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"First Impressions" is the first mission of the The Brotherhood story arc in Saints Row 2.

Cops botch gang take-down
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


The leader of The Brotherhood, Maero, meets with Playa and Carlos in the Stilwater Caverns. Maero recognizes Playa and states that they don't need to fight, but before he can continue they are interrupted by the Stilwater Police Department, who have organized a raid on the two gang leaders.[1]

After escaping the caverns and making their way back to the Brotherhood hideout, whereupon Playa sees Donnie once again, Playa is given an offer by Maero to split up Stilwater between the two gangs. However, the deal would leave the 3rd Street Saints with only 20% of the city, so Playa rejects Maero's offer and leaves, parting on bad terms.[2]


Upon completion of the Mission, this description is available at Newspaper Clipboards.

Stilwater's finest did nothing to silence their critics during a recent shootout in the Caverns. The police raided the caverns after receiving a tip that the leader of the Saints would be meeting with Maero, the patriarch of the Brotherhood. The ensuing battle left numerous police and tourists dead, as both leaders eluded capture and escaped to the Brotherhood's stronghold.


First Impressions - Maero and Carlos fighting police.png

Immediately after "Three Kings", Carlos phones Playa saying that Maero wants to sit down and chat, although the mission marker is already present before the call.

Escape with Maero and Carlos

To begin with, exit the Stilwater Caverns while dealing with the Stilwater Police Department. The police are easily killed and don't constitute much of a threat. The markers and the Map make navigation easy. Along the way, there are some Tagging locations.

Take the staircase up to exit at street level, or take the steps down to exit via the water
Alright: we go up we'll hit the street. We go down, we're takin' a boat outta here.
— Carlos, upon nearing the exit

When nearing the exit, there is a prompt to either exit the shop upstairs and steal a Five-O, or continue onwards to commandeer a Miami boat.

Take Maero back to his hideout

Regardless of which path is taken, proceed to the Brotherhood hideout to complete the mission.



The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.

  • Maero is the second gang leader who acts as a Homie alongside Playa in a mission; in Saints Row, Benjamin King was a Homie in the final three Vice Kings missions.[3][4][5]
  • There are several Tagging locations in the Stilwater Caverns.
  • It is never revealed who tipped off the police about the meeting.
  • No Brotherhood members appear during the entire mission, thus it is not possible to gain any gang Notoriety by killing gang members. However, it is possible to start Tagging in Brotherhood turf and obtain two units of Notoriety or use cheats, but the mission fails. This is most likely prevented because Maero would fight alongside the 3rd Street Saints against The Brotherhood members.
  • All Civilians scream in panic and run away during the mission, no matter where Playa is.
  • The Miami used to escape the Caverns cannot be destroyed before it is entered.
  • Of the first missions of each gang story arcs, this is the only one which doesn't unlock a Stronghold; instead, it is unlocked after the second mission.[6]



Hey, cool it's not so bad. Maero asked to sit down and have a chat with you...he wants to work something out before things get out of control.
— Carlos, shortened pre-mission phone call used in-game

Carlos: "Sup holmes, it's Carlos...I was diggin' 'round like you asked and I found out the guy runnin' the Brotherhood is some bad muthafucka named Maero. Anyway, Maero found out I was lookin' int-"
Playa: "He what?"
Carlos: "Hey, cool it's not so bad. Maero asked to sit down and have a chat with you...he wants to work something out before things get out of control."
Playa: "Where's he wanna meet?"
Carlos: "The underground caverns."
Playa: "Yeah, that's not a trap...set up the meet."
— Full pre-mission phone call

"Blind Date" cutscene[]

Playa: "You Maero?"
Maero: "That's right."
Playa: "Where's your crew then?"
Maero: "I don't need one."
Playa: "You sure 'bout that?"
Playa: "I could kill you right now..."
Maero: " couldn't."
Playa: "Whaddya want?"
Maero: "Listen, I'm not stupid, I know who you are. Now there's no reason for us to tear each other apart."
Playa: "I'm listening."
Maero: "Here's what I'm thinking...we divide Stil-"
White Male Cop: "I hear voices this way!"
Carlos: "Shit!"
— "Blind Date" cutscene


Maero: "We need to get outta here!"
Carlos: "Yeah, but which way?"
Alright: we go up we'll hit the street. We go down, we're takin' a boat outta here.
— Carlos, upon nearing the exit

"Welcome to the Brotherhood" cutscene[]

Maero: "So here we are..."
Carlos: "Jesus, it's like a coked-up sideshow..."
Maero: "Pretty impressive, huh?"
Playa: "Aren't you worried about being in the open?"
Maero: "People know to stay away..."
Maero: "How's my truck coming?"
Donnie: "It'll be ready for the competition."
Maero: "Thanks Donnie."
Carlos: "You know that guy?"
Playa: "Later."
Jessica: "You're back!"
Maero: "Come on, you expected anything less?"
Maero: "Jess! You're embarassing me, we got company."
Jessica: "Hi, I'm Jessica."
Playa: "Nice to meet you."
Carlos: "Hey. I'm Carlos."
Jessica: "I'm still Jessica...ya know, you remind me of my old house cleaner..."
Jessica: "I'm kidding. I was kidding..."
Maero: "Babe you wanna count the cash?"
Jessica: "Sure."
Maero: "Yo, Matt you ready to work?"
Matt: "Always"
Carlos: "Hey, aren't you the guitarist for The Feed Dogs?"
Jessica: "Don't encourage him."
Matt: "Listen lady, you guys met at one of my concerts so I don't wanna hear it..."
Maero: "Matt's a fucking Rembrandt with that needle."
Matt: "You're makin' me blush, bro..."
Carlos: "Don't you think you have enough tattoos?"
Maero: "Brother, I got a lotta canvas left."
Maero: "So let's get back to business... The Brotherhood is about to come into something big and I think the Saints are gonna want to get in on the ground floor."
Playa: "So what's the offer?"
Maero: "20-80."
Playa: "I'm assuming I get the 80."
Maero: "Yeah, sure you do."
Playa: "You really expect me to take 20 and say thanks."
Maero: "On your hands and fucking knees."
Playa: "Is this a joke? I used to own Stilwater..."
Playa (Male 2): "Is this a joke? I used to own-"
Maero: "Used to is right... time's passed you by. Now you're a has-been with some burn scars."
Playa: "I suggest you shut the fuck up before-"
Playa (Male 2): "I suggest you shut the fuck up bef-"
Maero: "You're kidding me right?"
Matt: "Hey man, be cool."
Maero: "You really think that a couple washed up bangers like you and Gat have a chance against the Brotherhood?"
Playa: "We'll see...let's go Carlos..."
Jessica: "Honey, you want me to have someone take care of them?"
Maero: "No...they'll be dead soon enough."
— "Welcome to the Brotherhood" cutscene



Maero, Playa and Carlos

Maero, Playa and Carlos shooting at cops

Maero, Carlos and Playa


Jessica and Maero

Matt, Jessica, Maero, Playa and Carlos

Carlos, Matt and Jessica

Carlos, Maero and Matt

Playa, Maero and Matt

Jessica and Maero

Loading screen used after completing "First Impressions"

Loading screen used after completing "First Impressions"

Loading screen used after completing "First Impressions"

First Impressions - Maero and Carlos fighting police