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Star saints

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Please see Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package for full information.


Although all Saints Row DLC have recently been removed from the Xbox Marketplace, THQ have finally done something right by announcing that they will be releasing all DLC for Saints Row: The Third on disc.

I salute Kevin Kraff for giving fans what they have requested. Hopefully the DLC for Saints Row and Saints Row 2 will also be released on disc. The Saints Row double pack was a missed opportunity to do exactly that.

Edit:Unfortunately it is still impossible to play multiplayer offline over System Llink without the Online pass.

The following text is from the Press Release

Strap It on Some More with Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package, Hitting Stores on November 6, 2012

With every weapon, every vehicle, every outfit, every mission pack, The Full Package is the ultimate Saints Row: The Third experience.

THQ Inc. and Volition, Inc. today announced Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package will be available for purchase in North America on November 6, 2012, and internationally on November 9, 2012 for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, PlayStation Network and Windows PC for the suggested retail price of $49.99.

The premiere edition of Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package includes the award-winning, critically-acclaimed, almost universally lauded Saints Row: The Third; the three downloadable mission packs Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space, and The Trouble With Clones; and more than 30 bonus DLC items from such hits as the Shark Attack Pack, Witches & Wieners pack, Special Operations pack, and the Girl Genki Vehicle pack. With every weapon, every vehicle, and every outfit ever created for Saints Row: The Third, players will go over the top, off the reservation, and to places where no decent game should go.

"The fans have asked for it, and with the Full Package, we are happy to deliver," said Kevin Kraff, Vice President, Global Brand Management for THQ. "With all the amazing and over-the-top DLC Volition created, the Full Package now stands as the definitive edition of Saints Row: The Third. For anyone that has yet to play this one-of-a-kind game, it's time to strap it on."

Remember: If a site publishes news which is sourced from a press release, but they do not link to the press release itself, it means they are plagiarists who want you to believe that the "news" is exclusive to them.

Update: Trailer - featuring everyone's favourite porn star, Sasha Grey.

I've been updating the section for The Full Package on the Saints Row: The Third article, but since this post is popular, I'll add the info here as well.

Saints Row The Third The Full Package - DLC list in trailer

Screenshot from trailer

DLC listed in the trailer:

DLC not listed in the trailer:

It has been confirmed that CheapyD and the Valve Clothing Pack are included.

The GoG version of Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package includes:

  • Bloodsucker Pack
  • Cheapy D Pack
  • Explosive Combat Pack
  • FUNTIME! Pack
  • Gangstas In Space
  • Genki Girl Pack
  • Genkibowl VII
  • Horror Pack
  • Invincible Pack
  • Money Shot Pack
  • Nyte Blayde Pack
  • Penthouse Pack
  • Shark Attack Pack
  • Special Ops Vehicle Pack
  • Steelport Gangs Pack
  • The Trouble With Clones
  • Unlockable Pack
  • Valve Clothing Pack
  • Warrior Pack
  • Witches and Wieners Pack
  • Z Style Pack

The Online Pass is not specifically mentioned, but is no longer required.

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It can be pre-ordered, but as I do not support pre-orders, I am not linking to it. I'll order it the day it is released, but not before. (I'll also sell my other copies of SRTT - I'm glad I'm not stupid enough to pay for DLC)
And technically, linking to a store would be spam.
452, 2012-09-25T23:33:04Z (last edited: 452, 2012-09-26T00:59:53Z)
How come all of the DLC for Saints Row got removed from XBox Live Marketplace?
Ryker61, 2012-10-27T08:26:54Z
Good question, but I don't know.
Try asking:
Volition, Inc.
1 Main Street #300
Champaign, IL 61820, USA
THQ Inc.
29903 Agoura Road
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
452, 2012-10-27T08:37:45Z (last edited: 452, 2012-10-27T08:39:06Z)
I have the original game on a disc so if i buy this DLC disc does it mean that i have 2 copies of the same game?, 2012-10-29T12:31:52Z
Yes. (and I'm not sure if The Full Package players will be able to play multiplayer with people who have the downloaded all the DLCs)
452, 2012-10-29T16:53:26Z
Pretty odd. None of it was important though right?
Ccrogers15, 2012-10-30T02:29:03Z
All of it was important.
452, 2012-10-30T02:33:06Z
i have a question, are all the Saints Row 3 DLC gonna be on one disc with the game or is it gonna be on a seperate disc and you have to install them on the hardrive? or the option that i never loved - will the DLC just be a code on a one time use voucher?
Dr4g0nSl4y3r, 2012-10-30T03:05:29Z
I would assume it is all on a single disc, anything else would be dumb. There's already 12 DLC on the disc - the 3 additional DLC packs are only 475mb, so they will fit on a single disc along with the game.
452, 2012-10-30T03:14:17Z (last edited: 452, 2012-10-30T03:15:29Z)
Apparently, this is available on on the 2nd of Nov on amazon:
452, 2012-10-30T03:21:34Z
i just read the headline for this post and it was saying something about the xbox marketplace getting rid of all of its SRTT dlc. i know that the post is a month old but here i sit typing this to anyone interested right next to my xbow staring at the option to purchase dlc for the game. i only got it two weeks ago so time isnt a factor according to the post. right now it is october 30 2012 at 6:51pm (pacific) and there they all sit on the xbox marketplace. the compatiblilty packs for those who dont have ganstas in space or the other campaing expansion packs. there is also the the gameplay add-ons like steelport gangs pack and moneyshot, the list goes on.
in total there are fifty eight downloadable content items; expansion packs, avatar items and trailers respectively. so if THQ planned on selling this disc it had better be at a bargain brand price for as long as it took for them to do it especially when the content sits right there.
i also know that the dlc is not time zone specific because i have a friend on xbox live who lives in alabama which is two hours ahead of me and he got the game shortly after i did and all of the expansion packs he could afford. so anybody want to take a look at the dashboard then they will find the dlc for saints row the third waiting for them., 2012-10-31T01:50:55Z
The headline of this post is "SRTT - The Full Package".
This post says nothing about the xbox marketplace getting rid of all of its SRTT dlc.
There are no Saints Row DLC available in the Xbox marketplace. If you can see Saints Row DLC in the marketplace, please post a photo of it.
452, 2012-10-31T02:03:18Z (last edited: 452, 2013-01-07T06:37:02Z)
Once this is released, I'll do a full extraction of all files and compare them with the originals - I have a feeling I won't be the only one doing this.
452, 2012-10-31T04:51:10Z
Saints Row The Third DLC photo of Invincible, Shark Attack, and Bloodsucker Packs
Saints Row The Third DLC photo of Steelport Gangs, Penthouse, and Nyte Blayde Packs
Saints Row The Third DLC photo of The Wide World of Genki Trailer
i forgot that i had an account on this wiki so i had to dig it up before i could do this but there they are. iknow that it's barely visible
but that's what happens when you take a picture of a tv screen with a low performance camera. i expanded them a bit so that there easier to read but there they are and it is now 10/31/12 at 3:40 pm (pacific) at the time of this post
(Admin edit: renamed poorly named files.)
Tolimee, 2012-10-31T22:39:39Z (last edited: 452, 2015-11-30T17:33:40Z)
Those aren't Saints Row DLC.
452, 2012-10-31T23:37:18Z (last edited: 452, 2012-10-31T23:37:43Z)
my freind im not sure where your information originates from and i'd very much like to get the link to your sources. i decided to check one more time on the marketplace on a neighbors console to make sure that my marketplace information was in fact updated. and the very same dlc sat there on the marketplace. i also went online to gamespot and ign to check and make sure me and my friend arent hallucinating and there they sit right there. this very wiki has pages about the dlc in question that will tell you what each dlc is about. so i once again state my point. there is in fact downloadable content for saints row the third in the marketplace right now that is available for purchase.
Tolimee, 2012-11-01T04:07:05Z
"there is in fact downloadable content for saints row the third in the marketplace right now that is available for purchase."
I never said there wasn't.
Here's where I get my information: the xbox marketplace page for Saints Row. There are 3 trailers, and no Saints Row DLC. If you can see DLC via this link, please buy them and update the Saints Row DLC articles.
452, 2012-11-01T04:56:44Z (last edited: 452, 2012-11-01T05:02:26Z)
forgive me for misinterpreting the topic sentence;"Although ALL Saints Row DLC have recently been removed from the Xbox Marketplace." i looked at your source and found the breakdown in communication between us. the link you posted sent me here:

that page exclusively talks about the original saints row and only lists the three trailers you mentioned. your headline however doesnt say that your talking about the first title.

the acronym that was used by the press stands for saints row the third and after doing some digging on i found the actual page for saints row the third and the dlc that i was speaking of earlier, the link of which follows:

i think you just grabbed the wrong headline or something but anyway review the links and tell me what you think.

Tolimee, 2012-11-01T06:11:02Z
"forgive me for misinterpreting the topic sentence"
What is a "topic sentence"?
"that page exclusively talks about the original saints row "
Yes. Notice how all Saints Row DLC has been removed from that page.
"your headline however doesnt say that your talking about the first title."
Saints Row is the first title. All Saints Row DLC has been removed.
"the acronym that was used by the press stands for saints row the third"
What does that have to do with anything?
"i think you just grabbed the wrong headline or something"
What are you talking about?
edit: since you've numbered your replies, I've added numbers here for clarity.
452, 2012-11-01T06:59:39Z (last edited: 452, 2012-11-01T17:06:42Z)
re:You have posted this as a new comment instead of as a reply, unfortunately, it's not currently possible to move blog comments, please repost you comment as a reply and I will delete this comment.
sorry about wasting your time with the new post. here is the the same thing:
question 1: you've got te be joking
statment:1 i noticed what wasnt there when i wrote the post
statement 2: when the title of the blog reads SRTT: the full package and you dont specifiy anything else after that. when an individual like me comes along and reads "Saints Row DLC" after rerading the title one assumes you are speaking about the third game in the series not the first.
question 2: "the acronym that was used by the press stands for saints row the third" that was just in case there was the slight possiblilty that you havent played or heard of the third title. i'm pretty sure you have though
question 3: you stated this:
"The following text is from the Press Release
Strap It on Some More with Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package, Hitting Stores on November 6, 2012
now i could be once again misinterpreting what i'm reading but this seems to be the headline from a news article that was covering saints row the third. now either our communications breakdown extends farther than that or you were talking about the first saints row on a blog that leads readers to beleive that your talking about saints row the third
if that isnt the case i'm sorry.
Tolimee, 2012-11-01T21:55:30Z
No problem, it happens - just yesterday I posted something on my own wall instead of someone elses.
1. I have never heard the phrase "topic sentence" in my life.
"title of the blog reads SRTT: the full package"
It reads "SRTT - The Full Package", because the main subject of this "Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package." I used the abbreviation in the heading to save space, and used the expanded version in the body.
"you dont specifiy anything else.", "one assumes"
I specified "Saints Row DLC". Every time I talked about Saints Row: The Third, I used the words "Saints Row: The Third" so no-one needed to guess what I was talking about.
"Strap It on Some More with Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package, Hitting Stores on November 6, 2012" is the heading from the press release, not from a news article.
452, 2012-11-01T22:11:53Z (last edited: 452, 2015-11-30T17:34:49Z)
okay i see what happened, thanks for being patient with me. and by the way here is the definition of "topic sentence"
a sentence that states the main thought of a paragraph or of a larger unit of discourse and is usually placed at or near the beginning
Tolimee, 2012-11-02T03:44:54Z
Ah, where I'm from we generally refer to that as the introduction, although I'm also familiar with the term lead paragraph and opening sentence.
452, 2012-11-02T04:07:44Z (last edited: 452, 2012-11-02T04:11:05Z)
not worth buying. Just stick with your original copy. Once you've already completed the game, you dont feel like playing the same thing over and over again, 2012-11-11T01:38:31Z
Thanks, why is it not worth buying?
452, 2012-11-13T08:58:16Z (last edited: 452, 2012-11-13T09:08:15Z)
So now that it's out - is the DLC included on-disc or a series of download codes?, 2012-11-16T08:37:52Z
what if you got already the normal Siants Row and you buy the full package
do yo need to do the whole game again
plzzz anwers my question
Gerby800, 2012-11-17T19:13:01Z
Confirmation of whether the Bloodsucker Pack, CheapyD, Online Pass, Unlockable Pack or Valve Clothing Pack are included in this would be great.
452, 2013-01-07T06:39:54Z
What u mean all saints row
Games is the best.if u best the 1 one. is more saints row coming out, 2013-01-07T12:14:46Z
Would you care to repeat that in english?
452, 2013-01-07T14:26:35Z
There is two disc one is the game. The other is a disc that installs all the dlc to your hard drive. Look at it this way if your friend has the original Saints Row The Third release than you can let him install all the dlc on his Xbox the dlc disc can be used by an unlimited number of people., 2013-03-15T15:08:45Z
Thanks for the info!
Although just having a whole disc to install 475mb is dumb, that's pretty cool that it can be shared with multiple people like that. So just the original disc is required to inserted to play the game, and not the DLC disc?
edit: Yes.
452, 2013-03-15T15:11:47Z (last edited: 452, 2015-11-30T17:36:50Z)
CheapyD and the online pass are included but the bloodsucker pack and valve clothing pack are not included., 2013-03-17T17:21:10Z
Excellent. And do you still have to connect to the internet to redeem the "Online Pass" in order to play offline multiplayer?
452, 2013-03-17T17:39:36Z
I just bought standard edition and the online pass is invalid it was brand new and they have pulled all dlc off the psn store so I can't play co op any idea what's going on?, 2013-03-27T09:15:48Z
I purchaced the full pack but none of the dlc seems to be appering hoe do i get the dlc?, 2013-05-01T01:40:45Z
I have no idea.
452, 2013-05-01T01:51:31Z (last edited: 452, 2013-05-01T01:51:47Z)
I tried downlloading it to the hard drive but that dosnt seem like it worked, 2013-05-01T02:19:28Z
What platform are you using?
  • This isn't xbox tech support
  • This isn't steam tech support
  • This isn't playstation tech support
  • This isn't volition tech support
You paid money to one of those companies, therefore you are entitled to tech support from whomever you paid.
452, 2013-05-01T02:49:16Z (last edited: 452, 2013-05-01T02:50:33Z)
im using xbox. and i relize this isnt tech support thanks for that, 2013-05-01T03:04:01Z
It looks like they even have live chat.
452, 2013-05-01T03:15:29Z
I think that was the case, yes. Since I got the Full Package, that would be correct.
The Supreme Diamond-Hooded Eagle, 2013-05-01T10:04:50Z
Damn. Thanks!
452, 2013-05-01T10:18:03Z
Do you get Saints Row 2 with this version just as you do with the original version or no?, 2013-05-21T04:22:44Z
Was wondering the same thing. 
Oogzy, 2013-05-21T04:24:51Z
Wasn't that just for PS? When I bought SRTT for xbox, it didn't come with SR2.
edit: I googled "free copy of Saints Row 2", and have confirmed that that was just for PS because they had announced at E3 that there was going to be an "exclusive mode" for PS, but it never happened, so they threw SR2 in as a freebie so PS players wouldn't feel too ripped off.
When you bought the game, it didn't actually get SR2, you had the option to download it if you went online and redeemed the Online Pass.
Also: Forum:PS3 Owners Get A Free Copy of Saints Row 2
452, 2013-05-21T12:00:38Z (last edited: 452, 2013-05-21T12:13:12Z)
disc, 2013-07-10T19:44:28Z
I have s4, 2013-08-08T22:13:48Z
Then contribute details and screenshots to the wiki.
452, 2013-08-08T22:43:03Z
Hey look I have the PS3 and no problem with the disc or DLC'S on Saints Row The Full Package and never wasted my money downloading DLC'S before but I did screw up to and went and bought Saints Row 4 before doing my research lol so I took my Saints Row The Third game and Saints Row 4 back and still had to pay $20 difference for The Full Package and now I'm doing Saints Row The Third all over again too.So what I'm saying all and all I probably lost over $100 also but if everyone including me would of done there research first no one would be out any money cuz I ain't going to cry over spilt milk lol..., 2013-12-21T21:15:26Z
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