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FUZZ is an Activity in Saints Row 2.

Impersonate one of Stilwater's Finest and provide quality footage to the FUZZ crew for cash and respect.
— Fuzz introduction[imagerefs 1]


In-game, FUZZ is Stilwater's number one television show in which a cop uses all kinds of weapons to fight crime. It's a reality TV show with the motto: "every third act needs a Mini-Gun!".

In this activity, Playa is dressed as a police officer while being filmed for the FUZZ TV show.

Playa is tasked to be as brutal as possible whilst taking down criminals, rather than just blowing them away. Use an assortment of weapons, including Satchel Charges, Chainsaws, and Annihilator RPGs to take down drug dealers, sewage sprayers and pirate/ninja battles.

To win, the footage bar must be filled before the timer runs out. Bonuses are awarded for use of specified weapons, which are provided when needed.


Quinbecca, Suburbs Expansion district
Katie: "Thank you so much for coming in on short notice, you are a life saver."
Playa: "I'm still a little confused why I got a call from a casting director's assistant."
Katie: "Right, so here's the thing, after like 2 years of doing laundry for my boss, he finally allowed me to cast tonight's episode of Fuzz."
Playa: "Still confused..."
Katie: "Right, well, the officer that agreed to let us film them ended up getting sent to the hospital, so I kinda need a last minute replacement. I saw your mugshot on the news and you're a perfect match."
Playa: "So you want me to pretend to be a cop on national TV?"
Katie: "All you have to do is drive around and give us some good footage."
Playa: "Like "good footage" making arrests, or "good footage" knockin' a shirtless guy into a kiddie pool?"
Katie: "Miranda doesn't make for good tv..."
Playa: "Yeah, I can help."
— "Suburbs Expansion District FUZZ" Cutscene
Shivington, Projects district
Legal Lee: "Well hello there, you're just the person I was lookin' for..."
Playa: "What's up Lee?"
Legal Lee: "I got a couple of on going cases against the Stilwater PD, and I could use a little leverage."
Playa: "What kinda leverage?"
Legal Lee: "Well I figure if you got yourself on that cop show Fuzz, we could show the world a side of our police force that isn't exactly "prime time friendly"."
Playa: "I don't like the idea of takin' beatings for your clients."
Legal Lee: "Oh, you misunderstand me. I want you dressed as one of Stilwater's finest."
Playa: "And let me guess, there's gonna be a lot of people resisting arrest?"
Legal Lee: "Well what happens in the course of duty is up to you...far be it for me to tell an officer of the law how to beat an unarmed man with a blunt object, or how to discharge your weapon on someone who's trying to surrender."
Playa: "Thanks for not judging how I do my job."
Legal Lee: "Oh, I have nothing but respect for our men in uniform."
— "Projects District FUZZ" Cutscene



The crimes are random, based on the level.

These crimes only appear at Level 1
Crime Description
Purse Snatcher Apprehend the purse snatcher
Public Indecency Stop the lewd pedestrians.
(Kill two people having sex.)
Litterer Apprehend the litterer
Drunkard Apprehend the drunkard
Streaker Apprehend the streaker
To Catch A Predator[1] A child predator is out picking up children.
Apprehend the child predator
J-Walker[1] Stop the jay walker
These crimes only appear at Level 2
Crime Description
Slow Driver Stop the vehicle holding up traffic
Vehicle Litterer Apprehend the litterer
No Helmet Stop the helmet-less biker
Polygamy Break up the polygamist fight
Domestic Dispute Break up the domestic dispute
Speeder[1] Stop the speeder
DUI[1] Stop the drunk driver
Hit and Run[1] Get the driver of a hit and run
Noise Violation[1] Stop the noisy vehicle
These crimes may occur at Level 3 and 4
Crime Description
Drug Deal A drug deal is going down / Break up the drug deal
Insurance Fraud A group of civilians are committing Insurance Fraud
Stop the civilians committing insurance fraud
Protesters / Strike Some protesters have gotten out of hand
Disband the violent protest
Mayhem Stop the vandal
Neighborhood Dispute Some neighbors have gotten into a violent dispute
Break up the neighborhood dispute
Skaters Disband the gang of skaters
Road Rage[1] Punish the enraged drivers
Hooker Revolt A group of prostitutes are revolting against their pimp
Stop the prostitute uprising
Assassin[1] A celebrity has been receiving assassination threats
Eliminate the assassin
Street Racing[1] A street race is in progress
Stop the street racers
These crimes may occur at Level 3, 4 and 5
Crime Description
Gang Fight Break up the gang fight
Bank Robber An armored truck has been stolen from the bank
Stop the bank robbers
Riot Break up the riot
Steroid Dealer A group of civilians are purchasing steroids
Break up the steroid ring
Pirates vs. Ninjas Break up the battle of the century
Postal A postal worker has gone off the deep end
Stop the crazy postal worker
Septic Stop the Septic Avenger
Car Bomb[1] There is a car with a bomb in it
Destroy the car with a bomb in it
Stolen Vehicle[1] An expensive car has been stolen
Apprehend the car thief
These crimes may occur at Level 3, 4 and 5
Crime Description
Ecoterrorist Riot Eco-terrorists are burning inefficient vehicles
Beat down the eco-terrorists
Human Torch Apprehend the college kids playing Trail Blazing
Hell's Angels Apprehend the biker gang
Stolen APC An armored personel carrier has been stolen
Stop the runaway tank
Stolen Heli An attack helicopter has been stolen
Bring down the stolen attack helicopter
Environmentalist Riot Environmentalists are destroying inefficient vehicles
Break up the environmentalist rioters
Arsonists Arsonists are tossing molotovs
Stop the arsonists
Chainsaw Massacre Psychos with chainsaws are sawing people up
Stop the college prank
Militant Uprising[1] Stop the militant uprising.


Saints Row 2[]

The FUZZ cameraman

  • The Camera object used by the FUZZ cameraman can be modded to be held as a weapon, as can all objects in the game.
  • FUZZ is normally spelled "FUZZ", but is spelled "Fuzz" on the map.
  • FUZZ is a parody of the real-life cop show COPS, which is also spelled in upper-case letters.
    • The jingle at the end of each level sounds similar to the COPS theme, based on the song "Bad Boys".
  • FUZZ is a slang term for police, like "The Heat", "Cops", "Five-0", or "Po-Po".
  • It is possible to exit out of this activity using a Mission Exit Glitch and keep the police uniform. After exiting the activity via the glitch, the game must be saved and reloaded before storing the uniform in the Wardrobe. Going directly to the Wardrobe makes the clothes disappear.
  • When Glitching out of the activity, it is not possible to keep weapons, or the Five-O
    • Weapons can be kept by using the Weapons Cache at Friendly Fire and switching to another weapon of the same class.
    • Vehicles spawned for FUZZ objectives, such as the Topher or Bear, can be kept by cancelling the activity after completing the objective which involves the vehicle.
  • In the game files, there is another deleted crime: "ACT_FUZZ_CRIME_ABORTION_RIOT - A riot has broken out at the abortion clinic"
  • If there is a real police officer nearby, they follow Playa like a recruited Homie, but they do not appear in the Homie HUD, and cannot be revived if killed. In Co-op play they can become a problem when they fill up the police car not allowing the co-op partner into the vehicle. However, they can be killed and pulled from the vehicle without penalty.
  • Although Playa is wearing the police uniform they still retain any glasses, piercings, chains, and/or belts that are equipped.
  • At level 3 and 4 are a group of skate-boarders, this may be a reference to the game "Jet Set Radio" which is famous for having police that do everything in their power to stop the player.
  • Due to Playa being dressed as police, Saints may become aggressive and attempt to kill the Cameraman or constantly ram the vehicle.
  • It is possible to complete this Activity by air, using Tornado. Its weapons are best choice for taking down enemies, combined with with Tornado's speed.
  • One of the "Stop violence" protester calls is an anti-Shaundi protest.[Reference needed]
  • For "battle of the century", the dispatcher says "Internet Me Mes are getting out of hand", instead of saying the word "memes".

Saints Row: The Third[]

  • FUZZ does not appear in Saints Row: The Third, but the game files for Survival reference the same "Cameraman".
  • In one Survival call, the caller says "The Saints would be ratings gold for FUZZ! Stir up trouble for the cops at our filming location, and we'll cut you a slice of the profit."
  • The description for the Challenges from Trix Vickers all mention FUZZ.
    • Carjack Vehicles: "Listen, sweetie, I'll be blunt. FUZZ needs crime footage badly, so sometimes you just have to give criminals a little nudge. 'Nudge, Nudge!'"
    • Drive in the Oncoming Lane: "You know, nothing gets people to tune in to FUZZ like a homicidal maniac behind the wheel. What do you say, can you be that homicidal maniac?"
    • Total Near Misses: "People don't tune in to FUZZ for riveting social drama"
    • Bail Out Distance: "Nothing juices FUZZ's ratings like big, crunchy, car crashes. Twisted metal and flying body parts tested well in all markets, so ... you know what you need to do, hmmm?"


End screen background for Fuzz

Building in Quinbecca where the FUZZ cutscene takes place

FUZZ instructions

Kobra unlocked

Unlimited Pistol Ammo unlocked

Police Notoriety Reduced 1 unlocked

Police Notoriety Reduced 2 unlocked

Paparazzi - FUZZ Cameraman - character model in Saints Row 2

Paparazzi - FUZZ - closeup with hat removed


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