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This page is a brief summary, see {{ref?}} and {{ref}} for further information.

See also: Forum:How to state a fact

Citation needed![]

To request a reference for a piece of information, use {{ref?}}

  • Details are optional, but may be added to make it clear what requires a reference.
{{ref?|What is the name of the mission where this happens?}}

Do not remove a {{ref?}} without adding a {{ref}}.

Internal references[]

{{ref|'''Label''': [[Page Name]]}}
  • The Label should be the type of page, such as '''Mission'''
  • The link should be an internal link with two square brackets on either side of the page name, such as [[Back to Basics]]
{{ref|'''Mission''': [[Back to Basics]]}}

External references[]

{{ref|'''Label''': [ linktext]}}
  • Label should be the name of the website, such as '''LameGameReviewer'''
  • Remember to add link text and not simply the naked url: [ Saints Row Review]
{{ref|'''LameGameReviewer''': [ Review of Saints Row]}}

Links containing =[]

If the external URL contains a =, the ref must be prefixed by 2=

{{ref|2='''LameGameReviewer''': [ Saints Row Review]}}

YouTube references[]

{{ref|youtube= YoutubeID | description }}
  • YoutubeID should be the ID of the video, such as jFUM614FGkU
  • A description is required. Omitting the description displays an error.
{{ref|youtube=jFUM614FGkU|Lamer review}}

For advanced youtube parameter formatting see Template:Ref#YouTube parameter

Image references[]

{{ref|image=File page | Caption }}
  • File page must not have the "File:" prefix.
  • A caption is required. Omitting a caption displays an error.
{{ref|image=Saints Row IV newsticker - Piledriver the Musical.jpg|Newsticker mentioning Angel}}

For advanced image parameter formatting see Template:Ref#Image parameter

Named references[]

If an identical reference is used multiple times on a page, it is automatically merged.

If it is a long reference, it is possible to name the reference and use only the reference name for subsequent uses.

All types of references can be named.

Usage: {{ ref | UniqueRefName | reference }}
{{ref|Btb mission|'''Mission''': [[Back to Basics]]}}
{{ref|LGR review|'''LameGameReviewer''': [ Review ]}}
{{ref|Lamer review|youtube=jFUM614FGkU|Lamer review}}
{{ref|Newsticker|image=Saints Row IV newsticker.jpg|Newsticker mentioning Angel}}

To re-use the reference, simply use the previous name:

Usage: {{ref | UniqueRefName }}
{{ref|Btb mission}}
{{ref|LGR review}}
{{ref|Lamer review}}

For more details about name parameter see Template:Ref

References section[]

At the end of the page create a references section and include the code {{reflist}}. This creates a numbered listing of references.

On the Saints Row Wiki, this section is already present in all articles by default.

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