?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So what you listen to?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Then what? 80s rock? Death metal?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Kinzie|Hard-core gangster rap.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Okay, you're lying...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie, I like you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not sure if serious...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |... Seriously?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I don't know why I'm surprised...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Get the fuck out.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S03 Enter Chair Room"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm in, Kinzie!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am inside, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm in, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm in, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Touchdown.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm in, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Kinzie|Cut the chair from their system by disabling the router connections.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So basically I press the off button?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Could I just push the 'off' button instead?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So... in English... that means press the off switch?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So press the off button on the consoles?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So just turn it all off then.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So press the off button on the consoles?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kinzie|That's what I said, wasn't it?

{{dialogue|"S03 First Power Shack"
|Kinzie|This looks like it. Buy me the time to shut down this power node.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No problem.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I will take care of it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Just don't take too long...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You got it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Sure thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You got it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S03 Getting in Helicopter"
|Kinzie|Alright, we'll have to fly around the area for this to work.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Okay, well do your thing and I'll take over from there.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I will handle them. You just take care of... whatever.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Do what you need to and I'll do my thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Just do whatever it is you do and I'll take care of the rest.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'll keep us safe, you just work your magic, girl.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Just do whatever it is you do and I'll take care of the rest.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kinzie|It's simple. I measure the...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't go all schoolteacher on me...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No need to explain, just do it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You know I wouldn't understand, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Not asking for a lesson here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I don't need to know what that magic is...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Not asking for a lesson here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Kinzie|Right, forgot...

{{dialogue|"S03 Hacking Complication"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kinzie, something just went wrong...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We might have a problem here.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Kinzie, we have a problem out here.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kinzie, we got a problem here...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Uh, Kinzie... we got problems...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie, we got a problem here...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kinzie|Well you can handle it, right? I'm kinda busy here...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Great, just leave it to me...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Handle it... Of course. You got it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That makes two of us!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh sure... no problem...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry about me or nothin'...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Uh... ok...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S03 Helicopter Ride"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Figure out anything exciting?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You have found it?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Got a lead yet?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Find anything yet, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Got the location yet?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Find anything yet, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kinzie|There's a lot of power output coming from that place, so it's hard to get a lock on the chair.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|But we'll get a lock on it eventually, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It... is a power plant, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That's all you figured out?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No shit, it's a power plant.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Power from a power plant? You don't say...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No shit, it's a power plant.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kinzie|I'll need more time.

{{dialogue|"S03 Hurry Up"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Can't you step it up, hon?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We need to move along, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Think you can move this along?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's get this done, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Not cool, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Any day now, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Any day now, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hurry up, Kinzie!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Why are you taking forever?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You are finishing up, yes?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You done yet?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Tell me you're almost done.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You're not usually this slow!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It would be good of you to hurry...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'd hurry if I were you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It ain't gettin' any easier out here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Any progress?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Kinzie... make it soon?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How's it going in there?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |There's no problems in there, right?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Something's wrong, isn't it?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Soon is a good thing...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Faster would be better.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Thought you were faster at this.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kinzie, I'm getting worried....
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Do we need to come back later?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |There a problem?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Can't stay here all day, Kinzie.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Can't you move your ass a little faster?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I would like to move on now...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |We're sitting ducks here...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This is taking too long...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S03 Jumping"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Here I go!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I need a new hobby.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh look, I'm jumping out... again...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well this is familiar...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oh look, I'm jumping out... again...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S03 Kinzie Getting Shot"
|Kinzie|This'd be easier without bullets flying by me.
|Kinzie|I can't do this if I'm dead you know.
|Kinzie|They're breaking my concentration.
|Kinzie|Thought you'd keep them off me...
|Kinzie|I'm not done in here...
|Kinzie|How is this helping?

{{quote|Got it! It's right under that main cooling tower! Logical really...|Kinzie, "S03 Located Chair"}}

{{dialogue|"S03 Miller Over Speakers"
|Matt|Give up, you'll never leave with the chair.
|Matt|You will go no further, Saint.
|Matt|What would a plebeian like you do with such technology?
|Matt|Stop wasting your time, this chair belongs to us.

{{dialogue|"S03 Mission Start"
|Kinzie|Once we get to the nuclear plant, I'll need to cut the external power uplinks to the main building.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wouldn't it be easier to take the chair?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We are here for the chair, yes? So why not just take it?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Can't we just take the chair?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Why don't we just run in and take the chair?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Or we run in and take the chair...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Why don't we just run in and take the chair?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kinzie|Well we could... if you want all it's circuitry to fry as we try to disconnect it from the power grid.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We definitely don't want that.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I see. This could get complicated.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|And that would be... bad?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Guessing that would be a bad thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So we do it your way then.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Probably not the best idea.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles

{{dialogue|"S03 New Helicopter Ride"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What happens if Miller's inside?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Could Matt Miller be hiding inside?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What happens if Miller's inside?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What should I do if Miller's inside?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So if Miller's inside I should kill him, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What should I do if Miller's inside?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Kinzie|He won't be.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|But if he is in there, will we still take the chair?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If I did find him, would we still need the chair?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|But if I kill him, we wont' need the chair.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |But if he was, would we still need the chair?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, but then we wouldn't need the chair.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |But if he was, would we still need the chair?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kinzie|Are you kidding? You don't just leave something like that lying around. Hell yes you take it!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Calm yourself, girl...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If it is that important, then we won't leave without it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Excuse me for asking.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Whoa! Sorry I asked.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ok... you're right...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm... sorry I asked.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{quote|Alright, here's the power uplink locations. Keep the Deckers off me while I disable each one.|Kinzie, "S03 Plant"}}

{{dialogue|"S03 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|Phone Call|Hi.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Hey Kinzie, how's the set-up going?
|Phone Call|Hold on -- How about now?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What the hell?
|Phone Call|We're trying to get this hooked up to all the systems we need. -- Now?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Sounds like it isn't going well.
|Phone Call|We're almost done here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Alright, I'll head there in a bit.
|Phone Call|Wait, go back. -- Ok, see you.

{{dialogue|"S03 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|Phone Call|You're not Oleg.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Think I know that.
|Phone Call|He's supposed to be calling with the pass codes to unlock the encrypted sectors.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Right... so that mean you're not set up?
|Phone Call|We're set up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then why didn't you call?
|Phone Call|I told you, Oleg is supposed to be calling with the...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |...passes to the cryptic stuff. Yeah, I got it. That doesn't sound like set up then.
|Phone Call|He'll probably call before you get here, so might as well head on over.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why couldn't you have just said that?

{{dialogue|"S03 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How long do I have to wait for the computer to be up and running, Kinzie?
|Phone Call|We can't just flick a switch and be ready to go.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why not?
|Phone Call|Programs have to be written, the system has to be optimized for the best performance, power needs have to be met...
|Phone Call|And security measures have to be installed to prevent interruption of the signal by the Deckers.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oleg?
|Phone Call|Yeah, we're on speaker.
|Phone Call|Perhaps if we install a backup system?
|Phone Call|How about three? We could just...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Forget it, I'll be over in a bit.

{{dialogue|"S03 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|Phone Call|This is the greatest piece of machinery I've ever seen.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Glad you're happy.
|Phone Call|Oleg helped me get it up and running.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So it's ready to go?
|Phone Call|Been ready for a while, actually.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You could've called you know?
|Phone Call|I know, but I needed some time with this.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Honey, you need help.
|Phone Call|This isn't like a gun you can just pick up and shoot. You need to know how it works, get a feel for it's power, make sure it isn't too much to handle, learn its quirks.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Actually, that's exactly like a gun. Or a car.
|Phone Call|Trust me, it's...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Or a man.
|Phone Call|It's not...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Or a woman, if you're into that sort of thing...
|Phone Call|It's not the same!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So we ready to go then?
|Phone Call|... Yes.

{{dialogue|"S03 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How's the set up going, Kinzie?
|Phone Call|Hard for me to move this thing around.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Why don't you ask...
|Phone Call|Oleg is helping.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What do you need from me then?
|Phone Call|The next important piece of equipment.
|Phone Call|How about now?
|Phone Call|Perfect! Look, just come over and I'll explain the plan.

{{dialogue|"S03 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|We're not ready for you yet.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well how long will it be?
|Phone Call|Depends on if...
|Phone Call|There, that should do it.
|Phone Call|... if Oleg can get the processors to overclock even more. Gimmie a sec...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinzie?
|Phone Call|I'm impressed, it works. Oleg's a genius.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's great, can we worry about the Deckers now?
|Phone Call|Sure. Come over when you can.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Finally.

{{dialogue|"S03 Pre Z" (Zombie)
|Phone Call|This may be the greatest computer I've ever had my hands on.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|That's a little personal.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|I'd say it's better.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|Don't worry, I know how we can go after the Deckers.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Phone Call|I'm not trying to explain over the phone.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Phone Call|Then come by when you can.

{{dialogue|"S03 Seeing Chair"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What is Miller doing, anyway? Planning the next world war?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What does that kid do in here? Plan the next world war?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Is this hacker freak trying to plan the next world war?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What the hell is Miller doing in here? Planning the next world war?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It's like Miller's collecting all the damn tech in the world here!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What the hell is Miller doing in here? Planning the next world war?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kinzie|It's what I'd do.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|There's the chair!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Really? We should compare notes some time.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|But you're not a freak... mostly.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Wow.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Um, well, yeah... true...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Wow.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S03 Uplink Convo 1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You cool, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Is it going well?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You alright, Kinzie?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How's it going in there?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Almost done in there?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |How's it going in there?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kinzie|These things take time.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I can do it!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm doing good, thanks for asking.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Make them take less time.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You should just let me shoot it instead.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Easier to just shoot these things.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shoulda let me handle it...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S03 Uplink Convo 2"
|Kinzie|Mind keeping it down out there?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You can't be serious, Kinzie!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You can't be serious.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Are you for real?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're kidding, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I hope you're joking...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You joking?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kinzie|Sort of...

{{quote|That's one. Two more to go.|Kinzie, "S03 Uplink One"}}

{{dialogue|"S03 Uplink Three Down"
|Kinzie|Alright, that's it.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Now can we get that amazing padded chair?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Now can we go pick up our chair, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Now we get the chair, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Now can we go in and get this chair?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's get this chair then.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Now can we go in and get this chair?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Kinzie|Nope, now we go up in a helicopter.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You never told me about the helicopter.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why a helicopter?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |A helicopter?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |A helicopter?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Kinzie|They could be keeping the chair anywhere...I have to triangulate its exact location first, while you...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|...act as the guardian.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|...are fighting off another horde of Deckers.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|...need to be on the look-out. Yeah, yeah, I know.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |... have to protect your ass, got it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |...protect the chopper, I got it...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |... have to protect your ass, got it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kinzie|See, we're communicating.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Where's it landing?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where is this helicopter?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That's one word for it. And it's landing where?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Where's it landing?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Where's the heli then?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Where's it landing?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kinzie|In front of the plant.

{{quote|Two down. Last one and we're in business.|Kinzie, "S03 Uplink Two"}}


{{dialogue|"S04 Brute Comment"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Those mini-guns are super deadly...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where are they getting all these mini-guns?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|God, enough with the mini-guns...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |They gotta stop giving these guys mini-guns...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Another fuckin' mini-gun?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |They gotta stop giving these guys mini-guns...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Not another fucking brute! Gross!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A second one?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm sick of these bastards!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fuck, another one?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |How many of these assholes do I gotta put down?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fuck me, another one?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S04 cutscene"
|The Protagonist|Why are we here?
|Angel|Losing his mask is the ultimate shame a Luchador can feel. I can't steal it back. I need to earn it.
|The Protagonist|Alright, how do we do that?
|Angel|We hurt a lot of people.

{{dialogue|"S04 Destroy Large"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Time for the grand finale...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Now the main event...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Now the main event...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S04 Destroy Statues"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Okay, we really need to leave now!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Time for us to be leaving.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I think it's time to go.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Time we get our asses out of here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Time we got our asses on the road.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Time we get our asses out of here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Angel|Not yet... it's time to send Killbane a message. Starting with those statues.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's do it. They're ugly anyway!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Sounds good to me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Sounds good to me.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fine, let's tear this place up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ya know when you said you couldn't steal it, I didn't think this was what you had in mind...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fine with me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S04 Do"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ready to destroy these machines?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Time to destoy the machines.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time to destroy these machines!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Better get to destroying these machines.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |These one armed bandits had it comin' to 'em.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Better get to destroying these machines.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S04 Fights to the Vault"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Why didn't you get your mask back sooner?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If you knew Killbane had your mask, why didn't you go look for it?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|He had your mask all this time? You could have taken it already.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |If you knew he kept your mask, why didn't you look for it earlier?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why did you wait this long to go after your mask?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |If you knew he kept your mask, why didn't you look for it earlier?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Angel|He broke my spirit, I didn't think I was worthy enough to get it back.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What made you feel worthy again?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What changed?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What's changed that made you come here now?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What changed?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What changed your mind?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What changed?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Angel|Meeting the Saints.

{{dialogue|"S04 Finish Clearing Guys"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Everybody out! We're finished!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Clear out the last of them, and we are done.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Clear everyone out, and then let's bounce.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Clear out the rest, then we're done here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's kill the rest of these motherfuckers and call it a day.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Clear out the rest, then we're done here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S04 Luchadore Specialist"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Angel, watch your back, hon!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Angel, you see the grenade launcher?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Angel, watch out for the grenade launcher.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's grenade city over here!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|More grenades incoming!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |More grenades incoming!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{quote|Okay, okay! It's gotta be in the vault, behind the teller cages!|Interrogation, "S04 Manager Interrogation"}}

{{dialogue|"S04 Manager Over Speaker"
|Interrogation|What's going on out there?
|Interrogation|What are you being payed for? Stop them!
|Interrogation|Do you know who owns this casino?
|Interrogation|Do I have to do everything myself?
|Interrogation|3 Count Casino patrons, please remain calm while I handle the... disturbance.

{{dialogue|"S04 Mission Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So what are we doing, guys?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You have a plan, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What are we doing here?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So what's the plan, here?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So what are we doin' here?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So what's the plan, here?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Angel|We tear this place apart until someone who knows where my mask is shows up.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And who would that be?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Like who?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Someone important?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What happened to earning it?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You lookin' for someone in particular?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Like who?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Angel|This is close enough.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Guess I'll take your word for it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good enough. Let's do this.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Then let's get started...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Whatever you say boss.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then we should start fuckin' this place up.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Whatever you say, mate.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S04 Post Mask"
|Angel|Let me show you how it's done!
|Angel|Nothing will hold me back!
|Angel|Now you will feel pain!
|Angel|This mask is no longer Killbane's!
|Angel|You can't stop us!

{{dialogue|"S04 Pre BF" (Female 2)
|Phone Call|You can't fight Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|WHAT?
|Phone Call|He took everything from me, I need redemption
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Do you think you can win?
|Phone Call|There's just one thing I need.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What's that.
|Phone Call|My mask.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I think there's a Let's Pretend on the way to the arena...
|Phone Call|Not good enough. I want what Killbane took from me...and I know where he's keeping it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Where?
|Phone Call|The 3 Count Casino.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oh this is going to be interesting...

{{dialogue|"S04 Pre BM" (Male 2)
|Phone Call|I don't want you to fight Killbane
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The fuck you say?
|Phone Call|This is between me and him.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I think he kinda involved me when he framed the saints for attacking Stilwater
|Phone Call|I'm a Saint now...let me handle this for you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You have a lot of ring rust, man.
|Phone Call|I've been praying for redemption...I won't let this chance slip me by.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ok man, you got it.
|Phone Call|Thank you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Anything I can do to help you get ready?
|Phone Call|There's only one thing I need. Meet me at the 3 Count Casino.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |See you there...

{{dialogue|"S04 Pre HF" (Female 3)
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hey Angel, I was wondering if you could help me train for my big fight
|Phone Call|No.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What?
|Phone Call|I need to be the one to finish Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I don't think...
|Phone Call|There's nothing I have trained harder for than reclaiming my title from him. I need to do this.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|And he won't see that coming?
|Phone Call|He knows I won't fight him right now.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How will Murderbrawl be different?
|Phone Call|Come to the 3 Count Casino and I'll show you.

{{dialogue|"S04 Pre Mask"
|Angel|I'm through hiding.
|Angel|My shame ends today.
|Angel|Where's my mask?
|Angel|You won't keep me from it.
|Angel|You're in the way of redemption.

{{dialogue|"S04 Pre WF" (Female 1)
|Phone Call|Now that the competition is no longer in the fight, I'm free to take on Killbane.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You? Don't get it twisted buddy, I'm taking on Killbane.
|Phone Call|You wouldn't understand living with the shame I have.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then be happy when you see him fall down at Murderbrawl.
|Phone Call|Unless I redeem myself against him, it'll never go away.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So you want to step into the ring yourself? Are you even ready for a fight like that?
|Phone Call|I've been practicing for years. I know I'm ready.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well... good luck, I guess...
|Phone Call|I still need your help to prepare.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What do you mean?
|Phone Call|Meet me at the 3 Count Casino and I'll show you.

{{dialogue|"S04 Pre WM" (Male 1)
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Angel, what advice can you give me for my fight with Killbane?
|Phone Call|Don't fight him.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You know I have to.
|Phone Call|Let me do it...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Angel...
|Phone Call|I've been living with this shame for years. Give me the chance to make it right.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You think you can beat him?
|Phone Call|All I need is the opportunity.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, how can I help?
|Phone Call|Before I can fight, I need to reclaim my honor.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How do you do that?
|Phone Call|Meet me at the 3 Count Casino and I'll show you.

{{dialogue|"S04 Pre WMA" (Male 3)
|Phone Call|Listen, you can't fight Kilbane.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What the fuck are you talking about.
|Phone Call|This is about honor. My honor.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fuck your honor, Killbane needs to be taken down.
|Phone Call|And you think you're the one to do it? You don't know a wrist lock from a pad lock.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I think that's a little harsh.
|Phone Call|Trust me. I can do this.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It's that important to you?
|Phone Call|Nothing is more important.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Then I guess we have to make it happen.
|Phone Call|Go to the 3 Count Casino then. Together we can right a wrong.

{{quote|Grunts|The Protagonist - Zombie  , "S04 Pre Z" (Zombie)}}
|Phone Call|I'm sorry, but no.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Phone Call|I don't expect you to understand.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|This isn't about that. I need to fight Killbane myself.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Phone Call|Exactly.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Phone Call|There is something you can do...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Phone Call|Come ot the 3 Count. I'll explain more there.

{{quote|Angel De LaMuerte is reborn!|Angel, "S04 Puts on"}}

{{dialogue|"S04 See Manager"
|Angel|There! That's the Casino Manager!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Excuse me manager, but if I could talk to you for a second...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shall we introduce ourselves?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Grab him before he runs off!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Let's have a little chat, then...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That guy? I'm sure he'll beg to tell you everything.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Let's have us a little chat, then...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S04 Statue Destroyed"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Bye-bye, hideousity!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Bad art deserves this.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Who wants to look at these, anyway...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|They look like they were bought on clearance.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Ugly, ugly, ugly.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How many does he need?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Just giving this place a make-over...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Killbane has no taste.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Place already looks better...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This is better than talking to my shrink!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Now this place doesn't look so bad.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I think he'll get the message.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We're upgrading the décor!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Perhaps Killbane is watching the security feed.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Cheap craftsmanship.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Everyone will thank me for this!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I could do this all day.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This is therapeutic.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{dialogue|"S04 Threaten Manager"
|Interrogation|What are you doing to my casino?!
|Angel|Where is Killbane keeping my mask?

{{dialogue|"S04 Vault Mask"
|Angel|Here it is.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This isn't a knock-off, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Are you sure it is the real one?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Sure it's the one?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |And it's the real thing?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You sure this is the right one?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This the real deal?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Angel|I know every curve, every color, every mark on this mask.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Put it on and let's get out of here!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Put on your mask, Angel, and we can go.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That's great. Now put it on and let's get out.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Then put that thing on and let's go.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then put it on and lets get the fuck outta here.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Then put that thing on and let's go.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

Stilwater BluesEdit

{{dialogue|"Shaundi Kidnapped BF"
|Phone Call|Hey you mind if I take the night off?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why? Seeing a gentleman caller?
|Phone Call|Yeah, Pierce and I wanna get married and pop out a bunch of kids.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not funny.
|Phone Call|Look, I just need some time to mys-... STAG!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shaundi....

{{dialogue|"Shaundi Kidnapped BM"
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Talk to me.
|Phone Call|You trust Viola?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |She seems alright...
|Phone Call|How can you go long with her after who she worked for, after what she did?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shaundi, you gotta let that shit go.
|Phone Call|It's not rig-... Oh shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shaundi, you playin' around? Shaundi...?
|Phone Call|Sorry, she won't be answering you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck me.

{{dialogue|"Shaundi Kidnapped HF"
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah?
|Phone Call|Hey boss. We got Matt Miller leaving town and Morningstar's golden girl running with us now, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Right, so?
|Phone Call|So are we killing the Syndicate or becoming them?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That's not fair.
|Phone Call|No what's not fair is the fact that you're making deals with the people that fucking killed yo-
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Shaundi? You there?
|Phone Call|You took Birk. Now it's our turn.

{{dialogue|"Shaundi Kidnapped WF"
|Phone Call|I was thinking, Kinzie did a pretty good job with that Matt Miller thing.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah she did... Why do I feel you didn't just call to say that?
|Phone Call|What, I can't say "go team"?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No, that's cool. I was beginning to think you turned all cold bitch on us, honey.
|Phone Call|What can I say, things haven't been all sunshine and ros-oh no...nonono, FUCK!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shaundi?
|Phone Call|Mmmph... STAG...!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's... not good.

{{dialogue|"Shaundi Kidnapped WM"
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hey Shaundi, what's up?
|Phone Call|Oh nothin'. After that whole thing with Birk, just missin' Stilwater is all.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |And Johnny.
|Phone Call|Yeah... and Johnny.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Listen, we're doin' this for him. He'd want that, right?
|Phone Call|Hell yeah he would. He must be pissed he's missing all this... hold on a sec. Hey, what the fuck?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi...?
|Phone Call|Guess again.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shaundi!?

{{dialogue|"Shaundi Kidnapped WMA"
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hello, love.
|Phone Call|You think taking down Miller was too easy?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You call that easy?
|Phone Call|I'm just saying, you made it out in one piece.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You sure this ain't about Kinzie?
|Phone Call|What? No, why would it be?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |A little obvious you don't like her, Shaundi. ... Shaundi...? Shaundi, you there?
|Phone Call|Let me go!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shit! Shaundi?!

{{quote|Moans|The Protagonist - Zombie  , "Shaundi Kidnapped Z"}}
|Phone Call|When're we takin' down Killbane and Temple?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Phone Call|Fine, but we shouldn't sit on our asses too long.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Phone Call|I wanna get out there and... dammit, let go of me!
|Phone Call|You can forget about your friend here. She's not going out anywhere.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles


{{quote|Tammy, "PAK1 ES01 Pre Phonecall"|Great news! Professor Genki has requested that you escort him to the Genkibowl publicity appearances! However he can be a bit... eccentric. See if you can get him all charged up to meet his fans.

{{dialogue|"PAK1 ES01 Start Commercial"
|Zach|Hello Genkibowl fans! Zach and Bobby here bringing you some exciting Genkibowl updates from the genius Professor!
|Bobby|That's right Zach. We've just received word that Professor Genki has decided, in honor of Genkibowl 7, to make a public appearance on the streets of Steelport!
|Zach|And I also hear that the Master of Ceremony will be escorted by none other than our current frontrunner, the leader of the Saints!
|Bobby|If you wanna meet the genius behind the epic extravaganza of bloodshed and carnage, then head to Leather & Lace.
|Zach|And while you're there, go ahead and pick up a gimp suit for that special someone in your life. That's all from us. We'll be back later with more coverage from Genkibowl 7!
|Bobby|You know, I could use a gimp suit.

{{quote|Guess what? The Professor thought you did such a fantastic job he wants you to drive again. Remember, don't look him in the eye unless you want to wake up in a North Korean prison camp.|Tammy, "PAK1 ES02 Pre Phonecall"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK1 ES02 Start Commercial"
|Zach|Hey there Genkibowl fans. Are you ready for another surprise, courtesy of Professor Genki himself!
|Bobby|After his last public appearance, Genki has decided to stir up his adoring yet bloodthirsty fans yet again!
|Zach|And of course the leader of the Saints, the champion so far here at Genkibowl 7, will be accompanying him.
|Bobby|I heard last time the crowds were ablaze with excitement, literally. Some people left with third degree burns.
|Zach|Nothing that a little calamine lotion won't fix. So sports fans, if you wanna catch a glimpse of the genius man-cat hurry on down to Planet Saints right now!
|Bobby|And don't forget to tune in for the next event here at Genkibowl 7!


{{dialogue|"PAK1 RM01 End"
|Zach|And that ends the match!
|Bobby|A rousing performance by our contestant!
|Zach|And an excellent course set up by Angry Tiger! Perfect for Genkibowl 7!
|Bobby|See you at the next match, folks!

{{dialogue|"PAK1 RM01 First Convo"
|Zach|So what'd you think of that little story Tammy read, Bobby?
|Bobby|Does it show?
|Bobby|Seems like Angry Tiger's trying to stand out from the other Genki Girls. And for Genkibowl 7, it's all about what's new and exciting.
|Zach|Like the addition of sharks to the line-up.
|Bobby|A masterful stroke on her part, Zach. Adding to the dismembertainment factor found with Murder Time, Fun Time can only score her points with the big cat.
|Zach|Wait a minute. Dismembertainment?
|Bobby|Well what else would you call it?
|Zach|I suppose you're right, that's very fitting for the events that happen at the behest of the Professor.
|Bobby|It's amazing that our viewers get to witness the greatest spectator sport outside of a wrestling event. And here, the blood is always real as are the screams of pain.
|Zach|You're enjoying this match, aren't you Bobby?

{{dialogue|"PAK1 RM01 Mission Start"
|Zach|Well, that was entertaining. Thanks Tammy.
|Tammy|You're welcome Zach!
|Bobby|Amazing! Sharks are a new addition to the Genki wheelhouse. Looks like those mascots better hope they don't fall in!
|Bobby|Today's match was created by the Angry Tiger, putting her own spin on the classic Super Ethical Reality Climax.
|Zach|That's right, Bobby. And I hear there's new things in store for our mascots!
|Bobby|I think Tammy can fill us in on that. Tammy?
|Tammy|Thanks Bobby. In the deepest, darkest corners of the jungle lives a great warrior. Protected by fierce traps and mascot bodyguards, she...
|Bobby|Whoa, hold on there, Tammy. What're you doing?
|Tammy|Reading the script Angry Tiger handed me.
|Bobby|She handed you a script?
|Tammy|And the best part's coming up... she keeps her minions in line through the threat of shark infested waters. So beware all who enter the Jungle of the Angry Tiger!

{{quote|Tammy Tolliver here. The next match is ready when you are. I expect you'll be a natural at it!|Tammy, "PAK1 RM01 Pre Phonecall"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK1 RM01 Second Convo"
|Zach|How's things behind the scenes, Tammy?
|Bobby|Better than catching a bullet with their face.
|Zach|Or being fed to the sharks.
|Bobby|This is true.
|Tammy|I just spoke with one of the mascot trainers and he expressed his apprehension at the new format created by Angry Tiger.
|Bobby|These mascots have been coming to Genkibowl for years. What has them so worked up with this match?
|Tammy|With so many of those hired to fill the ranks of the Genki mascot army taken from the streets of Steelport, they are more used to the urban jungle than an actual one. Now they find themselves on unfamiliar ground.
|Zach|It's just a set dressing, how bad can it really be?
|Tammy|Reports of malaria, yellow fever, and gangrene have been pouring in over the last few days, putting several of the mascots in the hospital for treatment.
|Bobby|I call shenanigans on this, Zach. With a contestant as deadly with a firearm as the leader of the Saints in Genkibowl this year, they're just looking for a way to get out before facing their impending death.
|Zach|I have to agree, Bobby. You know it looks like fear is getting the better of them.
|Tammy|Several mascots have already lost limbs due to the gangrene, Zach.

{{dialogue|"PAK1 RM02 End"
|Zach|That's it, they did it!
|Bobby|The match is over, and the contestant came out on top once again!
|Zach|That's was an amazing performance to watch.
|Bobby|Nobody can be unhappy with that one, Zach.

{{dialogue|"PAK1 RM02 First Convo"
|Zach|So Bobby, have you ever been in the jungle before?
|Bobby|Oh sure, back when I was seeking fortune and glory as a treasure hunter, you bet.
|Zach|You made your living hunting down lost relics?
|Bobby|And starting the occasional junta. Made a lot of money that way, Zach. Sadly most of it went to the lawyers.
|Zach|Did the indigenous people have problems with you taking what their ancestors left behind?
|Bobby|What are you talking about? We stole the loot from eccentric collectors living in their secret mountain fortresses. We only needed the lawyers to keep us from being extradited back for trial.
|Zach|Well, that must have been... rough.
|Bobby|You're not kidding, Zach. Trekking through the jungle with four-hundred pounds of gold bars... no picnic.

{{dialogue|"PAK1 RM02 Mission Start"
|Bobby|Oh God...
|Zach|I guess there's no escaping the truth here: sharks and mascots are truly star-crossed lovers.
|Bobby|But no less entertaining for the fans.
|Zach|Right you are there, Bobby.
|Bobby|Here we go! I'm hoping for more mascots being ripped apart by man-eating sharks, Zach.
|Zach|You mean mascot-eating sharks, don't you Bobby?
|Bobby|Now you're splitting hairs.
|Zach|You mean fur.
|Bobby|Oh that was terrible.
|Zach|I thank you.
|Bobby|Ok, take us away from this conversation Tammy.
|Tammy|Well Bobby, several sharks are actually having digestive problems with the fur from the mascot outfits.

{{dialogue|"PAK1 RM02 Second Convo"
|Bobby|This match sure has the contestant on their toes. The course seems to be giving this Saint a run for the literal money.
|Zach|I suppose you have a point.
|Zach|That it does, Bobby. Would you say Angry Tiger's new venue may be wearing on the contestant?
|Bobby|Not at all. They still look at the top of their game. The way the targets and challengers are dropping with each shot still gives me that warm feeling down below.
|Tammy|Could be herpes, Bobby. But in other news I've just passed Angry Tiger backstage and the river of blood spewing from the broken chair leg stuck in a stagehand's neck say it all: she thought her event would be the one to stop this contestant in the end.
|Zach|Given how well this Saint has done throughout all of Genkibowl I'm surprised she thought it would end any other way.
|Tammy|Wait, now I'm being told that stagehand spilled coffee on her, and it had nothing to do with the match. She apparently is quite pleased at how well the crowd's reacted to her arena.
|Bobby|Now that makes more sense to me.
|Zach|How does stabbing someone with a piece of wood over spilled coffee make sense?
|Bobby|Have you ever tried getting that out of cashmere?


{{dialogue|"PAK1 TB01 Event Succeeded"
|Zach|And there's the finish!
|Bobby|That's some skill our contestant is showing today, Zach.
|Zach|We've seen this Saint shoot, and now we've seen this Saint fly. And frankly, I'm excited to see what's next, Bobby!
|Bobby|I hope it's a cooking event, because after this all I can think about are delicious panda dogs! I am starving, Zach.

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TB01 First Convo"
|Zach|There sure is a lot of debris falling into the streets below, Bobby.
|Bobby|Let's check now with Tammy Tolliver to get the crowd's reaction. Tammy, give it to us.
|Tammy|Bobby, things down here are a combination of mass chaos and kleptomania. Most of the shankings, however, appear to be over the flamethrowers which kept the balloons in the air.
|Zach|I imagine those are real crowd pleasers in Steelport.
|Tammy|Yes, in fact, several people are heading towards one now. A businessman just beat down a hobo with his briefcase, a sight not uncommon to these parts, then an old lady clubbed him with her cane.
|Zach|Reminds me of my childhood.
|Tammy|Well this lady... Oh wait! Looks like a hipster in a Third Street Saints hoodie just falcon-punched her from behind.
|Zach|Wow, guess our contestant has some fans down below, Bobby.
|Bobby|That's right Zach, and they're going to have a lot more if this Genkibowl lead holds up.

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TB01 Mission Start"
|Zach|Welcome to the Sad Panda Skyblazing!
|Zach|I don't think it is, come on.
|Bobby|Now who's being ridiculous now?
|Bobby|Professor Genki's own Sad Panda has created this all new event just for Genkibowl, and boy it is a doozy.
|Zach|And here to give us the details is our very own Tammy Tolliver. Tammy, what does our contestant have to look forward to today?
|Tammy|Thanks fellas. Well the leader of the Saints will have to skydive through floating rings for cash. Balloons are Ethical or Unethical, but either will help keep them in the air. And rooftops are populated with Genki Mascot teams looking to put a hurtin' on our contestant.
|Zach|Sounds like quite the event! And what can you tell us about the panda suit our contestant is wearing?
|Tammy|The panda suit allows the contestant to fly forward faster than normal, keeping them up for a longer time.
|Bobby|There's nothing more majestic than seeing a panda in flight.
|Zach|Wait a minute, Bobby, don't be ridiculous. Pandas can't actually fly.
|Bobby|It's a metaphor, Zach.

{{quote|Congratulations! As leader of the Saints, you've been selected as this year's contestant for Genkibowl 7! Please meet us as soon as you can and good luck to you!|Tammy, "PAK1 TB01 Pre Phonecall"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TB01 Second Convo"
|Tammy|Zach and Bobby?
|Bobby|Yes Tammy?
|Tammy|I'm being told several of the mascots are now leaving the rooftops.
|Zach|That's not going to make the Professor happy.
|Bobby|No it won't. Genki may hunt them down personally!
|Tammy|Maybe they decided leaping to their deaths was better than waiting to be cut to shreds by our contestant.
|Bobby|Oh... well that solves the problem I guess.

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TB02 Event Succeeded"
|Zach|There's the end of the match again, Bobby!
|Bobby|Genki is sure to be happy with how well Sad Panda's course has been a crowd pleaser.
|Zach|And our contestant is sure to be happy with that result!
|Bobby|Thanks for watching Genkibowl 7 everybody! See you next time!
|Zach|Bye now!

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TB02 First Convo"
|Bobby|I'm beginning to feel bad for Sad Panda, Zach.
|Zach|Why's that?
|Bobby|Well how would you like your face to be synonymous with Unethical?
|Zach|But the Unethical targets are the ones usually avoided, Bobby.
|Bobby|So you're saying it's better to be ignored? No wonder she's so depressed.

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TB02 Mission Start"
|Zach|Welcome back to Sad Panda's very own Sad Panda Skyblazing, here at Genkibowl 7!
|Bobby|We've seen our contestant complete the first level of this course already, and just as expected this Saint can soar with the best of 'em.
|Zach|No doubt. But eager to please the fans, Professor Genki has ordered the difficulty ramped up this second time around!
|Bobby|Speaking of eager to please, let's check in down on the streets. Tammy, what do you got?
|Tammy|I'm standing on a roof downtown with executives from several Steelport banks. Champagne is being served by scantily clad women, while large bets are being placed on how this Saint will perform today.
|Zach|What's the spread for today's match?
|Tammy|Only those buying in are given the numbers, but this wager may explain the seven jumpers that were scraped off the street after the last match, Zach.
|Bobby|So that's why my bank closed down!

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TB02 Second Convo"
|Bobby|You know Zach, this may be the longest time in the air any contestant on Genkibowl has spent.
|Zach|What about the Gorilla Trapeze from Genkibowl 5?
|Bobby|You know the only real airtime in that was the two seconds of freefall between fending off attacks from monkeys with machetes and falling to the carpet of buzz saws. Here you don't have that same risk.
|Zach|Good point, Bobby.
|Bobby|You know, unless the parachute doesn't work... Or a plane flys into them.
|Zach|Right you are.
|Bobby|Or let's say wild panda hunters on the ground start shooting.
|Zach|Wait a minute, ok, now you're stretching it.


{{dialogue|"PAK1 TM01 End"
|Zach|What a finish by our contestant!
|Bobby|That really continues the greatness that is Genkibowl 7.
|Zach|And a great start for Sexy Kitten Yarngasm.
|Bobby|I told you no previous Genkibowl would compare here, Zach.
|Zach|And you were right!

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TM01 First Convo"
|Bobby|This contestant is really starting to get the hang of things.
|Zach|You do? Well then stay away from a waitress named Karen.
|Zach|Well they should, Bobby. The leader of the Saints has been one of Genki's best contestants to date.
|Bobby|After their performance at Super Ethical Reality Climax I'd have to agree. The ease with which this Saint shot their way through the arena was inspiring!
|Zach|Indeed it was. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.
|Bobby|Are you sure those are goosebumps, Zach?
|Zach|What else would they be?
|Bobby|Zach, weren't you just telling me about some rash you and your wife got from a restaurant last week, right?
|Zach|Oh that? That wasn't from a restaurant per se.
|Bobby|Well that's good, I have reservations there tomorrow night.

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TM01 Mission Start"
|Zach|Oh wait a minute... I don't think I want to know.
|Bobby|You really don't, Zach. We never did find that mouse.
|Bobby|That's right, Zach. And today's show brings with it a very special surprise. Professor Genki's very own Genki Girl, Sexy Kitten, has designed a brand new game for our contestant to play.
|Zach|And what a game it is! Here to tell us more is our correspondant down on the streets, Tammy Tolliver. Tammy?
|Tammy|Thank you, Zach. Our contestant will have to manuever a giant ball of yarn throughout the city and cause as much damage and mayhem as they can before time runs out.
|Bobby|A giant ball of yarn? Looks like Sexy Kitten definitely put her paw print on this show.
|Tammy|And that's not all, Bobby. The ultimate goal is to catch the mouse. Do that, and the contestant will score big.
|Bobby|A mouse and a ball of yarn, huh?
|Zach|Is something the matter?
|Bobby|No, just sounds like my friend's bachelor party.

{{quote|Your presence is needed for the start of the next Genkibowl 7 match, created by the Genki Girl Sexy Kitten. Please head there as soon as you're able so we can get under way.|Tammy, "PAK1 TM01 Pre Phonecall"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TM01 Second Convo"
|Zach|With the destruction and explosions our audience is seeing here today Professor Genki must be really pleased.
|Bobby|I doubt they ever even had a license.
|Bobby|As the second event for Genkibowl 7, I can't see how he wouldn't be, Zach. Sexy Kitten has really put together a great show.
|Tammy|And there's more to come, Bobby. Another match full of yarn and carnage.
|Bobby|This will be a Genkibowl for the record books, Zach. The Genki Girls are certainly going all out in their designs.
|Zach|And the Saints' head honcho is certainly going all out on this course. Makes you wonder if they always drive around like this.
|Bobby|No need to wonder. I've seen this celebrity on the street and let me tell you, nothing is safe when the Saints roll by.
|Zach|Then how are they still allowed to drive in Steelport?
|Bobby|Would you like to be the officer who asks a Saint for their license and registration? I don't think so, Zach.
|Zach|Especially given the number of times they've been accused of grand theft auto. I doubt any registration would be in their name.

PAK1 TM02Edit

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TM02 End"
|Zach|And that's it for Sexy Kitten Yarngasm!
|Bobby|Our contestant certainly performed up to expectations, Zach.
|Zach|Right you are, Bobby. Genkibowl fans everywhere were given a real treat here today.
|Bobby|Indeed they were. Let's hope the rest of Genkibowl is just as exciting.
|Zach|You know it will be.

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TM02 First Convo"
|Zach|With all the junk being left on the streets in the wake of this Saint, the city's gonna hit Genki with one hefty fine.
|Bobby|Have you ever seen a room full of brutes crying like newborn babies?
|Tammy|Excuse me, Zach, but rumor on the street is the Mayor is quite a fan of Professor Genki. It seems doubtful any fine would be issued due to this event.
|Zach|I think it's the Genki Girls the Mayor is more interested in.
|Bobby|And if he wants a private interview with any of the girls, punching Genki in his pocketbook isn't the way to go.
|Zach|I wouldn't want to be the mugger who tried to hold up the overlord of Genkibowl.
|Bobby|I agree. Few people know this, Zach, but Professor Genki used to test out all his games personally.
|Zach|That sounds like a must-see event! Why doesn't he any more?
|Bobby|Well the cleaning crew quit after they saw the massacre he left behind! Pulling bits of mascots out of the air ducts and off the ceiling can't be fun for anyone.
|Zach|I wouldn't be surprised, but is he really that good?

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TM02 Mission Start"
|Bobby|Try all you want, Zach, I'm still beating you to work in the morning.
|Zach|I have no idea what you're talking about.
|Bobby|I saw you putting sugar in my gas tank last night.
|Bobby|Fun is right, Zach. This giant ball of death-yarn seems to be the perfect way to cruise around the city of Steelport.
|Zach|But only in Sexy Kitten Yarngasm can you find such a mode of transportation. Outside of Genkibowl 7, what's your favorite way to get around, Bobby?
|Bobby|Well that's easy: by helicopter.
|Zach|You aren't afraid of heights I take it?
|Bobby|If I have to choose between getting mutilated by the drivers in this city or a carefree flight with a view, I think the choice is obvious.
|Zach|But what if there's some sort of malfunction that causes the chopper to go down?
|Bobby|Parachutes are a wonderful invention, Zach.
|Zach|And if the chute fails?

{{dialogue|"PAK1 TM02 Second Convo"
|Bobby|There's something very soothing about watching this Saint at work.
|Zach|How are ear-splitting explosions and screams of agony soothing, Bobby?
|Bobby|It's all about timing, Zach. With each new sound it's like a symphony being played out for our fans.
|Zach|Then you and the fans must be tone deaf. I don't think that's what Sexy Kitten had in mind when she designed this course.
|Bobby|Sometimes genius is discovered by accident. Look at how champagne came about.
|Zach|Bobby, are you saying you'd listen to a recording of this match in your car on your way to work in the morning?
|Bobby|Absolutely. I would be a little worried about drifting off to sleep though.
|Zach|How can that possibly be a worry?
|Bobby|This sounds just like the streets of Steelport outside my window at night. Puts me right out. I'd be drifting off right now it it weren't for the Saints Flow I just had.


PAK2 M01Edit

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Alien Assault"
|Kwilanna|My people! They're attacking!
|The Protagonist|We can't outrun them, we're gonna need to hide.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|The Protagonist|Keep driving, I'll think of something.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Assault Drive1"
|The Protagonist|The military won't give up.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kwilanna|We can't lose them in this primitive vehicle.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shit, forgot my line... Nice driving by the way.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Uh... line? Sorry Jenny. You're doing great.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Uh... line? Sorry Jenny. You're doing great.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Sorry, forgot the line. Nice ad-lib.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Uh... line? Sorry Jenny. You're doing great.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Sorry, forgot the line. Nice ad-lib.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Director|Kwilanna, stay in character! God, is this your first acting job?
|Kwilanna|I mean... Thanks.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Assault Drive2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|He's starting to piss me off here...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|He must have paid a fortune for all these guys.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|How did they possibly get all this equipment to attack us with?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Jesus, how many guys is he throwing at us?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The hell did all these guys come from?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He's really throwin' everything at us.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kwilanna|Uh... You mean your military leaders?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Zhen. These are a LOT of guys.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No, Zhen. This is a little ridiculous.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No, our psycho director.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |No, Zhen. This is kinda bordering on crazy.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Mili-what? No, I'm talkin' about Zhen.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No, talkin' about Zhen.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Assault Drive3"
|Kwilanna|If my people are already here, I fear we may be too late.
|The Protagonist|Are you fucking kidding me?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kwilanna|Um... late because of the prophecy that--
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Biggest waste of money of all time.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I will tear your insides out!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't think I won't shove you in the microwave.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm going to stick you in a goddamn microwave if you don't start working.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm gonna shoot you in your non-responsive FACE!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm gonna toss you in a microwave if you don't start working.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Kwilanna|Wait, what?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Huh? Oh crap. Sorry I was trying to text.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This goddamn phone! ILLWireless has the worst service.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What? Oh, not you. This stupid phone...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm getting no service out here. I hate this phone-- Oh shit... sorry.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Huh? Sorry. Stupid phone is taking forever to send a text.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This bloody phone is-- oh crap are we still filming?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|They've blockaded the road!|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M01 Bridge Blockade"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Car Chase"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Careful!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fuck me!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Holy shit!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Jesus!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Look at that!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Watch those explosions!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Careful!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Fuck me!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Holy shit!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Jesus!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Look at that!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Watch those explosions!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Careful!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fuck me!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Holy shit!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Jesus!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Look at that!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Watch those explosions!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Careful!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fuck me!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Holy shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Jesus!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Look at that!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Watch those explosions!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Careful!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck me!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Holy shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Jesus!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Look at that!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Watch those explosions!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Careful!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fuck me!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Holy shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Jesus!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Look at that!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Watch those explosions!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Drive to Tunnel 1"
|Kwilanna|Are you sure this is a good idea?
|The Protagonist|You gotta learn to stand up for yourself.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kwilanna|Not sure I can do that, even with how he's treating me.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You just need a roll model. Follow me and you'll see how it's done.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You're stronger than you think, Jenny.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That's alright, I'm a good teacher.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Stick with me, sweetheart, and I'll show you how it's done.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then watch me and I'll show you how it's done.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's why I'm here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Drive to Tunnel 2"
|Kwilanna|My people, they... they will not let us live long.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Once we hide, we can figure out how to stop them.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Once we hide, we can figure out how to stop them.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Once we hide, we can figure out how to stop them.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Once we hide, we can figure out how to stop them.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Once we hide, we can figure out how to protect... how to stop them.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Once we hide, we can figure out how to stop them.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kwilanna|How can we lose them in this city?
|The Protagonist|We go somewhere they can't follow.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kwilanna|We're running out of time!

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 End"
|Director|Cut! That's a wrap for today! Amazing work from most of you. Not naming names... because I've already forgotten your names because you are worthless. Now get off my set!
|The Protagonist|We should be safe now. Onward!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 First Jump Attempt"
|Director|Ok... Actiones!
|Kwilanna|That... doesn't look possible.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You are very, very right...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm a little worried myself.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Holy shit...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Bad idea. Bad idea. Bad idea.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No... no it really doesn't...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This ain't good.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 First Jump Fail"
|Director|CUT! What the hell was that, Jemima?! A CHILD could have made that jump! A crippled child! That was blind!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Back off before I feel the need to get violent.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Are you kidding?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|With an airplane, maybe.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Are you fucking high? Did you see how far it was?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Nobody could have made that jump!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's bollocks! Nobody could have hit that.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Director|Listen: I'm really sorry. Please, PLEASE don't let this ruin our relationship. This is 100 percent the casting director's fault. I swear.
|Kwilanna|Are you crazy? He's the director!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|He's a douche is what he is.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And? I don't suffer fools.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So? He's lying his ass off about that jump.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I don't care who he is, you shouldn't take shit like that from anyone.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That don't mean he can walk all over my ass. Or yours.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Director or not, don't let him walk all over you. Trust me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Director|Alright, let's reset and do that again!

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Get in Car"
|The Protagonist|Up ahead, let's take that car.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kwilanna|There are guards all around...

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Heli Crash"
|The Protagonist|That's not good!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kwilanna|What's happening?
|The Protagonist|We're going down!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{quote|We've been hit! We're going to crash!|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M01 Heli Crashed Into"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Heli Down"
|Kwilanna|Omigod, are you ok?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yes. Shockingly...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Nothing a little vodka won't fix.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fine. Nice landing...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You crash like a pro.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Eh, happens all the time.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Rocky landing, but I'm still here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{quote|Land in the target, it's a perfect spot!|Director, "PAK2 M01 Hit Landing"}}

{{quote|You missed it. That's ok, try again.|Director, "PAK2 M01 Miss"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Mission Start"
|Director|Alright, in this scene you're rescuing the alien princess from the military.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's Jenny, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Jenny, yes?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So Jenny's character then?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So... Jenny?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You're talking about Jenny?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Jenny, then?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Director|Who? Oh right. Whatever. Her real name ain't worth the foam in my morning double decaf soy latte.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You sure it's foam?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|O... K...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Maybe you should cut down on those...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Wow...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't gotta be a dick about it...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bit harsh.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Director|Just play this fast and loose. You'll be a natural, trust me.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Right...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So you say.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Sure...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Whatever you say.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Whatever.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |If you say so.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{quote|Hey, I'm so happy we can finally talk! My name's Andy Zhen, I'm sure you've heard of me. The studio signed me on to direct Gangstas in Space and I want YOU to be the star! I mean, sure you're already a star, but think of immortalizing yourself on the silver screen. Beautiful thought, right? Swing by the studio and you can see the script. I'm sure you'll love it!|Director, "PAK2 M01 Pre Mission Call"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Reaching Tunnel"
|The Protagonist|Turn into that tunnel!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Second Jump Begin"
|Director|Ok, faster with more intensity and less sucking! Aaand! PLAY BALL!
|Kwilanna|Here we go...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hold on, turn up here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We're taking a different route. Turn up there.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Fuck this jump, turn up here.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You know what, fuck that. Turn up ahead.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Fuck it. Turn up there.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Turn up here, Jenny. I got a better idea.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Kwilanna|But... that's off script.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fuck the script.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It's better than doing the impossible.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This script ain't worth it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm rewriting this shit. Trust me.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It's creative license.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Second Jump Miss"
|Director|Joan, what the hell are you doing?!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You want this to work, you keep the cameras rolling.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We're making this shot better.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We're trying something new, so deal.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This works better, just keep filming.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Keep those cameras on us.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Keep those cameras rolling, we're tryin' somethin' new.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Director|Uh... oh. Oh yeah! I see what you're doing! Brilliant, let's go with this!

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Setting Up Jump"
|Director|Alright, cut! No worries, we'll fix it in post! Ok, next up you're going to jump the car over the river to get to safety. It's all set up and idiot-proof, so that should include you, Jaime.
|Kwilanna|I... uh... think you mean Jenny.
|Director|Less talking, more driving!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ignore him. You can do it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Jumping a car is not bad. You'll see.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|It's alright, Jenny. You can do this.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Move on. Not worth it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This'll be easy. You'll see.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't let the little prick get to you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Kwilanna|It's ok. I'm just... going with the flow.

{{quote|They don't have enough space to move!|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M01 Ships Crash Inside"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Ships Crash Outside"
|The Protagonist|We've got to seal off the tunnel!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Ships In Tunnel"
|Kwilanna|Here they come!
|The Protagonist|I'll hold them off!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Stop In Tunnel"
|The Protagonist|Slow down. I think we lost them.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kwilanna|And if we didn't?
|The Protagonist|Then this is where we make our stand.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Take 1 After Cut"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You look nervous.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So this is your first acting job?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You look a little tense.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You doing alright?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You good for another take?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Doin' alright, love?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kwilanna|Yeah, just... y'know. Trying to make Mr. Zhen happy!

{{quote|You know what... this just isn't working for me. There's no life! We've got a star making performance here, and a cardboard cutout for a co-star... We gotta ramp everything up. Take it back to entering the base, we're sexing this fucker up! More guards, more assault rifles!|Director, "PAK2 M01 Take 1 Cut"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Take 1 Drive"
|The Protagonist|The government won't escape with the alien. Not if I have anything to say about it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
|The Protagonist|I'm coming, princess! Hang on!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Take 1 Explosions"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The hell was that?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What was that?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What was that!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What the hell?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oh shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shit!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Not sure this is safe.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Should I be worried?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Are you serious?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |He wasn't kidding.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The hell is wrong with this dude?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Look at that!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Enough with the explosions!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I smell burning hair...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Ramped up was right.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This is crazy.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |He lost his mind?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Where's the damn stuntman when you need him?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{quote|Mint, baby! Ok, now you charge up the hill guns blazing.|Director, "PAK2 M01 Take 1 Heliport"}}

{{quote|Places everyone! Let's win me a gold statue! Annnnnd... Action!|Director, "PAK2 M01 Take 1 Start"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Take 1 Untie Alien"
|The Protagonist|Hang on, I've got you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kwilanna|You... you saved me! You're not like the...!
|The Protagonist|No time for small talk. We...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Take 2 Cut"
|Director|And cut! Beautiful. Way to roll with the punches and improvise. I loved it!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm getting' the hang of this.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Better than expected?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm getting the hang of it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Guess that wasn't so bad.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I know I'm good.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yeah, I'm a bloody natural.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Kwilanna|Thank you so much, Mr. Zhen! I'm glad you...
|Director|Yeah, I was talking to our star, not you. You had the emotional range of a bagel... like one of those shitty whole-grain bagels that nobody likes. Alright, let's setup the next shot!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's funny, cause I thought you were great.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|He doesn't know what he's talking about.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|He wouldn't know good acting if it bit him in the ass.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Jenny, don't listen to him. You're doing great.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Ignore that shit, you did fine.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Ignore the prick, Jenny.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Director|Ok, we're rolling! And... MAKE SOME MAGIC!

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Take 2 Flying"
|The Protagonist|Keep it steady, I'll hold these guys off!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kwilanna|I've never flown anything like this... this THING before.
|The Protagonist|It's called a helicopter. And I have faith in you, princess.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kwilanna|Please, my name in your language is Kwilanna.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then I have faith in you, Kwilanna.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Just get us to safety, Kwilanna.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Well nice flying, Kwilanna.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kwilanna, then. I believe in you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You'll do fine, Kwilanna.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kwilanna. I like the sound of that.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Take 2"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Shit's getting to be a little cliché...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not again...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Parachuting in... why not.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce was right about buying stock in parachutes...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Déjà vu...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Oh for fuck's sake.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{quote|Take two! Annnnnd... AMAZE ME!|Director, "PAK2 M01 Take 2 Start"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M01 Take 2 Untie Alien"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I won't let them take you away, princess.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I won't let them take you away, princess.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I won't let them take you away, princess.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I won't let them take you away, princess.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I won't let you take... them, you... I won't let you... I won't let them take you away, princess.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I won't let them take you away, princess.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kwilanna|Thank you ever so much for saving me!
|The Protagonist|I'll be sure to keep you safe. Let's go!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kwilanna|I'm ready!

PAK2 M02Edit

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 1st Action 1st Convo"
|Kwilanna|We must disable the mind control devices to stop the invaders from taking over the city.
|The Protagonist|What will happen to the people if we fail?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kwilanna|Their minds will be taken over, and they will be forced to obey the invaders' every command.
|The Protagonist|I can't... I WON'T let this city down.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kwilanna|If this city falls, the Earth falls with it.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 1st Action 2nd Convo"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You know how to handle yourself.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Nice shooting.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Some nice shooting back there.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're a pretty good shot.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You handle that gun like a pro.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Nice shootin', love.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Director|GodDAMMIT. Keep your ass in character, Kwilanna! Is that too much to ask? That you do your job?
|Director|I am giving you amazing direction! You should be thanking me every DAY of your life!

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 1st Action See MiB"
|The Protagonist|Government agents!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
|Kwilanna|They're still trying to capture my kind for experimentation.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|If they get their hands on the mind control devices... then they would have... mind control...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If they get their hands on the mind control devices... uh... bad things happen.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|If they get their hands on the mind control devices... then the world... shit what was the line?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |If they get their hands on the mind control devices... my god, Kwilanna.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If they get their hands on the mind control devices... uh... sh... fuck me man, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |If they get their hands on the mind control devices... Then what's to stop them...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kwilanna|Then we must. Not. Fail.

{{quote|Places! Aaaand... GET YOU SOME!|Director, "PAK2 M02 1st Action Start"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 1st Device End"
|Kwilanna|There's still more to shut down.
|The Protagonist|Then let's move.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
}} }}

{{quote|It's done! We have to move!|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M02 1st Device Finished"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 2nd Action 1st Convo"
|Kwilanna|The next device shouldn't be far.
|The Protagonist|Must be sad to be killing your own people.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kwilanna|They've made their choice and I've made mine. I cannot let them enslave this city.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's not just the city... It's the... Line?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|It's not just the city... It's the WOLD. World. I said world.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|It's not just the world... It's the CITY. Shit, sorry. Can we go back?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |It's not just the city... It's the CIT... Fuck! I mean world. Shit... Sorry!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |...Oh shit, is it my line?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It's not just the city... It's the... other things, too. Shit.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{quote|The fuck have you been? You know what, I don't care. I'm not letting your negativity infect me. Alright, we're rolling! Aaaand... EXCELSIOR!|Director, "PAK2 M02 2nd Action Start"}}

{{quote|Improv! Brilliant! I love the instincts!|Director, "PAK2 M02 2nd Device Approval"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 2nd Device End"
|Kwilanna|Holy shit... Um... we have to keep going, our work isn't done yet.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Whatever you say, Kwilanna.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ok, on to the next then.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm with you, Kwilanna.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You're right, let's move.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Sure thing, I'm lovin' this.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Let's do it, Kwilanna.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 2nd Device Finished"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We should move back!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Time to run.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We should run!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Alright, get back!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |All set. Better get back!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Better move back!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 3rd Action 1st Convo"
|Kwilanna|Ship's this way!
|The Protagonist|Let's get there fast and get out of here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{quote|Quiet on set! And... LIFT OFF!|Director, "PAK2 M02 3rd Action Start"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 3rd Device End"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kwilanna, that was awesome.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That was absolutely perfect!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You're a natural at this!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Nicely done, Kwilanna!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Damn that was nice!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Perfect, Kwilanna!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Director|What the hell was that?! Who said you could rig more explosives? Dammit, stick to the script!
|Kwilanna|I did it just like the last one! What's wrong with that?
|Director|We already have to cut this out of the final edit, so stop screwing up and just let the star do the job.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|We'll get through this scene and he'll see. Don't worry.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Like hell we're sticking to the script...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Stop being a dick and maybe we will...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Jenny, forget about it. Let's just get through this scene.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yeah, like that's gonna happen. Don't worry about it, you did great.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Whatever. We're keeping it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{quote|I got it! We better get up those stairs, and quickly!|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M02 3rd Device Finished"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 After Bottom Tier"
|The Protagonist|Not here either. I'll try this next platform, you head up.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 After First Tier"
|Kwilanna|I'm not seeing it. Let's try down there.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You take one end, I'll take the other.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You take one end, I'll take the other.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You take one end, I'll take the other.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You take one end, I'll take the other.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You take one end, I'll take the other... END.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You take one end, I'll take the other.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 After Massacre"
|Kwilanna|That's right, run!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That had to feel good, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Feel better now?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Feel good?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |There, feel better now?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You gotta feel better after that.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's gotta feel better, right?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Kwilanna|Actually... yeah, yeah I do.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 After Rambo"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's what I like to see!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What would I do without you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Where did that come from?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well, that should make it easier.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Looks like you cleared them out.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Nice job!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Arrive Locked Door"
|Kwilanna|The door to the rest of the base is locked.
|The Protagonist|Can you get through it?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Blowup Locked Door"
|Kwilanna|I should be able to blow it up.
|The Protagonist|Be careful.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Brutina Defeated"
|The Protagonist|Ok, let's go.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 BS 1 First Convo"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|These all extras in our movie?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|All these people are part of our movie?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This the cast?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Everyone here in the movie?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |All these people, they part of this movie?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |All these blokes part of the movie?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Kwilanna|Some are, some aren't. Most of them are from different shows.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Other shows? Like what?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What other shows are filming here?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Show's like what?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh? What shows?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What shows we got around here?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Any shows I've heard of?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Kwilanna|Dunno. Take a look around if you want.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 BS 1 Walk On Roof"
|Kwilanna|Wow, look at this set?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Nice view. I like the real thing better.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I... guess?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Or just find a real roof.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |And just like that, the magic is gone.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |It's fake. What's wrong with the real thing?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinda lifeless. What's wrong with the real thing?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kwilanna|You know how hard it is to shoot on top of a building? Makes sense, financially.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Naked skydiving is worth its weight in gold.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Details, details...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What fun is throwing someone off a fake roof?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, but you can't throw people off this one.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |But you can't jump off this one for fun.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This is worse than finding out the Tooth Fairy was just my drunk uncle with a pair of pliers.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 BS 2 First Convo"
|Director|Cut! We're almost ready for the next sequence. You, my gang banging superstar, are a god amongst men. But I swear to god, if that girl breaks character one more time, the money spent on wasted film comes from HER paycheck.
|Kwilanna|I can't believe him! We both broke character, yet apparently I'M wrong when I do it!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That's the sort of shit you don't need to take.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So tell him that.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You're right, it's bullshit.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Exactly what I'm talking about, Jenny.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This is what I'm talking about. Call him on his shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's what I'm tryin' to tell you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kwilanna|I'll show him what a horrible actress I am... just like I showed that slut Marilyn when I was on the witness stand.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm gonna back away slowly now...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Uh... Jenny?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Ok, not real sure what just happened...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Man you are a good actress. You got that crazy eye thing down...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Exactly, you gotta-- wait, what?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Is there something I need to know...?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kwilanna|... Let's just get to the next set...

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 BS 3 First Convo"
|Director|Cut! Set up the next shot!
|Kwilanna|Are you SERIOUS?! Replacements?!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Looks like.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They certainly look like you...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh that's just a dick move.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Jenny, what're you doing?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Uh, Jenny, what's that look...?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hold on, Jenny. You ok?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kwilanna|I'm not getting replaced here! I worked my ass off for this part!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hell yeah you did.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|They won't replace you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Think you guys pissed her off.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I... can't argue with that.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I hear ya!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You don't gotta tell me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Control Room"
|Kwilanna|I'll stop this thing.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You focus on that, I'll take care of any guests.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I know you will.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Ok, get to work.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't worry, I'll keep everyone away.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then I'm on cover duty.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Go for it, I'll keep them off you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Disable Generator"
|Kwilanna|Only me and my people can shut down this generator. I'll have us through here...
|Kwilanna|{{*}}Screams in pain*
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Jenny!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No! Kwilanna!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Kwilanna!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Kwilanna!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Shit, Kwilanna!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hang on, Kwilanna!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|It's open. Let's go.|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M02 Door Open"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Enter Porn Set"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't mind me, just keep going.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Well, this looks like hard work...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't stop on my account.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Uhh... sorry to interrupt the... filming.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well... looks like you have everything in hand.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well... keep up the good work.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kwilanna|That... kinda looked fun.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Exit BS 2 Convo"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Sure you're ready for more?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Ready to move on?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Ok, ready for more?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ready for more aliens?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Back to the alien killing?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |All set for the next scene?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kwilanna|Long as he lays off me, yeah.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Exit BS 3 Convo"
|Kwilanna|Let's just finish this scene so we can get the hell away from Zhen.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I like the way you think.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If you insist.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|If that's the goal I'm all for it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm all for it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Gonna have to stand up to him sooner or later you know.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |At least 'till the next shoot.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Find 1st Device"
|Kwilanna|There's the device. Hold them off and I'll shut it down.
|The Protagonist|I'll keep you safe.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Find 2nd Device"
|Kwilanna|There's the next one. I'll start shutting it down.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Nope, my turn.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I have a better idea. Let me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|No, I'm taking this one.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Actually, let me handle this one.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Nah, my turn girl.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Better yet, let me give it a go.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kwilanna|But... I'm supposed to...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Forget "supposed to", this is more fun.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You should trust me on this.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Forget what the script says, this'll be more fun.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fuck his script.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Have a little faith.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Trust me, I got this.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Kwilanna|I'll... keep you safe then.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Find 3rd Device"
|Kwilanna|Here we are. I'll cover you while you shut it down.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Think it's your turn. Set it just like I did.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Or you could try doing what I did to the last one. Alright?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You should do this one like I did the last. Bigger the explosion the better.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Why don't you take this one. Try it just like I did last time.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Nope, you're turn. Just rig it up like I did.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Your turn this time, love. Just like I showed you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kwilanna|I... I can try.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You can do it, I have faith in you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Then I'll cover you, Kwilanna.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Just don't blow yourself up, hon.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'll keep them off you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You can do it, I'll keep you safe.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'll cover you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Find Key Area"
|The Protagonist|We need to find a way out of here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kwilanna|There's the databanks. On one of these computers is the code to the spaceships.
|The Protagonist|We'll have to split up, that'll go faster.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kwilanna|Split up?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah, you go down and I'll look up here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Yes. I'll search here, you go down one level.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You heard me. I'll look up here.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fuck it. Head down to that platform.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Yep. Try the platform below me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yeah, you go down, I'll look up here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{quote|Found the code!|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M02 Finding Key"}}

{{quote|What is the alien princess doing? She's not supposed to help! Can't you get anything right?|Director, "PAK2 M02 First Tier Berating"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Force Field Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What is this thing?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Did you do that?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh come on!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What the shit?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What's this crap?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bloody hell.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kwilanna|Great, now there's a force field...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well, there's gotta be a shut-off switch somewhere.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|One more thing in our way.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Should have seen this coming. Let's go shut it off.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |There's gotta be a way to shut it off.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let's just find the off switch and get out of here.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Gotta be a way to shut it off. Look around.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Generator Blows Up"
|Director|What the hell did you do to our star!
|Kwilanna|What the hell was that electrocution?

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Hack Locked Door"
|Kwilanna|I think I can bypass the magnetic lock.
|The Protagonist|Do what you can.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Jumping to End"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Thanks for not leaving me. I'm ready to get out of here now.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I thank you. Shall we leave now?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Glad you were here. Let's get on that ship.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Thanks. Now let's get the hell out of here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Damn that hurt... can we go now?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Cheers. I'm ready to get the hell outta here now.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kwilanna|I'm right there with you.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Key Area Explodes"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That was cutting it close. Let's find that ship.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|At least he didn't blow us both up. Come on, let's find that ship.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|He sure cut that shit close. Hope the ship doesn't blow up on us, too.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Damn that was close... Let's get to that ship.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Zhen cut that shit too close. Let's get to the ship.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That was close. Let's find the ship and get out.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Mission End"
|Director|Cut! That's a wrap! Let's get this thing into editing and save it from Kwilanna's crap performance.
|Kwilanna|Don't push me...

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Mission Start"
|Director|Everything's all set for you in the next soundstage. Once you come through that door, be ready for the fight in the alien base! I know you'll kill it!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Of course I will... So Jenny, how's that standing up for yourself coming along?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Whatever you say... So Jenny, have you thought about how to stand up to him more?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Whatever... Hey Jenny, you plan on trying to keep up with me today?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, right... So Jenny, you given any thought to what I said?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'll do what I do... So, girl, you think about what I said?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I always do. Jenny, you thought about what I said, love?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kwilanna|Been too busy memorizing lines to really think about it.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The Saints beat out everyone in their way to get to the top. Don't take shit from anyone. You stick with me, you'll see how it's done.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If you let people walk all over you always, you'll never rise to greatness. Look at the Saints. We've come from nothing.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|The more you let him, the more he'll keep being an ass. Don't let that happen.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |All I know is I didn't get the Saints where they are by letting assholes walk all over me. Follow my lead and I'll show you what you're capable of.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm tellin' you, the Saints used to get kicked around too. All you gotta do is watch me and I'll show you how it's done.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |The Saints didn't get to the top by lettin' people piss all over us. You wanna see how it's done, you stick by me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kwilanna|Yeah... yeah, I can do that.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 New Weapons"
|Director|Grab your weapon before you head in.
|Director|Should be a new weapon for you to take. Use it.
|Director|Ok, this next weapon will be perfect for a Saint!

{{quote|There's the ship.|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M02 Point Out Ship"}}

{{quote|You're nailing this material so far! Totally fucking KILLING it! Sent you the location of the next shoot. Once you're there, we'll get the filming under way. Just come on back through craft services.|Director, "PAK2 M02 Pre Mission Call"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Rambo Moment"
|Kwilanna|You won't stop us!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Where did that come from?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I think she's learning.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Go Kwilanna!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Wow...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Now that's how it's done!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Holy shit...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
}} }}

{{quote|We need to hurry.|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M02 Ready Comp1"}}

{{quote|Ok, I'm ready now.|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M02 Ready Comp2"}}

{{quote|Ready.|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M02 Ready Comp3"}}

{{quote|Hang on, I've got ya!|Kwilanna, "PAK2 M02 Saving Player"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 See BorC Set"
|Kwilanna|"Baby or Cobra"?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Professor Genki show maybe?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|A Professor Genki show I believe.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|A Genki show maybe?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Some things should stay hidden.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Some crazy Genki gameshow.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Dear god...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kwilanna|What the hell?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Probably just a name. Well... maybe...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You really want to know?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Lots of answers in my head. None of them good.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm not gonna be able to sleep for... years...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm afraid to ask.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What do you get if you win? Wait, don't answer that.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 See Brutina"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This... this I don't like.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm guessing this is a new cast member...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Think you can handle this one? Or not...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |So much for easy...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I... think you missed one.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Guessing that's not good.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kwilanna|Who is she?
|Director|The alien's secret enforcer. Isn't she great!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|She looks like she shopped in the kiddy department.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And you're too cheap to buy her a costume that fits...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't they make clothes her size?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Maybe you could have sprung for a costume that fit her...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If by great you mean can't fit into her own costume, then yeah, sure.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Very... um... nevermind.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 See Genki Pyro"
|Kwilanna|Looks like one of those soundboards they use for tv shows.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Can I push it?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So we just press the button then?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Then we should push something on it.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Really... Wonder what these buttons do then.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then let's make some noise.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So let's push some buttons then.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kwilanna|I don't think you should...
|The Protagonist|What's the worst that could happen?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 See Mars Set"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So we shooting this movie on another planet or something?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So are we shooting on this set later?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So we using this set in the next scene?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What the hell? Are they shooting another space movie here?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hold on, this set ours?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |So this part of our set?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Kwilanna|Not that I know of.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So this has nothing to do with Gangstas In Space?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So then what's with this?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Maybe it's the alien homeworld?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Must be something old then.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I thought we were going to some other planet in this film for a second.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Something looks familiar about it...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kwilanna|Don't know. Looks like Mars though.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 See Porn Set"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Think this is the right way?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Can we just walk through?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So this way, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What's back here?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |This the right door?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Think we go this way.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kwilanna|Don't know, but what's that sound?

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 See RFG Walker"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Just what a girl needs.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I must have one.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What is it, and how do I get one.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What, no sledgehammer?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I feel like I've seen this before...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It looks expensive. I want it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kwilanna|It's a prop.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Dammit.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So it doesn't work at all?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|But I want to go to there.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Why you gotta crush my dreams?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hold up... prop? As in not real?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Prop? It doesn't work then?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Kwilanna|I doubt it. Besides, what would you do with that thing anyway?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|If you have to ask, you'll never know.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You'd be surprised.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Take buildings down piece by piece, flip cars, terrorize the locals... you know, have fun!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Oh I don't know... knock down buildings, crush vehicles, liberate an oppressed group of colonists... and Alec Mason is pretty hot.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'd do a little demolition in style!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |With a giant robotic walker? Anything I damn well please!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 See RM Trap"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|This should be good.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I can see this being entertaining.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Those guys are gonna get themselves killed.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This is gonna be good.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oh I hope they fuck that up.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hope they get what's comin' to them.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
|Kwilanna|Why's that?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Cause that's a dangerous job.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Oh, you'll see soon enough.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Personal experience.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Cause that shit hurts, that's why.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Just watch.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Cause those things fuckin' hurt.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Garbled
|Kwilanna|What do you... Oh.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Ha! Told you.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How do YOU like it?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Like I said, should have been more careful.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Ah. Poetic justice.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hurts just watchin' it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Tables are turned now, aren't they.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 See Ship"
|Kwilanna|Impressive, isn't it?
|The Protagonist|It'll be a tough fight out of here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
|Kwilanna|We'll see about that.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 See Zimos Crib"
|Kwilanna|Wow, who would actually live in a place like this?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh believe me, there's people who would.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Nobody I would know, clearly...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I know, must be some deadbeat...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I... I can't think of anyone that would.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well, a pimp might...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well, it's not SO bad, is it?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Kwilanna|I mean, it's so tacky. And that carpet... ugh!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's a pretty soft carpet, actually.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Shag has it's uses.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You really don't like the carpet?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Though this one has less stains on it I'm sure.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't be hating on the carpet.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Looks kinda soft to me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kwilanna|What was that?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Oh nothing.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I didn't say anything.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What? I didn't say anything.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Huh? Oh, nothing.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What's wrong with shag?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Um, you're right, tacky...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Set Off Genki Pyro"
|Kwilanna|Holy crap!
|The Protagonist|You're welcome.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Shield Generator"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Bingo.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This must be right.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hope this is the right console.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Here we go...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Looks like the right place.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |This looks right.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Trigger Destruct"
|Kwilanna|Um, what's that?
|Director|You think you're the only one that can improvise? You've triggered a self destruct and the door's locked, BOOM. Let's see you shut it down.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Find the control room, fast!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Means there's a control somewhere. Find it.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time for us to move!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Quick, head up to that control room.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We can do this. Head to the control room.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Up in the control room. Hurry.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M02 Unlock Door"
|Kwilanna|Can't stop the self destruct, but got the door open!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Then we better hurry.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Good enough for me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'll take it!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |That'll do.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then let's use it.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Good enough for me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

PAK2 M03Edit

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 After NG Ambush"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm beginning to think Zhen is going to get us killed.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm getting very tired of these surprises.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm getting real tired of these surprises.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This is really starting to piss me off.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |He must be out of his damn mind to get the real military after us.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What the hell was Zhen thinking?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Kwilanna|I'm with you on that.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Arrive at Center"
|The Protagonist|Ok we're here. Set off the viruses.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Arrive Trans1"
|The Protagonist|Kwilanna, I'll destroy the shield generator to open a link to the transmitter.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
|Kwilanna|And I'll upload the virus so we can shut these all down.
|The Protagonist|Won't that kill your people?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Kwilanna|Yes. With their minds still connected to the hive, they too will die.
|The Protagonist|This must be done... for earth.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Arrive Trans2"
|The Protagonist|There's the second generator.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kwilanna|You know what to do.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Arrive Trans3"
|The Protagonist|This is the last shield.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kwilanna|Once it's down and the virus is in, we'll be able to end this thing once and for all.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 End Of Scene"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's say these final lines and get off this damn ship.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm finishing this scene then calling my lawyer. You ok?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|One more scene then we can be done with this bullshit.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |There, let's finish the scene and get the hell out of this ship.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Sooner this scene's done the better. You ready?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's better. Let's finish the scene then land this damn thing.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kwilanna|Yeah... sure.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 End Trans1"
|Director|Cut! My god... that earth line! So much emotional depth! You really captured the plight of the whole planet there.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Emotional what?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Um...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Right. Depth.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |If you say so.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Captured the what...?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You must be joking...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Director|But you, Jackie, you...
|Kwilanna|Look, my name's Jenny. And yeah, I know what you think. Can we just get to the next scene now?
|Director|Fine, I want shots of that ship doing cool things. You know, flying by buildings, through narrow areas, stuff like that. Let's see what you can really do with it.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'll get you your shots, don't worry.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|At least this sounds like it won't kill me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Why does everyone assume I can do these things?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Should be easy enough.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't worry, I got this.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That I can handle.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 End Trans2"
|Director|Ok, we're going with something new here. I'm throwing in a reversal.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What the hell's that mean?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You have to explain.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|A safe one, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I don't remember this in the script.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What are you talking about?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That's not in the script.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
|Director|It's coming up soon. Just make it work!

{{quote|Alright, now you have to get to the center of the city to execute the viruses. Let's make the drama happen!|Director, "PAK2 M03 End Trans3"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Flying To Center"
|Kwilanna|The sooner we're done with this scene, the sooner I can go home and let off some steam.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I suggest a nice, hot bath. Or drive through a crowded street doing 100 miles per hour. Both are good stress relief.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You know, killing people has that effect as well.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Or you can keep killing anything that attacks us. That always helps me.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You're doing a pretty good job of that here, Jenny.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Or you can just let it off here.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Think you let some off already.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Killing Helicopters"
|Director|Stop shooting down my cameramen!
|Director|Seriously, you know how much those helicopters cost?
|Director|Shoot down anything EXCEPT my camera crew!
|Director|That's coming out of your paycheck!
|Director|You're wasting good film on those helicopters!

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Kwi Starts Firing"
|The Protagonist|Did you take over the laser?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kwilanna|He thinks I'm not worth a damn, I'll show him.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Well if that's how you feel about it, by all means.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Go ahead, have a little fun with it then.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Go crazy with it, girl.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Shit, good for you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's what I like to hear.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You sure you can handle that thing?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Mission Start"
|Director|Ready to crush this final sequence? The aliens are invading and you have to stop the mind control transmitters by uploading a virus into them. You even get to fly the spaceship! So get in and get going!
|Kwilanna|Script says you're the pilot and gunner. So you know how to fly this, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No, but that never stops me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This isn't the first time I've flown strange technology.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Of course I do, piece of cake.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Think I can figure it out. I'm a natural at these things.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |No, but that never stops me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Shouldn't be that hard.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
|Kwilanna|And the locations of the transmitters?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Check the nav computer.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|The navigation computer must have them listed.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|On the computer thingy inside.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |On the navigation computer.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |They're on board.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Probably programmed into the computer.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
|Kwilanna|You really know your stuff.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Most of the time I just wing it actually.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This is true.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I know, I'm pretty good at this sort of thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, I know, I'm good.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well, that last bit I'm just guessing at. Usually right though.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Kinda my job, love.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Kwilanna|Wish I was more like that.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Honey you have the makings of a great Saint, you just need to let it all out. You've done good so far.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You've been doing a good job so far of bringing out your inner Saint.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Of course you will, honey. You've got that killer instinct inside.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |It's all about having the balls, or... whatever, to take what you want when you want. I think you could do that.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You stood up to those actresses who were tryin' to replace you. You're more like me than you think.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Look at everythin' we've done for this film. You're a natural at it and still here followin' me.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Kwilanna|You give me too much credit.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Those actresses that tried replacing you might disagree.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Those replacement actresses would disagree.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You showed those actresses in our last shoot who was in charge. That's something.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Tell that to the actresses who tried to replace you.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You see me startin' shit with them? No, that was all you, girl.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Those actresses backstage might disagree.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Kwilanna|It wasn't them that tried to have me killed...

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 NG Ambush"
|Kwilanna|What the hell's going on?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Either the military doesn't know this is a movie, or Zhen hired them to attack us.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|His idea of fun seems to be putting us in danger.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Ok, not safe. He's sent the military after us. And these aren't actors.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |An attack from the Steelport Guard? Are you kidding me?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We're under attack by the Steelport Guard!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He's got the Steelport Guard assaulting us?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kwilanna|What now?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Kill them all of course.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I keep shooting 'till they're all dead.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I do like always... blow 'em all up.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm taking them all out. I'm through playing around.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We're not dying here. I'm dropping all these assholes.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Take 'em all out.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Babbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Outrun Virus"
|Kwilanna|Are you serious!? We won't get "close" to death, we'll get blown to hell!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fuck. That. We're getting out of here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not if I can get us to safety first.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'll take us out of range. Maybe that'll get these bastards off us.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm getting us out of range of that shit.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Not if we outrun them.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Fuck that. Hang on, we're getting out of range.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{quote|We got one more huge scene to film, and this one's gonna be so over the top I'm coining a new phrase for it: EXAGA-REAL... I don't wanna spoil the surprise, but trust me, you'll kill it!|Director, "PAK2 M03 Pre Mission Call"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Ship Shutdown"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Um, what did you do Kwilanna?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What happened to our power, our weapons?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|The controls are all fucked up. What happened?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Whoa, what's going on with this thing?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |The hell's wrong with the controls?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hang on, what's happening?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Director|Your ship is shutting down while in range of the viruses. Now I want one more stunt, one more close flyby, only faster and with more intensity. This will be the best scene in the film! You're gonna kill it!

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Stunt Flying"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Give you too much credit, huh? That was pretty great back there, Jen.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|How'd that feel, standing up to the director?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That was pretty harsh back there you know. Feels good, doesn't it?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |See what I mean about standing up for yourself? Felt good, didn't it?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Might as well have told him to fuck off.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |"Can we just get to the next scene now?" See, what'd I tell you?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
|Kwilanna|Yeah, well he deserved it.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't they always.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You get no argument from me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|They all do most of the time.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Assholes like him always do.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Not saying he didn't.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You're damn right he did.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Kwilanna|Still, thanks for the encouragement.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hey, I just pointed you in the right direction. You did the rest on your own.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm always trying to help.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You know me. Anytime.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What can I say, I'm a good role model.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's what I'm here for, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Certainly seems to be working.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Stunt Reaction"
|Director|Perfect! We can use that!
|Director|Great shot! Knew you could pull that off!

{{quote|Here we go! Action!|Director, "PAK2 M03 Trans1 Start Movie"}}

{{quote|Action!|Director, "PAK2 M03 Trans2 Start Movie"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Trans3 Berating"
|Director|What, what, WHAT are you doing?!
|The Protagonist|Trying to keep us both alive here.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Director|You're killing all the attackers! This isn't as dramatic!
|Kwilanna|They're trying to kill us. What the hell did you expect us to do, lie back and die?
|Director|Screw it, we can edit this in post.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Trans3 NG Attack"
|Kwilanna|Looks like we're being ganged up on by both the aliens AND the military.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's never something like fluffy bunnies and tiny kangaroos, is it...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Always has to be the hard way for us...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|A regular party in the city...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Who'd want it to be too easy...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well this gets better and better...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well this is a fun day at the office...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{quote|Quiet! We're rolling!|Director, "PAK2 M03 Trans3 Start Movie"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Upload 1 Done"
|Kwilanna|Upload complete!
|The Protagonist|Two more to go.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Moans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Upload 1 Start"
|Kwilanna|Uploading the virus now.
|The Protagonist|I'll keep us safe, don't worry.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Kwilanna|I know you will.

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Upload 2 Done"
|Kwilanna|Upload's done.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Good job with that.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Not so bad.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Then one more to go.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |On to the next.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Then let's move.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Then let's move on.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Groans
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Upload 2 Start"
|Kwilanna|Uploading... Hey should I swing around so the camera can get a better angle of the ship?
|Director|WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY? That's the last time you break character! I've had it with you... extras. You and all the other actresses in this film are never finding work again. You're useless!
|Kwilanna|I'm not going to do it... I'm not...

{{dialogue|"PAK2 M03 Upload 3 Start"
|Kwilanna|Beginning the upload.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You know something, I'm not sure those ships are remote controlled...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Jenny, don't you think these ships are flying too well to be remote drones?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Are you sure these are remote drones? They're flying a little too well...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |And I'm beginning to think these aren't drones we're shooting...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hey Jenny, these ships seem like remote drones to you?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You know what? These ships aren't acting like remote controlled drones.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Director|What'd you expect, it was easier to use the extras to fly these things. Saves money and they were just expendable workers anyway.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So then they're really trying to kill us.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So they really are trying to kill us then?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So everyone's really trying to kill us. That's just great...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Which means they're really trying to kill us so we don't kill them.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So they're really trying to kill us.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Then they must really be tryin' to kill us.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
|Kwilanna|That insane asshole's killing real people for a movie!


PAK3 M01Edit

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 After Club Call"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Police were called to the strip club.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We are going to the strip club next. The police were called there too.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Time to hit the strip club. Seems like Gat might be there.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Looks like he may have gone to the strip club.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Police got a call about a disturbance. Looks like he went to the strip club.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |We're headed to the strip club. Gat's probably been there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Pierce|Shit, that sounds just like Johnny.

{{quote|The Saints realized they had no idea where to continue the search. But then...|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 After Interrogate 1"}}

{{quote|Indeed their friend had not been to the purveyor of weapons close by, but perhaps the next merchant would prove more... enlightening.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 After Wrong FF"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Arrive at Club"
|Pierce|Where's all the police?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And where's Johnny?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Nevermind them, let's find Gat.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Not my problem right now.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Jimmy was probably wrong about them.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't know, don't care.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Maybe they've left.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Begin Drive to FF"
|Pierce|You have any idea where to start?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|If Johnny's pissed, he'll want a gun. Try Friendly Fire.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|If this is really Johnny I would guess he's heading to Friendly Fire.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|With Johnny, he'll want a gun. Try Friendly Fire.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |If it's really Johnny, he'll want a gun. We're heading to Friendly Fire.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well, if I had to guess I'd say he'd hit up Friendly Fire.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Friendly Fire. If this is Johnny, he's gonna want a gun.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Pierce|Everything this town has to offer and that would be his first thought?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|He's in a strange place and unarmed. Hell, it was my first thought here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|He has to arm himself, like we did when we arrived.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I needed a gun when I got here.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |It was mine when I got here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Johnny'd want to be ready to go after his enemies.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He's like me, always has to be prepared.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Pierce|Yeah, but you knew we had to take on the Syndicate. A clone of Gat ain't gonna know that.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|His brain's scrambled. Sounded like he wants to make someone pay for Aisha's death.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And if he's reliving losing Aisha?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Look, he's still pissed about Aisha, not looking to play craps.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You heard Jimmy, he still thinks he's out to avenge Aisha.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |But if he's still pissed about Aisha, he may try avenging her.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |From what Jimmy said, he's still carryin' on about Aisha's death. He'll wanna make someone pay.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
|Pierce|Shit... good point.

{{quote|Having arrived just in time to save the Saints from certain death, the three set out on a chase through the metrolpolis of Steelport in search of their cloned friend. Amazed by the device built for such a purpose, they asked for an explanation on how it worked.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 Begin Gat Chase"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Call About Club"
|Jimmy|Guys! I've been listening to the police radio and there's something happening at Technically Legal. They say it involves some big monster. I'll bet...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Right, we got it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You should stay out of this, Jimmy.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Yeah, I can figure that one out too.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Just leave this to us, will ya kid.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |We'll do the betting here, you just keep out of this.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Leave it to the professionals kid.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Club Owner Rant"
|Interrogation|I already called the police. Look at what you Saints did to my club!
|Pierce|Hold up man, we didn't have nothing to do with it.
|Interrogation|Like hell you didn't. I heard that... that THING! He said he was Johnny Gat. I read the papers, he's a Saint.

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Correct FF"
|Pierce|Morningstar? Think they're after Johnny too?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I plan on asking them.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I plan on finding out.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't know, but how 'bout we ask?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I don't know, but we better check it out.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Only one way to find out.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Let's ask.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|Damn, would you look at this mess?|Pierce, "PAK3 M01 Enter Club"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Explain Tracker"
|Jimmy|So you see, with the DNA from the Gat clone programmed into this bio-scanner, I can look for traces of...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Just say it works and leave it at that.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I don't care for explanations, just results.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Did I ask? Just shut up and keep tracking Johnny.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Jimmy, I'm a little busy and I don't care how it works, just that it does.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |If it works, great. I don't care about the details, Jimmy.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Do I really look like I care? Just keep tracking Gat.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 First Interrogation"
|Interrogation|What the hell do you want?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wanna keep breathing you'll tell me what Morningstar was doing here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why was the Morningstar here? I suggest you start talking.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|To start breaking things. Unless you tell me what Morningstar was doing here.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Tell me what Morningstar was doing here and I might let you live.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Why's Morningstar here? Start talking or I'll start breaking things.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What's the Morningstar doing here? Tell me and you might live.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Interrogation|As long as you don't give me to that brute! He attacked some of our guys nearby, so we were tracking him down. Now can I go?
|Pierce|We better find Gat before these guys do.

{{quote|He's faster than I had anticipated.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 Gat Moving Fast"}}

{{quote|Dammit, this would be a lot easier without the Steelport PD on our asses.|Pierce, "PAK3 M01 Get Police Off Back"}}

{{quote|I can track Gat on my device here. Just keep us safe, alright.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 Getting In Vehicle"}}

{{quote|Listening to the sage-like advice of their intelligent and trusted friend, they raced over to the local strip joint ready to deal with a full police investigation. But when they arrived...|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 Heading to Club"}}

{{quote|Holy shit, Gat's taking down helicopters!|Pierce, "PAK3 M01 Heli Downed"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Jimmy Rescue Call"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What do you want, Jimmy? We're under attack here.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Now is not a good time, Jimmy.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Now's not the time, Jimmy.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I don't have time for this, Jimmy.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Can't this wait, Jimmy? I'm kinda busy.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Bad time, Jimmy.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Jimmy|I know, I heard on the police scanner they have you trapped inside. I have a way to track Gat! Just wait there.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Wait, don't... Well shit, now we're waiting here for the kid.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No, Jimmy, wait... Well, I guess we have to keep alive until he arrives now.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh no you... dammit! Jimmy's coming here, we have to hold out.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Jimmy? Shit... Guess we're holding out here until that kid shows up.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hold on, what?... Great. We're waiting here for Jimmy it looks like.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Wait Jimmy! Damn kid. Guess we're holdin' out here for now.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{quote|Better leave one alive if we're gonna find out what's up.|Pierce, "PAK3 M01 Leave Alive"}}

{{quote|And so our adventure begins...|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 Mission Start"}}

{{quote|Seeing our heroes approaching, footsoldiers of the notorious Morningstar gang rained down a hail of bullets. Realizing the presense of these henchmen must hold a clue to the whereabouts of their friend, keeping one alive was their only avenue for answers.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 Morningstar At FF"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Owner Interrogate"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What happened here? Where did he go?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|We are not leaving until you tell us what happened here.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Johnny Gat's dead. Now what happened here?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Listen, you better start talking. What happened here?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Tell. Me. What. Happened.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Listen, buttercup. I want details on what happened here, got it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Interrogation|Jesus! That big guy came in screaming his name and something about stripper poles, then started trashing the place! People panicked and he ran off.

{{quote|Despite all the obstacles the police put in our way, we continued our pursuit. Gaining on our target, it was Gat himself who found a way to keep us from reaching him.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 Plane Coming"}}

{{quote|Holy shit, Gat downed a PLANE!|Pierce, "PAK3 M01 Plane Downed"}}

{{quote|Would'a thought maybe Gat would be at Planet Saints. Guess not.|Pierce, "PAK3 M01 Planet Saints Empty"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Police Arrive"
|Jimmy|At that moment, little did they know the building was being surrounded.
|Interrogation|Come out of there, Saints! We have the building surrounded!
|Jimmy|But our heroes didn't have time to panic.
|Pierce|Man, we're in deep shit here.

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Police Holdout"
|Jimmy|And so it was the Saints began their stand at Technically Legal. Determined to stay alive long enough to be saved from the police by their daring ally, they opened fire on the hordes of enemies bearing down on them. The danger was extreme, but they found the courage to endure. Never once did they lose faith in their friend.
|Pierce|That kid ain't coming.

{{quote|You don't know me, but I'm your biggest fan! And I... well, I need your help. Do you know Smiling Jack's Diner? Meet me there and I'll explain everything.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 Pre"}}

{{quote|Come on, hurry! We need to get out of here!|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 Pulling Up"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Regular Car Arrive"
|Pierce|You couldn't have jacked something better than this?
|Jimmy|This is my mom's car, I'll have you know. It's very reliable.
|Pierce|That explains so much...

{{quote|With the relentless onslaught of law enforcement, all hope was beginning to fade. But then, at the darkest hour, a light shone through the gun smoke and hope was restored. The hero of the day arrived, unafraid and ready for action.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 Set Up Rescue"}}

{{quote|Hurry up and get out here, these guys are everywhere!|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 Still Inside Call"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Stop At Plane"
|Jimmy|We can't get by this. We're gonna lose him.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|So we're just giving up?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This did not end well.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm not giving up yet.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Well that was a waste of time.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So that was for nothing then...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |All that for nothing.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Jimmy|Don't worry, I have a backup plan. Trust me.

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Surprise Heli"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You had a helicopter just lying around?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You have a helicopter...?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|So a helicopter, huh?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How did YOU get a helicopter?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You're telling me you had a helicopter lying around?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |A kid like you has a helicopter?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
|Jimmy|I, Jimmy Torbitson, am a mastermind of science and technology.
|Pierce|So you stole it.

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 Surprise Turret"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You stole from the military?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Let me guess, you just happened to have this in your garage.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You gonna tell me you built this too?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Where the hell did you steal this thing?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So where'd you steal this, kid?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Steal military vehicles often?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Jimmy|I made the clone on my own. Did you not think I, Jimmy Torbitson, have other wonderful toys in my arsenal?
|Pierce|Yeah, he stole it.

{{quote|Oh shit, they called in the SWAT teams.|Pierce, "PAK3 M01 SWAT Arrives"}}

{{quote|Oh no! They've blocked the road ahead! Quick, clear it out before Johnny gets out of range.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M01 SWAT Block 1"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 SWAT Block 2"
|Jimmy|There's another roadblock ahead! We have to get through it!
|Pierce|These guys seem to be more worried about us than a giant Gat clone.

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M01 SWAT Block 3"
|Jimmy|Another one! You'll have to...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I think I know what to do by now.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Clear it out? Of course I do.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Don't tell me... clear it out.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Yeah, yeah, I'm clearing it already.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Clear it out? I think I know that by now.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Lemme guess, clear it out...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|Doubt he's here. A pissed off clone of Johnny would be causing more problems. Try the next one.|Pierce, "PAK3 M01 Wrong FF"}}

PAK3 M02Edit

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Arrive PS1"
|Jimmy|Here we are.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Time to serenade Gat.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Let's hear that singing, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Start with the singing, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, guess you better start singing.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Let that Aisha start flowing, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Let's hear those Aisha songs, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Pierce|I hate you right now.

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Arrive PS2"
|Pierce|What the fuck did you do to Gat?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Holy shit, Jimmy...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|My God... look at him...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That's not right, Jimmy!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Jesus, Jimmy...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's Johnny?!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |He looks horrible!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Jimmy|Uh, remember the plan. Get him calm before getting near him.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I think that's on you, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You're up, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Um, yeah... more singing then.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |This is on you, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Right. Pierce, get on that.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Right. Let's do this, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{quote|They're going to kill him!|Jimmy, "PAK3 M02 Attacking Gat"}}

{{quote|Keep shooting him, it's slowing him down.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M02 Bee Gun Gat"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Death Coming"
|Jimmy|Soon we can take them both home.
|Pierce|Wait, you hear that sound?
|Jimmy|I should have known then... It was the sound of doom on our doorstep.

{{quote|Aisha! NOOOOOOO!|Jimmy, "PAK3 M02 Death of Aisha"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 End"
|Pierce|What now?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Now we find something bigger to stop Gat. He was hard to control when he wasn't a rampaging clone.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Stopping Gat would be hard. Stopping his clone? That's going to take a lot more.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Gat's pissed. He isn't going to come quietly. We'll need a better plan.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |A pissed off Gat was one thing. A pissed off clone... we'll need something powerful to stop him.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I could have handled a cloned Gat. But a rampaging clone of Gat? This is gonna need something bigger.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Gat's even more pissed now. We'll need something seriously powerful to stop him.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Jimmy|Lucky for them, I had just the thing...

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Find Gat"
|Pierce|There he is.
|Jimmy|Start singing, I know it'll work.
|Pierce|I really hate you both right now.

{{quote|On the hunt once again to save our friend, we knew the faster we reached him the better chance we had of keeping him alive. We had to keep our wits about us to make this work.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M02 Follow Gat Begins"}}

{{quote|We have to follow. Come on, I'll track him!|Jimmy, "PAK3 M02 Gat Runs Off"}}

{{quote|The excitement of the crowd and the realization they will finally find their friend put the group in high spirits. Pierce's singing would work, just as the invention by yours truly had kept the fans at bay. With the strength of their leader guiding them all, there was nothing to fear. As they drove, they thought of all the good they will accomplish together.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M02 Heading to PS2"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Hear Gat At PS2"
|Jimmy|I hear him! He must be at the other Planet Saints! We have to hurry!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Let's get moving, Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Hurry Pierce, let's move.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You heard him, Pierce. Let's go.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pack it up Pierce, we're rolling.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Pierce, time to move.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Hold on, Pierce, we're moving!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Helicopter"
|Pierce|We got a problem, boss. Helicopter coming in!
|Jimmy|No, no, no! Here, shoot those things down before they hurt Gat!

{{quote|That was close. We better make sure Gat's alright.|Pierce, "PAK3 M02 Helis Dead"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Keep Away"
|Jimmy|Use the bee gun to keep the crowd back. They're causing too much feedback on the speakers.
|Jimmy|The crowd's getting too close to the stage, you gotta keep them back.
|Jimmy|Watch the crowd, they're getting through!
|Jimmy|You have to keep them all back!

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Meet Jimmy"
|Pierce|Ok, what the hell is that?
|Jimmy|A mobile stage! Hop in, I'll explain along the way to Planet Saints.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|And this is supposed to help us how?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And this is supposed to help stop Gat?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This is a joke, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |How is this supposed to help us?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Start explaining this shit, Jimmy.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Start talking. How's this going to help us?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Jimmy|Pierce is a singer. If he sings Aisha songs, we can calm the savage beast within Johnny, giving us a chance to reason with him.
|Pierce|You've gotta be kidding. And why are we going to Planet Saints?
|Jimmy|Today is Fan Appreciation Day at all those locations. Gat may turn up looking to reconnect with the Saints. Only problem is the crowd.
|Pierce|What about them?
|Jimmy|We'll have to keep them from spooking him. Take this bee gun, my own genius creation. It should be able to hold off any crazed fans without killing them.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Jimmy... this is a bee gun. You know what, fine, I'll try it.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This better work, cause right now it sounds ridiculous.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You want me to use... bees. Right...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fine, we'll give it a shot. But this better damn well work.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |A bee gun? I'm at a loss for words...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm taking a bee gun and listening to a kid. I must've lost my mind.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{quote|Calling my allies to arms, I met them with the solution to our problem...|Jimmy, "PAK3 M02 Mission Start"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Morningstar Attack"
|Pierce|Boss, we got incoming!
|Jimmy|Oh god! Don't let them kill us!

{{quote|Nearing their destination, the Saints knew this was their lost friend and were happy to see him alive and well.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M02 Nearing PS2"}}

{{quote|It would take something more powerful. The most powerful feeling of all... Love.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M02 Power of Love"}}

{{quote|Guys, I know how to stop Johnny! We just have to get him calm first, then we can talk to him. I have the perfect way to do it! Meet me at Rim Jobs. You're going to love this, I just know it!|Jimmy, "PAK3 M02 Pre A"}}

{{quote|Guys, I know how to stop Johnny! We just have to get him calm first, then we can talk to him. I have the perfect way to do it! Come to my house. You're going to love this, I just know it!|Jimmy, "PAK3 M02 Pre B"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Protect Pierce"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|The bees will work on Gat, right?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Will the bees stop Gat?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I can slow Gat down with the bees, right?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Will this bee thing work on Gat?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Tell me this bee gun will work on Gat.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |The bees. Will they work on Gat?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Jimmy|I think so...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I hope so. If they don't, Pierce is in trouble.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I have to try before he kills Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|For Pierce's sake I hope so.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Gonna have to try, otherwise Pierce is going to get his head ripped off.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Well, one way to find out...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |They better or Pierce ain't gonna last.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Revive Gat"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|It's alright, Johnny. I'm here... fuck!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I am here for you, Johnny. Let's... wait!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|We have you, Johnny. Let's go... dammit!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Come on, buddy. We... shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I got ya, Gat. It's ok... oh shit!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |It's alright, Johnny. We're... fuck!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Rocket Launcher"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You had this on you? Fuck it, just forget I asked.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Jimmy, where were you keeping this? On second thought, nevermind...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You had this just tucked away for a rainy day?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Where did you get this... you know what, nevermind.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Where were you stashing this? In fact, forget I asked...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |A RPG launcher? Where... You know, forget I asked.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Romantic Moment"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce... it's actually working!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This is actually working?!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That worked?!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Holy shit, this... this is working!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Is that... is that actually working?!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Jimmy, it's... it's working!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Jimmy|I told you!
|Pierce|Kid, you got lucky here.

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 See Aisha Brute"
|Pierce|You didn't. You fucking didn't!
|Jimmy|She was his one true love, I couldn't let him live without her.

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Singing Not Working"
|Jimmy|But try as we might, the rage inside the tormented man could not be subdued with mere bees.
|Jimmy|This isn't working. Hold on, I have a secret weapon. This is guaranteed to work!

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M02 Singing Working"
|Jimmy|It's working, keep singing!
|Jimmy|He's calming down!

PAK3 M03Edit

{{quote|Hello?... Can you hear me?... Echoooo... Great! Fast as now mortal legs could carry them our hero raced to the bridge determined to save the day. Finding the area swarming with Steelport Guard, and their powers now just a memory, the Saint had to fall back to their roots.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M03 Arrive at Bridge"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Arrive at PS1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|I'm here, but no Gat.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|There is no sign of Gat here...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Ok, I'm here, but no Gat.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I'm here. I don't see Gat though...
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Alright, I'm here but no sign of Gat...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No sign of Gat around here...
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
|Interrogation|Finish off the Saints!

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Arrive PS2"
|Interrogation|There they are! Release the brutes!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Why am I not surprised...
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Big surprise, he got it wrong again.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Morningstar?! Guess I got my wish...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Are you fucking kidding me? Again?!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |I'm gonna kill that kid...
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Well fuck me! Again?!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{quote|Almost there, boss. You got this!|Pierce, "PAK3 M03 Boss At 33 Percent"}}

{{quote|It's still up. Gonna take more than that.|Pierce, "PAK3 M03 Boss At 66 Percent"}}

{{quote|Come on, one more hit!|Pierce, "PAK3 M03 Boss Near Death"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Call from Pierce"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce, tell me you're alright.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Pierce, tell me you're alright!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Talk to me Pierce. Everything ok?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, is that you?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Pierce, you there?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Pierce, you alright?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
|Pierce|Boss! Yeah, I'm here with Gat. We're on top of Magarac Bridge and we're under attack by the military. You've gotta hurry!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't worry, I'll be there soon.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'm coming for you, just hold on.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'll be right there.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hang on, Pierce, I'm coming.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Don't worry, I'll be there soon.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't worry Pierce, I'm on my way!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{quote|Careful up there, I'm seeing helicopters fly in.|Pierce, "PAK3 M03 Call Out Helis"}}

{{quote|Shit, snipers on the roof.|Pierce, "PAK3 M03 Call Out Snipers"}}

{{quote|They're rolling tanks up the highway!|Pierce, "PAK3 M03 Call Out Tanks"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 End PS1"
|Jimmy|I'm hearing roars in the distance. Triangulating the source and...
|Jimmy|It's another Planet Saints! He has to be there!
|Jimmy|I've got it! Sending you the location now.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No more traps, Jimmy.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|This better be right, Jimmy.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|This better not be more military...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You better be right this time, Jimmy.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |And it better be the right one.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You're sure this time, right?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Get On Bridge"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Pierce, how do I get up to you?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Is there a way up somewhere, Pierce? I've done all I can from down here.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I can't get up to you, Pierce. I don't see a way.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Pierce, how did you get up there? I don't see a way.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |How'd you guys get up there? I don't see a way.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |I'm not seeing a way up there, Pierce. How'd you manage it?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
|Pierce|Gat climbed up the side. But don't worry, called the boys and they're flying in a chopper.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Good call.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What would I do without you.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|That should do the trick.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Good to hear.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |That's what I like to hear.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Can always count on you.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
}} }}

{{quote|I heard over the radio there's load roars coming from Planet Saints. I'll be on the phone with you the whole way.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M03 Go To PS1"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Military at PS1"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|There's military everywhere!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|There's military here! What are they doing?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Jesus! There's military all over the place!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Dammit, the military's all over!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What's the military doing here? Besides shooting at me?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |There's military crawling all over the place!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Jimmy|You're right! They used speakers to play that roaring sound hoping to lure the Saints out. Oh god, I'm so sorry! I should have seen this coming!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Don't worry, I'm fine. Just find Gat already.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Make it up to me by finding Gat already.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Whatever, just find Gat and Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Look, just find Gat. I'm fine here.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |What you need to do is find Johnny and Pierce. Don't worry about me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Don't worry, I'm fine here. Just find Gat and Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Mission Start"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|What the hell happened...?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What just happened here?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Oh my head... what happened?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What... what happened...?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Oh man, my head. What happened?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Ohh... what the hell happened?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Mumbles
|Jimmy|Well, Johnny found his way back here and he... he took Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|That I vaguely remember. I mean to me, what happened to me?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|That I remember. But why do I feel... strange?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Did I get hit or something, cause I feel kinda strange?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |I remember that. I mean what happened to me?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Tell me somethin' I don't know, like what happened to me.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |That I remember. But what happened to me?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Jimmy|Oh that. You're feeling the effects of my irradiated Saints Flow.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Fucking what?!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What did you just say?!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Wait, you poisoned me?!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What?!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Come again?!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Your what?!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
|Jimmy|The Saints Flow you drank when you got here had been irradiated by my homemade particle accelerator. I intended to drink it myself, but seeing as I owed you for all this trouble I gave it to you.
|Jimmy|While you were out, I gave you Saints Flow I irradiated with my homemade particle accelerator. I intended to drink it myself, but seeing as I owed you for all this trouble I figured you could use it.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Is this killing me?! I feel so... so... amazing! Like, really great!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|So what's happening to me? I feel... really good right now!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|And it's doing what to me? I feel like I'm... really strong!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What is this doing to me? I feel... I feel... really great!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |And what the hell's it gonna do to me? I feel like... like I can take on the world!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |What's it done to me? I feel like... like... like I'm fuckin' invincible!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Snarls
|Jimmy|It should increase your speed, your strength, allow you to throw fireballs, make you impervious to harm, and other... unknown side effects. My very own superhero concoction. Now you're ready to go after Johnny.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|You're not kidding for once.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|And don't forget Pierce.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Well shit, yeah I am!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Hell yeah I am.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Damn straight!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Damn right!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{quote|You need to get there fast! If I calculated the molecular make up of the drink correctly, you should be lighter than normal as well. Maybe even able to fly. But that's theoretical of course...|Jimmy, "PAK3 M03 Move Faster"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Nice"
|Pierce|Damn you're good!
|Pierce|Knew you'd make that one.
|Pierce|Let's get more like that.
|Pierce|Shit, nice shot!
|Pierce|That's right, you got this.

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 On Way to PS1"
|Jimmy|Taking off like a god treading among mere mortals, the leader of the Saints set out to find their two trusted lieutenants. Meanwhile their closest friend, Jimmy Torbitson, scoured the information highway for news on...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Jimmy... you worry me. Like, seriously worry me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|What are you smoking, Jimmy? Do you always talk like this?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You are really messed up, you know that?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Umm, Jimmy? What are you doing?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |"Scoured the information highway"? What the hell are you talking about?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Jimmy, are you mental?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Sneers
|Jimmy|... What... what do you mean? How are you talking to me?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Cause really, you're not even a friend, much less a close one.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|You're the one who started saying crazy things, not me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What was all that about mortals and you being my closest friend?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |You were spouting crap about gods and mortals. What's that all about?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |You're the one who started monologing here.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Gods, mortals, my closest friend... what the hell is that all about?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gurgles
|Jimmy|Oh my god. You have telepathic powers! You can hear my thoughts!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Hold on, I'm in your head? Get me out of here quick before I see... well shit, too late... Jimmy, use the damn phone.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Your thoughts? That's... a disturbing concept. Whatever you do, don't think about girls. Just talk to me on the phone.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Well then keep those thoughts on finding Gat and off my ass, will you. In fact, just use the phone, this is too damn weird.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Just great, of all the heads I could be in I get yours... fan-fucking-tastic... Look, just use the damn phone to talk to me, alright?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Hold on, I'm in your head?! Well keep me the hell out of it and use the damn phone.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Your thoughts? Well fucking great, just what I always wanted. How about we stick to the phone, alright?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Powers Leaving"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Why... why am I getting tired?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Why am I feeling weaker? Jimmy, what's going on?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Hold on, Jimmy, what's going on?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Jimmy, what's... what's happening to me? I'm...getting tired.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Jimmy, there a reason I'm slowing down?
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Jimmy, Something ain't right.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Jimmy|The Saints Flow must be wearing off. I thought it would last at least an hour, but you're burning through the power too fast. You'll have to stop.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|No time to stop, Pierce and Johnny need me.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|No. I cannot stop now while Pierce needs me.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Forget it, I can do this the old-fashioned way.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Fuck that, I'm not stopping while Johnny and Pierce are out there.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Pierce and Gat need me. Stopping ain't an option.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |No time to stop, not while Pierce and Gat are out there.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
}} }}

{{quote|Look, I know this hasn't gone as smoothly as I said it would, but I know we can bring Gat back around. Come to my place and give me one more chance, you won't regret it.|Jimmy, "PAK3 M03 Pre"}}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 PS1 Apologize"
|Jimmy|Determined to make up for his mistake, Jimmy Torbitson searched the airwaves for any sign of the lost Johnny Gat. Finding...
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Finding my foot up your ass if you don't stop with the monologues.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I told you to keep your thoughts to yourself.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|What the fuck are you doing? Didn't I say to knock that off?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Are you talking about yourself in third person now? Seriously?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Seriously, Jimmy, you need help.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Seriously kid, keep the thoughts to yourself.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Grunts
|Jimmy|Oh right! Sorry...

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 See Gunship"
|Pierce|Boss, you seein' this?
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Yeah, and I'm not happy. What is that?
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Yes, and what is that thing?
|The Protagonist - Female 3|I'm seeing something. What the hell is it?
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |What the hell is that thing?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Whatever it is doesn't look good.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Yeah, and what the hell is it?
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Growls
|Pierce|Some sort of gunship. We're in trouble up here if we don't get that thing down.
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Guess I better get on that.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|I'll do whatever I can.
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Should be no problem... I hope...
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Don't worry, I'm on it.
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |So let's destroy that damn thing.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Then I'm on it.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Shoot Gunship"
|Pierce|Shoot that big thing!
|Pierce|Hit it again!
|Pierce|Give it another shot!

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Shoot Helis"
|Pierce|We gotta clear out some of these helicopters.
|Pierce|Don't let up on the choppers.
|Pierce|More helis to shoot.
|Pierce|Still a lot of choppers in the air.

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Stop Shooting Gat"
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Leave them alone, dammit!
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Leave Gat alone!
|The Protagonist - Female 3|Stop shooting them and shoot me!
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Quit shooting my friends!
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Quit shooting them already!
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |Nobody shoots my friends, got it!
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Roars
}} }}

{{dialogue|"PAK3 M03 Stun Gunship"
|Pierce|See if you can disable that gunship.
|Pierce|Get it to stop shooting!
|Pierce|Stun that thing again!

{{dialogueCollapsed|"PAK3 M03 Tell PS2 a Trap"
|Jimmy|Oh no! I've analyzed the sound from that second Planet Saints and I think it's another trap!
|The Protagonist - Female 1|Way to catch up with the times, Jimmy.
|The Protagonist - Female 2|Yes, and I already fell for it. Thanks for nothing...
|The Protagonist - Female 3|You really need to work on your timing.
|The Protagonist - Male 1  |Really, Jimmy? You don't say?
|The Protagonist - Male 2  |Glad you can finally tell me what I already know.
|The Protagonist - Male 3  |You're late with that news, mate.
|The Protagonist - Zombie  |Gargles
}} }}

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