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As of today, there are 900 articles with references, which is appropriately two thirds of all articles.

The Saints Row Wiki is more verifiably accurate than ever!

Currently, there are still 250 articles with reference requests, and 35 articles with unlabelled references which need to be updated.

When I first started, there were no references at all. Soon after I joined, a basic version of references was introduced. A few months later, I created {{ref}}, and have been improving it gradually over the years.

At first, I didn't see the point of references, but after encountering the pervasive notion that "wikis can be edited by anyone therefore are unreliable", I soon came to the realisation that the best way to combat this ignorance was by using references where-ever possible.

The beauty of a wiki is that anyone can challenge the accuracy of information. Anyone can edit an article and add {{ref?}} to mark something with needs a reference.

References have become especially important when adding pre-release information. If we were to state "Saints Row IV has a cover system and no Zombies" without attributing those statements to Jim Boone, people could blame the wiki for that false information. 452 - 2016-06-03 06:54:12

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