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Clip size


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Featured in

Thank You and Goodnight!


Speed: 35
Fuse: 2000

Appears in

Saints Row 2

The Fireworks are a weapon in Saints Row 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Fireworks are used in The Brotherhood mission "Thank You and Goodnight!", where Pierce drives Playa around in the Feed Dogs' Pyro Truck. They are not Improvised Weapons, but thrown weapons instead. During the mission, they are thrown like Satchel Charges, however are not remote-detonated, but time detonated unless the fireworks hit a car, in which case they explode instantly, blowing up the vehicle. They can be thrown short and long ranges, like Hand Grenades, and can be thrown from Human Shields.

They can be added to the Weapons Cache in Co-op, but out of mission, the model is not loaded, so Playa's hands appear empty, and when thrown, the game freezes.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

During the mission "Thank you and Goodnight!", the guest drives the truck instead of Pierce and a cop can be used to pull the guest out of the truck. Co-op is required, this cannot be done in mission replay.

To ensure the Fireworks section of the mission does not trigger early, either:

  • Kill Pierce next to the drivers side door of the truck.
  • The host can take a Brotherhood member as a Human Shield, and hide out of range with Pierce.
  • Either way, Pierce must be prevented from killing police and Brotherhood.

Before triggering the Fireworks section of the mission, the guest must:

  • Shoot the drivers side door with a McManus 2010 to make it fall off.
  • Get Police Notoriety by shooting up a Store. Disarm police with the Stun Gun and lead them to the truck.
  • Kill all Brotherhood members.

When ready, the guest should lure a disarmed cop to the drivers side door of the truck, then either revive Pierce or have the host kill the final Brotherhood member.

  • If the disarmed cop does not pull the guest out of the drivers seat, the mission must be restarted.
  • Once the guest is out of the truck, they must kill and revive the host to get them out of the truck, but should avoid damaging the truck itself.
  • The guest must ensure that Pierce does not die, and protect the Host, who will be unable to use weapons.
  • The host must run to a Weapons Store before the mission timer runs out, the closest is Brass Knuckles in Ezpata.
  • Once the host accesses the Weapons Cache and switches to a different thrown weapon, the fireworks are saved and the mission can be exited.

Extra Ammunition[edit | edit source]

  1. Retrieve Fireworks from the Weapons Cache
  2. Retrieve Satchel Charge from the Weapons Cache
  3. Use all Satchel Charges
  4. Retrieve Fireworks from the Weapons Cache
  5. Each time this is repeated, an extra Firework will be added, up to a total of 10.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Fireworks can not be used outside of the mission. Fireworks models are present in Chinatown, but can be neither used as an Improvised Weapon nor picked up as a Thrown weapon.
  • There actually exists another Fireworks weapon, but it is an Improvised Weapon that can be picked up from the ground, most notably inside the Brotherhood's HQ. It can be thrown to damage enemies but it only explodes if shot.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The fireworks truck

Using the Fireworks in the mission

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