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Fire Truck is a Job Diversion in Saints Row 2.

For the vehicle used by the Fire Department, see Blaze


When entering a Blaze fire truck, the player is prompted to start the Fire Truck Diversion. After starting this Diversion, a Fire Extinguisher is equipped which is used to extinguish fires inside burning buildings.

Map of fire locations

Each level of the Diversion consists of a single building, with multiple fires inside. The building which is on fire is marked on the Map, and is an existing enterable building, often a store.

Once inside the building, individual fires are marked on the Map and the player is required to extinguish every marked fire in order to complete each level. It is possible to put out several fires at once, if they are close together, or in a straight line where you are spraying. If a fire spreads within the building, the number of fires which must be put out increases, but it is not required to put out civilians who are on fire.

After each level, the player must return to the fire truck, and move on to the next fire. It is not possible to switch to a different Blaze mid-Diversion. There is a time limit, which continues counting down when the player is outside of the Blaze, so it is important to park as close to the building as possible. The remaining time is carried over to the next level.

Each time the fire truck is entered, the Fire Extinguisher is refilled. Usually, the capacity of the Extinguisher is sufficient to put out all fires in a single building, but sometimes, especially on higher levels, the player may run out of water before putting out every fire, and must refill it at the Blaze, or with a fire hydrant.

On rare occasions, the fire may already be put out and the player is then directed to another burning building.


Level Cash Distance Time Bonus Fires Victims
1 50 75 80 5 1
2 100 100 80 5 1
3 200 125 80 6 1
4 300 150 75 6 2
5 400 175 75 7 2
6 500 200 75 7 2
7 1000 225 70 8 3
8 1500 250 70 8 3
9 2000 275 70 8 3
10 2500 300 60 8 4



The Fire Fighter Suit.

  • It helps to finish both instances of the Trail Blazing Activity beforehand because its reward, the Fire Fighter suit, makes the player immune to fire.
  • It helps to finish the Factories Insurance Fraud Activity beforehand because its reward allows for infinite sprint.
  • The truck is slow to pull up and needs a lot of space to turn. Starting with a truck that has the nitro upgrade installed from the Semi Broken shop can save valuable seconds.
  • The time limit is very tight and sometimes impossible. Some luck with the sequence of burning buildings is needed. It does help to pick the starting location carefully, however. For example, starting in the south of Quinbecca (Suburbs Expansion) makes it very likely the first couple of burning buildings are stores that are easy to go between as they are more or less on the same street.
  • The durability of the truck is almost never the problem, especially not with a reinforced one from Semi Broken. Do things that save time, even if they damage the truck.
  • When inside a burning building with a lot of fires, it helps to start with the fires in the back (or upstairs). This way, less time is wasted running back to the truck if the Fire Extinguisher is depleted as only the fires in the front remain for after refilling.
  • Burning people should be ignored as they are not considered fires. The Fire Extinguisher should only be used on them when they are blocking the path.


  • To obtain a Blaze, call 555-FIRE (555-3473) on the Cellphone.
  • If a destructible object is on fire, shooting it puts out the fire.
  • It is not possible to keep the Fire Extinguisher directly from this Diversion, but it is possible to steal one from fire fighter NPC after exiting the Diversion.
  • If an alarm is triggered inside the burning building, the player does not get Notoriety while inside. However, quitting the Diversion causes Notoriety to raise.


Diversion instructions

Gameplay from the Diversion

The Fire Fighter Suit

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  1. Note: Ambulance EMT, Taxi Driver and Tow Truck Diversions must be completed too.