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Escort is an Activity in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and Saints Row: The Third[1], and is a removed activity in Saints Row IV.

For the Mission, see Escort Service

Drive around town and keep the paparazzi away from your car to earn cash and respect.
— Escort introduction in Saints Row 2[2]


Playa is given a luxury car with tinted windows, and must first pick up a Prostitute before driving to the client, who is either male or female. Once the client is collected, the 'pleasure' meter begins to build. Once the 'pleasure' meter is full, that stage is complete.

There are numerous obstacles to avoid, such as paparazzi, significant others, private investigators and the IRS. When any of these are close enough, progress of the 'pleasure' meter is halted, and the 'footage' meter increases. If the 'footage' meter fills up, the mission is failed.

The client occasionally asks for specific things, such as smashing up other cars, driving really fast, making long jumps, going to specific destinations or killing a specific pedestrian. Until these requirements are met, the pleasure meter stops progressing.

After two consecutive rounds, the hooker must be exchanged for a 'fresh' one, which gives an opportunity to have the car repaired.

Firing a weapon whilst in the car drains the pleasure meter, even if the shots don't hit anything.

In co-op, the guest takes the role of the prostitute, eliminating the need to pick one up.[3][4]

Saints Row[]

A unique vehicle is provided for each instance of the activity. Each can be kept by exiting the activity.

IRS agents drive an Interest, the Private Investigator drives a Zircon, while the significant other drives a Ricochet. At times, the significant other is armed with an NR4 pistol, firing it as she pursues Playa, the escort, and the client.

In the Escort Activity you must drive a Stripper and her Client around while evading the Paparazzi. At the start of the Activity you are assigned a specific car to use. Once you and the Stripper enter the car, the location of your Client is indicated on the mini map. On the HUD are two meters, the Pleasure Meter and the Footage Meter. Once you pick up the Client, the Pleasure Meter begins to fill up. Once the Pleasure Meter is filled, the Client is satisfied and you can drop them off. However, there are Paparazzi who are eager to take footage of your Client's sexual escapades. Your mini map shows a Red Circle around each of the news vans the Paparazzi are using. Any time you enter that circle, the Pleasure Meter stops filling up, and the Footage Meter increases instead. Once the Footage Meter is filled, the Client's public image has been ruined and the Activity is failed. You are rewarded with cash and respect if you are able to evade the Paparazzi long enough for the Client to be satisfied, and then drop them off. Each instance of Escort has eight levels of difficulty; if you complete all eight you will receive an extra reward.
— In-game help text



Los Carnales

Location: Wardill Airport

  • Contact: Jack
Jack: "Hey kid, how'd you like to make some quick cash."
Playa approaches Jack's table and reaches for the money Jack had just been counting.
Jack: "Evidently you aren't familiar with the no touching rule...You want the money, you do me a favor. I got a couple of high-profile regulars who want a little more than a lap dance. Now, normally they could go off to the VIP room, bust a nut and be on their way. But these guys have special tastes they'd like to keep, uh, private. Being caught with a hooker is bad enough. Being caught with a fat hooker is even worse. I got a girl waiting in a car out back, all you got to do is pick up the John and give the two of them some privacy. Just make sure no one sees what's going on, alright?"
— Jack in The No Touching Rule cutscene.


Vice Kings

Location: Bavogian Plaza, Red Light District

  • Contact: Bruno
Samantha: "Hey, baby."
Samantha approaches Playa and smiles. Meanwhile a Paparazzi is attempting to photograph her.
Bruno[5]: "No fuckin' cameras!"
Bruno takes the Paparazzi's camera and throws him to the ground.
Paparazzi: "Please, I-I-I thought-"
Bruno: "You thought you'd come here to get a story, but let me tell ya somethin', that ain't gonna happen. Now get the hell out."
Bruno throws the Paparazzi towards the entrance. The Paparazzi gets up and points.
Paparazzi: "You're gonna wish you never did that, when my lawyers get through-"
Playa punches the Paparazzi out.
Bruno: "Nice! Thanks for saving me the trouble. Tell ya what; we could use someone who's got no love for the press. A bunch of big shots like to rent our girls for private parties, and there's nothing the media loves more than a sex scandal. If you can make sure our girls can do their job without the press catching on, we'll pay you some serious cash."
— Bruno and Samantha in Camera Shy cutscene.


Westside Rollerz;

Location: Misty Lane, Suburbs District

  • Contact: Jenna
Jenna: "Hey darlin'. Why don't you have a seat?"
Jenna motions to the seat next to her, and Playa sits down.
Jenna: "I don't mean to pick on ya or anything, but most of the Saints go to places that are a little trashier...why do I got the feelin' you're looking for something other than pink?"
Playa gives a shrug.
Jenna: "I guess you like to keep to yourself...that's good, I like discretion. Celebrities look to me when they're in need of companionship. They've all made their way into my little black book, and the list keeps growing. These are powerful people, and if their hobbies were made public it would ruin their careers, to say nothing of my livelihood. If you're up for it, I need a driver. Simple job; take the girl to the client, then give them enough time in private."
— Jenna in Class Act cutscene.


Saints Row 2[]

A vehicle is provided for each instance of the activity. They can't be kept by exiting the activity.


Rebadeaux, Red Light District


Sykes runs an illegitimate escort business through the Tee'N'Ay strip club and is being watched by the police. He wears black clothing, has a French accent, and speaks in third person.

Sykes: "'Ello mon ami...what can Sykes do for you?"
Playa: "You know what the overhead for runnin' a gang is? I gotta get some money rollin' in."
Sykes: "Charity is not a favorite virtue of Sykes... perhaps though, Sykes can interest you in some work."
Playa: "Keep talking."
Sykes: "Naturally, as Sykes is currently under investigation by the Stilwater PD this is, of course, hypothetical. But IF there was a car out front containing a loose woman...and IF you were to provide an environment where said woman could entertain lustful individuals, all while maintaining their privacy...Sykes MIGHT be able to pay you in cash or in trade."
Playa: "Cash is good."
Sykes: "Looks like we have ourselves a partnership, no?"
Playa: "Partnership nothin', I'm just driving around your hos."
Sykes (unused): "Sykes appreciates your candor."
— "Red Light District Escort" Cutscene
Frat Row - University District

Lindsey is contacted through Thirteen Thirty Seven internet cafe. He resembles a stereotypical nerd, and prefers to be known as a "Romance Manager" rather than pimp.

Lindsey: "Thanks for coming...I'm Lindsey"
Playa: "You look a little nerdy to be a pimp."
Lindsey: "I'm not a pimp, I'm a romance manager."
Playa: "So what, no girl will let you turn her out?"
Lindsey: "That's not the point."
Playa: "No girls means no work."
Lindsey: "Look: just 'cause I'm not working a corner like that bloated asshole Helmers doesn't mean that I don't have any girls. I organize all my john's through Meg's List. All I need is a driver to move the girls to the clients."
Playa: "Why don't you do it?"
Lindsey: "Oh, I don't have my license yet..."
Playa: "This is a hell of an operation you're running..."
Lindsey: "Dude, shut up!"
Playa: "Is that any way to talk to an employee?"
Lindsey: "So you'll help?"
Playa: "Are you kiddin' me? I'm dyin' to see what kinda girls you're runnin up in this piece."
— "University District Escort" Cutscene


Red Light District

Stilwater University

  • Level 3: Samedi notoriety reduced
  • Level 6: Samedi notoriety further reduced


Saints Row: The Third[]

They are two variants of Escort. The "escourt" variant is used in the 3 instances of Escort, and the "tiger_escort" variant is used for the 3 instances of Tiger Escort.

Tiger Escort[]

Drive fast and safe to keep the Tiger happy and increase your courage.
— Instructions

In Saints Row: The Third, there is a variant of Escort in which a Tiger is escorted, rather than a client with a Prostitute.

Angel De LaMuerte tasks Playa with driving around in a vehicle with a tiger in the backseat, in an effort to make sure Playa is tough enough to fight the Syndicate.

The "pleasure" and "footage" meters are replaced with "Courage" and "Animal Rage" respectively. When a news van gets too close, or the car collides with cars and obstacles, the tiger mauls Playa.

The tiger does not for specific tasks, but it sometimes attacks Playa, which temporary affects steering. Filling the "Animal Rage" does not cause instant failure; the chance is given to calm the tiger by drifting his car for a few seconds.

In co-op play, a guest sits in the backseat in an attempt to tame the tiger "if things get too tough".


The regular one takes place in New Colvin District. The easy instance is located in the north of Camano Place while the medium instance is located in the south of this neighborhood. The hard instance takes place in Wesley Cutter Intl. The Tiger Escort takes place in Carver Island. The easy instance is located in the north of New Baranec while the medium instance is located in the south of this neighborhood. The hard instance takes place in Yearwood.


Jack Armstrong: "I'm Jack Armstrong in the newsroom with this special report: limousines: sleek, black beauties gliding along the highways of Stilwater, silently moving high society from party to party. No, think again. Today's limo is no stretch, no, more likely it's a tricked out street racer, a modded death machine driven by hoodlums with a backseat chock-full of no good. Recently, injury, property damage, and death have inserted themselves into the picture with drivers of these cars screaming up and down the party circuit, dropping off their high-heeled hussies, only to launch their vehicles into the crowds of onlookers, with no other goal than to get to the next stop of the Red Light route. Buildings have been damaged, people maimed, killed, or worse. Don't be a statistic; eyes in the rear-view, hands at ten o'clock and two o'clock, and... buckle up. If you're set upon by one of these devil cars, get the hell out of the way. For updates, tune to us for the latest details and information. For Jane Valderamma, Flying Officer Mike McCabe, and all of us in the newsroom, I'm Jack Armstrong."
Jack Armstrong: "I'm Jack Armstrong in the newsroom with this special report: the image of the kindly old limousine driver waiting patiently for his client to exhaust themselves at whatever Stilwater watering hole they might be slaking their thirsts at is, sadly, gone - replaced by wild-eyed youngsters who own their own muscled-up cars and have a reputation for mayhem. Their cargo - no longer Mr. and Mrs. Successful - no, today's reckless limo driver is more apt to be ferrying about the stripper, the prostitute, as the kid's would say, the "hoochie". Moving from venue to venue, plying their trade, engaging in all manner of vice, their enemy is time. And for these young lead-foots, that means driving that borders on maniacal, never meeting a traffic signal they couldn't ignore or pedestrians that couldn't be side-swiped. Today's limo driver is a terror that needs to be watched for. Be vigilant and safe out there. For updates, tune to us for the latest details and information. For Jane Valderamma, Flying Officer Mike McCabe, and all of us in the newsroom, I'm Jack Armstrong."
Jack Armstrong: "I'm Jack Armstrong in the newsroom with this special report: the life of a paparazzi: following runway supermodels, fresh-faced boy toys, and baby doll pop singers around, looking for that perfect tabloid photograph. Usually, a safe profession, until now. The driver of a celebrity-laden vehicle recently injured several photographers in his zeal to deliver his famous cargo to yet another glitzy Stilwater nightclub. Arm broken, camera shattered, the only images that this paparazzo will be viewing will be those of his own x-ray. And no identity has been assigned this whacked-out chauffeur; when contacted, the local police have had no response to the public pleas for his name. It's best to steer clear of the local livery, their goals are no longer comfort and safety, but instead deadly speed. For updates, tune to us for the latest details and information. For Jane Valderamma, Flying Officer Mike McCabe, and all of us in the newsroom, I'm Jack Armstrong."


Main article: Tips.
  • The trick to losing pursuing vehicles is doing handbrake aided u-turns (something the AI drivers can not do) from high speed or taking risky shortcuts.
  • Never slow down at roadblocks. If one can not be navigated around then forcing an opening by crashing right between two vehicles is the best option.
  • Drive on long, wide roads when possible. Those give more options for turning, obstacle evasion and driving on the wrong side of the road.
  • When tasked with killing a pedestrian, driving over them is preferred over SMG fire. Coming back for them when missed is best done by speeding up again and doing a u-turn.


  • The Japanese version of Saints Row omits some of the more explicit moans and dialogue.
  • The Easy instance of Escort in New Baranec is missing the difficulty subtitle on the Map.

Tiger Escort[]

  • When played as a mission started through the Cellphone, the mission is named "Eye of the Tiger".
  • A GameInformer preview misidentified Tiger Escort with Guardian Angel.[6]
  • There are scenes similar to this activity in the movies Talledega Nights and The Hangover.
  • Playa's reaction to this Activity is "A FUCKING TIGER?!".[7][8]
  • This activity has a real life counterpart in the ancient sport of "Lion Drome" in which the driver of a vehicle drives around an enclosed bowl like arena with a lion or other type of fierce animal at his side. The last Lion Drome closed in 1964, after the lion bit a carnival worker.[9]
  • Homies may be recruited but if one enters or attempts to enter the back seat the game freezes.[verify]
  • There is a similar tiger in Saints Row IV in The White House when Playa, Pierce and Benjamin King are on their way to a press conference.[10]
  • In co-operative mode, in Saints Row: The Third, the guest calming the tiger has the option to punch it, using the melee button. This instantly fills the tiger's rage meter.

Saints Row IV[]

Unused Icon

  • While this activity did not return in Saints Row IV, a map icon for it remains in the game's files. Unlike in other games, the icon depicts a steering wheel instead of a heart.


Paparazzi in Camera Shy cutscene

Escort - Papparrazi - character model in Saints Row

Escort - Bruno - character model in Saints Row

Samantha - normal - character model in Saints Row

Escort - Jack - character model in Saints Row

Escort - Jenna - character model in Saints Row

IRS - black - character model in Saints Row

IRS - white - character model in Saints Row

End screen background for Escort

Sykes in Escort cutscene in Saints Row 2

Sykes in Saints Row 2

Lindsey over webcam

Lindsey in Saints Row 2

Lindsey - closeup with glasses removed

Escort instructions

Vehicle Delivery 1 unlocked

Vehicle Delivery 2 unlocked

Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced 1 unlocked

Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced 2 unlocked

Escort Vehicles unlocked

Escort in Saints Row: The Third - XXX theatre location

Escort completion screen in Saints Row: The Third

Escort cash screen in Saints Row: The Third

Escort more screen in Saints Row: The Third

Escort Zimos unlocked screen in Saints Row: The Third

Tiger Escort gameplay instructions in Saints Row: The Third

Tiger Escort In Saints Row: The Third

Tiger Escort In Saints Row: The Third

Tiger Escort In Saints Row: The Third

Tiger Escort In Saints Row: The Third

Tiger Escort In Saints Row: The Third

Tiger Escort completion screen in Saints Row: The Third

Tiger Escort cash screen in Saints Row: The Third

Tiger Escort more screen in Saints Row: The Third

Tiger Escort Angel Unlocked screen in Saints Row: The Third

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