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Forgive and Forget is a chain of drive-through[1] confessionals in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Looks like that got their attention...if it ever gets too hot, go to Forgive and Forget, they'll cover up everything...
— Troy[2]


Forgive and Forget allows the removal of all police and gang Notoriety for $100 per Notoriety level. They function the same in both games, and cannot be purchased in Saints Row 2, unlike other stores.


  • In Saints Row 2, Forgive and Forget is run by the Church of Philosotology. After leaving Forgive and Forget, one of several lines is played, referring to "Phaeton levels" and "philosotology".
  • Philosotology is a parody of a real-life pseudo-religion called Scientology.
    • The term Phaeton comes from Greek mythology, and is a play on the Scientology term "Thetan".
    • The founder of Philosotology is "R. Lon Hibbard," a reference to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.
    • "Livenetics" is a reference to Dianetics, the practices of Scientology.
    • "Exnu" is a reference to the Scientology character Xenu.
  • The closest proper scientific name is "Philocytology": 'logos', hence -logy, meaning science; 'cyti', -cyto-, meaning dealing with cells; 'Phyllae', Phyllo- or in anglicized form Philo-, meaning of plants.
  • Forgive and Forget does not appear in Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV, and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. Instead, each has other methods to remove Notoriety.


Forgiveness ain't cheap, buddy.
— After using Forgive and Forget in Saints Row

Anything can be forgiven if the price is right.
— After using Forgive and Forget in Saints Row

Let me see the money first. Okay, you're forgiven.
— After using Forgive and Forget in Saints Row

  • MUS SHARED 00060 Philosotology
    Philosotology radio ad
  • MUS SHARED 00053 Livenetics
    Livenetics radio ad
When the hell did philosotology become so popular?
Playa Philosotology Saints Row 2 VOC SP 03327
— Protagonist Male voice 1 in Saints Row 2

May R. Lon Hibbard protect you from the forces of Exnu
— After using Forgive and Forget in Saints Row 2

Thanks to Philosotology, all is forgiven
— After using Forgive and Forget in Saints Row 2

Could I interest you in a very private lesson on Philosotology?
— White male Civilian talking to a stripper in Saints Row 2

What did you say about my religion?
— Drunk Civilian in Saints Row 2

It's all a result of being clear!
— White female Civilian after being complimented in Saints Row 2


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  1. Game Help Text:
    Forgive and Forget is a chain of drive through confessionals spread throughout Stilwater.
    — Help menu text in Saints Row

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