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Eli is a character in Saints Row reboot.

Official Description[]

  • Role: The Planner
  • Goal: To build an empire

Eli is the long-term strategic thinker of the Saints, the one who knows how to take them from small time operators to a big time organization. A business mastermind, Eli is driven and determined to build an empire. He came to Santo Ileso to make his fortune as an entrepreneur, to start a business for himself. He just didn’t realize that his startup was going to be a criminal empire.


A first-generation American, born in the Midwest to Nigerian parents who came to the US on student visas in the mid-1980s. Raised with a strong work ethic and high aspirations (his mother is a biochemist and his father an economist), Eli desperately wants to succeed. However, he wants to do it on his own terms rather than follow someone else's path. He lives his life following the Gospel of Shark Tank and TED Talks.

Eli took all of the money he saved working in college (and selling plasma) and moved to Santo Ileso because it met his requirements of “large urban environment” and “low property value”. Eli believes he can make a killing on real estate in the city. Currently all his money (and several loans) are tied up in a minor real-estate investment… which, so far, is not exactly delivering the returns he’d expected.

Eli loves his roommates and always dreamed of creating a business with them. The fact that that business has turned out to be a criminal empire is not what he expected, but what the heck. The principles are the same. He may not have combat experience (by choice), but he DOES have a degree in business and a minor in marketing, and he intends to apply that knowledge in building up their criminal empire.

Fun Facts[]

  • Interests: Lifehacks, productivity, TED Talks, motivational speakers.
  • Unironically loves country music
  • Dresses to impress. He loves bow ties.
  • Always investing; always thinking about business. Prefers a hostile takeover to open hostilities.[1]


Eli is an Master of Business Administration graduate[Reference needed] who moved to Santo Ileso chasing real-estate fortune. Some time before the events of the Saints Row (reboot), Eli was in a failed armored robbery from which he escaped, and is suspected for multiple low-level blue collar crimes.[2]


Eli is a man of Nigerian American descent. He has black hair and brown eyes. He is of skinny build. Eli weighs 162 pounds and is 5 feet and 11 inches tall. He is always seen wearing glasses, a two-color blazer, striped dress pants, and a dress shirt with a bowtie.


Eli is a calculated person, and is good at lying. He is driven and determined, and doesn’t mind too much if a few people get hurt along the way.[2]


  • Eli is the only founding member of the Saints that wasn't associated with another gang before forming.


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