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Since Forum:Saints Row IV facts worked so well as an information dump, I'm going to go with that format again. Saints Row: Gat out of Hell can only hold so much information, so it's nice to have somewhere to list all known information before it gets organised. Please add the facts and references here to relevant articles. Any time a gameplay video is released, let me know here and I'll upload 100 screenshots of it for use as references. Remember: This wiki does not claim to be a news site.
This wiki is the largest and most detailed archive of information about the Saints Row series, it is built by fans, for fans - if you're a fan, and you want to add news, feel free!

Source Videos

Official - hosted on one of the official youtube channels.


If you know of another gameplay video, please leave a comment with a link. (Any links to duplicate videos will be deleted)

Topic Information Source
Platforms PC, Xbox 360, Xbone, PS3, PS4. [1]
Release Dates US: 2015-01-27
UK: 2015-01-30
AU: Unknown


Playable characters Gat and Kinzie are playable. No information has been released regarding how to switch between them. It is possible to switch between them by going to the Ultor headquarters. It has been stated that in Co-op, the "host" is always Gat and the guest is always Kinzie. It has not been stated what happens if you attempt to start a co-op game while already using Kinzie.
Customization It is not possible to change Gat's or Kinzie's appearance or clothing. Or customize any vehicle. Or the appearance of any weapon. [3]
Menu Map, Quest Log, Arcane (Super Powers), Upgrades, Stats, Audio Tomes (Audio logs?) [4]
Music The Radio Stations menu is missing from the Cellphone/Hub. No music has been featured in any gameplay demo. There are no radio stations. [4]
Homies The Homies menu is missing from the Cellphone/Hub. There are no homies. It is not possible to communicate with characters outside Hell. [4]
Cheats The cheats menu is missing from the Cellphone/Hub There are no cheats. [4]
City Hell, specifically New Hades, which has 5 Districts, and 81 neighbourhoods, a Tower in the center, and additional smaller surrounding islands.

After release, there are now 82 Hoods.

[5] [6]
Districts "Shantytown", "The Den", "Downtown", "Barrens", "Forge", with a tower named "Tower" in the center [5]

After release, Forge has 17 Hoods.

Cribs/Gateways? There are 6 "Portals", one on each of 5 islands... and? These are used to Teleport. No confirmation whether they function as Cribs. [36]
Stores There are 10 Stores. Most appear to be "Sinterpol Armory" Weapon Stores. There appears to be no Store Ownership, as all City Takeover territories are accounted for. [36]
Weapons Cache The words "Access Weapons Cache" have been replaced with "Access Collected Weapons", further suggesting that there are no cribs.
Playa It has been stated that your previous character customisations will be imported from a local save file. Presumably a Saints Row IV save file only. It has not been stated what happens if you have multiple characters in multiple save files, or how to choose between them. This is the very first time in the Saints Row series where local importing has been possible - if they can do it across different games like this, then that means they definitely could have allowed importing a character from a different save file the entire time, but chose not to.
Dane Vogel Is an ally in hell. He gives quests and help, fulfilling the role Kinzie played in the previous game.
Previous characters Dex's voice actor has recorded lines and appears as a zombie-like demon in hell, and he spawns at least 7 times as part of a Challenge. Legal Lee and Troy are specifically mentioned, but it is not known if they physically appear.
Challenges There are 102. Only 56 are known. Challenges have been merged into the main quest log, and are split into related groups.

After release, there are now 101 Challenges

  • It is not possible to view completed Challenges.
City Takeover Territories are now all Hoods with actual names, and appear to contain exactly one point of interest.
Satan's Wrath City Takeover is now required to progress the story. "Satan's Wrath" can be increased simply by collecting Soul Clusters, Audio Tomes, Commentaries, doing Barnstorming, and destroying Spires. Therefore City Takeover is not required.
Diversion Targets 65 Marked Diversion Targets (+17 Activities = 82, but there are only 81 hoods. So there is one Target or Activity which does NOT unlock a Hood.)

After release, there are now 82 Hoods.

[6] [36]
Vehicle Diversions
Known Targets Marshalling Grounds (5), Extraction Facilities (4), Survival (13), Altars (8) [38] [39] [40] [41]
Flashpoints "Spires" are targets which appear to be the size of Flashpoints. They incorporate to "Hold Y" mechanic from Hotspots. They can fire missiles from a distance, which can be dodged by a button press. There are 26 spires in total. Spires do not unlock territory.

edit: The map icon for Spires is indeed "map_start_flashpoint"

[42] [43] [44]
Hotspots "Marshalling Grounds" are targets which are about the size of Hotspots. They incorporate to "Hold Y" to shut down multiple locations from Hotspots. They incorporate the Brute/Warden battle from some Flashpoints. There are 5 Marshalling Grounds, and once taken over they incorporate the teleportation function of Gateways, but only between those 5 locations. Marshalling Grounds are filled with lava until they are unlocked.

edit: The map icon for Marshalling Grounds is indeed "map_start_hotspot"

Clusters Now known as Soul Clusters, there are 940 of them. [45]
Cash Cash is called "Wages" (as in "Wages of Sin")[46] [47]
Vehicles Yes, you can drive. There is no Garage, Vehicle Customization, boats or aircraft. There are few cars, and one bike. [48]
Confirmed Vehicles Confirmed = name shown on screen.
Weapons There are 19 weapons. 7 of those are special weapons based on the Seven Deadly Sins. As with Saints Row IV, weapons have Costumes, thus have multiple names. There is no confirmation that costumes can be changed. It appears that while each weapon has a separate costume name, the majority of weapons only have a single costume. (There are 2 Automatic Rifles)

After release, there are now 20 weapons.

Known Weapons Weapons in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell
Class Weapon name Costume name Ref
Melee Gods Hammer Gods Hammer
Melee Omega Omega Omega [61]
Pistol Hand Crossbow Energy Caster [62]
Pistol Heavy Pistol .45 Fletcher [63]
SMG Organic SMG Exodus 10 [64]
SMG Rapid-Fire SMG Brimstone Belcher [65]
Shotgun Ultor Soulsweeper [66]
Shotgun Pump-Action Shotgun Damned Impaler [67]
Rifle Automatic Rifle Ultor LMG [68]
Rifle Automatic Rifle Lava Cannon [69]
Explosive Lil' Croaker Lil' Croaker [70]
Explosive RPG Ultor Rocket Launcher (PS-LS)
Special Sniper Rifle Umbral Rifle [71]
7 deadly weapons
Class Weapon Name Costume Name
Melee 7 Deadly Weapons - Envy Uriels Edge
Pistol 7 Deadly Weapons - Pride Gallows Dodger
SMG 7 Deadly Weapons - Greed Diamond Sting
Shotgun 7 Deadly Weapons - Lust Boom Chicka
Rifle 7 Deadly Weapons - Sloth Armchair-A-Geddon
Explosive 7 Deadly Weapons - Wrath Ark of the Covenant
Special 7 Deadly Weapons - Gluttony Last Supper
7 Deadly Weapons - Sloth location Spirit Bilge, right next to the 666 building
"Gat Gear" The "Gat Gear" trailer is an imitation of Top Gear. Top Gear did not review the Armchair-a-geddon, although the teaser and the full trailer were obviously designed to fool people into thinking they did, including the announcer doing a terrible Jeremy Clarkson impression.
Controls Whatever your opinion of Steve Jaros, at least he recognises that the right control stick controls your feet, and the left control stick controls your head, and therefore "Inverted" Y is the correct way to play, as you do not move your head forward to look up. [72]
Activities 17 Activities. 8 Hellblazing, 3 "Torment Fraud", 3 "Salvation", 3 Mayhem. [36][73] [74] [75] [76] [77]
Barnstorming Because you have wings, Barnstorming might actually be fun and not a chore. (Also, there are 75 of them - so it's likely still a case of "fly under every single bridge")

After release, we now know that there are 123 locations, but only 75 are needed for the Achievement

  • The first gameplay demo contained a Hood called "DyWynter View". As in Viola and Kiki DeWynter.
    • This misspelling was fixed by the time of the second gameplay demo.[79]
  • "Stilwater" is mispelled Stillwater in the released game.
DyWynter [80]
Stilwater [81]
Enemy types Demons, Dark Inciters, Archdukes (Wardens), Imps, Grenadiers (Murderbots - Specialists with grenade launchers), Shadow Demons (snipers), Legionnaires (Marauders - weaker wardens), Bro Demons, Tragedy Demons. [82] [83] [84] [85] [86] [87] [88] [89] [90]
Imps One of the powers is "Summon", one of the elements is "Imps", which causes Imps to be summoned. Once summoned, Imps can be detonated. [91]
Achievements There are 45 Achievements / Trophies [92]
Powers Freeze blast is replaced by Stone Blast [92]
Powers Stomp returns [92]
Powers There are 113 Supernatural Power Upgrades [92]
Collectibles There are 64 Audio Tomes [92]
UI mistake The achievement list again refers to the "Upgrades" menu as "Upgrade Store". In previous games, the term "Upgrade Store" has never been used in-game. [92]
Achievement Epic Jump Quest returns as "Epic Flight Quest", and requires flying from the roof of Snowball's Chance to Sinterpol HQ. [92]
Flying While flying seems fairly easy in gameplay demos, flying "continuously for 60 seconds" is considered an achievement. [92]
Powers Wall running returns [92]
Locations Blackbeard's ship is named the "Queen Anne's Revenge"
Features Those "We at Volition think that you're too stupid to read a map so here is a huge arrow you can't miss" on-screen GPS arrows return. [93]
Zin There are no Zin in New Hades
Water "Water" has joined the list of removed features. All place which would normally have water, such as fountains, have lava. The lava is solid, but you can still "warp to shore". "Sinking" occurs in a scripted animation, it is not possible to "swim" in it, or "sink" in it in normal gameplay.
God God is voiced by Nathan Fillion
PS4 Bait and Switch The PS4 version does not contain Gat out of Hell on the disc, it only has a download code for it.
Cause of Death The actual cause of death of many of the "dead" characters in hell is not addressed in-game. Obviously, everyone who was still alive at the time the Earth was destroyed would have died, but there is absolutely no confirmation when certain characters died.
Health Pickups Health pickups return, and look identical to Saints Row IV. Why are there Virtual-Reality-style health pickups in real life Hell? (Is this more evidence that they never escaped The Simulation?)
High Fryer Despite the hype intended by releasing a promo image for it, the "High Fryer" Ferris Wheel is not usable in any way.

Gat/Kinzie can stand on the top of it as if it is a solid ring.

Advanced Flight Controls The "Advanced Flight Controls" option has been removed. It is not possible to look around while flying - unlike previous games.
  • There is a mission counter on the Save Screen, but nowhere else.
  • There appear to be no mission end screens - normal unlockable popups are displayed after completing an objective.
  • Quest Objectives can be selected independently, instead of sequentially.
    • If you start any objective via the quest menu, and complete it, then the first one autostarts, but it is possible to quit and select a different one.
  • Quest Objectives are still missions, but now do not have names. (Exiting the "Rally Twins" target just says "failed" with no mission name.)
Optional Tutorials After unlocking the Summon power, there is a "Summon tutorial" prompt... so it looks amongst the things which have been removed, there has finally been an improvement!
Cutscenes The majority of exposition takes place in still-image flip-book-style cutscenes. Acquiring "Lucifer's Halo" happens off-screen. Gat and Kinzie's clothes, and hell-tattoos, change off-screen without explanation.
Endings There are 5 endings. Chosen through a interactive flip-book.
  • If you want to see Johnny reunited with the love of his life, turn to page 31.
    • Late-thirties Johnny hooks up with Aisha who looks 20 years younger. That can't be the good ending.
  • If you want to see The Devil defeated and Johnny crowned the new King of Hell, turn to page 13.
    • Gat hangs out with Dane until the rest of the Saints die. That can't be the good ending.
  • If you want the Saints to find a new home world for what's left of humanity, turn to page 62.
    • You have to wipe out the native inhabitants first. That can't be the good ending.
  • If you want God to recreate the Earth, but in doing so retcon the entire world of Saints Row, turn to page 124.
    • Kinzie, Matt and Johnny are cops. - this appears to be the best possible result, and is supported by an idle quote from Johnny.
    • I'd never say this to the Boss... but sometimes I wish I could just start over. Tabula Rasa. A whole new plot. An entirely different life.
      — Johnny Gat

  • And finally, if you want God to bestow Johnny with all the questions of the universe, turn to page 248.
    • Johnny nods and smiles - the end. That can't be the good ending.

Regardless of which ending is chosen, Gat and Kinzie are stuck in hell after the credits, and there is no way to return to The Ship, recruit Homies, or interact with non-hell characters.

Voice Commands There appear to be a number of Gat out of Hell voice command Easter Eggs.

However, Volition claimed in the recent livestream that voice commands were only for Re-elected, and not Gat out of Hell. Can someone with an Xbox One or PS4 confirm that there are no Voice Commands for Gat out of Hell?


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