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File in the Cake - complete 1500 cash
"File in the Cake" mission completion screen
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"Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs"

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"File in the Cake" is the second mission of the Sons of Samedi story arc in Saints Row 2.

Drug dealing mom escapes prison, leaves nice note
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


Playa asks Shaundi how the research is going on the Loa Dust they stole from the Sons of Samedi in the previous mission; Shaundi confesses that she hasn't made much progress, but reveals that she knows someone who can. The problem is that this person is still in prison, so they plan on breaking her out. Samson arrives with a bomb they will use to blow a generator on the island, but trips and accidentally activates the timer, leaving Playa with little time to get to prison and set the bomb.[1]

After breaking Shaundi's acquaintance out of jail, who turns out to be Laura, the two steal an Oppressor and head back towards the city. Playa drops Laura off at her house, where her husband, Tobias, answers the door. Playa leaves after Laura promises to help out.[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

A convicted drug felon is back on the streets after escaping prison. An unkown [sic] assailant was seen docking at the prison island shortly before an explosion near the prison's generator cut all power to the holding cells. The assailant then made their way to the holding cells, where they met up with the drug felon, before being airlifted from the island. Despite the recent rash of break outs, authorities insist nothing is wrong with the prison facility, and remind those seeking employment to please drop off a resume at the downtown police station.


File in the Cake - inmates watching and fighting
Get to the prison before the bomb detonates

To start with, get in the nearby Miami and drive towards the Stilwater Penitentiary which lies to the west. The timer here is so long that it matters very little. Upon arriving at the island, follow the GPS and drive around towards the dock at the back and exit the vehicle.

Plant the bomb on the generator

Head up the shaft, go up the stairs, kill the lone security guard, head through the nearby door, and plant the bomb in the blue marker.

Get clear before the bomb explodes

After planting the bomb, put some distance between it and Playa before it explodes.

Get inside the main cell block

Once it has detonated, head up towards the main prison block. A nearby Five-O is a good vehicle to use, but it's only a short distance away anyway.

Find Shaundi's drug expert

Work through the building, killing any guards that get in the way.

Get to the cell blocks on the third floor

After reaching Laura, she becomes a Homie.

Get out of the prison

Head back out of the prison block. Note that Laura is somewhat of a slow Homie and struggles to keep up with the player if they rush too far ahead. After heading through the large double gates outside, head right and get in the nearby Oppressor helicopter.

Head back to the city

Once Laura is in, simply fly towards the mainland; no marker is given because the player does not need to fly to a specific location.


Once a certain distance away from the Stilwater Prison district, the mission ends.


  • Pilsen neighborhood unlocked


Newspaper ss02 File in the Cake

The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.

  • If the player brings a helicopter or another boat before starting the mission, it is possible to use that instead.
  • This mission features female prisoners and prisoners with white braiding on their jumpsuits, who also appear as audience members in the prison's Fight Club Activity.
  • If the player shoots an inmate, all inmates become hostile.
  • During this mission, the opening in the roof used in the first mission, "Jailbreak", is covered, although it is available outside of this mission. It is also impossible to jump into the front courtyard from the roof.
  • It is not possible to enter the infirmary during this mission, but it is normally accessible outside of missions.
  • Sometimes, after being revived in Co-op, the player may be stuck in a cell block and unable to get out, leaving the other player to complete the mission.
  • The mission ends after flying a certain distance from the prison, even if the player flies into open sea.
  • Although the power is disabled in the whole island, Prison Lighthouse still has power.
  • Running out of time results in the bomb explosion which kills Playa.


"There's Always A Catch" cutsceneEdit

Shaundi: "Hey what's up?"
Playa: "I can't believe what they've done here."
Shaundi: "It's pretty classy huh?"
Playa: "Whatever, a strip club named Teinay...THAT was classy, this shit's just tacky."
Playa (Male Voice 2): "Whatever, a strip club named Tee 'N' Ay...THAT was classy, this shit's just tacky."
Shaundi: "I see you lead with optimism."
Playa: "Optimism with a healthy dose of did you find out what was in that Loa Dust shit?"
Playa (Male Voice 2): "So did you find out what was in that Loa Dust shit?"
Shaundi: "Science is hard..."
Playa: "Didn't you just hear the part about leading with violence?"
Shaundi: "Anyway, like I was saying, I can't work it out, but I know someone who can."
Playa: "Who?"
Shaundi: "It's a woman I met in prison, she knows more about this shit then I ever will...there's only one-"
Playa: "What's the problem?"
Shaundi: "She's still in prison."
Playa: "Great..."
Shaundi: "Don't worry about it, I know how you're gonna break in. Samson, get over here!"
Samson: "Hey Shaundi, I rigged up that bomb you wa-"
Samson trips and activates the bomb's timer
Shaundi: " should probably hurry..."
— "There's Always A Catch" cutscene


Playa (Male Voice 1): "Shaundi you mind telling me why I'm carrying a bomb?"
Playa (Male Voice 2): "Hey Shaundi, thanks for the bomb and everything, but what the fuck am I supposed to do with it?"
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Shaundi, how am I supposed to get inside?"
Playa (Female Voice 1): "I hate to be pushy Shaundi, but ya think you can tell me what I'm supposed to do with this bomb before it kills me?"
Playa (Female Voice 2): "Shaundi, tell me you have plan on how I'm getting inside, cause if I'm just ridin' around with a bomb I'm gonna be very unhappy..."
Playa (Female Voice 3): "Why am I carrying a bomb, Shaundi?"
Shaundi: "Don't freak out, I got this all worked out. The prison is powered by an old generator underneath the building. Take out that generator and it's lights out for the whole island, you should be able to sneak in no problem."
Playa: "Where's the generator? It's not like they gave me a tour of the place when I was in a coma..."
Shaundi: "I'm getting to that, relax...just swing around the back of the island and go in through'll lead you to the generator."
Playa: "Thanks Shaundi."
— One the phone with Shaundi
Playa (Male Voice 1): "Please God, have Shaundi be right..."
Playa (Male Voice 2): "God this better work..."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Here's hoping Shaundi knows what she's talking about..."
Playa (Female Voice 1): "I hope Shaundi wasn't high when she came up with this plan..."
Playa (Female Voice 2): "Shaundi, I swear to God, if this doesn't work..."
Playa (Female Voice 3): "Lights out..."
— While planting the bomb
Laura: "What are you doing here?"
Playa (Male Voice 1): "Whatchu say we get you outta here, Laura?"
Playa (Male Voice 2): "We'll catch up later, let's get outta here."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Ready for time off for good behavior?"
Playa (Female Voice 1): "Hey Laura...ready for your first riot?"
Playa (Female Voice 2): "Let's get you outta here."
Playa (Female Voice 3): "Whatchu standin' around for, let's get outta here..."
Laura: "A jail break? How exciting!"
— Upon reaching Laura

Laura: "I can't wait for to see my husband..."
Laura: "Can you drop me off at my house?"
Laura: "My husband's been so supportive while I was in jail, it's really incredible..."
Laura: "Some people said it was a bad idea to date you're sponser, but I say what the heck, it's love right?"
Laura: "Thank you so much for breaking me out of jail, you really should stay for dinner, it's the least I can do..."
— Taking Laura home

"Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" cutsceneEdit

Laura: "I still can't get over that it's you, this is sooo exciting..."
Playa: "So you're sure you can figure out what's in the Son's stuff?"
Laura: "Don't worry sweetie, when it comes to drugs or snicker doodles I'm the best."
Tobias: "Ain't that the truth baby..."
Laura: "Toby!"
Tobias: "Thanks for bringing my pumpkin muffin back. You need anything you let me know..."
Playa: "Oh I already talked to Laura about that."
Tobias: "In that case, you mind givin' me and the wife some quality time? I'd like to have a belated conjugal before the PTA meeting..."
Playa: "Not at all."
— "Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" cutscene


  • Samson and Playa meeting Shaundi
  • Shaundi talking to Playa
  • Playa, Shaundi and Samson
  • Samson, who has just dropped the bomb
  • Laura and Playa
  • Laura and Tobias
  • Laura and Tobias
  • Laura, Tobias and Playa
  • Laura, Tobias and Playa
  • File in the Cake - inmates watching and fighting
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission

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