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Dubstep Gun
Final rendering of Dubstep gun
Final rendering of Dubstep gun



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Campaign Trail of Destruction, Hello Teacup

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Saints Row IV

Dubstep Gun is a weapon in Saints Row IV.

It's a party in a gun! Make the world dance to your beat and fear the power of your wubs!
— Weapon Description[2]


The Dubstep Gun, is a unique and powerful weapon. It fires long-range pulses of energy to the beat of an electronic song, the song being determined by the Costume selected for the gun. It has no ammo reserve, instead relying on a charge percentage that regenerates over time. It also needs to charge up briefly when firing.



  • Each costume for the Dubstep Gun changes the song played in addition to the weapon's model. Unlike other weapons, the change is more than aesthetic, as the rhythm and beat of the song determines the rate of fire and intensity of the shots.
    • The default costume is white and plays the dubstep track A Bass Renaissance by composer Josh Powell,[3][4][5][6] which is a Dubstep remix of the 1999 track "A New Renaissance" by composer Dave Hewson.[7][8]
    • The "Industrial" costume is dark grey and the track is a heavier remix of A Bass Renaissance by Malcolm Kirby Jr.[9]
    • The "Popstar" costume plays the electro track Vindicate by Datsik and Excision, which is also played on 97.6 K12 FM.[10][11]
    • The "Da Wub" costume from the mission Hello Teacup plays Duel by Bare Noize.[12]
    • The "Christmastime" Costume is unlocked after completing "The Fight Before Christmas" mission in How the Saints Save Christmas.


  • No ammo is required for the gun as it recharges.
  • When upgraded with explosive wubs, it can replace rocket launchers in the role of vehicle destruction, apart from tanks.
  • The weapons firing rate is very high.
  • When the weapon is active, it makes all pedestrians and vehicles in the area dance to the music that plays.
  • Explosive wubs do a lot of damage.
  • When fully upgraded, it easily becomes one of the most powerful weapons in the game, as it is capable of easily destroying virtually any enemy in the game with only a few shots.
  • The song played might not be to everyone's liking.
  • The weapon requires mandatory time in order to charge up and fire.
  • It is difficult to pinpoint targets accurately among all the flashes of the wub waves.
  • Standard Dubstep Gun and DLC variants do not share the same upgrades.
  • The Explosive Wubs Ultimate upgrade is very expensive (50000 Standard, 80000 DLC Remix).
  • When fully upgraded, the weapon is capable of increasing overall notoriety rather quickly.


  • The Dubstep Gun is similar to the video Dubstep Guns 1 by Corridor Digital Collab.[13]
  • The Dubstep Gun causes nearby vehicles to fire their Hydraulics. Although Hydraulics are normally unavailable in Saints Row IV, jumping into car immediately after using the Dubstep Gun allows full control of Hydraulics for a short period of time. After a few seconds, the Hydraulics are not be able to be used, but the wheels remain in the last position they were in.
    • After shooting a car with the Dubstep Gun, camera control is unavailable, as if Hydraulics were enabled, and can not be restored after Hydraulics become unavailable, unless the Hydraulics are manually disabled before they become non-functional.
  • When equipped the Dubstep Gun will play the selected song in the background until unequipped.


Early concept art

Early concept art

Promo image

Dubstep Gun being wielded by character dressed as Elvis

Dubstep Gun being used by character dressed as Elvis

Promotional image of the Dubstep Gun

Pop Star costume for Dubstep Gun

Christmastime costume from How the Saints Save Christmas DLC

Dubstep Gun with Explosive Wubs upgrade firing.jpg

Dubstep Gun promo

SRIV Special - Dubstep Gun - Dubstep Gun - Default


Pop Star

Out of charge message

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