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"Escort Service" is the fourth mission of the Westside Rollerz story arc in Saints Row.

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So we're finally hitting that convoy huh?
Escort Service audio
Donnie to William Sharp, in the Price Mansion.


A grateful Donnie takes Lin to meet Joseph Price and William Sharp at Price's Mansion, while Playa eavesdrops from outside the window. After a short conversation, Donnie lets slip of a raid on a convoy the Westside Rollerz are planning later that day.[1]

After Playa manages to successfully defend all three Delivery Trucks, Joseph Price and William Sharp discuss the 3rd Street Saints. Donnie yet again lets slip of a group of buyers from overseas, before assuring Price and Sharp that he and Lin will find a way to find some parts.[2]

Hey, anything I can do to help.
— Lin


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

Spying on a meeting between the leaders of the Rollerz, William Sharp and his nephew Joseph Price, you overheard that they were planning to hijack several delivery trucks loaded with car parts. Seeing a good opportunity to mess up their plans, you intercepted the Westside Rollerz and stopped them from hijacking the trucks, getting the 3rd Street Saints some notoriety in the process. You've made things harder for the Rollerz, but they don't give up that easily...


Escort Service - taking out marked Westside Rollerz attackers

Being the second third of the Westside Rollerz story arc, the missions begin to increase in difficulty.

Stop the Rollerz from hitting the convoy.

The objective is to protect a convoy - three trucks in three different districts - from a small onslaught of Westside Rollerz gang members. Begin the mission by stealing a vehicle and driving to the first truck nearby, in the Suburbs District.

Protect the first truck.

Two enemy vehicles must be destroyed.

Truck defended.

After protecting the first truck, drive south along the freeway.

Protect the second truck.

The second truck is north of the Ultor Dome in the Arena District. Here, the same rules apply: kill any opposing gang member that is trying to kill Playa or the truck.

Truck defended.

The final truck is in the Sommerset neighborhood in the Apartments District. The GPS route to this truck passes a Forgive and Forget, which can be used.

Protect the third truck.

The final truck is stationary, making it easier to defend. Simply kill the nearby gang members to finish the mission.


The mission can be failed by getting smoked or busted, or letting the damage meter of any of the three trucks reach below 0.5, which results in the Rollerz have hijacking the truck.[3]

While there are game failure conditions for the driver being killed[4], hijacking the truck instead of defending it[5], and the truck being destroyed[6], these are not possible to trigger, as the driver is invulnerable, the truck is unjackable, and destroying the truck triggers the failure state of the Rollerz have hijacking the truck. There is an additional game failure string for the driver abandoning the truck[7], but this string is not used in the mission script.





I'm in. Donnie's setting up a meeting with the higher-ups of the Rollerz. You should stop by and listen to what's being said. I'll text you the address.
— Lin's pre-mission phone call

"Meet Uncle Will" cutsceneEdit

Joseph Price: "So he's okay? That's great."
William Sharp: "Yes, how could we possibly score dime bags without him?"
Joseph Price: "Oh come on, Uncle Will, he's not that--"
Donnie: "Sup Price?"
Joseph Price: "You scared the shit outta me, Donnie."
Donnie: "I scared the shit outta me."
William Sharp: "Donnie, it's always a pleasure when you bring strangers into my house."
Donnie: "Aw fuck, I forgot, this is--"
Lin: "I'm Lin."
Donnie: "She totally saved my ass Mr. Sharp, she's a helluva driver."
Lin: "I'm the best racer that ever came out of Chinatown."
Joseph Price: "How come I've never heard of you?"
Lin: "Cause I got tits."
Joseph Price: "Is that what you call those?"
Lin punches Price
Joseph Price: "Suppose I deserved that."
Lin: "Yeah, you did."
William Sharp: "My nephew has a...unique sense of humor."
Lin: "That was supposed to be funny?"
Joseph Price: "I thought it was, until you hit me in the face."
Donnie: "Yeah, then it was hilarious."
William Sharp: "Joseph, you better hurry. You don't want to miss your meeting."
Joseph Price: "Sorry, I gotta take off. Lin, it was nice meeting you. I'll catch you later Donnie."
Donnie: "So we're finally hitting that convoy huh?"
William Sharp: "I don't know what you're talking about, Donnie."
Donnie: "Sure you--"
William Sharp: "I don't know what you're talking about, Donnie."
Donnie: "Oh... Riiight. Just sit tight, Price should be back soon."
William Sharp: "As stimulating as this conversation is, I'm afraid I need to make some calls. If you'd excuse me."
Meet Uncle Will full CUTSCENES 0303
— "Meet Uncle Will" cutscene

"Focus" cutsceneEdit

Donnie: "Ya know what I hate? Underglow. That shit is tacky as hell."
Lin: "Whatever, I think--"
William Sharp: "They all got away?"
Joseph Price: "That's what the word is."
William Sharp: "How did this happen?"
Joseph Price: "A crew from Saint's Row fucked up our boys."
William Sharp: "Who?"
Donnie: "The same guys who fucked up my shop, I think they're the Fifth Street Alter Boys or somethin'."
Lin: "The 3rd Street Saints."
Donnie: "What she said."
Joseph Price: "Will you stop smoking that shit? I need you to focus."
Donnie: "If you need me to focus, I'd pass that shit back. (coughs)"
Joseph Price: "Donnie..."
Donnie: "Alright alright. You got some time before the buyers need those parts right?"
Lin: "The buyers?"
Donnie: "Oh, they're a bunch of guys overseas that Mr. Sharp kn--"
William Sharp: "Donnie, do we have to have another... conversation?"
Donnie: "Sorry."
Joseph Price: "Don't worry 'bout it, just think."
Donnie: "Give me some time. I bet Lin and I can whip somethin' up."
Joseph Price: "Okay, you game for that, Lin?"
Lin: "Hey, anything I can do to help."
Focus full CUTSCENES 0328
— "Focus" cutscene


  • Joseph Price and William Sharp
  • Lin slaps Joseph Price across the face after Price's remark regarding her breasts
  • Lin, Joseph Price, and Donnie
  • Donnie and William Sharp
  • Donnie remarks on Underglow while smoking a joint of cannabis
  • Lin states that the Westside Rollerz can count on her
  • Escort Service - taking out marked Westside Rollerz attackers

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