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F-69 VTOL - front left in Saints Row The Third
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The F-69 VTOL in Saints Row IV




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The F-69 VTOL[1] is a vehicle in Saints Row: The Third[2][3][4] and Saints Row IV.

This is the VTOL: the Vertical Take-Off and Landing jet... And it wouldn't be Saints Row if it didn't have plenty of ultra-cool weapons, so we've added microwave lasers... and homing missiles as well.
Drew Holmes (Writer)[3]


The F-69 VTOL is an aerial vehicle used by STAG. STAG and their associated vehicles appear after the Morningstar arc of missions is completed in Saints Row: The Third, specifically during the mission "Gang Bang" where F-69 VTOLs appear attacking a building containing Playa.

The F-69 VTOL has the ability to transform between a hover mode and a jet mode. Hover mode makes the F-69 handle much like a helicopter and the jet mode makes it fly like a jet, which is useful for quick and efficient travel across the city of Steelport.[3]

Cyrus Temple owns a unique jet-black F-69 VTOL, which is unlockable.[5]

There is also "test" variant in both games, but it is not used in any mission.

The F-69 VTOL is equipped with a microwave Laser Beam weapon,[3] which fires Swarm Missiles when charged.

In Saints Row IV it is again a hunter vehicle in the multiplayer diversion Cat & Mouse.



This is the standard white variant.



After completing the final mission of the game, "STAG Film", Cyrus Temple's F-69 VTOL is unlocked in the garage and is accessible from any helipad. The F-69 VTOL is similar to its normal counterpart but has a sleek jet-black finish.

In Saints Row IV, Cyrus uses this VTOL to battle Kinzie and Playa in the mission "Kinzie's Adventures", but it cannot be obtained during this mission, and is not unlocked. The 'unlockitall' Cheat adds Cyrus' black F-69 VTOL to the Garage.


F-69 VTOL - test variant in Saints Row The Third

Test variant

Test is an unused variant with messed up Saints VTOL and black and orange texture, similar to Cyrus' VTOL.

Star saints

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Saints VTOLEdit

The Saints VTOL is a separate vehicle based on the F-69 VTOL, and is part of the Special Ops Vehicle Pack DLC.[6] The variant is purple and has 3rd Street Saints-themed decals, including multiple fleurs-de-lis.

After purchasing the Special Ops Vehicle Pack, the Saints VTOL is automatically added to the Helipad Garage.

In Saints Row IV, this VTOL can be obtained by editing the game files, but isn't featured in the main game.


The Enter the Dominatrix (DLC) for Saints Row IV introduces another variant of the F-69 VTOL which sports gimp-like decals. It is automatically unlocked in the garage after the completion of the DLC's final mission, "Escape the Dominatrix".[reference?]


  • The Cheat for this vehicle is "givevtol".
  • The F-69 VTOL's numbering system is out of order. Under the current tri-service designation system, it would be known as the FV-69.
  • Like all STAG aircraft, the F-69 VTOL can only land in hover mode; in jet mode, any attempt at landing results in crashing the aircraft.
  • Clipping the wings on objects eventually causes them to break off. While this does not affect the F-69 VTOL's performance in hover mode, losing one wing severely affects its maneuverability in jet mode, whilst losing both renders the aircraft totally uncontrollable.
  • Most of the F-69 VTOLs in "Gang Bang" are scripted and cannot be controlled or targeted by the RC Possessor. This is also true of the two F-69s at the end of "STAG Party".
  • The F-69 VTOL was first introduced in the "Power" trailer.[7][2]
  • The '69' is a reference to the 69 position.
  • The F-69 VTOL partly resembles the real-life F-35 Lightning II VTOL and the Sukhoi Su-47 technology demonstrator.
  • The sound effect for transitioning from vertical to horizontal flight very closely resembles the transforming sound used in Michael Bay's Transformers film series.
  • When switching flight modes, a robotic voice says "Hover/Flight mode engaged". The same voice says "Initating startup sequence" or "Powering down" when entering or exiting the F-69 VTOL respectively.
  • The F-69 VTOL also has the text "VTOL01GSX" on the side.[3]
  • The Aegean, a vehicle from the Gangstas in Space DLC, functions and controls remarkably similar to the F-69 VTOL.
  • The F-69 VTOL makes an alarm sound when badly damaged, like most STAG vehicles.
  • Approaching the ground in Hover mode causes the landing gear to automatically drop.
  • The F-69 VTOL may have borrowed assets from the Destroy.[8]
  • During "Convoy Decoy", several of Playa's lines are references to Top Gun.
  • Despite being a jet plane-style aircraft, VTOLs may only be stored/accessed from helipads. They cannot be stored/accessed at the Airplane Hangar crib.
  • When requesting the delivery of a VTOL, care must be taken that Playa is in a clear area, with a wide enough street or field for the F-69 VTOL to land on. If buildings, street lights, etc are to close, or if there is too much traffic, the F-69 VTOL is unable to land and remains hovering over the area instead of landing.
  • As with all of the content of the Special Ops Vehicle Pack, the Saints VTOL is already stored on the disk in the released version of the game and can be accessed through modding on the PC.[9]
  • The F-69 VTOL very closely resembles the VF-19 fighter from MACROSS Plus, including its ability to switch from VTOL to Jet mode and back again.


Male 1: "Hover AND a jet mode? It's like a helicopter that doesn't suck."
Male 2: "I should steal military hardware more often..."
Male 3: "Oh, it's like a helicopter fucked a jet."
Female 1: "This is so fucking cool!"
Female 2: "I can fly in hover or jet mode? This machine was built for me!"
Female 3: "This is like straight out of the future..."
— Changing flight mode during "Convoy Decoy"
Male 1: "Woooo! Talk to me Goose!"
Male 2: "Woohoo! I AM DANGEROUS!"
Male 3: "Let's try spinning. That's a good trick.[10]"
Female 1: "Wooo! Jester's dead!"
Female 2: "*psh* In my country planes do 4G negative dives."
Female 3: "Wooo, DANGER ZOOOONE!"
— During "Convoy Decoy"


Star saints

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