Escape the Dominatrix
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"Escape the Dominatrix" mission completion screen

Enter the Dominatrix




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Escape the Dominatrix[1] is a mission in Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix.


The Final mission of the DLC depicts the last moments of The Dominatrix in the Simulation. The Saints have to defeat the Dominatrix once and for all. After Playa finishes her, Pierce arrives on the scene with Velociraptors. They reveal that they are enemies of the Zin, and agree to help the Saints destroy the Dominatrix's presence. Playa have to ride the dinosaur to a door in the simulation, taking them to the final cutscene. In the final cutscene, Cirano, The Velociraptor King, grant each character one thing they desire. Pierce chooses "A dinosaur with guns", which is unlocked as Velociraptor Ned, Donnie wants people to treat him with respect, Kinzie wants vengeance, Shaundi wants to be Cirano's wife, which he swiftly accepts, and Playa wants to go bowling.


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  • Homie - The Dominatrix unlocked
  • Vehicles - Dominatrix Three Way unlocked
  • Homie - Velociraptor Ned unlocked
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  • Playa asks Cirano to go bowling, which is a reference to Grand Theft Auto IV, in which Playa's friends randomly call during gameplay to hang out, including to go bowling.
  • The song sung by the raptor at the end of the mission is Walk the Dinosaur by Was (Not Was), which was a a hit single in 1987.
  • The final scene of this mission resembles the award ceremony at the end of Star Wars IV: A New Hope.
    • Donnie growls the way Chewbacca usually does.
    • Shaundi's outfit also resembles Princess Leia's outfit worn during the award ceremony.
  • Shaundi can either be wearing her normal outfit from Saints Row: The Third, or her Super Saint Outfit if Psychosomatic is completed.
    • Regardless whether or not Shaundi is upgraded into a Super Saint, during the cutscene where The Dominatrix is killed, Shaundi is wearing her normal outfit.
  • This is the only mission where Zimos has Super Powers.
  • Upon completing this mission, Save the Planet becomes available again.


  • Playa has to kill a Supergimp
  • Playa fighting the Dominatrix
  • Zimos finding Playa in the hideout after the Dominatrix rebooted the system
  • Playa fighting the Dominatrix
  • The Dominatrix finally dead
  • Donnie, Shaundi and Zimos celebrating their victory
  • Pierce arriving with backup (Velociraptors)
  • Playa meeting with the Emissary of Cirano
  • Donnie and Shaundi looking at a dinosaur by their feet with a dinosaur in Shaundi's arms
  • Zimos putting his hat on a dinosaur
  • The Emissary giving Playa a ride to the Simulation exit
  • Cirano's utopia
  • Kinzie, Pierce, Playa, Shaundi and Donnie meeting Cirano
  • Cirano (The Velociraptor King)
  • Cirano asking Playa what he wants as a reward
  • The Saints standing alongside Cirano
  • Cirano with mouth open
  • Cirano with mouth closed

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