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SR disambig icon.svg This article is about the police vehicle in the first two games. For the vehicle in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, see Peacemaker (Saints Row: The Third). For the vehicle in just the fourth game, see Peacemaker (Saints Row IV).

The Five-O is a vehicle in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


The Five-O seats 4 people, and is used by the Stilwater Police Department and Ultor security officers at 1-4 stars Notoriety. The Five-O is not as heavily armoured as other law enforcement vehicles and is easily destroyed with a any rifle, sub-machine gun, or the Pimp Cane.

When driving this vehicle with the lights and sirens activated, all vehicles move to the side of the road. As with all vehicles with sirens, when the driver is killed or exits the vehicle, the sirens turn off but the lights continue flashing. This also happens when Playa exits a stationary vehicle, or jumps out while cruise control is active.

The police car has high speed and damage resilience for a sedan. Combined with its road-clearing siren, it is an ideal choice for early game missions before acquiring some of the more exotic luxury sports cars or upgrades to an SUV for battle missions.

In Saints Row 2, it is wanted by the Suburbs District Chop Shop, and is featured in level 8 of Tow Truck.


Saints Row[]

There is only one variant of the Five-O in Saints Row, named "Standard".

Saints Row 2[]

  • In Saints Row 2, the Five-O comes with two different light bars, a LED bar with 6 segments or a normal rotating incandescent police light bar.

Classic black and white paintjob with Stilwater Police Department markings, including the Stilwater Seal.


Solid black paintjob with Ultor markings, black titanium deep dish rims and a different light bar. It also has different options enabled by default for Front Mods and Hoods.

Nuke Plant
  • The Stilwater Nuclear Security version spawns in the Nuclear Power Plant District and has an orange roof and Nuclear Power Plant logos with the same rims as the SPD model and with the light bar of the Ultor Five-O.


Saints Row

The Five-O cannot be customized.

Saints Row 2

The Five-O has a total of 6 Vehicle Customization options. It does not have Hydraulics available. The available Wheel Sizes are 8-13 and the available Wheel Widths are 1–3.

  • 2 Front Mods
  • 2 Lights
  • 2 Hoods
  • Body Color (3 sections)
  • Trim Color (2 sections)
  • Rim Color (2 sections)
  • Window Tint
  • Interior Color


  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row is #32830 (#Five0).
  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row 2 is #1055.
  • When calling the Phone Number for the Stilwater Police Department, 555-SWPD (555-7973) on the Phone, a SPD Five-O drives to Playa's location, and stealing it does not incur notoriety.
  • Chief Bradshaw drives this car when called as Homie.
  • The numbers on top of the car vary from 00 to 99.
  • The Five-O resembles a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, a common police car across the USA. The Crown Victoria was discontinued in 2011, and Police Departments in the US have been replacing the Crown Victoria with vehicles such as the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan, which resembles the Peacemaker from Saints Row: The Third.
  • The Five-O is named after the TV series Hawaii Five-O. Due to the series, it is also now a common slang term for the Police.
  • The Five-O, Taxi and Interest all use the same base model, named "Alex-S", and that name is visible on the rear of the car.
  • When the Enter Vehicle button is pressed as the cops are getting out of the car, Playa enters the back seat.
  • The Five-O does not appear in Saints Row: The Third. The internal file name for the Peacemaker is the same as the Five-O, and there is a new unused Five-O logo.
  • On the trunk of the Five-O is the word Police.[2] In Saints Row 2, the phrase is To Serve and Protect.[3]


Five-O variant - front left in Saints Row

Five-O variant - front right in Saints Row

Five-O variant - rear left in Saints Row

Five-O variant - rear right in Saints Row

Five-O - rear in Saints Row

Render of the Five-O from Saints Row

Five-O (side) in Saints Row

Five-O (front) in Saints Row

Five-O (rear) in Saints Row

Boost magazine, featuring Five-O

Render of the Five-O from Saints Row 2

Five-O's concept art

Five-O in Saints Row 2

Five-O in Saints Row 2

Nuclear Power Plant Five-O

Ultor Five-O

Ultor and SPD Five-O

SPD Five-O

Nuclear Power Plant Five-O

Chop Shop Listing

Stilwater Police logo

Ultor Security logo

Police slogan from the rear of the Five-O extract from the game files

To Serve and Protect slogan on the rear of the Five-O

Standard variant

Ultor variant

Nuke Plant variant