Drug Trafficking is an activity in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.
In Saints Row: The Third, it is known as Trafficking.

Provide protection for drug deals around Stilwater to earn cash and respect.
— Drug Trafficking introduction in Saints Row 2[1]


Drug Trafficking icon - ui hud act ico drugtrafficking

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In this activity, you join a drug dealer in dealing drugs, and protect them from gangs who want to kill the dealer.

At the start of the activity you are riding in the passenger side of the car, the vehicle is driven by the drug dealer. Their health is displayed in the HUD as is the number of customer needed to visited in the level, when driving you are to protect the drug dealer from attacking gang members and police officers.

You are given a weapon with limited ammo to do this, but it changes after the entire level is complete, it may not always be the strongest weapons at times but mostly occurring as a Pistol or a SMG. After keeping the drug dealer safe, you go to a safe point and you are rewarded.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

In Saints Row: The Third, drugs are replaced with Saints merchandise[2] and hooker catalogues[3], but the gameplay is the same as in previous games.

A KA-1 Kobra with unlimited ammo is provided during this activity.

Zimos' Trafficking activity mission is named "Ho Traffic". Because Trafficking appears as part of Morningstar mission arcs, the enemies are always the Morningstar.

Saints RowEdit


Drug Trafficking - Billy's Retirement Party - Tobias


Los Carnales

Fox Drive, Factories District

  • Dealer: Tobias
Tobias shoots Billy (Billy's appearance is randomly generated but usually consists of a large black overcoat, a dark hat, sunglasses, and jeans).
Tobias shoots Billy again.
Tobias repeatedly shoots Billy. Afterwards, he turns to The Protagonist.
Tobias: "Hey what's up. Sorry 'bout the mess, Billy here thought it would be a good idea to skim off the top...and, well...let's just say he was wrong. Are you lookin' for work? Billy used to watch my back on deliveries, but I don't think he's gonna make it in today. You make sure my deals go smoothly, I cut you in on the action...whaddya say?"
Drug Trafficking Billy's Retirement Party CUTSCENES 0026
Tobias in Billy's Retirement Party cutscene.
Drug Trafficking - Business Partners - Marvin


Vice Kings

Location: Amberbrook, Museum District

  • Dealer: Marvin
The Protagonist walks into a garage full of drugs
Marvin: "Come on in bro, I'm Marvin...I ain't one to bullshit, so I'm gonna lay it all on the table for ya. I got the best goddamn product in Stilwater. Now see that's good, 'cause my buyers need this shit like porn stars need cock, but stealin' junkies away from other dealers has a tendency to create bad feelings' if ya know what I'm sayin'. You cover my ass when I'm slingin', and I'll make sure you see the green."
Drug Trafficking Business Partners CUTSCENES 0030
— Marvin in Business Partners cutscene.

Drug Trafficking - Suburban Bliss - Laura


Westside Rollerz

Location: Misty Lane, Suburbs District

  • Contact: Laura
Laura walks out of her house
Laura: "Hello. I'm sorry I'm in a rush, I gotta pick my youngest up from school. Do you have kids? Who am I kidding you probably have something like 5. Oh, nevermind. Anyway, one of my colored friends was talking to me and she was saying that the real money isn't in piano lessons, it's in this thing called koma. She set up some deals with my son's friends but I'm a little nervous about going into the city by myself because, well, I'm not poor. Could you be a dear and help me out? If you do I'll be sure to write you a nice check."
Drug Trafficking Suburban Bliss CUTSCENES 0375
Laura in Suburban Bliss cutscene.


Los Carnales
Level Neighborhood District Deals Police Notoriety Gang Notoriety
1 Fox Drive Factories 2 0 2 Los Carnales
2 Fox Drive Factories 2 1 2 Los Carnales
3 Charlestown Docks & Warehouses 3 1 3 Los Carnales
4 Poseidon Alley Docks & Warehouses 3 1 3 Los Carnales
5 Pilsen Factories 3 1 3 Los Carnales
6 Stoughton Docks & Warehouses 4 1 4 Los Carnales
7 Charlestown Docks & Warehouses 4 1 4 Los Carnales
8 Ezpata Barrio 5 1 5 Los Carnales
Vice Kings
Level Neighborhood District Deals Police Notoriety Gang Notoriety
1 Brighton Downtown 2 2 0 Vice Kings
2 Adept Way Downtown 3 2 1 Vice Kings
3 Huntersfield Suburbs 3 2 2 Vice Kings
4 Union Square Downtown 4 3 2 Vice Kings
5 Rebadeaux Red Light 4 3 3 Vice Kings
6 Sunnyvale Gardens Projects 4 4 2 Vice Kings
7 Amberbrook Museum 5 4 3 Vice Kings
8 Shivington Projects 5 5 1 Vice Kings
Westside Rollerz
Level Neighborhood District Deals Police Notoriety Gang Notoriety
1 Misty Lane Suburbs 2 2 0 Westside Rollerz
2 Misty Lane Suburbs 3 2 1 Westside Rollerz
3 Tidal Spring Suburbs 4 2 2 Westside Rollerz
4 Sommerset Apartments 3 3 2 Westside Rollerz
5 Sommerset Apartments 4 3 3 Westside Rollerz
6 Ultor Dome Arena 4 4 2 Westside Rollerz
7 Copperton Truck Yard 4 4 3 Westside Rollerz
8 Misty Lane Suburbs 5 5 1 Westside Rollerz


  • Gang Protection - Los Carnales
  • Gang Protection - Vice King
  • Gang Protection - Westside Rollerz
  • Police Protection
  • Laura

Saints Row 2Edit


The Ronin

Location: Stilwater Boardwalk, Hotels & Marina District

The Protagonist: "Luz? What are you doing here? I thought the Columbians were sending their mule..."
Luz: "They did."
The Protagonist: "You're shitting me."
Luz: "Why are you surprised?"
The Protagonist: "I just never thought I'd see you doing, like, actual work."
Luz: "Believe me, I wouldn't be here if Manuel hadn't cut me off."
The Protagonist: "Yeah, that was a fuckin' shocker..."
Luz: "Can we not talk about it?"
The Protagonist: "He found someone younger didn't he?"
Luz: "Are you gonna help me sell this shit or not?"
The Protagonist: "Well aren't you the big bad drug dealer..."
Luz: "Ya know what, fuck you..."
The Protagonist: "I'm coming, I'm coming...I wouldn't wanna miss this."
— "Hotels & Marina District Drug Trafficking" Cutscene

The Brotherhood

Location: Wardill Airport

Richie: "'Sup? My cousin Tobias said that you might be needing some spare cash..."
The Protagonist: "Can you help me out?"
Richie: "Any friend of Toby's a friend of mine... Here's what's goin' down. These over here...are filled with a whole lotta shit that'd never get past customs if ya know what I'm sayin'. These over here...are filled with clothes and hairdryers and shit...we don't worry about pile number two."
The Protagonist: "So what 'chu need me to do?"
Richie: "Same shit you did for my cousin...I make the deals, you make sure no one puts me in jail or in the ground."
— "Airport District Drug Trafficking" Cutscene


  • Level 1: 2 deals
  • Level 2: 2 deals
  • Level 3: 3 deals
  • Level 4: 3 deals
  • Level 5: 4 deals
  • Level 6: 5 deals


  • Ronin Notoriety Decrease
  • Ronin Notoriety Decrease

Hotels & Marina

  • Level 3: Ronin Notoriety Reduced (5%)
  • Level 6: Ronin Notoriety Reduced (15%)



There is a glitch in Saints Row 2 which allows to have any SMG/shotgun with infinite ammo. Do the following:

  1. Get any SMG/shotgun with infinite ammo from the Weapons Cache.
  2. Start activity.
  3. Wait for any gang member to exit their vehicle and kill them.
  4. If a gang member dropped other SMG/shotgun (e.g. you have GAL 43 with infinite ammo and an enemy has dropped T3K Urban), pick it up.
  5. After this, you should have the weapon equipped from Weapons Cache with infinite ammo.

Note 1: activities which unlock infinite ammo for SMGs and shotguns (Downtown Snatch and/or Airport Drug Trafficking) must be completed in order to get infinite ammo.

Note 2: if you pick up same SMG, it will be just dual wielded and you will not get infinite ammo.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit


Dealer: Pierce.
Pierce: "Ultor sent over a couple pallets of Saints merch. Maybe we should do a little advertising around town. You know, pimp the Saints in Steelport."
The Protagonist: "Don't we have a PR department for that?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Moans"
Pierce: "People go crazy over actual celebrities promoting themselves."
The Protagonist: "So you're saying it has to be me..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Snarls"
Pierce: "I'll do the selling, you just get my back. And I have the perfect places to hit..."
— Trafficking intro phone call with Pierce
Dealer: Zimos.

Zimos: "Hey baby, maybe you can help me out."
The Protagonist: "Baby?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Snarls"
Zimos: "I need some help gettin' my trade going, you know? Gettin' the word out."
The Protagonist: "I'm not standing on a corner flicking cards if that's what you're thinking."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Growls"
Zimos: "I got people to do that for you. Just need help deliverin' the advertisements to them."
The Protagonist: "I mean, I guess..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Babbles"
Zimos: "Good, meet me and we can roll these out."
— Trafficking intro phone call with Zimos


  • When being chased by an enemy gang don't kill them straight away, this will make the driver drive faster making you get to your destination faster.
  • If the vehicle explodes, any other vehicles can be used.
  • In Saints Row 2, you can also call for your own vehicle if you have unlocked the Stored Vehicle Delivery reward via the Red Light District Escort diversion. The Bear is a good choice.
  • In Saints Row: The Third a tank can be used instead of the Bear. Park one near the starting location and switch to it after starting the activity. Tanks are pretty wide and the driver may get stuck at some places, but this is usually fixable by leaving and re-entering the tank or letting a Brute push the tank around. Challenger tanks tend to get stuck less than Crusaders.
  • You may also call for aid from Homies you have unlocked.


  • After exiting the activity in Saints Row, The Protagonist will be in the drug dealer's vehicle and the drug dealer might be in the vehicle and get out, but they cannot be killed.
  • There's a bug in Saints Row: The Third where the Justice disappears and the activity automatically fails.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, the subtitle file includes 2 deleted lines at the start of the phone call, from both Pierce and The Protagonist.


  • "YOU STUPID, FUCKING, BACKSTABBING, PIECE OF SHIT!" Tobias kills Billy in the Billy's Retirement Party cutscene
  • Billy's corpse in Saints Row - his appearance is randomly generated
  • End screen background for Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Trafficking instructions
  • XS-2 Ultimax unlocked
  • Unlimited Shotgun Ammo unlocked
  • Ronin Notoriety Reduced 1 unlocked
  • Ronin Notoriety Reduced 2 unlocked
  • Trafficking gameplay instructions in Saints Row: The Third
  • Trafficking gameplay in Saints Row: The Third
  • Trafficking gameplay in Saints Row: The Third
  • Trafficking gameplay in Saints Row: The Third
  • Trafficking gameplay in Saints Row: The Third
  • Trafficking complete screen in Saints Row: The Third
  • Trafficking cash screen in Saints Row: The Third
  • Trafficking more screen in Saints Row: The Third


  1. Image:
    Drug Trafficking tutorial in Saints Row 2

    Drug Trafficking instructions

  2. Note: Pierce's activity
  3. Note: Zimos' activity
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