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Executive Privilege Pack
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Saints Row IV

  • 2013-08-13 PS3
  • 2013-08-20 XBox 360
  • 2013-08-23 PC


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The Executive Privilege Pack is downloadable content for Saints Row IV.


You've never let anyone else tell you what to do so why let us get away with it? The Executive Privilege Pack does away with checks and balances and gives you the power to make the world of Saint Row IV your own. Cheat your way to a hollow victory today!
— DLC description[1]

The Executive Privilege Pack adds 7 cheats to the game

All Super Upgrades: Unlocks and purchases all Super Power Upgrades.

100% Super Powers: Maxes out Super Power Strength.

Car Mass Hole: Your car has infinite mass and smashes other vehicles out of the way.

Never Die: You will never die.

Infinite Ammo: Gives you infinite ammo for all weapons.

Unlimited Clip: You never have to reload because your clip runneth over forever.


Some of the cheats from this DLC can be done in the core game

  • Car Mass Hole: is not the same as the 'isquishyou' cheat, it plows cars out of the way, not crushes them.
  • Infinite Ammo: Can be bought from phone.

As with every other cheat in the Saints Row series, if any of the cheats are enabled all achievements and trophies will be disabled.


  • Saints Row IV DLC Unlock - Executive Privilege Pack


  1. Xbox marketplace: Executive Privilege Pack description
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