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Dual Samurai Swords
Dual Samurai Swords in the Weapons Cache
Dual Samurai Swords in the Weapons Cache


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Kanto Connection

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Saints Row 2

Dual Samurai Swords are a weapon in Saints Row 2.


Jyunichi uses a unique "Dual Samurai Swords" weapon.[1] While this weapon is not normally used by Playa, they are obtainable.


Hold to swap Samurai Sword with Dual Samurai Swords.png
They look like a single Samurai Sword on the ground, but the on-screen text prompts to swap the current weapon for "Dual Samurai Swords". A second Samurai Sword cannot be picked up in the same manner as dual pistols, they can only be picked them up as a pair, as it is a unique weapon.

  1. Start the mission "Kanto Connection", either for the first time in single player, in co-op, or as a "Replay in a Replay" through the Newspaper Clipboard.
  2. Lure Jyunichi upstairs next to the entrance.
  3. Kill Jyunichi.
  4. Exit the mission as soon as his health drops to zero, while he is still falling.
  5. Playa teleports outside of Kanto, and the weapon is laying on the ground inside.


As they are not designed to be used outside of the "Kanto Connection" mission, the attack animation is not loaded normally, so the Playa cannot attack. When the Attack button is pressed, Playa defaults to a static pose and appear to be gliding across the ground. This effect also happens with the Geiger Counter.

Playa can use the weapon within the "Kanto Connection" mission. There is no time limit to reach Kanto, which allows free roaming around the city with Dual Samurai Swords in a mission replay.

The single Samurai Sword is a forced weapon after arriving at Kanto, so they cannot be used in the fight with Jyunichi without using cheats.

To use them against Jyunichi, use the Pimp Slap cheat after being given the single Samurai Sword. This causes the blade to change into Dual Samurai Swords. All of Jyunichi's attacks are available, making it an easier fight.


  • Jyunichi drops his weapon on death, but not any other time he ragdolls, because the mission script specifies "do not drop on ragdoll", but does not specify "do not drop on death".
  • Civilians, gang members, Police and Pimps can pick up the Dual Samurai Swords if they are dropped. Anyone who picks them up with similarly not be able to use them outside of the mission, but can use them during the mission.
  • The Dual Samurai Swords are featured in a display cabinet in the White Crib in Saints Row IV, but they cannot be wielded.
  • Same as with the Samurai Sword, the Dual Samurai Swords can be normally used when driving a motorcycle, although only one sword is visible.


Dual Samurai Swords - Weapons Cache

Dual Samurai Swords - stretching idle animation

Dual Samurai Swords - custom idle animation

Dual Samurai Swords being held high

Dual Samurai Swords from above being held high

Dual Samurai Swords from below

Dual Samurai Swords mid-attack

Dual Samurai Swords mid-attack dual slash

The icon is the same as a regular Samurai Sword

NPC attacking with Dual Samurai Swords outside the mission "Kanto Connection"

NPC attacking with Dual Samurai Swords during the mission "Kanto Connection"

Dual Samurai Swords - NPC walking during Kanto Connection

Playa attacking outside of Kanto Connection

Playa standing idle outside of Kanto Connection

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