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Posted by Sentinel Jake

As most people know, games contain glitches and bugs that can thoroughly affect the game. Some of them can Ruin a game so there's no enjoyability to play the game, but sometimes can make the game more interesting or even fun.

Such examples include the Duplication Glitch in Borderlands 2, Soft and Hard Freezes in Fallout 3, New Vegas and Battlefield 4, and even Saints Row Audio glitch that required multiple patches before it was fixed.

Saints Row IV I can remember many glitches and can even list a few, some bad, some good. Here are some examples.

  1. Replacing a Homie's weapon with a better weapon.[1]
  2. Homie's weapon being holstered on their back, but apparently still holding it[2]
  3. Customising Vehicles that not supposed be customised at Rim Jobs.
  4. Trying to find all the Snowmen in the North Pole before the game could freeze the stop you getting the achievement/trophies for finding all Snowmen.
  5. Super Jumping and jumping out the map and Hard Freezing (my worst fear when initially starting up SRIV)

I could go on but what are your thoughts and feelings on glitches and bugs you've come across? Did you find the Audio Logs playing upon starting up annoying or find the Rim Jobs glitch to be useful?

Sentinel Jake - 2014-03-19 00:29:35

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