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This page is a brief summary, see {{ref?}} and {{ref}} for further information.

See also: Forum:How to state a fact

Citation needed![]

To request a reference for a piece of information, use {{ref?}}

  • Details are optional, but may be added to make it clear what requires a reference.
{{ref?|What is the name of the mission where this happens?}}

Do not remove a {{ref?}} without adding a {{ref}}.

Internal references[]

{{ref|'''Label''': [[Page Name]]}}
  • The Label should be the type of page, such as '''Mission'''
  • The link should be an internal link with two square brackets on either side of the page name, such as [[Back to Basics]]
{{ref|'''Mission''': [[Back to Basics]]}}

External references[]

{{ref|'''Label''': [ linktext]}}
  • Label should be the name of the website, such as '''LameGameReviewer'''
  • Remember to add link text and not simply the naked url: [ Saints Row Review]
{{ref|'''LameGameReviewer''': [ Review of Saints Row]}}

Links containing =[]

If the external URL contains a =, the ref must be prefixed by 2=

{{ref|2='''LameGameReviewer''': [ Saints Row Review]}}

YouTube references[]

{{ref|youtube= YoutubeID | description }}
  • YoutubeID should be the ID of the video, such as jFUM614FGkU
  • A description is required. Omitting the description displays an error.
{{ref|youtube=jFUM614FGkU|Lamer review}}

For advanced youtube parameter formatting see Template:Ref#YouTube parameter

Image references[]

{{ref|image=File page | Caption }}
  • File page must not have the "File:" prefix.
  • A caption is required. Omitting a caption displays an error.
{{ref|image=Saints Row IV newsticker - Piledriver the Musical.jpg|Newsticker mentioning Angel}}

For advanced image parameter formatting see Template:Ref#Image parameter

Named references[]

If an identical reference is used multiple times on a page, it is automatically merged.

If it is a long reference, it is possible to name the reference and use only the reference name for subsequent uses.

All types of references can be named.

Reference names are required for references longer than 200 characters.

Usage: {{ ref | UniqueRefName | reference }}
{{ref|Btb mission|'''Mission''': [[Back to Basics]]}}
{{ref|LGR review|'''LameGameReviewer''': [ Review ]}}
{{ref|Lamer review|youtube=jFUM614FGkU|Lamer review}}
{{ref|Newsticker|image=Saints Row IV newsticker.jpg|Newsticker mentioning Angel}}

To re-use the reference, simply use the previous name:

Usage: {{ref | UniqueRefName }}
{{ref|Btb mission}}
{{ref|LGR review}}
{{ref|Lamer review}}

For more details about name parameter see Template:Ref

References section[]

On the Saints Row Wiki, the references section is part of the default article template, and is already present in all articles.

To add a references section to a non-article page, use {{reflist}} to create a numbered listing of references.

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