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Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack

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Saints Row IV

Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack

Saints Row IV



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The Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) is a weapon in the Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack DLC for Saints Row IV.

Take a bullet-laden trip through musical history! Get the crowd off its feet with the power of polka, set those hepcats a-swinging with big band, indulge your refined side with some classical, and then start the moshpit with some heavy metal.
— DLC Description[1]


The Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack was released on September 3rd, 2013 for Steam[2], PlayStation 3[3], and Xbox 360.[1]

It includes the "Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix)" which is a different weapon from the Dubstep Gun, requiring each version to be upgraded individually.

The Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) is a Special Class weapon, using a charge meter instead of ammo, that regenerates over time. It comes with four costumes: Classical, Oktoberfest, Dethmettal, and Swingtime.

Much like the Dubstep Gun, the Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) works the same way by firing pulses of energy to the beat of a song; the song being determined by the Costume selected for the gun.


New tunes, same old awesome.
— Weapon Description[4]

Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) Skin
Dubstep Classical Classical
It goes with your spear and magic helmet.
— Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) Classical skin description[5]

Dubstep Polka Oktoberfest
Das zingy beat ist wunderbar!
— Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) Oktoberfest skin description[6]

Dubstep Metal Dethmettal
When it comes to destruction, it's the hardest of the hardcore.
— Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) Dethmettal skin description[7]

Dubstep Swing Swingtime
Where Big Band meets big booms
— Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) Swingtime skin description[8]


Each costume for the Dubstep Gun changes the song played in addition to the weapon's model. Unlike other weapons, the change is more than aesthetic, as the rhythm and beat of the song determines the rate of fire and intensity of the shots.

  • The Classical costume plays the song Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner.
  • The Oktoberfest costume plays a German themed Oktoberfest track, resembling polka.
  • The Dethmettal costume plays a death metal inspired track.
  • The Swingtime costume plays the song Swinging By by Laurence Cottle.


  • No ammo is required for the gun (it recharges its ammunition).
  • When upgraded with explosive wubs, it can replace rocket launchers in the role of vehicle destruction.
  • The weapon's firing rate is very high.
  • When the weapon is active, it makes all pedestrians and vehicles in the area dance to the music that plays.
  • Explosive wubs quickly destroy a large area of foes.
  • When fully upgraded, it easily becomes one of the most powerful weapons in the game.
  • The weapon requires mandatory time in order to charge up and fire.
  • It is difficult to pinpoint targets accurately among all the flashes of the wub waves.
  • Standard Dubstep Gun and DLC variants do not share the same upgrades, and must be bought separately.
  • The Explosive Wubs Ultimate upgrade is very expensive.
  • When fully upgraded, the weapon is capable of increasing overall notoriety rather quickly.


  • The Classical costume description is a reference to the cartoon short What's Opera, Doc?, and the depicted costume of valkyries. The song played is Ride of the Valkyries. The explosions are timed with the cymbal clashes.
  • The Oktoberfest costume is styled after the Bavarian Flag, which is where the official Oktoberfest takes place. The costume description translates to, "The zingy beat is wonderful!" from German.
  • The Dethmettal costume is designed with a red star, chrome diamond plate sheeting, and bloody accents.
  • The Swingtime costume description is a reference to the Big Band music scene which originated in the 1920s.


  • Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix)
  • Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) - Classical
  • Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) - Oktoberfest
  • Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) - Dethmettal
  • Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) - Swingtime
  • Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack unlock screen
  • Dubstep Gun Remix version with Explosive Wubs upgrade firing
  • Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) - description
  • Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) - Classical
  • Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) - Oktoberfest
  • Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) - Dethmettal
  • Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix) - Swingtime


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