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of in-game weapon (SRTT).

Weap thrown flashbang
Also known as





250 SR2



Clip size


Pickup Ammo




Refire Delay






Featured in

"Veteran Child" SR2


Speed: 35
Fuse: 2s

Appears in

Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third

The Flashbang is a weapon in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: Total Control and Saints Row: The Third.


Similar to the real-life flashbang, the in-game weapon itself isn't lethal but its blinding effects stop Playa and make them more vulnerable to any impact.

Saints Row 2Edit

The player can carry up to 11 Flashbangs. They are commonly used by the Stilwater Police Department and SWAT teams.

They are available from the beginning of the game at Friendly Fire for $250 per grenade, and are featured in the fourth Sons of Samedi mission "Veteran Child" where they are used to separate DJ Veteran Child and Shaundi as his Human Shield.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

The Flashbang is a type of grenades in Saints Row: The Third; each grenade costs $50.

Weapon UpgradesEdit

Main article: Weapon Upgrades.
Level Price Upgrade
1 $25
Stun your enemies with this grenade.
— Level 1 description

2 $5,000
Affect a larger area.
— Level 2 description

3 $10,000
Throw farther.
— Level 3 description

4 $20,000
Beware the stench.
— Level 4 description

Fart in a JarEdit

After upgrading the Flashbang to Level 4, the name and image are replaced by the Fart in a Jar. The Fart in a Jar does far more damage to enemies and keeps them stunned for longer. It releases a green fart mist that may cause people to gag or vomit.


  • The Cheat for this weapon in Saints Row 2 is #930.
  • The Cheat for this weapon in Saints Row: The Third is "giveflashbang".
  • At only $250, the Flashbang is the cheapest grenade available at Friendly Fire in Saints Row 2, and are the only grenade available from Friendly Fire at the beginning of the game.
  • The Fart in a Jar was initially not supposed to be in Saints Row: The Third, as during development, Volition considered it to be too over the top.[reference?] However, after word of it spread, the resulting fan interest was so great that the weapon was put back in, and is present in the final version of the game.[reference?]
  • In Saints Row: The Third, when the Fart in a Jar is thrown at a zombie, it makes them go crazy and run faster than normal.
  • If a Fart in a Jar is thrown at a vehicle, any enemies inside the vehicle abandon it. This even works with helicopters, provided that the character controlling the helicopter is within range of the blast. This does not work with tanks, as there is no driver inside the tank.
  • During "Three Way", even with infinite grenade ammo, only 3 Fart in a Jars can be acquired.
  • Some law enforcement and SNG soldiers drop Flashbangs when killed.
  • If dropped, the Flashbang rolls as if spherical.
  • In the Japanese version, the Fart in a Jar is named "異臭ガス".


  • Saints Row 2 icon
  • Saints Row: The Third icon
  • Flashbang in Saints Row 2
  • Flashbang in Saints Row 2
  • A Flashbang thrown in Saints Row 2
  • A Flashbang exploding in Saints Row 2
  • Flashbang exploding near Playa in Saints Row 2
  • Flashbang after-effect on Playa in Saints Row 2
  • Flash Bang - Saints Row 2 promo
  • Saints Row 2 Flashbang viewed in a model viewer
  • Flashbang from Saints Row: Total Control
  • Flashbang level 1 from Saints Row: The Third
  • Flashbang level 4: Fart in a Jar from Saints Row: The Third
  • Flashbangs Level 1 in Friendly Fire in Saints Row: The Third
  • Flashbangs Level 4 in Friendly Fire in Saints Row: The Third

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