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The Fire Extinguisher is a weapon in Saints Row 2.


Normally only available during the Fire Truck Diversion and is used to put out fires, the Fire Extinguisher is a completely non-lethal weapon as its spray does not damage anyone. However, if sprayed long enough, people are knocked backwards, and doing this repeatedly eventually kills them.

Although non-lethal, it can be used as a deterrent, as anyone sprayed panics and runs away, including police officers and gang members.


  1. Begin the Fire Truck Diversion and play normally until a building has another Blaze parked outside.
  2. Locate a fireman and kill him so that he drops his extinguisher.
  3. While the extinguisher is still on the ground, quit the Diversion.
  4. It remains on the ground, and it is possible to pick it up.

As with all weapons, it is added to the Weapons Cache automatically, even if it is dropped again immediately.


  • During the Fire Truck Diversion, it is refilled when entering the Blaze, near it (if empty), or at Fire Hydrants.
  • Outside of the Diversion, it is empty when picked up and can only be refilled at Fire Hydrants.
  • When near a Fire Hydrant, there is a prompt to refill it. The Reload button must be held down when refilling.[imagerefs 1]
  • When starting the Diversion, the current fill level is ignored, as a different Fire Extinguisher is provided. After exiting the Diversion, the owned Fire Extinguisher contains the same amount of water.


  • The Cheat for this weapon is #928.
  • When spraying civilians in front of the police, no Notoriety is earned.
  • When police officers are sprayed, Notoriety goes up, but the officer sprayed panics and run the same as civilians. After some time, they stop panicking and attack.
  • When spraying pedestrians, they become wet, with water visibly dripping from them. This is unique because they do not drip after being underwater.
  • Homies and Pimps can pick up dropped Fire Extinguishers. They can damage other NPCs with it, but it does not do much damage to Playa.
  • It is not possible to perform Mugging with Fire Extinguisher.


Fire Extinguisher in Weapons Cache

Fire Extinguisher knocking down a civilian

Fire Extinguisher killed a civilian

Fire Extinguisher Fine Aim

Refilling at a fire hydrant


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