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Donnie in Saints Row[6]
Donnie in Saints Row[6]
Donnie in Saints Row 2[3]
Donnie in Saints Row 2[3]
Donnie in Enter the Dominatrix[7]
Donnie in Enter the Dominatrix[7]
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Andrew Kishino[5]

Donnie, or Donny,[8][9] is a character in Saints Row, Saints Row 2 and Enter the Dominatrix.

Joseph Price: "You scared the shit outta me, Donnie."
Donnie: "I scared the shit outta me."
Joseph Price and Donnie, after the assault on Donnie's garage.[10]


Promotional artwork of Donnie in Saints Row.

In Saints Row, Donnie appears as a mechanic for the Westside Rollerz, which is run by his friend Joseph Price.[11] He is presented as a timid character who is eager to be involved with the gang – much to the dislike of Price's uncle William Sharp, who considers him a "nimrod"[12] – and is unwittingly used by the undercover Lin in an attempt to get in close with Price and Sharp.[11] The two form a relationship, but Donnie is unable to come to terms with Lin's betrayal when Sharp reveals that she has been working for the 3rd Street Saints. After Donnie leaves, Lin is killed by Sharp.[13]

Lin's defense of Donnie from Sharp's continued insults[14] and the way in which she says "Did you hear that asshole Donnie? He said I was his girl" during her death[13] implies that Donnie's love was not unrequited.

In Saints Row 2, Donnie again appears as a mechanic for a rival gang; this time for The Brotherhood.[15] Still grieving over his girlfriend Lin's death, Donnie is forced at gunpoint to do some "pro bono work" against the gang. He runs to the Brotherhood leader Maero to confess his actions after Playa releases him, and Maero considers killing Donnie for his cowardice; Donnie survives because Maero's best friend Matt and girlfriend Jessica intervene.[3] Later, after a brief scuffle with Playa, he reveals where Carlos has been taken.[16] Shaundi suggests doing the same thing to gain information on a mysterious shipment the Brotherhood is waiting for, but Playa decides against trying it, saying that the Brotherhood might already have killed him for it and certainly won't trust him with any new information.[17] When The Brotherhood's headquarters are besieged by the 3rd Street Saints, Donnie helps an injured Maero escape.[4] Donnie is not seen again.

The "Memoria in aeterna" decal seen on the side of Donnie's custom Voxel.

Donnie drives a Voxel in Saints Row 2, which is Lin's car of choice in Saints Row. Donnie's vehicle has the decal "Memoria in aeterna" (Latin for "In eternal remembrance") on the side, in reference to Lin.

Donnie is one of many cut characters in Saints Row IV. His Audio Logs and appearance as a Homie remain internally in the game data files and as such he can be modded into the game.

Even though cut from Saints Row IV, Donnie makes an appearance in its first mission pack Enter the Dominatrix based on the cancelled expansion pack for Saints Row: The Third of the same name. In the deleted scenes, he assists Playa to take down an AI known as The Dominatrix and escape the simulation.[18][19][20]


Saints Row[]

I hear a guy named Joseph Price calls the shots. I don't know much about him 'cept that he's friends with some mechanic named Donnie. If we get in good with Price's crew, we'll always be one step a head of those fuckers. Here's the plan. Go and tear up Donnie's shop. Right when you're about to finish off Price's buddy, I'll rush in and save the day. Make it look good, but don't you dare mess up my car. If we're lucky, Donnie will arrange a meet with Price.
Lin, informing Playa of her plans.[21]

Donnie escapes from his garage and finds that Lin has come to rescue him.[21]

As the 3rd Street Saints work to take down the Westside Rollerz, Lin works undercover to get information from inside the gang. After having some cars fitted with explosives[22] which detonate during a race through Westside Rollerz territory,[23] Lin becomes frustrated with her slow progress, stating that "things are moving too slow". She learns that the Westside Rollerz' leader, Joseph Price, is close friends with a mechanic named Donnie, and devises a strategy in which Playa will assault Donnie's garage, Donnie's, and she will appear, manipulating Donnie into thinking that Lin has saved his life. After carrying out the plan, a grateful Donnie predictably leads her to Price.[21]

Lin's plan is successful, and through Donnie she is able to meet with Westside Rollerz leader Joseph Price.[10]

At the Price Mansion, Lin meets Joseph Price and William Sharp. Although Sharp tries to keep Donnie silent, he lets slip in front of Lin that the Westside Rollerz plan to hit a convoy for parts, and in-turn she has Playa disrupt their plans. After the Westside Rollerz learn of the 3rd Street Saints' actions, Lin and Donnie nominate to help out and find somewhere else to look for the parts. Donnie once again lets slip that some buyers are expecting a shipment from the Westside Rollerz; Sharp, distrustful of Lin, once again quietens Donnie.[10]

See, what'd I tell ya? This guy's a fucking genius. I'm gonna go get the boys ready.
— Joseph Price to his uncle William Sharp, after Donnie divulges his and Lin's idea for getting more parts.[24]

As Lin continues to get closer to Donnie, she concocts a plan with him to strip down other vehicles in the neighborhood for parts. Sharp berates the plan and insults Donnie, causing Lin to defend him. She threatens Sharp and walks away with Donnie. Once again, she secretly has Playa foil their plans. Sharp and Price deduce that Lin has been betraying them to the 3rd Street Saints; knowing how close Price is to Donnie, Sharp promises him that he'll deal with Lin.[24]

Donnie meets with William Sharp at the riverside, who reveals that Lin has been deceiving them.[13]

Sharp successfully captures Lin and Playa[25] and ties them up in the trunk of her car. He plans to push the car into the river, drowning the pair, but phones Donnie first and asks him to meet him by the river. When Donnie arrives, Sharp reveals Lin's deception. Heartbroken, he drives off, neither helping Sharp kill her nor saving Lin from her predicament.[13]

Lin is killed by Sharp, and soon after Sharp's death, Price rouses his crew into attacking the 3rd Street Saints at Saint's Row; during his speech, he angrily states that he does not know "what the fuck they did to Donnie", insinuating that he has not seen Donnie since before Lin's death.[26]

Donnie is later seen in his garage, mourning over Lin while looking at a photo of her and leaning against her Voxel.[27]

Saints Row 2[]

When Playa and Carlos meet The Brotherhood's leader Maero, Playa recognizes Donnie working on Maero's truck at The Brotherhood's headquarters near the docks, but Donnie doesn't notice them. Carlos asks if the two are acquainted.[15]

You haven't seen me since your boss shot and stuffed me in the trunk of a car and the best you can give me is "Oh shit?"
— Playa, upon meeting Donnie once again.[3]

Donnie is forced by Playa to sabotage several of The Brotherhood's vehicles.[3]

Later, while Donnie is mourning Lin, Playa confronts him at the riverside where she was killed. Playa threatens to kill Donnie if he doesn't rig some Brotherhood vehicles with explosives. When Donnie confesses what he has done to Maero, he chokes Donnie and almost kills him, but Maero's girlfriend Jessica and friend Matt convince him to spare Donnie.[3]

You're Maero's bitch, of course you know.
— Playa (Male Voice 1), after Donnie claims that he doesn't know where Carlos is.[16]

When Playa learns that Carlos has been kidnapped by The Brotherhood, Playa goes after the weakest link in the gang – Donnie – to find out where they have taken Carlos. Playa once again returns to Donnie's; Donnie attempts to defend himself and a brief fight ensues. Donnie relents and admits that Carlos has been taken for "a ride around the docks".[16]

After Jessica is killed, Playa wishes to know more about The Brotherhood's incoming shipment. Shaundi ponders whether they should ask Donnie again, but Playa is confident that with recent events, he's being left "out of the loop [or] dead".[28]

Matt and Donnie worry about the fighting and wonder if it has ended before Playa and Maero fall through the ceiling.[4]

As the 3rd Street Saints lay siege to The Brotherhood's headquarters, Matt and Donnie hide on the ground floor. When Maero and Playa smash through the ceiling, Matt and Donnie flee. Matt returns and sacrifices himself to save Maero while Donnie retreats with him in a Legion.[4]

Donnie is not present during the final fight between Playa and the remnants of The Brotherhood,[29] presumably leaving him as the only character to survive the downfall of two enemy gangs in the Saints Row series.

Enter the Dominatrix[]

Jane: "Donnie. Thanks for agreeing to this interview. I'm really excited to get an outsider's perspective."
Donnie: "Outsider? What are you talking about? I was like the main character of Saints Row 4."
Jane: "You weren't in Saints Row 4."
Donnie: "What."
Jane: "It's already out. You weren't in it."
Donnie: "Are you serious?"
— Jane informing Donnie he was cut from Saints Row IV.[7]

In a mockumentary styled scenario, Donnie is interviewed by Jane Valderamma on The Ship about Saints Row IV and the cut DLC Enter the Dominatrix. Donnie is disappointed when he discovers that he was removed from Saints Row IV and didn't know until Jane brought it up.

In the 'deleted scenes' - set in an alternative version of the Zin Invasion - Donnie is revealed to have trained Playa on how to use their superpowers. Stuck in a virtual simulation, Donnie and Playa go after an AI known as "The Dominatrix" who has taken over the Zin after the death of their leader Zinyak back in Steelport. When Playa goes to rescue Pierce Donnie goes to save Shaundi but ends up captured by the Dominatrix herself but gets rescued by Playa in the end.[7]

Donnie later builds a spaceship for the Saints to enter inside a giant Saints Flow can named Paul and to destroy his brain, killing him.[19]

Donnie later helps Playa in taking down the Dominatrix along with Shaundi and Zimos. Pierce later arrives with velociraptors and helps them to escape the simulation and to the raptors homeworld. When they meet the Raptor's king, Cirano, who asks each Saint what he can grant them as a thanks, Donnie asks for people to respect him and to take him seriously, which Cirano grants.[20]


Donnie drives a Quasar in Saints Row,[13] which is unlocked in the Garage after completing "Semi-Charmed Life", and a Voxel in Saints Row 2,[3] which is unlocked in the Garage after completing "Reunion Tour". Donnie is also seen briefly driving a Legion at the end of "The Siege".

He appears as a Homie exclusively in the Saints Row 2 mission "Reunion Tour". Players must avoid killing him in the Saints Row mission "Guardian Angel" and must fight him (but again avoid killing him) in the Saints Row 2 mission "Red Asphalt".

Donnie was to appear in Saints Row IV but was cut; he has a physical model, a Homie icon, and three Audio Logs, which are still accessible in the game data files. He later appears in the Enter the Dominatrix DLC for Saints Row IV.


  • Donnie is voiced by Andrew Kishino, who also voices Kish, the DJ for 95.4 KRhyme FM, in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, and Saints Row IV.
  • Donnie is the only character to be a member of two enemy gangs over two games and survive the downfall of both.
    • In both games, he is associated with a gang which kills a lieutenant of the 3rd Street Saints.[13][16]
  • In Saints Row, Donnie's name is misspelled as "Donny" in the in-game mission summary for "Guardian Angel".[9]
  • After the mission "Burying Evidence", hos may say "The other day I was servicing this kid Donnie. He was too stoned to get it up".
  • In Saints Row 2, the phrase "Memoria in aeterna" written on the side of his custom Voxel is Latin for "In eternal remembrance", referring to his dead love Lin.
    • The game data files for the Saints Row 2 mission "Reunion Tour" refer to his car as "Lin mobile".
  • In Saints Row 2, Donnie in cutscenes is taller, with lighter hair, and a different tattoo.
  • According to an unused audio file in Saints Row IV, Donnie was meant to be a crew member on-board The Ship, which mentioned Playa "rescuing him from a Nightmarish Simulation".
  • When Donnie is seen in cutscenes on The Ship in Enter the Dominatrix, he is the only one to don an outfit which he wears in the simulation (his black trench coat), unlike the blue jumpsuits the other Saints wear.
  • Donnie carries a Magna 10mm SMG when recruited as a Homie in Saints Row IV.


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Saints Row
Lin fucks a Roller and she makes lieutenant. I fuck a Roller and all I got was the crabs.
— Randomly spoken by generic female 3rd Street Saints members during gameplay.

Lin: "That was supposed to be funny?"
Joseph Price: "I thought it was, until you hit me in the face."
Donnie: "Yeah, then it was hilarious."
Lin, Joseph Price, and Donnie, after Lin smacks Price across the face over a lewd remark.[10]
Ya know what I hate? Underglow. That shit is tacky as hell.
— Donnie, during a casual discussion with Lin while smoking cannabis.[10]

Joseph Price: "A crew from Saint's Row fucked up our boys."
William Sharp: "Who?"
Donnie: "The same guys who fucked up my shop, I think they're the Fifth Street Alter Boys or somethin'."
— Joseph Price, William Sharp, and Donnie, after the Westside Rollerz' attack on the convoy is prevented.[10]
Joseph Price: "Will you stop smoking that shit? I need you to focus."
Donnie: "If you need me to focus, I'd pass that shit back. (coughs)"
— Joseph Price and Donnie, after Price notices Donnie's lack of focus.[10]
William Sharp: "I know he's your friend, Joseph, but I will not let that nimrod ruin my plans."
Joseph Price: "Your plans?"
William Sharp: "Our plans."
Joseph Price: "Look, Donnie may be a little flaky, but he always steps up at the end."
— Joseph Price assuring his uncle William Sharp over the latter's concerns about Donnie's openness with Lin.[24]
William Sharp: "So your plan is to go steal cars. You really know how to think outside the box, Donnie."
Lin: "Don't talk to him like that."
— Lin and William Sharp, after Donnie divulges his plan to gather more parts.[24]
Joseph Price: "I don't give a shit what you do to Lin, but you better not hurt Donnie."
William Sharp: "Of course, Joseph. I'll keep that in mind."
— Joseph Price and William Sharp, after they conclude that Lin has been selling them out.[24]
William Sharp: "Take a deep breath and count to ten, Donnie."
Donnie: "Count to ten? You just shot my girl!"
William Sharp: "Yes, it's tragic. Could you give me a hand here?"
Donnie: "Why did... why did you..."
William Sharp: "Lin was working with the Saints. Now would you give me a hand? This car is heavy... Donnie, where are you going?"
— William Sharp and Donnie, after Sharp reveals to Donnie Lin's betrayal.[13]
Have you met Donnie's uncle, Wong?
— Asian male civilian

Saints Row 2
Look, I know you're pissed about Lin, I am too, but I had nothing to do with killing her...
— Donnie to Playa, after he is forced to sabotage The Brotherhood's vehicles.[3]

Donnie: "Maero, I'm so sorry..."
Maero: "What did you do, Donnie?"
Donnie: "It's the Saints, they -"
Maero: "What did you do Donnie?"
Donnie: "They made me rig up some of our boys trucks..."
Maero: "And you did it?"
Donnie: "I didn't have a choi-"
Maero: "You had a choice Donnie, you chose your life over the rest of us."
Donnie: "I had a gun to my head man, what was I supposed to do?"
Maero: "Have a spine."
— Donnie and Maero, after Playa drops Donnie off at The Brotherhood's headquarters.[3]
Why did you have to beat up that nice boy Donnie?
— Randomly spoken by civilians during gameplay after completing "Red Asphalt".

You're just lucky Donnie asked Maero to not kill you.
— Randomly spoken by a Brotherhood gang member during gameplay, in reply to a compliment.

Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix
I'll put it to you this way: It was too crazy for Saints Row.
— Donnie, Enter the Dominatrix[30]

When called as a Homie and left Idle,Donnie will say these quotes.

"Nothing's worth losing someone over."

"Sharp took everything from me."

"I can't believe I get to see Lin again,It's like a second chance!"

"Why's everyone so surprised that I'm the one who rescued The Boss?"

"I wish I could get more alone time with Lin."

"From the Rollerz, to the Brotherhood,to here,Crazy Shit."

Audio Logs[]

Main article: Audio Logs

Although ultimately not appearing in Saints Row IV, Donnie has three Audio Logs that can be found in the game data files. Like many Audio Logs, the first two are a reflection on past events, allowing players a brief insight from his perspective. The third audio log references events that never happened in the game.

I don't care what Sharp said. What Lin and I had was real. Sure, she was with the Saints, feeding them information. But I didn't care. She didn't deserve to be shot and drowned in the river. I should have saved her. Why didn't I save her?!? Price may have been my best friend, but in the end he let it happen.
— Donnie Audio Log 1

I should've know as soon as I saw the boss walk in to see Maero how the story was going to end. The Brotherhood took me in, and just like the Rollerz I ended up betraying them. I was forced to do it, but I didn't try to stop it either... Lin was a Saint. Deep down, I guess maybe I was too.
— Donnie Audio Log 2

Then came Zinyak. He snatched me from right out of my garage, thinking I knew how to stop the Saints. He should've done a bit more research first, but I guess he was too busy trying to conquer Earth. I got myself out of the Domination Matrix only to find I was trapped on his damn ship. At least now I have the boss here to help me. I think we have a real shot at making it home.
— Donnie Audio Log 3


Saints Row promo website - Donny

Donnie - character model in Saints Row

Donnie's first appearance in the Saints Row series, in "Guardian Angel"

Lin saves Donnie in "Guardian Angel"

Lin and Donnie escape Playa in "Guardian Angel"

Lin, Joseph Price, and Donnie in "Escort Service"

Donnie and William Sharp in "Escort Service"

Donnie remarks on underglow while smoking a joint of cannabis in "Escort Service"

Lin defends Donnie after William Sharp criticizes his plan in "One Step Ahead"

William Sharp meets with Donnie in "Burying Evidence"

Donnie's model for Saints Row

Donnie's model for Saints Row, with a close-up on his face

Donnie - character model in Saints Row 2

Donnie - cutscene - character model in Saints Row 2

Donnie in the mission "First Impressions"

Donnie in the mission "Reunion Tour"

Donnie, upon meeting Playa, in the mission "Reunion Tour"

Donnie in the mission "Reunion Tour"

Matt and Donnie worry about the fighting and wonder if it has ended before Playa and Maero fall through the ceiling in "The Siege"

Concept art of Maero, Matt, and Donnie for Saints Row 2

Donnie IRL - character model in Saints Row IV

Donnie - super powered - character model in Saints Row IV

Donnie in a screenshot for Enter the Dominatrix

Playa and Donnie in Enter the Dominatrix

Donnie during the "Battlefield Promotion" cutscene

Donnie homie unlock screen

Donnie concept art for Saints Row IV showing him without his trench coat

Donnie in Saints Row IV

Donnie in Saints Row IV

Donnie (Super Saint)

Donnie (Super Saint) Up close

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