Donnie's in Saints Row 2 from the south
Donnie's in Saints Row 2
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Donnie's shop[1]
Donnie's garage[2]






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Donnie's is a building in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


Donnie's is a garage run by the eponymous Donnie, a mechanic affiliated with the Westside Rollerz[1] and The Brotherhood[3] gangs. The garage is in the Sommerset neighborhood of the Apartments District in Saints Row, but in Saints Row 2 the business has moved to a new garage in the Little Shanghai neighborhood of the Chinatown District.

Saints Row

In Saints Row, The Protagonist makes their way towards the back of the garage where Donnie is, killing many Westside Rollerz gang members who are trying to defend Donnie, in an attempt to make it look like the 3rd Street Saints want Donnie dead. In actuality, it is an elaborate plan set up by Lin to gain the trust of Donnie, who shows up and saves him, hoping this will get her closer to the Westside Rollerz as an undercover lieutenant.[1]

It is just outside this garage where Donnie and Lin first meet (inside her unique Voxel), foreshadowing an implied relationship which Donnie later struggles to come to terms with when Lin is revealed to have been working against him, undercover, before her death.[4]

Saints Row 2

In Saints Row 2, The Protagonist once again shows up at Donnie's, this time with the intent of finding out where 3rd Street Saints lieutenant Carlos Mendoza is. After killing many members of The Brotherhood defending both Donnie and the garage, The Protagonist works their way towards the back of the garage yet again. After a small fight between The Protagonist and Donnie, the latter reveals Carlos' location.[2]


  • The name of the garage isn't given in Saints Row.
  • Donnie's has been referred to as both "Donnie's shop"[1] and "Donnie's garage"[2] in objectives in Saints Row and Saints Row 2 respectively.
  • Donnie's garage is located in approximately the same place as the Chinatown Chop Shop from Saints Row, and appears to be the same building.
  • In Saints Row 2, The General's unique Bulldog is in Donnie's garage during the "Red Asphalt" mission and is accessible, but disappears when the mission is over.
  • According to Donnie's third audio log in the Saints Row IV files, he was abducted by Zinyak outside his garage.[5]



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