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Saints Row variants - FBI - front right
The FBI in Saints Row
Also known as

Beauraucrat 2500XL[1]


4 door, law enforcement



Hostage class








Nitrous Speed






Hit Points


Road Grip


Steering Speed


Steering Angle





Saints Row
Saints Row 2

Law Enforcement

Ultor SR2



Randomly Parked



Police Notoriety (5 units)

The FBI is a vehicle in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

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For law enforcement, see FBI (law enforcement).


The FBI is an SUV that seats 4 people, and is the vehicle used by the FBI at level 5 police Notoriety. In Saints Row 2, these are used in the Saint's Row District and Stilwater Nuclear by Ultor, but they are driven by standard Ultor Security officers, not their own FBI or Masako forces.

In Saints Row, it is wanted by the Chop Shop in the Downtown District, it is the eighth Hijacking target of the Suburbs District and it is driven by the Hitman target named Bill. In Saints Row 2, it is driven by a Hitman target named Frank. It is featured in level 10 of Tow Truck and during "First Impressions", where it is present as part of police roadblock.


It is very tough for an SUV, taking up to 2 RPGs to destroy. It is also agile, features good grip and is almost always spawns in groups. FBI agents driving these vehicles use the vehicle's toughness and speed to ram Playa's vehicle, or to overtake and block the road.

Since it is classed as an SUV, it is useful to use for Racing, as the other races use standard SUVs which are much slower.

The FBI is the fastest 4 door vehicle with the highest mass, torque and hitpoints. Upgraded FBI is also good choice for Drive-by as it can withstand enough firepower and 2 rockets without exploding.


Saints Row

The FBI cannot be customized.

Saints Row 2

The FBI has few Vehicle Customization options. It does not have Hydraulics, Industrial Rims available or any options in Body Mods or Details. The available Wheel Sizes are 12-18 and the available Wheel Widths are 1-2.

  • Body Color (2 sections)
  • Trim Color (3 sections)
  • Rim Color (2 sections)
  • Window Tint
  • Interior Color


Saints Row

There is only one black variant used by the FBI.

Saints Row 2
  • Standard variant
  • Ultor variant
  • Ultor CS cutscene variant

There are three variants of the FBI:

  • Standard - FBI decals and Tabletop Gray interior.
Appears for 5 star Notoriety.
Has 2 pairs of sirens (front and rear).
  • Ultor - Ultor decals and Bright Day Orange interior.
Appears for 4-5 star Notoriety in Saint's Row and Nuclear Power Plant Districts.
Has 1 pair of sirens (rear).
  • Ultor CS - Ultor decals, Bright Day Orange interior and footboards.
Only during "So a Gang Leader Walks In A Bar..." cutscene of "Picking a Fight" mission. It is possible to obtain it by using a mod.


  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row is #324 (#FBI).
  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row 2 is #1054.
  • In the FBI, the police radio channel is called "Stilwater FBI Dispatch", but is identical to "Stilwater Police Dispatch".
  • In Saints Row 2, the FBI logo on the car is almost identical to the "FBI" name that appears on-screen.
  • The FBI shares its siren with the Peacekeeper and the Bear.
  • The FBI resembles both the Ford Excursion and Second Generation Ford Expedition.
  • The name of the model of the car is "Beauraucrat 2500XL".[2]
  • The license plate of the FBI in Saints Row is "GVT- FBI".[2]
  • In Saints Row, there is a file on the dashboard.
  • The FBI is the only vehicle in the series with wind deflectors (also known as rain guards) on the door windows.


  • FBI variant - front left in Saints Row
  • FBI variant - front right in Saints Row
  • FBI variant - rear left in Saints Row
  • FBI variant - rear right in Saints Row
  • FBI - rear in Saints Row
  • FBI in Saints Row
  • FBI (side) in Saints Row
  • FBI (front) in Saints Row
  • FBI (rear) in Saints Row
  • Saints Row Chop Shop - Downtown - FBI
  • FBI in Saints Row 2
  • FBI in Saints Row 2
  • A Promotional image of the FBI in Saints Row 2
  • Ultor FBI carriyng Masako soldiers in Saints Row 2
  • Ultor FBI and Masako soldiers in Saints Row 2
  • Ultor FBI deploying Masako soldiers in Saints Row 2
  • FBI and Oppressor in the zone in Saints Row 2
  • Ultor FBI (front quarter view) in Saints Row 2
  • Ultor FBI (Rear quarter view) in Saints Row 2
  • FBI in Saints Row 2
  • FBI vehicle decal
  • FBI onscreen name
  • Radio station while driving this vehicle

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